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SPOILERS!!! if you couldn’t tell by my thoughts on this movie like come on in my thoughts means I saw that that movie so of course there’re gonna be spoilers

guess what today I went to cinema to see Wonder Woman and I’m dead. literally dead. -the movie is so fucking good and the fact that’s it’s about FEMALE superhero HELL YES - but like really I want to do to the cinema to see it again - I didn’t like Diana’s mother that much I liked Antiope more - I would die for Steve Trevor - Diana and Steve’s relationship was so pure and I fell in love with them ship happened and then - guess what my ship was canon and one minute after that STEVE DIED? - no I was crying in cinema because he deserved better and he was my favourite character and they killed him - even if he sacrificed himself so the others could live but still - I was in so much pain I was shaking and I still am shaking - and guess what I didn’t wanted to believe that he died so I kept telling myself that he’s alive and he’s gonna come back - he didn’t - so I’m in love with my new ship and I might be a little obsessed with it but it’s okay - AND IF YOU KNOW/READ SOME GOOD DIANA/STEVE (I have to dine what their ship name is) SEND ME - SEND FICS GUYS AND SAVE ME FROM THE DARK YOU SEE THIS I’M DEAD ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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Gone Girl Quotes Sentence Starters (Warning:Swearing, Spoilers and Suicide Mentions)
  • +"What are you thinking?"
  • +"How are you feeling? "
  • +"What have we done to each other?"
  • +"What will we do?"
  • +"You fucking cunt!"
  • +"I'm the cunt you married"
  • +"I'm not a quitter, I'm that cunt."
  • +"I killed for you.Who else can say that?"
  • +"We caused each other pain"
  • +"You two are the most fucked up people I've ever met and I deal with fucked up people for a living."
  • +"I picture cracking her/his lovely skull, unspooling her/his brain, trying to get answers. "
  • +"What's the laptop for?"
  • +"You ever hear the expression the simplest answer is often the correct one?"
  • +"Actually, I have never found that to be true."
  • +"Whoever took her/him is bound to bring her back."
  • +"Everyone knows that 'complicated' is a code word for bitch."
  • +"We're so cute. I wanna punch us in the face."
  • +"I will practice believing my (enter relationship status role) loves me but I could be wrong."
  • +"Whatever they found, I think it's safe to assume that it is very bad."
  • +"Amazing fucking (enter name here) is getting fucking married!"
  • +"When two people love each other and they can't make that work, that's the real tragedy."
  • +"(Enter name here) took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. "
  • +"She/He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That's murder."
  • +"Go, you're my voice of reason. I need you with me on this."
  • +"I didn't touch you!"
  • +"I want a blood test! I want a paternity test!"
  • +"I love tests."
  • +"Come home, (enter name here). I dare you."
  • +"The girl with the giant cum-on-me tits."
  • "Octopus and Scrabble?"
  • +"(Enter name and surname here). You're probably the most hated man in America right now. "
  • +"Did you kill your (enter relationship status role ex;wife,husband,fiancee,brother,etc),(enter name here)?"
  • +"Your parents literally plagiarized your childhood?"
  • +"I'm so much happier now that I'm dead."
  • +"All I'm trying to do is being nice to the people who are volunteering to help find (enter name here)"
  • +"Boo hoo, I got laid off. Guess I'll fuck a teenager."
  • +"Well, we have our first clue."
  • +"Life. I don't remember the point."
  • +"Do you really want to be the couple that has a baby to save their marriage?"
  • +"To fake a convincing murder you have to have discipline."
  • +"You need to bleed. A lot"
  • +"Happy Aniversary"
  • +"Make sure the cops will find it."
  • +"I'll go out on the water with a handful of pills and a pocket full of stones."
  • +"I forged the man/woman of my dreams. "
  • +"We were happy pretending to be other people. "
  • +"We were the happiest couple we knew. "
  • +"And what's the point of being together if you're not the happiest?"
  • +"She/He actually expected me to love him/her unconditionally."
  • +"You think I'd let him/her destroy me and end up happier than ever?"
  • +"She/He doesn't get to win"
  • +"Grown-ups suffer consequences"
  • +"(enter name here) loved who I was pretending to be"

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Have you noticed the way that the media is painting black Chyna for being pregnant with Robs baby? You see how the media tries to slander black women who attempt to "date up" the same way white women are encouraged too? "BLAC CHYNA CASHING IN ON THE KARDASHIAN NAME" "BLAC CHYNA GOLD DIGGING HER WAY TO RICHES". It's disgusting. I don't remember Kanyes black ass ever being slandered for dating Kim. Everyone congratulated him for his "achievement".

lol I don’t see Blac Chyna as dating up. Rob seems like a nice guy but he’s not anything for me to write home about. But the fact he’s white is enough for people to slander her for. Of course no one slandered Ye for dating Kim K. The nigga glorifies himself for dating a white woman! People are jealous of any black woman who finds happiness other than black men or people who are misogynoiristic in the first place.