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Sour Thoughts

Requested By: Anonymous

Request: Hamilsquad with an insecure S/O

Word Count: 792

A/N: Literally the first fic I’ve actually finished ever so it’s probably not very good, like, definitely not very good.


It wasn’t hard to see that (Y/N) wasn’t the happiest with their body, considering the self-deprecating jokes, the looks they give themself in the mirror, the way they refuse any and all form-fitting attire. What was harder to pick up on was how they felt about their personality, the way they spoke of their personality, saying ‘jokes’ about not being smart, or being annoying. The worst of it though, that definitely came from their thoughts of not being good enough for their boyfriends. I mean, they were all great, and (Y/N) was just… There. They didn’t particularly feel like they were very important to the relationship. This feeling seemed to go unnoticed by the others until one day when John just so happened to walk in on (Y/N) muttering to themself in their room.

“Hey baby, would you want to go out with Alex and I to go get some stuff?” John asks, glancing into the room when he doesn’t receive a response. Assuming they just had headphones on, he walks inside, something (Y/N) failed to notice. They were mumbling something John couldn’t quite make out, causing him to take a step closer. His eyes widen the slightest bit when he recognizes a few of the words as “Ugly,” “Worthless,” and “Disgusting.” He quickly takes (Y/N) into his arms, gaining a squeak of surprise from them. He hugs them before setting them facing him on his lap, “What was that about?” He asks in the most genuine and least threatening way he could. (Y/N) merely looks down, not wanting to upset him with their stupid issues. “Hey,” He begins, putting a finger under their chin, making them look up at him, “You don’t have to tell me details, just remember that we all love you, okay?” (Y/N) blushes faintly at this, although they don’t respond. They wished they could nod at him, but they just weren’t sure. “Alex loves you. Laf loves you. Herc loves you. I love you.” He tells them, looking directly into their eyes. Seeing the skeptical expression on (Y/N)’s face, John takes initiative and grabs his phone from his pocket, sending a short text to the others, telling them to get their asses over here.

Laf shows up in a few seconds with Alex following closely behind, almost tripping due to running in and not paying attention. Hercules was out buying food when he got the text, so he was a bit late to the party, though he did come as quick as he could. Laf’s expression got about twelve times more worried when he saw the way John was cradling (Y/N), assuming the worst. Alex approaches the pair, taking the spot on John’s left, taking one of (Y/N)’s hands into his, “Are you alright?” He asks immediately, worry dancing across his face. “Ma cherie, please, tell us what’s wrong.” Laf says calmly, taking the spot on John’s other side and (Y/N)’s other hand. “I don’t know, it’s kinda stupid,” “No, it isn’t” John interrupts them in a soft tone, causing them to look down, “I just.. Don’t feel like I belong with you guys.” They admit, hearing Herc’s voice ask a quiet “What?” How they didn’t hear Hercules walking over to the doorway, they had no idea, but they jumped slightly when they heard him speak, before leaning back into his touch when he hugs them from behind, “Of course you belong with us.” He tells them, kissing the top of their head. Laf nods in agreement, “We love you, (Y/N), you definitely belong.” He rubs the back of their hand comfortingly, Alex noticing and following suit, “I think we can all agree that you’re wonderful, and you’re one of the best datemates we could’ve asked for.” He says, getting nods from everyone else. After a short comfortable silence, everyone just basking in the others’ presences John speaks, “Believe me now?” He asks with a small smirk on his face. (Y/N) nods slowly, gaining a kiss from John, followed by a pout from Alex that they got a kiss and he didn’t. (Y/N) is lifted off of John’s lap by a certain Hercules Mulligan, getting held bridal style by said man, getting multiple kisses peppered across their face. “We all definitely love you, never doubt that.” Herc adds, “Alex on the other hand…” John teases, followed by a high-pitched squeak when Alex smacks his arm. With a roll of his eyes, Laf stands up and gives (Y/N) a kiss on their nose, “You guys didn’t have to do this you guys.” They say quietly, “No, but it made you feel better, did it not?” Laf responds, smiling triumphantly at the nod they give. They were a happy group, and (Y/N) believed that they really did love them.

