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Is Tatara inferior to Yuuri in terms of character?

I like Tatara, but Yuuri is definitely a better character imo (and I refer only to the Tatara from the anime bcs I haven’t read the manga).

I think Yuuri is much more unpredictable as a character than Tatara. 
Tatara never really surprised me, he may struggle a bit at first but you know he will always give his best at some point. With Yuuri, I was always nervous during his performance, because we all know he’s good, but even after Victor coaching him, he never stopped to feel unconfident sometimes. But also, despite his shyness and anxiety, he could all of sudden showing a total different side of him.

From the anime of Ballroom, I can see that Tatara seems to be a nervous and shy character who will gain confidence through dancing.
The fact that Yuuri is already a talented pro skater is already a big difference for me, we could think that being in his position he would be a confident and an ambitious charac, but actually he still has anxiety problems and doesn’t realize his own skills.

Personally I identify so much more with Yuuri, despite of his appearance, he has actually a deep and complex personality. 
Tatara is not a bad character but he doesn’t offer much imo.

hi !! 💞💞
i was supposed to do this about 6 months ago when i hit 1k but i never got around to it (hmm why’s that huh kay) so ! i’m doing it now~ (also i hit 1.5k a while ago so. there’s that. ahhH) – thank you so so so much !! i know 1k probably isn’t that big of a milestone for a lot of you haha but ,, i still can’t believe there’s so many of you and honestly i never thought i’d ever hit 1k, actually what what what 💗💗💗
anyway; again: thank you so much for putting up with me and my unorganized posts and my endless rambling in the tags and thank you for creating such a wonderful space here on tumblr and asdjkssdhj just. thank you ,, 💓💓💓❕❕ 
ily y’all sm ,, 💕& i hope you have lovely lovely day !!
(i really hope this doesn’t mess with anyone’s notifications! if it does, i’m so sorry!!)

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hello angels, it’s thea! here with my first follow forever!! i wanted to make this when i got to my goal but i’m almost there nd i’m impatient so,, 😚

i want to thank every single one of you for making me feel warm and safe on this website. even though i still have a hard time making friends, you’re all so nice to me!! i love you as much as ponyo loves sosuke (nd more)💖💖  also, i’m really sorry if this messes up your notifications, i hate tumblr. i love you all nd i hope you’re having a great day!

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just your heart beating close to mine

for nurseydex week, day 2 - bed sharing

Nursey’s a clingy drunk.

Freshman year, Dex hated it. He and Nursey spend all their sober time bickering; fighting nonstop about everything from politics to slapshot form to whether ketchup belongs on scrambled eggs (Dex will never fucking admit it, but he’s actually started to find it delicious; Nursey can never know). But the second Nursey slips over the line from tipsy to drunk, he’s Dex’s best friend–hanging off Dex’s shoulders, draping his feet into Dex’s lap, hell, draping himself into Dex’s lap, two hundred pounds and then some of languid muscle. He’s sweet when he’s drunk, his chirps soft and fond instead of scathing, and his fingertips are gentle when they wander over Dex’s skin, dipping under the collar of his t-shirt, brushing against the short hair at the nape of his neck.

And Dex hated it, because morning would come, and hungover Nursey is clingy too but not in the same way, and they were always back to sharpness, and Dex would have to pretend he didn’t get home from those kegsters and throw himself into very, very cold showers.

Sophomore year, it’s a little better. They’re friends more often than they’re not, but on the flip side, that means the rest of the team actually trusts Dex to be on Nursey Patrol (“If you don’t want to kill him all the time, we can probably trust you to make sure he doesn’t drink himself into a coma,” Bitty said cheerfully the first time, shoved Nursey, already tipsy, towards him, and disappeared onto the dance floor with a solo cup in his hand).

Except Nursey Patrol, he learns, doesn’t end with the kegster. No, Nursey Patrol ends with Nursey safe in his bed, at least out of his shoes but ideally in something comfortable enough to sleep in, after a cup or two of water and two tabs of Aspirin, his phone plugged in and the door to his room locked.

