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When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

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Hello! I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to draw hair. I don't really mean in a realistic style, just something that I can start with. I'm wanting to improve on drawing people, but I can't seem to get the hair (along with everything else, but I'll stick to hair for now lol). Thank you so much!

These are just a few little tips. Remember to use sweeping strokes, rather than short blunt ones!


“Lara Jean? Are you okay?”
I nod my head yes and make a motion like he should just go. He rolls the window back up, and I think he’s really going to drive off, but then he pulls over to the side and parks.
Peter sits down next to me. “How long have you been sitting here crying by yourself ?”
I turn my head and wipe my face again. “I’m not crying.”
”He’s getting into his car when, as an afterthought, he turns around and asks, “Want me to call Triple A for you?”
“No, that’s okay,” I say. “Thanks for stopping, though. That was really nice of you.”
Peter grins. I remember that about Peter—how much he likes positive reinforcement. “Do you feel better now?”
I nod. I do, actually.
“Good,” he says.

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Your Undertale drawings are great. I love all of your designs of the characters, the colours and details and YOUR HOLY BACKGROUNDS. I don't know if this has been asked before but how old were you when you started with your art? Also, how do you improve, specially with the backgrounds?

I’ve been drawing since I can remember. Like every kid really. I just took to it and made it the thing I did a lot in childhood. I would not say I was ever very ‘good’ as a kid but it was always something to do.

Picked up digital painting around 2010. Started really trying to get decent at backgrounds a couple years after that.
Hm. I can try to explain a few things on how I work. Under the cut.

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I looked it up but I still don't really understand the difference between a while and awhile? help pls ;-;

Ah, this one’s a bit nuanced…i’ll do my best! 

So to start off, the basic differences: “a while” is a noun-phrase meaning “a short period of time” and “awhile” is an adverb meaning “FOR a short period of time.” 

For a quick brush upon grammar, remember, a noun is a person, place, or thing, and an adverb is a word that modifies a verb by describing HOW the verb [action word] was performed. So a noun would be “Tree, book, year, thought, fish, butterfly, Sarah, London, etc.” while an adverb would be “quickly, slowly, thoughtfully, confusedly, harshly,” etc. Note that many, but not all, adverbs end in “ly.”

So there are your basic terms, but how to know when to use which? The easiest way for me is to see if I could replace the word with a different form of their part of speech–either a different noun phrase, or a different adverb. 

For example: 

“It’s been awhile” or “It’s been a while” 

 Awhile - Is it an adverb?–could I replace “awhile” (adverb form) with a different adverb like “quickly”?

“It’s been quickly.”  - Doesn’t make much sense. Probably not the adverb form.

A while - Is it a noun? could I replace “a while” (noun form) that with a different “time” noun?

“It’s been a year.” –I absolutely could. This is a noun phrase, and should be “a while.”

Another example:

“Go play a while” vs “Go play awhile.” 

A while - Is it a noun? – Could I replace “a while” (noun form) with another noun phrase? 

“Go play a year.” I mean…maybe? But it’d be a little awkward? 

Let’s try the adverb form. 

“Go play quietly.” - that seems to make more sense. This is probably an adverb telling us more about the play we are supposed to go engage in–in this case, telling us how long. 

That rule works a lot of the time. Another important rule of thumb, though–an adverb cannot be the object of a preposition. So if you have a preposition ahead of your “a while” it MUST be the noun. 

A preposition describes a relationship to something, often where or when something is or occurs. The most common form prepositional phrases for this example would be “in a while” or “for a while.” 

Not gonna lie, anon, I probably misuse that one frequently. The two are often interchangeable as they mean close to the same thing in a lot of cases. English, man, amirite? 

