i don't really want to kick people but i feel like itd be good if people have like

NOTICE: this blog has seriously been gathering dust because I initially figured I should wait for everyone to submit their characters before I went ahead with anything, but all things considered I’m gonna give people who haven’t submitted a week to do so! I’m sorry if you don’t see this message and end up being kicked, but I feel kind of bad about how long it’s been. Here’s the roster as it stands:

roster: 16/16,no more spaces available

  1. FW #8, Reid*
  2. FW #9, Emil*
  3. GK #1, Altair*, cyborg
  4. DF #4, Rhea*
  5. DF #7, Ito*
  6. MF #6, Rem*
  7. DF #3, Mirai*
  8. DF #12, reserved
  9. MF #15, reserved
  10. FW, #10, Soweon*, cyborg
  11. FW #11, Ionic*
  12. MF #5, Talaik*
  13. MF #2, Mace*, cyborg
  14. GK (res) #13, Eib*
  15. DF #14, Jinko*
  16. MF, reserved