(Dex does not want to know the series of events that led to this level of Patrol being in place. If he thinks about it too hard, his chest starts to hurt, and he doesn’t wanna deal with that.)


“Dexy,” Nursey says, as Dex manhandles him down to his bed and then flops down next to him, hauling Nursey’s foot into his lap to start on his shoelaces, because Three Cups of Tub Juice Derek Nurse is not a Derek Nurse who has the coordination for tasks involving dexterity. Dex had said that, once, and Nursey had said “ha, Dexterity,” and giggled for ten minutes. “Dex, will you stay with me?”

(read the rest on AO3, or read more below)

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  • uraraka: this is my boyfriend deku-kun, and this is deku-kun's boyfriend bakugou.
  • deku-kun: nice to meet you!
  • all might: hey! oh. wait, sorry. what's the situation?
  • uraraka: deku-kun is gay but he's straight for me and he's gay for bakugou and bakugou's really gay for deku-kun. and i hate bakugou.
  • deku-kun: it's not that complicated.
  • bakugou: nope.
  • all might: oh. yeah. sure.
  • [later]
  • all might: the thing about youth culture is i don't understand it.
Soukoku sleeping headcanons

((Just a quick note for my French-speaking followers : si certains francophones aimeraient que je le poste également en français, n’hésitez pas à vous manifester, je le ferai avec plaisir. :)))

I feel inspired (and sleepy) tonight, but not in the mood to write, so here, some not so original headcanons :

  • Chuuya tends to sleep right in the middle of the bed, sprawled on his back and limbs generously spread out.
  • He tosses and turns a lot in his sleep.
  • Dazai actually got a few bruises from him this way.
  • When particularly exhausted or drunk, Chuuya snores and Dazai cannot fucking sleep at all.
  • He would then spend the whole time they spend together in the morning whining about how ungraceful Chuuya is when sleeping.
  • And once when Chuuya was particularly stressed and exhausted he even started mumbling and sitting up straight in the middle of the bed still sleeping. Dazai made a mental note to personally remind Mori to take care of his executives if this ever happens again. Because well, this wasn’t one of his best experiences to say the least.
  • On the other hand Dazai is pretty still and silent when he sleeps.
  • He sleeps on his side and always turned to Chuuya.
  • When Chuuya wakes up before him, he always find him nuzzling him with an arm around him.
  • Sometimes he would find Dazai curled up against him, with both arms and legs tightly holding him. Chuuya has come to the conclusion he does it when tensed/anxious.
  • Dazai is a very light sleeper and suffers from insomnia most of the time.
  • He is so not used of sleeping more than a few hours at a time that he feels super dizzy when it ever happens.
  • But he actually realized he sleeps better with Chuuya next to him. Or maybe it’s just that he cannot sleep without Chuuya anymore.
  • Sometimes Chuuya would wake up in the middle of the night finding Dazai still reading. He never says anything and just gets closer to Dazai before falling back asleep because he knows Dazai’s insomnia is acting up again.
  • Dazai is pretty sensitive to the cold and tends to take most of the sheets.
  • Chuuya moves too much in his sleep to keep them on him anyway.
  • Dazai plays a lot with Chuuya’s hair when they lie in bed together.
  • They both love having breakfast in bed when they have a free day. But they often bicker about who will actually get up to make some coffee.
  • Chuuya also loves treating himself with pancakes for those breakfasts in bed. But that’s when he makes breakfast himself because letting Dazai cook easily means finding your kitchen on fire.
  • But most of the time on work day, Chuuya would wake up to the smell of coffee and Dazai quietly waiting for him in the kitchen.
  • Dazai’s wallpaper for his phone lock screen is a picture of Chuuya sleeping (he once found a very flustered Atsushi handing phone to him saying it had just rung).
  • But the one who loves watching the other sleep the most is actually Chuuya because Dazai looks utterly beautiful and just so innocent and vulnerable it feels sinful somehow.

