i don't really remember how it started

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

Happy New Year to all my followers

Carlos spent the whole of New Year’s Day making jokes.

“Babe, I can’t believe I haven’t shaved all year!”

“Cecil, I’m really sorry that this is the only coffee I’ve made you all year.”

“I wonder how Janice is doing… I haven’t seen her since last year!”

Cecil spent the whole day groaning. As the day drew to a close, Carlos suddenly leapt off the couch and ran towards the front door. 

“Where are you going?”, asked Cecil. 

“Ceec!”, said Carlos, looking slightly panicked. “I haven’t done any science since last year! I have to go to the lab right now!”

I know you've heard this a million times but

Please. Don’t ever commit suicide.

Yesterday it was announced over the PA that a student committed suicide at my school, so when I came into school today and my friend told me “Do you know what happened to Arthur?”, I couldn’t control my emotions. And I started sobbing uncontrollably.

I didn’t know him well. But I still knew him. I’m not sure if he remembered that we went to kindergarten and elementary together, but I did. He was one of my best friends back then.. we never got to click like we did when we were little.

I just. I don’t know. I don’t understand why. He always kept to himself.. and I could see it in people’s eyes, the way people talked to each other. The way they moved, walked, their expressions. Everything was just.. off. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t normal. It almost felt empty. Like nobody could accept what happened. Because they couldn’t.

Even the teachers were upset. My orchestra teacher broke down in tears both yesterday and this morning. My english teacher was disoriented for the whole class period. My algebra teacher looked upset instead of his normal ecstatic self.

I think what upsets me the most is how I saw it affected everyone overall. Everyone was just completely out of it. And I never got to reconnect with him. And I’ll never know why he did it.

It’s horrible. And it just makes me wonder if he thought no one would care when he did it. Because, people did care. A lot of people. And it’s just. I don’t even know the words for it.

Please. Don’t commit suicide, please. I’m begging you, because people do care.

So many fucking people care about you. More than you will EVER know.

I’m sorry for all the off posts, and I really didn’t want to say too much about this, but: Please stay safe, guys. I care about all of you a lot, and regardless of how all this ends there’s going to be some violence. It’s been a scary time. Remember that you’re not going through this alone and everybody is with us right now. I’ll be up for most of the night and my inbox is always open.

Writing multiple fics like...
  • Me: *writing new fic - really in the zone* Wow, this is coming along nicely. Actually, this part reminds me of... *remembers scene from another show*
  • Brain: Oh! Hey! Hey! Remember how you started a fic for that?! You should write it!
  • Me: Yeah, I really should...
  • Brain: Now! You need to write it now!
  • Me: What? Now? But... but, this fic?
  • Brain: Write the other one!
  • Me: But... I'm doing so well with this one...
  • Me: *opens other fic, full of fear and guilt* Okay.

I was gonna start a comic but then i remembered how bad i am at keeping up with these things so screw that

It’s based on the song Kusanagi by ODESZA btw, it’s a really nice track :^)


I honestly think a lot about Karamatsu and his guitar.


Back in 2012 when I was first getting into hs fandom, those big lyricstucks were starting to get super popular and I tried to make one too, for erifef. I never finished it, but I still really like some of the panels, so I thought i should at least upload for completion. 

Before posting my review of this week’s episodes, I’d like to say something:

IDGAF that Yuzu and Yuya are not “real” children of Yusho and Shuzo, they have been raising them since they are babies and both obviously love them deeply.

I mean of course the writers are now pulling at our heartstrings on the “Zarc manipulated Yusho into grooming one of his pieces blah blah blah” 

So what? The point remains: Yuya and Yuzu were raised and loved by them, they are family damn it. 

anonymous asked:

Priya must have been with me yesterday. I was wondering/couldn't remember how old she was and was going to ask you. And it turns out today is her gotcha day! Priya made me psychic. The Megasenji Hypothesis at work.

I actually didn’t get her until April! But this is kind of the… “things were starting to become real and move into motion” anniversary.

Do you ever find yourself really wanting to be in a band and then you remember you have no musical talent whatsoever


I thought about it a lot, I really did, I thought about writting a song, but it would be weird without any melody, I thought about writting a special scenario , but that was too simple, so I ended up with the thing that everyone does, writting a special post about my feelings towards him. I remember when I first got into EXO, Lay was one of the last ones I learned the name of, but that was before I started watching a zillion EXO interviews , that’s when I realized quickly that he was one of the sweetest guys of the group, and at least from what I know, of celebrities in general, he is a 25 year old man who actually takes his time for us, the fans that are near and far from him, the fans he has never seen, the fans that follow him everywhere, all he has shown us is gratitude, even if the company, people around him, and even the fans were being shitheads to him. He spends most of his time away from his country, of his family and long time friends, of his origins, but still he’s always showing his best side to all of us, just so he doesn’t dissapoint us, he worries about us, about his members, about his family, about people in general, and a lot of times he doesn’t worry for himself just to make us happy, he’s also worried about passing values to us, always setting a good example. He’s just so talented, we all know he’s always striving to be better, to the point where he has gotten injuries for it, he always says he wants to be a well rounded artist, and I can say that every new project he has makes me feel proud.

I may not be a fan for a long time, but on these ( 4 months I guess?) , he has managed to make me happy, make me smile when I’m having a terrible day, make me want to get up and dance like crazy with a performance , make me wanna cry from listening to his singing, make me become a better a person on a daily basis, make me push myself harder to achieve my goals that I sometimes forget. So, it’s my turn to thank him with all my heart.

Happy Birthday Zhang Yixing  ♥ 


No matter how shitty my day was, no matter what hits I took, I can always remember that Misha Collins knows my name; Jared Padalecki has given me at least six unpaid for hugs (one of which almost broke Jensen’s back) and I’ve had his hair in my mouth; Jensen Ackles and I mouthed the words to several songs back and forth to each other; and in July 2015, I drove Osric Chau to DCCon. And no one can take any of that away from me.

People seem to be getting worked up about Sweet Pool character ages again so yeah, as of the start of the game:

Youji’s 17. I can’t really remember how long he lives but his birthday is only 2 months after the start of the school year so yeah maybe he turns 18 during the game??? He’s easily the oldest, anyway.

Zenya’s 17, 6 months younger than Youji.

Tetsuo’s 16, 15 months younger than Youji.

Makoto’s 16, 18 months younger than Youji.