i don't regret watching this

WTF I don’t even watch this show when did I start shipping them so hard
—  A novel by me
Dale Pike, Labyrinth, and the Wrong Choice

The reason that Dale Pike’s poem “The Deeper Well” is tagged “Labyrinth” is for this:

“The paths are unkempt
arrows flipped; markers pried
one always tells the truth
one always lies”

The creatures in the Labyrinth change the marks Sarah has made in her attempts to move through it so she stays lost. I have to digress here into the issue of how Jareth, the Goblin King, claims he did everything for Sarah’s benefit, stole Toby away from her, made her solve the Labyrinth, played his role as her adversary because that’s what SHE expected of him, and meanwhile from her POV she’s been confused and lost and solving puzzles, and she HATES it?! And in the end he tells her “Everything I’ve done I’ve done for you”

like I just can’t think of a thing that is more us right now, ok an ARG sounded exciting, but now we are lost and frustrated, we don’t know what puzzles to solve and what is real and what isn’t, or even if the whole entire thing is just an illusion?

but if the solution is to realize “you have no power over me” I don’t even know what that means yet

Anyway “one always tells the truth one always lies” - she comes to a pair of doors with sentient knockers, she has to choose a door, a path. One knocker always tells the truth, one always lies. She chooses the WRONG DOOR and falls into the oubliette. It’s a dungeon cell that can only be accessed through a door in the ceiling, a place where you put people and forget about them. A deep well.

This is, if you think about it, also where S ends up at the end of the Dale Pike fic “The Players”. He falls down a hole into nothingness, into a room you can only exit through a ceiling, an oubliette. I’m a little lost again here but if we take the Labyrinth reference as a clue this seems to be pointing towards John making the wrong choice by shoving him through the trapdoor; I just don’t know what the Right Choice would be in this context.

Also at the end of TFP, when Sherlock passes out at the prison and wakes up back at his burnt-out house, we see him falling into black nothingness (ooze), followed by an overhead shot of him lying on the table, like he’s fallen into the room. Which has no doors. This could also be a reference to an oubliette. (Which is evidence for Dale Pike being some kind of Someone, since apparently the poem was written a year ago, (have people really checked all the dates out?) and I don’t really believe all this, except… I’m just pointing out evidence here.). In this case, though, the room is an illusion that Sherlock can just walk out of? (No idea how this ties in yet.).

With reference to the Skull on twitter and tweeting George Takei … I think most people have the sense not to do this anyway because it’s a Bad Idea, but if you want an ARG-related reason just to quiet the voices in your head a little, the solution to the Labyrinth is “you have no power over me” and the Skull was literally trying to offer us power. That was supposedly the solution to the riddle, right, power? (I already wondered if he was just lying and now I suspect he might be the one who always lies). He has no power over us and no power to give us. This is the Wrong Path.

In short, I’ve spent most of the past week wondering if I was going to give up and delete, log out, go inactive for a year or so, but I still can’t get away from the game? And does anyone know where I can watch Labyrinth online it’s been a while and I’m suddenly very very interested.

Tagging some people I have seen posting about Pike/twitter/the ARG @jenna221b @teaandqueerbaiting @worriesconstantly @teapotsubtext
(please tag anyone else who would be interested if you would like, I know there are more but it’s hard to keep track of who is still playing and who isn’t for me)

When your mom tells you to stop watching Voltron to go socialize with family

Did anyone notice that Carlos De Vil (aka Cruella De Vil’s son) wears the number 101 on his jersey in Descendants??


Please take a moment to have a literal heart attack over Charlet Chung

Voice actress for D.Va







If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

He knew, he knew she was Eun bi, just by looking at her, that’s freaking love.

And I love that she actually called him, she want him to know, he was the first person she wanted to talk to, not Yi an, nope, Tae, she personally want it to tell him, and his face? That’s not the face of someone who is over their feelings, nope, he’s all in, he will always would be all in, and HER FACE!!!, Six freaking months have happen, I don’t think she likes him, (I don’t think she would ever like him, that’s way too banal, too short to express what she feels for him, she loves him, but I don’t think she knows it yet ) but she has miss him so much, so freaking much. When she didn’t see him on the classroom, she knew that she had to find him, to tell him, Yi An can wait, but she had to immediately tell him, and she called him, to their special place, because she knows how much it means for both of them. And he was so happy, so freaking happy, and so was she. They are so gonna get married and adopt all the children of the orphanage.

And I love the fact that she actually wait till the next day to tell Yi An XD, I don’t see the returning the medal as a ”I want to be with you” but more like “I’m sure of my feelings, that are to be your friend, and maybe with time, something more”.

I can totally imagine them dating, but, Eun bi, said so, Eun Byul is coming, and yes, they would be happy dating, they are good friends, but in the end, I know he would get caught on Eun Byul, and realize that, even though he likes Eun Bi, he loves Eun byul, and Eun Byul will be all like, “Duh, you losers, took you both long enough” because by that time, Eun bi is realizing that what she feels for Tae is something so much deeper and scarier, that what she feels for Yi An, but she is an University girl now, so decides to stop being afraid and tell him. And he gets so flustered and happy, but also all like “Well I’m sorry, but look at this face, it has hundredths of girls after it, so you’re gonna have to get in line” and she would put this face of absolutely despair, and he would break laughing and then she would laugh too and they would run to kiss each other and be forever happy. Yeap, that’s totally what’s gonna happen. 

I need a season 2 people.


get to know me meme | favorite actor: Dylan O’Brien

You guys are incredible. You’re the reason I get to do what I do every day and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks for always having my back and giving me the opportunity to do what I love :D appreciate it #cuties

tempestsonata  asked:

I saw you mention this elsewhere, and I know you've done at least one post on it, but would you mind sharing your thoughts on Len's speech patterns, please? When you have time, of course!

Okay! I’ve been hoping to work on this for a while, but I let other stuff get in the way. Also because, well, I wanted to get it right. I know I write Len a lot so I’m often double-checking dialogue, but then, I wanted to make sure I wrote a post about canon-Len’s speech patterns, not the Len I write in my fics. So, ah, hopefully I accomplished that.

Here we go!

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…So I have this doodling problem

(shuffle&write) - 02 - DiaMari

02 •• Meteor shower, Owl City

Pairing → DiaMari
Plot → Mari left during their first year, and it’d secretly destroyed Dia. Takes place right after episode 3.

[01] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07]

She came back.

Dia thought she was dreaming when she stepped in the principal’s office, ready to greet the new headmaster and introduce herself as the current Student Council President. She froze right away, not because the three annoying second years led by Takami Chika were here, but because she heard a voice she hadn’t heard for almost two years.

Her voice.

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