And just a bit of NSFW under the cut :

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This is for my dear follower @codenightbreak ! :D Thanks for letting me know you would like to see the bearded! Cap ;D Hope you like this a bit annoying-talking-too-much but still very cute bearded! Stebe inspired by the leaked trailer for Avengers 3! ✨ ✨

The idea comes from my wrong memory of Tony telling Happy that he needs to keep the beard because Happy is at Tony’s team (sorry my memory is really poor) at the NBA final promotion earlier and the last scene of Spiderman:Homecoming ;D I think Stebe is too excited to be back home so he somehow heard all the things wrong lol

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i highly doubt victor hugo ever edited anything he ever wrote lmao

This answer is about to get exponentially geeky, I apologize beforehand. 

If we’re talking about self-editing, he did, if you see his manuscripts, especially in Les Misérables, they’re heavily worked on, with entire paragraphs added and erased, various major changes and sometimes he even changed specific words for similar ones but not quite the same, which is fascinating to ponder on. One of my personal favorites of these is in Enjolras’s speech on “The Horizon Which One Beholds from the Summit of a Barricade” (I’m using the Hapgood translation for this response because it’s the easiest available in English for me atm). The sentence ended up being “De l'étreinte de toutes les désolations jaillit la foi” but it was originally something along the lines of “De l'étreinte de toutes les désespoirs jaillit l’espoir”, if I didn’t misread because I don’t speak French and it’s not that easy to interpret it, but it’s something like that: 

Hapgood translated it as “from the embrace of all desolations faith leaps forth”. This is fascinating because why did he change it? was it just because he was bothered by the repetition? Why did he choose “faith/foi”, which has some religious-ish connotation, instead of “hope/espérer”, on that specific context, when voiced by Enjolras, of all people? (I had pondered on that before seeing the manuscript and when I came across it I was so surprised it was a change) Is it because it’s stronger? It’s more of a sentence, a certainty that way, which does go much better with Enjolras, especially in this speech (and desolation, for that matter), so is it that? he used “faith” on Enjolras before, for example when he described Grantaire, and he says he “loved to watch faith soar in Enjolras” (“aimait à voir dans Enjolras la foi planer”):  

He was very mindful and precise about the stuff he kept and didn’t and that’s a very cool self-editing job that’s fascinating to me both as an editor and author, especially in a piece of work that has so many different perspectives and time lapses and levels of narrative complexity.

Now, if we’re talking about external editing, which is what my tags were about, I meant it in its most general definition, editing is turning an original into a publication, I was referring to the people who had to help turn that monster of a manuscript into a printed edition for the very first time ever. Those were true heroes istg, because they had to make sense out of stuff like:   

[Disclaimer: I am as far from a Hugo expert or Les Mis expert as you can get, I don’t have the authority to really go in depth with any of this, I’m just talking from my personal perspective as an editor, writer and fan and thought I’d share what I meant and expand]. 

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I forgot if I already asked this or not, but: If RFA/V/Saeran were vampires, what would their general feeding habits be like? Assuming they don't choose to feed off MC all the time or just leave her for tiny dessert nibs.

You haven’t! Or at least if you did, tumblr possibly ate it! Gosh, I don’t talk about vampires much, but I really like them….Modern vamps are so good… I’m sorry if none of these make sense! The last vampire related thing I watched was a few random episodes of Buffy afhdsf

Speaking of Buffy, I’m going along with the idea that just because they’ve drank your blood doesn’t mean you’re a vampire. Rather if they drink the vampires blood? …Is that weird? Idk if thats ‘Official Lore’, but now it’s “Scums Bastardized Lore’. And it’s a weird modern vamp world because?? I have?? No idea how to write vampire worlds holy fuck

Thank you @fromthedeskofelizabeththird and my friendo Mouse for helping me out with this one!