Anyway I hope that helped a little! 

remember when wynonna earp first started and everyone said how peaceful the fandom was so ppl were immediately like “lol just wait. it’ll get nasty soon” but now it’s 2 seasons later with a third confirmed and there’s still no major/hateful division between shippers and very few (if any) discourse? cheers for the completely non-problematic fandom lads

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Hi Abby!!! So this is the first time I've ever stepped out and attempted to ask anyone, anything about crossdressing and I'm really nervous. I'm bi but have always wanted to be and dress like a girl for as long as I can remember. I want to start crossdressing but I just don't know where to start. I have bought several dresses and make up kits but just.... Don't know where to start. Any help you could offer would be amazing. Thank you for doing what you do :)

Thank you, I’m glad you’ve found the courage to message me :)

Starting is difficult and it’s hard to know where to begin. How ever you start I would suggest doing things slowly, look around in magazines and the internet.

Try and find styles and looks you like, I have to admit I’m terrible when it comes to clothes shopping, I just buy what I like the look of. My only advice is only buy things you really like, don’t buy things you think are okay, you won’t wear them.

Try and build together a look, look for shoes which will match a dress etc.

When comes to make-up I’m a little better, as I say I look for looks I like but I’ve also found some good YouTubers for inspiration and techniques.

I have written out a few small guides, I’ll link the ones you might find most useful.

Make-up routine - My routine, plus a few tips and links to useful videos and YouTubers to follow.

How to create cleavage

How I shave my legs

How to walk in heels

Shoe size guide

My thoughts on wigs

I hope that was of some help, feel free to ask me more questions if you have them :)

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Hey so I've recently started thinking I might have bpd based on some of the symptoms but I was wondering what fp and splitting were because I've seen those terms used a lot but I don't really know what they are

Hey anon! That’s a great question. There are a lot of terms associated with BPD that people probably never heard before they were diagnosed. The important thing to remember, though, is that just because this type of symptom exists in BPD, does not necessarily mean you will experience it.

Most of these things are very negative and undesirable ways to think or feel. I’ve seen this a little bit lately in the online BPD community, where one particular term or symptom will be almost glorified, and everyone starts talking about that one thing and how they feel that in their lives. I’m not saying they’re all not really feeling those things, but a lot of time we can create situations subconsciously if we innerly feel like it should be happening somehow.

These are not healthy patterns in behavior/thought, and we can save ourselves a lot of pain and difficulty if we actively try to defend AGAINST these symptoms. 

But I do understand how it is super helpful and validating to have a name or word for something, and being able to talk about it with others who have experienced it. That’s totally okay. For that reason, here are some common terms associated with BPD that might be a little confusing. Let me know if you think I should add any more to this list? Thanks! :)

Favorite Person (FP): A “Favorite Person” is a person that people with BPD tend to latch onto or glorify for sporadic lengths of time. We tend to just want all their attention, time, and focus. It’s not something we do on purpose, necessarily…we just become dependent on that person’s particular brand of attention as a way to simple cope with our emotions. An FP doesn’t even necessarily have to be romantic—it can be anyone that we somehow found solace or comfort in any given moment.

Imprinting: Imprinting kind of goes along with the “favorite person” idea, except I’ve only ever heard it referred to in a romantic context. It’s the sudden moment when you become dependent on the person, and pretty much all of your time, focus, energy, and devotion goes to that person. It’s seen as more of an involuntary situation. FP and Imprinting are NOT medical terms…more just relatable feelings within the BPD community.

Splitting: Splitting is a common pattern of thinking/conceptualizing in people with BPD. We tend to think of things as ALL good, or ALL bad. It doesn’t have to be about good/bad, it can be about anything. We can even love a person and hate them, too. We can feel wholly accepted and fully rejected. It’s really just about extreme opposites of emotion, and thinking it has to be one or the other, nothing in between. The terms “devalued” and “idealized” are often heard in context of splitting, meaning we tend to idealize people that we are close to by putting them on an extremely high pedestal and constantly looking up to them; and then we can devalue them, or consider them “worthless” to us, when we portray them to make a mistake. It’s a very unhealthy, subconscious coping mechanism our brains use to try to avoid intense anxiety or pain.

 See A Note on Black and White Thinking

Dissociation: Dissociation is a state where you feel disconnected somehow from your mind/consciousness. It can vary a lot in different people, from simply zoning out to having multiple personalities (Dissociate Identity Disorder). It’s a coping mechanism that our brain uses to kind of just “turn off” your thinking for a little bit, because it knows you can’t handle the intensity of your emotions/pain. Sometimes you don’t remember things from the periods you were dissociated, and a lot of people report feeling “hazy” or “blurry” about events or things that happened when they were dissociated. Dissociation can last for a couple minutes, hours, or even days. 