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What do you think of Riko as a character inside the books? (no HCs) / Any fave HCs you want to share? / Any pairings/ships you like with him? / fic recs? / art recs? / Kevin&Riko - do they have/had feelings for each other? / Thoughts on his finale scene? / Did you read Nora's extra content? // tag other bloggers you think have something interesting to say about him! (maybe someone we don't know yet??) #Thoughts on Riko Moriyama

What do you think of Riko as a character inside the books? (no HCs)
From a writer’s point of view? He’s a fucking tragedy. (and no, I don’t mean the pieces of background story we did get on him, that’s been said and discussed before) He’s kind of the worst villain a story can have - and here is why: 

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i'm wondering how commissions should be priced?

so you can be making AT LEAST  liveable wage once you get up to having a week’s worth of them, like any other job

if you are an art student, a recent grad, or a novice/amateur, i would not recommend charging less than $10/hr. “

“but what about the hobbyist category? what should hobbyists charge?”

there is no hobbyist category. the second you charge for a service, you’re no longer a hobbyist. same rate.

if you are uncomfortable charging so much (trust me, $10 is NOT a lot,) i would still never recommend below $8. if you are more popular, have more experience in the industry/doing commissions, have more skill, etc, charge more than $10/hour for sure. please for the love of all that is sacred charge more than $10/hour lmao

art is a specialized skilled trade. custom art is a luxury item. it should be priced like one. 

let’s compare this to a comic page:

a fairly standard rate for doing flats for a single page in the industry is $20/page.  for flatting. meaning, this person did not sketch the comic. the didn’t ink it. they aren’t going to shade it or edit it. they are getting paid $20 for putting flat color on a single page.

when you do a commission for an illustration, you are doing ALL the work. the sketching, the lineart, the flats, the shading, the refining, the editing.

of course, different styles can take longer or shorter than others. everyone works at a different pace. but if you can do a full body character with simple shading in less than 3 hours, i would still price higher bc u probably did a lot of work to get to that point. 

i see no universe in which someone should be charging less than $40 for a full body character with NO shading, flat colors max.

it’s hard to give one simple answer also since there are so many art styles and stuff out there but yeah. i’m a big proponent of stopping the internet (mainly tumblr and dA) culture of ppl feeling entitled to high quality yet criminally cheap art. if someone only wants ur art bc it’s cheap, they are probably a bad client to deal with anyway. if you’re not getting responses, it’s probably not because you’re charging too high. more likely it’s just lack of popularity (you’d be surprised at how many followers it takes for posts to really get notes, and how many notes, even for popular people, it can take to get a buyer!) DON’T COMBAT THIS BY UNDERCHARGING! u’ll only hurt urself and the entire art community. another reason could be, and i hate to say it, your art just might not be high enough quality that people want commissions yet. i know it’s a shitty feeling. i’ve been there. you just have to keep improving.

another commission tip, though not related to pricing: DON’T do unlimited slots. you’ll get overwhelmed and people will actually be less likely to buy because they’ll think they can wait forever and use every second to procrastinate on deciding. you’ll do much better opening 5 slots or less. also make new commissions posts, even if your old slots aren’t filled. that reminds me. i should make a new one bc mind is stale lmao

i know i’ve answered and reblogged stuff like this before too and it might be tagged “artists” or “commissions.” or not bc i can be bad at tagging these things

but yeah tldr;

CHARGE URSELF A LIVING WAGE LIKE ANY OTHER JOB!!!! Pls try not to charge less than $10/hour for art. also paypal is gonna take out fees and so are other electronic forms of payment AND you HAVE to pay taxes!!!! so remember u are not going to profit as much as u charge

don’t feed into tumblr/dA cheap art client culture pls. it’s hurting artists of all levels of experience and skill everywhere