Zen: The ‘Lestat’ Vampire

- Probably the most typical, dramatic and Romantic vampire.

- A bit of a drama queen if his fans aren’t giving him much attention

- He won’t drink fans blood, but if its offered he tries to come up with an excuse. Saying he’s already ate, prefers a certain blood type to maintain his ‘good skin’, etc

- With Mc he would be worried about drinking too much at once! He might get carried away, especially since he wouldn’t go feed off of random people (probably some weird modern-vamp storebought bs), and he might try to make it Extremely Romantic (and cheesy)

- Mostly he would try to save drinking her blood for special occasions, and probably wouldn’t even bring up or entertain the idea of turning her for a while.

Jumin: The ‘No One Understands Me’ Vampire

- Look me in the eyes and tell me that Jumin wouldn’t be the type of vamp to lock himself in his room with Elizabeth 3rd, lamenting about how humans and vampires are so different, and how no human could understand him.

- Not as dramatic as Zen, but very closed off and skeptical when Mc shows any interest

- Probably drinks blood like its a fine wine. Gets fancy stuff, directly from the victim without having to sink his own fangs into them- Rich Vampire Bs, basically

- Mc suggesting that he could drink from her causes him to think she’s implying a sexual spin to it, and it takes a bit of talking to explain what she meant

- If he ever does drink from her, he’s very very careful, treats it as a relationship bonding experience, and compliments everything he can about the taste

- He may not do it often mainly due to the fact he wants to save her blood for very special occasions

Seven: The ‘Ayyyy Lmao’ Vampire

- Goofy vampire. Does the cheesy lame vampire jokes and treats his own existence as a joke

- Definitely has scared random humans by popping out and threatening to drink their blood, but then laughing at their horrified expressions

- Hails some god awful cheap blood soda bs as the best drink. It’s disgusting. Everyone things its disgusting.

- Refuses to drink Mc’s blood. He doesn’t want to hurt her like that, doesn’t want to risk going overboard and drinking too much, doesn’t want to risk anything. He would literally starve before willingly drinking her blood.

- If he absolutely had to, he would drink the bare minimum and then possibly baby her for a bit. As in, making sure she’s not feeling lightheaded or sensitive afterwards.

Yoosung: The ‘Innocent’ Vampire

-The most normal vampire that probably romanticizes drinking someone else’s blood. Probably hates that he’s going to look cute for years. Wishes he got turned a bit later in life.

- Drinks cheap blood and never any human blood until he meets Mc. It’s easy for him to get it, has been offered by a few humans before, but shyly refused

- If Mc ever lets him, he tries to make it romantic, almost as if it’s going to be your first time doing something else together

- The first time he accidentally goes overboard, but he apologises profusely (probably cooking something high in iron for you). After that, he tries to be more careful and stresses you can always say no

Jaehee: The ‘Most Beneficial’ Vampire

- Probably only became a vampire because it was the best way to get a job, maintain one, or because it was beneficial at the time.

- …vampires probably would have some gross ass coffee blood, huh? If so, that’s probably what she would drink the most, if not then normal coffee it is. Maybe some vampire employees would get better blood than “'storebought”’ blood?(fuk idk)

- When you suggest it to her, she outright refuses. Drinking blood straight from a human seems too personal, too intimate, and she doesn’t want to do that to a friend

-… Until its proven that the two of you are more than friends.

- Still, she hardly does, unless she really needs a pick-me-up. Afterwards she makes sure you rest up and don’t get too light-headed

V: The 'Wrong Reasons’ Vampire

- Probably turned a human into a vampire, under the guise that they would live together happily (*coughs* Rika)

- Because of this, he’s reluctant to drink from Mc. Doing so he might go a bit overboard (Rika would have been the last human he drank from), or stress about you wanting to become one

- He’s mainly used to just drinking like Jumin does, without the 'Humans will never understand me’ vibes.

- If he does, he’s so careful. So sweet, kissing the spot he’s going to bite a few times, barely even drinking enough to satiate his hunger.