Depersonalization: Depersonalization is a specific type of dissociation, when you feel somehow disconnected from your body, like you’re watching yourself from somewhere outside of yourself. It can feel very surreal, almost dream-like, and is very disturbing to most people who experience it. It’s a more physical manifestation of dissociation, which can be very hard to describe. Physical, as in…you physically don’t feel connected to your body or the place where your body is at.

Apathy: Apathy is a general “I don’t care” feeling. We tend to kind of become emotionally unavailable, not really feeling anything. Some people describe it as feeling “numb.” This happens a lot when we feel like we’ve reached the end of our rope…”there’s no point in caring or trying anymore, because it just hurts when you do.” For me, it usually feels like there’s almost a block on my emotions. Like, there’s something blocking them in the back of my mind so they can’t get through. I don’t know if that’s typical for people with BPD, but that’s one way I personally experience apathy. 

Baiting: Baiting is a form of manipulative behavior, in which you purposely act a certain way in order to elicit the emotional response you want from someone. It’s definitely not healthy or interpersonally effective. When we’re in a highly emotional state, we tend to think of self-preservation, especially if we’re fighting with someone. So we unconsciously use unfair methods to try to simple save ourselves from the impending emotional intensity.

Mimicking/Mirroring: Mirroring is common in people who don’t have a firm sense of identity, which is a very typical BPD symptom. Mirroring/Mimicking happens when we see things we like in someone else, or other people in general, and we try to make ourselves be/look that way, too. It’s a desperate way to try to figure out who we really are underneath all of our pain and symptom, even thought it’s not typically anything we would do/look like.

Magical Thinking: It is possible for someone with BPD to be so emotionally/mentally overwhelmed that they start showing psychotic symptoms, such as paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. Magical Thinking is a slightly more mild version of those psychotic symptoms. Magical Thinking is when we look at two completely unrelated things, and somehow draw unreal connections between them. For example, “I cut myself, and it rained. Cutting myself makes it rain!” Magical Thinking can also manifest itself in the form of idealization/devaluing. We create unreal or imaginary expectations for people close to us, or ideas in general (ex, “Ideal Love”).

Detachment: Detachment happens when we shut ourselves off from something completely. It could be from a family member, friend, certain situation, feeling, etc. The “Detached Protector Pitfall” is a very common BPD situation…when we detach from our own needs, and try to completely please somebody else. We stop caring about our own needs in order to fulfill those of someone else (typically our “FP,” but not in every case).

Maladaptive Daydreaming: This is another form of dissociation, in which we involuntarily become caught up in fantasies/daydreams. It is a coping mechanism our brain uses to try to save us from feeling the pain of our real emotional state. Maladaptive daydreaming can be very frightening, especially when you realize that you’re not really in control of where your brain is going at that point. It thinks about whatever it needs to think about in order to feel better.


{Triple M as A-RISE from Love Live as an apology for being absent for so long~ Now excuse me while I disappear from this blog once again :v}
{Oh, btw, I chose the costumes according to which I think would fit each one of them better, not who they would be if they were in some sort of A-RISE au~}

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Hello, I think I wrote you over summer saying that I was going to start mechanical engineering and how excited I was... I remember being super motivated by your tumblr. I've finished the first semester now, and I feel like I don't fit in a all. There are barely no girls, boys are really pretentious and never actually help others, 400 people in lectures which are really useless, as they teach easy basic stuff but then the exercises for the workshop are unreal... any survival advice ? Thanks xxx

This literally describes my freshman year in a nutshell.

A hard fact of engineering is that there are just not going to be any females. It’s a fact, it’s unavoidable. We’re underrepresented to an extreme, but we come out stronger for it (at least we try).

