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Hi, you had some great tips on your Etsy post! I've literally just opened up my shop and was wondering if you have any tips for beginners – what to keep in mind when starting up in Etsy and how to make your shop noticed? I love the idea of selling on Etsy and have been buyer for a long time, but I'm finding it hard to start out if you don't have a huge inventory of products yet, so maybe you have some thoughts on how to build up your shop and get customers? Thank you, your blog is awesome! :)

Hi there! I remember checking out your shop the other day actually! You have super cute drawings already and your product shots are great! For anyone interested, here is their shop.

Here are a couple of the most important basics:

1) Etsy’s search engine is weird af. Those weirdly long and repetitive titles everyone uses? That’s to bump up their search results. Use really long titles that are super repetitive and really get the point across of what you’re saying. If you need ideas, search what you think could bring up your products and check out what everyone else is saying! Also say what you said in your title in your first sentence of your description - this is a really big one. And use all the tags you’re given! Even if you’re being a repetitive, Etsy loves repetitive.

2) Try to have at least 10 items in your shop all the time. I’ve heard this one repeated all over the internet. Having 10 items will bump up your shop in search results. If you don’t have 10 items? That’s cool, just work on getting more items in your shop! Set a goal. If you want to make money, you do have to treat it like a job. I personally try to list 1 thing each weekend, since that’s when I have time. I make them on Saturday and photograph/post on Sunday. So work on building up to that 10!

3) Social media! :D So this one is honestly the biggest/hardest for me personally. It’s really important to advertise your stuff. Instagram seems to be a big one for where I get my traffic to Etsy. And post behind the scenes type pictures or alternate product shots you ended up not using, not just the product shots you use on Etsy. To build an audience, make sure you post stuff, but more importantly - go through tags you are posting in and interact with other people’s stuff. You’ll see a big difference in your growth.

4) Get reviews! It’s really important to build up reviews in your shop. If you have someone you know IRL that wants to commission something, or someone contacts you outside of Etsy. Set up a custom listing for them to purchase and ask them to post a review when 

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

If you’re interested in some Etsy tips about your shop let me know and I’ll check it out :)

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Sajeon-nim, I wanted to ask you something that I've been wondering about since I saw your posts about Taehyung and Jungkook's dynamic in terms of banmal: is it okay for Jungkook to call Taehyung "Taetae"? Because I remember Jungkook called him that on the show (I don't remember what it's called but I think it aired late Feb 2017) where they were guessing who Jimin's contact number that started with "Tae" was

It depends on Tae. I’ve yet to see it go completely one way or the other with those two. The way JK speaks to Tae is generally on par with how he speaks to the rest of the group, if that makes it any easier for you to understand.

Also, your example is not exactly right because JK wasn’t calling Taehyung “Taetae,” he was trying to guess who and how Jimin saved Taehyung’s name on his phone (since that’s who JK guessed was the first one under ㅌ).

Anon: Hello, so I have a question. I know this is a kook/min blog, but you’ve said many times you also like V/min, so as I really like all of your thoughts on kook/min I was wondering what was your view on v/min’s dynamic.    

I’ve done some very brief write-ups for V/min here and here (but both also mention KM because come on, of course I would).

Our band banquet was so good last night omg

Going through some old files and found some stuff to post. idk I think they’re kinda cute.

Sort of trying a simplified more cartoony style? I forget why though. Probably for speed. Or just generally trying to simplify.

It’s been a long time since judgemental Solomin was here


I know, Chop is not a great character. And Richard is not at his best as far as appearances are concerned. And yet…. I find him extraordinarily appealing… even with those terrible plaid shirts!

(déjà vu- I remember saying something of that kind about Richard before watching Sparkhouse…. and then I fell in love with John Standring!)