- Just don’t seem to eager for it, because it will bring forth some past worries of his

Saeran: The “”“'Edgy”“”’ Vampire

- You ever see those vampires who go around drinking from whoever they want, whenever they want? Well here is Saeran, a Korean version of Spike.

- He does whatever, drinks from whoever, and tosses them aside afterwards. Doesn’t even care how weak they are afterwards

- Mainly the more dangerous ones, so if he hasn’t met Mc like that, she is lucky.

- Presumably, Mc would most likely be the one to calm him down, start forcing him to feel emotions (he hates it at first), and because of that, he doesnt drink from her at first.

- When he does, it’s more romantic. He doesn’t use her or toss her aside. He’s careful, constantly making sure she’s sure and okay, and then even dares to kiss her afterwards.

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Can you do how would your name be like in their phones for some pd101 boys? Like i don't really care who (well make sure bnm boys are there xd) ( i don't even know if this request makes any sense, sorry) (and thanks) (*whispers* iluvyo)

firstly phone-whisperer-anon…. /whispers. iluvyomoAR 

PARK WOOJIN: your full name with a heart at the end or this sign “~” or maybe if he’s creative enough something like my “beautiful dancer” maybe not or maybe my name on it lol

LEE DAEHWI: probably “my babe” or your name with an addition of something cute like “(name)-tan” or something cute like daehwi is the epitome of cuteness. think of something cute and that shall be thy name

IM YOUNGMIN: probably something of the norm like “jagi” (honey/babe in korean)

KIM DONGHYUN: more than likely something cringy like “the one who stole my heart” 

PARK JIHOON: “the one” “my wink girl” or “my person”

BAE JINYOUNG: “cheonsa (angel)” or a nickname made from your name

KANG DANIEL: i only got one solution for dis shit…. “bABE” well maybe not with that exact capitals lol more like dis >>> babe

YOO SEONHO: “the answer/cure to my stomach” or “my precious”

LAI GUANLIN: “sexy lady”

HWANG MINHYUN: “queen (cue your name)”

JUNG SEWOON: “my love from the stars

ONG SEUNGWOO: “girlfriend (yeoja chingu)” something dumb like dat probs or “my girl” or “my jeongmal jeongmal jinjja lyol daebak heol wanjeon girlfriend/girl”

KIM JONGHYUN: “lovely (name)” / ippeun (pretty) cue_your_name

KANG DONGHO: “little princess”

AHN HYEONGSEOB: “baby” “baby girl” “jagiya~~~~<3″ something v diabetes like also you would save him as “my puppy” 

KIM JAEHWAN: “that person” “you” just your full name or secretly “jaehwan’s number 1″ or something dumb like dat lol

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I have been thinking of this Headcanons for a while now and I hope u can bring my imagination into light! what if rfa+v+Searan first meeting with MC at an aquarium where she works as a diver and saw her for the first time behind the glass diving with sharks and small fishies and stuff~ maybe she looked like a mermaid :P I'm sorry if it's complicated and it's ok if u don't want to do it~ love u~

I love these scenarios when they meet before RFA <3 

I wrote this when I was really sleepy and slightly drunk, so I have no idea if any of this makes any sense lololol. Anyway, hope u like it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V meet MC at an aquarium