The boys are going to be pretentious, but there is also going to be a small group of them, usually the super quiet ones you haven’t noticed yet, who aren’t asshats. Be friends with them. They’re helpful, and will actually ask you for help (most engineering males subconsciously don’t think they need help from women (but they do)). Also, you’ll end up running away to drink margaritas with them on Thursday nights after finishing a computer program that made you want to punch someone.

The lectures will get smaller, the people will chill out and realize engineering is a team sport, and you’ll get to know your professors on a more personal level. You just have to make it through your first year. It gets so much better, I pinky promise. Harder, more time consuming, but oh so worth it.

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I started skipping meals again and I don't really know how to stop or if I even WANT to stop. Relapse sucks, but I'm lowkey afraid this is gonna be more than just a relapse. Any advice?

I used to skip meals just because I wasn’t hungry or felt disgusting while eating, but I started to portion my meals. I put out a certain amount of food, and I told myself that I had to eat this much at this specific time. After a few days of portioning out meals, I was able to eat normally again. Every time I relapsed, I did the same thing. Remember that you need food to survive. Even if you’re just eating because you want to, that’s okay. You’re allowed to be happy. Eating food is healthy and necessary. You deserve to eat. Always.

Let me know if that works for you. I hope you feel better.

-Dad Steven

follow forever ig?

@pixel-moons: Thank you for being my friend and helping me through so much. You were one of the first few people that i really talked to when i became a simblr. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I’ll always try to be there for you through hard times. Ily <3

@jalayniesims: You were the second actual person I talked to and i don’t remember how we started talking. I’m so glad we’re friends and that our friendship has lasted this long. I’ve actually lost track. <3 Ily and yeah that mushy stuff.

@smolacesimmer: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OMG. We haven’t known each other long but i’m so glad we know each other. I’d be more sad if i didn’t know you. We’re so close and i honestly love it. I hopefully get to see you in all your cuteness one day.

@madssimming: E D G Y  YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR MOOMY AND I (but honestly ily so much

@astrodoves: ur cool and pretty lit and we don’t talk much but ily

@simseternity: I look up to you and your legacy and i think you’re cool and i’d love to be friends but i’m awkward

@simtavia: we’ve talked like twice but you’re really cool and i adore you and your blog

@trashcansims: i love our random conversations and you’re just a cool person

@akwardbutt: ur lit no matter your age

@calliasccfinds: we haven’t talked much and i kinda only know you through jalaynie but you’re awesome

@taurussims: i will never remember how we met but i always make fun of you by calling you matalie

i might just start listing people off bc it’s gonna be tedious


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I don’t think I ever shared this one kuro dream I had, probably my weirdest one yet. Once I had a dream that the 2ct was revealed in a new chapter, but it got overshadowed by Yana deciding to reveal Sebastian’s true form in the same chapter. But the weird part was that in the dream, I went onto the bb.net forum for spoilers, and everyone was yelling about how beautiful Sebastian’s demon form was so I took a look. And he looked exactly the same except he had the head of Daffy Duck. 

The fandom was writing paragraphs about how good he looked, and I was just ???. Then there was the 2ct reveal, and it was just Meyrin walking up to Ciel and yelling, “we all know you’re not really Ciel but we like you better!” And Ciel started crying. Also, I think the twin was the villain or something, and Sebastian needed to become Daffy Duck to fight him. So I think this might have been a premonition. 

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So I donated to your kickstarter so long ago that I can't even remember when it was and you haven't been making updates about the progress of the album in a very long time. I know life happens and sometimes things get pushed back but I'm starting to wonder where my money went and if I will ever get the vinyl I paid for. It's been well over a year and it's making me think you just took everyone's money and don't really care how long they have to wait to see what they paid for come to life.

this mite be a long post! please for the love of god feel free to scroll beyond if u dont care, i truly hate when people fuck up my feed with their essays so ya. that is my disclaimer here. ok.

ok. deep breath.
i talk about this/my campaign/my project VERY often on twitter (it’s distracting and often harmful for me to use tumblr and facebook regularly. sorry if that’s inconvenient). i realize most people aren’t actively checking my shit & that my tweets get buried in the constant avalanche of my stupid thoughts, so i’ll summarize the past year or so. hopefully whoever left this anonymous message will check back to see the answer and if so, i IMPLORE u to read the entire thing instead of picking out details from the first 4 sentences and sending me another message about how i stole your fucking money.

