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cloud-strife-amiibo  asked:

I got another memory based question for you my fellow Cloud Was Nibelheim a large town like place for you growing up or was it a extremely small backwater town with only the necessities? I'm pretty curious about this cause I remember growing up there and it was still a very small town but it was really growing at least more than a few thousand lived there what was it like for you?

Hoo boy, I don’t know if this was obvious through the memories and tags and whatnot I have posted or not, but I actually was born and raised in Midgar. My only context for Nibelheim was the mission to the reactor, and while it was still a small town there were other mountain towns scattered nearby that you could probably travel between fairly easily. 

So while I do still have memories and context for it, it’s not in the sense of “yeah, I grew up here, I have a strong attachment to this place” because I never did. I’d been there, and a significant event in my life took place there, but nothing beyond the basics really… registers to me, sorry!

(It’s fun that someone is asking me questions like this, though. I don’t really have many people to compare memories with.)