  • He was there for a photo shoot and decided to take a look at the place
  • You passed by his side wearing your scuba suit, talking to a colleague about checking on the sharks
  • He followed you, he just… felt this urge to go after you.
  • And he watched you mesmerized, you were so elegant… and so brave for being that close to the sharks!
  • “Isn’t it scary?” he had to ask when you got out, you looked at him puzzled. “The… sharks?”
  • “Oh… no, not at all! They don’t do anything if they’re fed properly and… if you’re not bleeding.” you say this so naturally and with this huge smile, it’s adorable! “Don’t tell anybody, but… they’re my favorites!”
  • He felt warm inside about you sharing this secret with him. “Wh-why is that?”
  • “I don’t know, there’s something exciting about fearing them, you know? Being around something so majestic and dangerous. It’s like…” “Liking someone and being afraid of hurting them with all of your passion?” SHIT! What is he saying? This isn’t one of his musicals!
  • “Yeah… something like that…” you chuckle. Oh, did you really get it or are you just being polite? “Hey, do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar…”
  • “I get that a lot, actually.” nah, he wouldn’t brag right now, it was time to know more about you. “So… what’s y-?” one of the sharks bump into the glass and he yelps.
  • “Oh, shit, Hercules! He’s a little blind, I… I should go, he gets all disoriented when this happens. See ya!” you run without even looking at him.
  • “Yes… see ya.” Well, he would actually see you a few weeks later standing at his door.


  • He’s there on a tour promoted by one of his teachers
  • He’s not really interested in any of this. Sea animals are not really his thing. Then he gets to the dolphin area.
  • Then you show up and greet his class, and the tour guide introduces you. “This is MC, she usually works with the dolphins and the other mammals.”
  • “Do you feed them?” somebody asks. “Well, that too, but I mainly provide activities to stimulate their brains. You see, dolphins are extremely smart creatures, and…” you go on talking about dolphin’s brains, and Yoosung is… really interested in all you have to say, he’s even taking notes.
  • “But enough talking, do any of you want to see how we do it? Let’s see… hum, how about you in the back? The blond one?” he’s so taken aback by your face he doesn’t even notice you’re talking about him, his buddy nudges him and he notices you’re looking straight at him… SHIT
  • He goes to you hesitantly, your smile is so beautiful and… your curves on this tight scuba suit… wait, what? “What’s your name?”
  • “Y-Yoosung.” “Cool! So our friend Yoosung here will shuffle these numbers and our other friend Chi Chi will put them in the right order. Here you go, buddy.” shit, you’re so nice! He’s trembling while shuffling the cards. “Okay, Yoosung, you can give to her.”
  • “M-me?” “Yeah! Don’t worry, she won’t bite! Well, she does sometimes and it hurts as hell, but…” you see his eyes widening. “I’m kidding!” he hears his mates laughing, ugh…
  • He hands the cards to Chi Chi and she quickly puts them in order, then you explain this isn’t training like in the circus, it’s just a method to stimulate their memory.
  • After the demonstration is over, the teacher calls a a little break for the students to explore as they please, but Yoosung wants to stay right there.
  • “Good job, she really liked you!” you say enthusiastically, are you just being nice or are you genuinely this bright? Either way, your smile is beautiful. “I’m so lame for being afraid, I… I’m sorry.”
  • “Oh, don’t worry, Yoosung! It can be a little intimidating at first…” oh, you remember his name! He wants to know more about you, but then you get a call and run quickly. Well, he would have another chance pretty soon in the chat room.


  • Well, this was the oddest meeting Mr Han’s associate could ever come up with
  • Then she sees the jellyfishes and this diver swimming right beside them.
  • It’s… beautiful! And the diver moves as flowing and elegant as them.
  • And then the diver looks through the glass, straight at… her? And waves for her? She awkwardly waves back.
  • “Hey! Did you like the jellyfishes?” you ask her coming from behind. You’re still on your scuba suit. Oh… were you that elegant diver from before?
  • “Yes, they’re… beautiful! Isn’t it dangerous? I mean… don’t their tentacles burn?” “Oh, my suit protects me, see?” you grab her hand and make her squeeze your arm. She blushes.
  • “It’s made of a special material, they just bought it thanks to this new investor.” “Yes, it was… my boss, actually.”
  • “Oh… cool! Your boss is sickening!” is… that a good thing? Judging from your huge smile, it is, she frowns her forehead and you chuckle. “Oh… maybe not?”
  • She gives this weird smile. “Yeah, my boss is a pain in the ass sometimes too.” how can you talk so easilly to a stranger? But she can’t stop listening to you, for some reason…
  • She would like to hear more, and talk more. Maybe venting to an outsider about how stressed she was would bring her some relief?
  • “Oh… speaking of the devil…” you fidget your walkie talkie on your hand. “Gotta go!”
  • Well… too bad! It wasn’r right now she would have the chance to vent. Gladly she does much more than that when you two meet again.