my album is almost finished. i’ve said this multiple times over the course of the past year, but this time it’s like, legitimately fact. i’m feeling extra sensitive right now and reading this message felt like stepping on a rusty nail, so i’ll go ahead and give you as many details as possible to explain why it’s taken me over a year to complete my first full-length album. 

i am an independent artist, as you probably know. i am also an extreme perfectionist. when i began my kickstarter campaign in september of 2015, i had about 30 songs written that i’d poorly recorded in my shitty apartment, many of which i hoped to record professionally for my first proper (and physical) release. i could not fucking stand the thought of being contractually obligated to make music via label and figured kickstarter was my last hope. i honestly thought it would fail miserably and decided that when my campaign came to a humiliating end, i’d move on from music and do something else that wouldn’t make me feel so fucking horrible about myself. somehow, thanks to you and everyone else who made my dream come true, i made enough money to actually make a record.

two months later in january of 2016, i went home to florida from LA to visit my family for the holidays. thanks to my incredible fucking luck, some kind of crime ring was hitting licks on every major airline’s baggage claim at LAX post-holiday and my luggage containing 3 notebooks filled with all of my lyrics, 2 external hard drives and a bunch of little USB drives containing 2 years of my work were stolen. hmu if u want the police report for proof. 

i lost a lot of work (and learned the value of The Cloud- i hate to trust it after my nudes were leaked and my fucking whole bank account was emptied after someone hacked my shit in 2014, but here we are) and basically all morale but pieced together what i could from what i had left. i hired a producer i’ve admired for years to be the executive producer of my record and decided this fucking bullshit was an opportunity to make my shit better. due to unfortunate, unforgivable and honestly criminal circumstances, this fucking psycho wasted an upsetting amount of my time and decided to back out of my project. THAT particular situation keeps me up at night and i fucking live for the day i can tell that goddamn story, it truly shocks me that a human being could do me like that fool did me, yall will find out one day but ahem. anyway. 

after this incredible fucking scam, i decided to ONCE AGAIN start anew considering the legal and financial obligations of releasing music that had been co-written by this bad fucking person. i left my home in LA and went to stay at my dad’s house in florida, spent literally all of my time mastering production software and learning to play piano, and filled in all the shit i’d lost with new things i’d written and produced entirely on my own. then i got married, but that’s unimportant to this story. actually it is like, kind of important, but whatever.

i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in january 2016 and in march of 2016 i attempted suicide. i left an organized folder of songs, mockups for art, my bank account info and a note to my manager to make sure that my album was released because i literally could not comfortably die knowing that i let down the people who gave me money. im not tryna make anyone feel bad im just like saying cuz its part of the whole shit. anyway, i failed at killing myself and woke up in a bathtub of puke ready to go the fuck off. haven’t wanted to die since.

ahem. so. since i’m honestly 100% unable to trust a single fucking human being with my work and my thoughts after what happened up there ^^^^, i decided to set up a room in my new home for recording. i wrote, recorded, and produced (with some help, but like please bitch give me credit here) a fucking entire new album that i actually LIKED. im not shy about the fact that i think my music is stupid gimmicky- after trying to die and not dying and then getting help i realize i have like a little bit of talent i should actually appreciate. i finished recording and producing it, hired a person i trusted with a degree in music production to help me polish it and alas, he ran off without a single fucking word. thankfully i didn’t pay him a cent but like hey there u follow me on twitter and FUCK. YOU.

so now, as of about a month ago, i’ve absolutely perfected my songs (as much as i can- i still lose sleep over the imperfections im just not good enough to fix) and i’ve found the most trustworthy, hardworking team i’ve ever met to finish this shit. it’s demoralizing to recap the past year, mostly bc it was so fucking horrible for me, but i can promise you the last thing i would ever ever ever ever do is take a bunch of money and dip out with it. i do literally every single piece of this shit on my own, from the music to visuals to branding, and it’s hard. it’s time consuming. i have a job outside of music to provide for myself and for my family, and that takes up my time too. 

so i really apologize for the amount of time it’s taken for this record to be released. it fucking kills me to be waiting and i didn’t spend your money; god knows i would never in my fucking life just STEAL your money. the fact that anyone would ever accuse me of that makes me ILL.

i just want ya’ll to know there’s nothing easy about releasing music as an independent artist, especially one who refuses to accept anything less than perfection, and ESPECIALLY one who refuses to be disrespected and taken advantage of. i’m doing my best, and it took me a while. i feel like it’s worth it. it’ll be another 2 months or so. hit me up if you want a refund on your vinyl.