  • He heard about this aquarium getting closed and thought about investing in it.
  • He has his aquarium at home and… well, he really appreciates these creatures, he doesn’t like to think what could happen to the animals if the aquarium gets closed.
  • So he goes there to see what exactly he’s dealling with. And then he sees this diver surrounded by colorful seahorses.
  • It’s almost like a mirage, and this diver is apparently having lots of fun. Yes, working with something you love is really fulfilling.
  • “Hi! We’re… closed right now.” “I’m here to see the admnistrator, actualy.” “I’ll take you there, come on”
  • He’s a little uncomfortable about walking side by side with this woman all wet, aren’t you cold? “So… may I ask why do you want to see the boss?”
  • “Well, this is… I would rather not talk about it for now.” Yes, he shouldn’t be discusing this with one of the employees.
  • “Okay… just know we’re doing our best here, but it’s really hard to keep things in order with such a low budget, I’m saving up as much as I can with the seahorse’s food, for example and…”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Keep doing your best and it will pay off, I can guarantee.” “Okay, I guess…” he wanted to know more, what were your position here exactly, your name…
  • “Here you go, sir!” you patted his shoulder friendly and turned around.
  • He was impressed at how much you cared for this job and for the animals, if every employee was this hardworking, he would be more than happy to buy the place.
  • And he did, but you just got to know that when you went to his penthouse a couple of weeks later.


  • That was a weird mission, the thugs were getting more and more creative about places to do money laundering. An aquarium?
  • He wasn’t sure where to start looking, so he was just strolling around, looking for places he could infiltrate.
  • Then he saw this girl feeding the seals. Five of them all around you.
  • He couldn’t hold back a chuckle when he saw you doing this weird dance and the seals mimicking you.
  • You heard him chuckle and quickly turned around, looking straight at him and blushing. How… adorable!
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” “Oh… I’m… I’m from supervision, they sent me… to supervise?” WTF? He usually comes up with good stories, why couldn’t he lie properly staring at your curious face?
  • “So, uhm… about the seals. Are they getting the right treatment?” and you suddenly started talking about their feeding, their meds, even some biology jargons, it looked nothing like the girl who blushed before noticing she was being observed.
  • “Do you… like working here?” “Well, I… I’m a little worried about the new administration, but sure. I love this so much!” you eyes gleamed. Shit! Now he was the one blushing.
  • “About the new administration…” “I shouldn’t probably talk about this. Be careful on what you write on your report.” were you… worried for him? You didn’t even know him!
  • He knew he shouldn’t, but he really wanted to catch at least your name. Hell, now he was worried for you working for thugs! Was there nothing he could do to protect you?
  • Well, after the background check, he took the liberty to send your resumé to another aquarium, one with honest administrators. You didn’t remember sending any resumé to that place, so you knew it could only be his doing. Yes, even pushing you away like this at Rika’s apartment, you knew how much he cared about you…


  • He heard about the ice cream they were selling at this aquarium
  • But the restaurant there would open a little later, ugh… crap!
  • Well, since he’s here, why not take a look at what these children are making such a fuss about?
  • Then he sees you explaining to the kids about the starfishes and other animals at these interactive tanks.
  • “Be gentle, guys! Though it doesn’t show, they can feel everything!” he could see you were trying to be nice to the children, but you were more concerned about the animals.
  • “Yay! Now let’s take a look at the turtles?” they ran away from the tank.
  • “Why do they let animals like this for these brats to touch it?” “Well, it’s a… sensorial experience or… some bullshit like this.” Oh! Did you just swear? How feisty! “If you ask me, I think this is ridiculous and just stresses the animals, but… I don’t make the rules.”
  • “So why do you follow them?” “Well, isn’t it how society works?”
  • “What if there’s a place you don’t need to follow those rules?” “Well, this sound very utopic, but… I think it would be nice to me…and to the animals…”
  • Well, he couldn’t do much about the animals, but about you… did he just find his target to help him destroy RFA?
  • Yes, as he managed to hack into your phone, he knew! You were perfect to be taken to paradise!