That’s right. You’re insignificant. But though you were nothing but, a half-assed would-be suicide, you’ve harbored the intent to kill me, letting it fester for over a year… And in just half a day after you saw the news, you smoked out my location, and came here! That’s right, you came here! Yes, you came here! Could anything be more amazing than that? You’ve turned on expectations over their head. Thanks to you… Thanks to you, now I remember! Now I remember how I started! Oh, that’s right… Yes, that’s right… Ever since I came into contact with something beyond human, I might have been underestimating humanity. But look! Behold, Izaya! Do you see now Izaya? Just how magnificent humans are? I don’t really understand, but there’s one thing I can say, you’re the lowest kind of human. That’s fine by me! No matter how much you hate me, I still desperately, almost insanely, more than anything, more than anything, more than anything, love you!  

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Hey, I've got a weird question. I'm a native Spanish speaker, and I don't remember having trouble with this, or even remember my younger siblings having problems with this when they started talking. How do you know when to say "ser" and when to say "estar", I'm asking out of genuine curiosity, because it doesn't even seem to be a problem for us in translations from any language, and I need t know how it's consciously learned.

Well, the native U.S. English speakers (and some UK English speakers) that I know of typically have to keep in mind that ser is more permanent and estar is not.

And really any Romance Language that has only one verb for “to be” (like French) has some problems with ser and estar

And then when you’ve learned it you have to keep it in mind for all the different tenses. So occasionally people will know it in present tense es vs. está but then mess up if it should be fuera / fuese or estuviera / estuviese or something like that.

How we categorize ser vs. estar:

[copied from another ask]

You use ser most often with things that are immutable or things that don’t change easily. The noun el ser itself means “a being”, as in “a physical existing person or creature”.

So when using ser it’s most often with description, occupation, nationality, personality, height, weight, and so on.

More in-depth explanations of the functions of ser include:

1. Description = es alto/a, es rubio/a, es blanco/a, es joven, es un hombre, es una mujer…

2. Occupation / Profession / Title / Role = es doctor(a), es dentista, es abogado/a, es madre, es padre, es profesor(a), es maestro/a…

3. Identity / Race / Species / Color = soy Marco, soy Ana, soy yo, eres tú, son ellos, son ellas, somos nosotros… es una silla [it’s a chair], es una ventana [it’s a window], es un gato [it’s a cat]… es asiática, somos humanos, es muy rojo, son blancos…

4. Material / Made of = es de seda [silk], es de madera [wood], es de plomo [lead], es de vidrio [glass], es de acero [steel]…

5. Nationality = soy estadounidense, ella es francesa, son ingleses, son japonesas…

6. Origin [More or less like Nationality]: es de Alemania, soy de los Estados Unidos, son de China, somos de Perú…

7. Personality, Height, Weight = es simpática, es amable, es receloso [miserly], es desagradable, es idiota, es alto, es baja, es flaca, es gorda, es delgada, es una persona feliz, es una persona… 

8. Telling time = es la una [it’s 1 o’clock], son las dos, ¿Qué hora es?, son las diez y cuarto

9. Possession = es mi [it’s my], es mío [it’s mine], es tu [it’s your], es tuyo[it’s yours]… etc.

10. Passive Voice = la mesa es puesta por ella [the table is set by her], la cama es hecha por él [the bed is made by him]…

The use of estar is predominately with location and temporary things. It’s connected to words like la estación ”season of the year”, estático/a ”static”, estable ”stable”, inestable ”unstable”, el estatus ”status”, el estante ”shelf”, el bienestar ”well being / health”, and so on.

When using estar it’s most often with location, condition, mood/emotion, illness/wellness, alive/dead, and temporary rather than long-term.

1. Location = estamos en la biblioteca [we’re in the library], está debajo de la mesa [it’s under the table], están encima de la cama [they’re on top of the bed], está en frente del hotel [it’s in front of the hotel]

2. Condition = está cansado/a [he/she is tired], está nervioso/a [he/she is nervous], está confuso/a [he/she is confused]

3. Mood, Emotion, Feeling = está triste [he/she is sad], está feliz [he/she is happy], está enojado/a [he/she is angry], está decepcionado/a [he/she is disappointed]

4. Illness and Wellness = está bien [he/she is (feeling) well], está fatal[he/she is (feeling) terrible], está enfermo/a [he/she is sick], está mejor[he/she is (feeling) better]

5. Alive and Dead = estamos vivos [we’re alive], está vivo/a [he/she is alive], estamos muertos [we’re dead], está muerto/a [he/she is dead]

6. The Progressive [-ing form] = está hablando [he/she is speaking], está cantando [he/she is singing], está yendo [he/she is going], está viniendo[he/she is coming], está haciendo [he/she is doing]

What’s a little trickier is when you COULD use either, but they imply different things…

Es verde. = It is green. [lit. “it is green in color”]

Está verde. = It is unripe. [lit. “it is not mature”, “it is still green”]

Es confuso/a. = It is confusing. [“it is not making sense”, “it causes confusion”]

Está confuso/a. = He/She is confused. [This person is in a state of confusion]

Son felices. = They’re happy people. [Personality]

Están felices. = They’re happy. [At this moment; Temporary]

Es genial. = It’s great. [Identification/Description]

Está genial. = It looks great. [Temporary appearance or feeling]

Es espantoso/o. = It’s horrifying. [Identification/Description]

Está espantoso/a. = He/She looks terrible. [Condition or temporary appearance]

Es viejo/a = He/She is an old person. [Identification/Description]

Está viejo/a. = It looks old/beat up. [Condition]

Es fatal. = It’s awful. OR It is deadly. [Identification/Description]

Está fatal. = He/She looks very sick. [Wellness, condition, or temporary appearance]

Es aburrido/a. = It’s boring. [Identification/Description]

Está aburrido/a. = He/She is bored. [Condition]

Son muertos. = They are dead people. [Identification/Description]

Están muertos. = They are dead. [Status]

Son unos enfermos. = They’re some sick people. [Identification/Description]

Están enfermos. = They are sick. [Condition, Wellness]

Es mejor. = It is better. [Identification/Description]

Está mejor. = He/She is (feeling) better. [Wellness]

Es un triste día. = It’s a sad day. [Identification/Description]

Ella está triste. = She is sad. [Mood]

I hope at least some of all that made sense.

Here’s some supplemental stuff that will probably explain it in a much more clear-cut way than I did:

[end of copy]

For us, the hardest part is when everything starts to be interchangeable but depends on context.

So if someone asks me if it should be… es rico/a or está rico/a what they end up meaning is “Which is correct and which is incorrect?”

But the real problem is that ser rico/a and estar rico/a are BOTH TECHNICALLY CORRECT… but that they’re used in different situations. 

Really, what I try to do is get people to link ser to el ser “a being” or los seres queridos “loved ones” / [lit. “liked beings”] and have them starting to link estar with estable “stable” / inestable “unstable” or with la estación “a season (of the year)”

For a native speaker it’s all so obvious that no one bats an eye.

But by the same token, I get plenty of questions from Spanish-speakers who ask me where to put a preposition when it’s things like “to leave off” or “to catch up” or “to give in”…

Where they know where the actual verb goes, but they wonder if it makes a difference where the preposition goes. Because in Spanish there’s a lot more variety with where you put a lo / la or a se or le/les etc.

What’s the worst is trying to explain how “to catch” and “to catch up” and “to catch up with” are all different expressions.

I think it’s just a question of repetition and having it pounded into your brain as a native speaker which one is right that you don’t even question it.