  • He felt really inspired to take some pictures of this wonderful place with such wonderful creatures.
  • Well, he didn’t expect the most wondeful one to be a human.
  • He took pictures of this diver moving with the rays like they were all floating, it was amazing!
  • “My camera loves you… miss.” he took the initiative to talk to you when you came down, you looked puzzled, so he showed you the pictures.
  • “Oh, the rays are the fotogenic ones, actually.” “Yes, they move beautifully, it’s a shame I can’t really capture the whole movement of them.”
  • “Dude, are you kidding me? Look at this! You can feel the motion! It’s amazing! You’re… amazing!” and you blushed, he smiled softly, you were even more charming like this.
  • “Thank you, I’m just really lucky that sometimes I find just the right model.” “Oh yeah, the rays are great models!” he laughed, in addition to all of that, you were still funny? You were the amazing one here.
  • “You’re the guy they hired to take the promo pictures?” “Oh no, I’m just doing this for fun…” “So you’re a tourist?”
  • “I guess you can say that. Aren’t we all tourists when it comes to getting involved with these creatures?” “I don’t feel like a tourist around them.”
  • “Yes, you really look like one of them, look at this, it’s almost like a mermaid.” you blush furiously, and he grins, you’re definitely enchanting as a mermaid, at least.
  • He could talk to you all day if you let him, but then you got a call and ran without even saying goodbye. Well, maybe you two could meet up again one day? Who knows?
Les Mis Characters as Songs from Phineas and Ferb
  • (Idk why I did this but if you listen to the songs maybe it will make sense?)
  • Valjean: Chains on Me
  • Javert: Busted
  • Cosette: What'cha Doin'?
  • Marius: Gitchee Gitchee Goo
  • Eponine: Home on the Road
  • Montparnasse: Fabulous
  • Enjolras: There's a Platypus Controlling Me (no really, listen to this one)
  • Grantaire: Ain't Got Rhythm
  • Combeferre: Somebody Give Me a Grade
  • Courfeyrac: Squirrels in my Pants (idek)
  • Joly: Not Knowing Where You're Going
  • Bossuet: Give Up
  • Bahorel: Roller Coaster
  • Jehan: She's Got an Alien Heart
  • Feuilly: Carpe Diem
  • Gavroche: Come Home Perry

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I was really scared of getting in the fandom. I still am scared of being in the fandom. Not because it's bad, but because of all the wonderful things, and wonderful people being accepting and hardworking, and supporting BTS so much. And it doesnt make a lot of sense, right? It's because that I don't have the courage to call myself an ARMY because I feel like I haven't done enough, and yet I still laugh and cry and love them so much, but I'm probably not deserving of it. I love the community(1/2)

(2/2)I really do. But I’m scared of reaching out and coming up empty handed, or maybe just giving an impression that I’m a fake ARMY, or even barely any kind of ARMY. It’s really silly and I can’t exactly voice it properly, and seeing what I wrote doesn’t even make sense to me. It’s laughable and pathetic. And I’m sorry for wasting your time with something so insignificant, but I didn’t know who else to tell, or what to do. I want to do something, to just feel like I do belong? Sighs. I’m sorry.

Listen dear, you loving all members, respecting them and their music and be it streaming just a video or doing something similar once in awhile is enough to make you an amazing fan. Don’t compare yourself to the ones who buy them Gucci belts, penguins and stars. You are fine, you are enough and we are thankful to have you as an ARMY^^ 

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Three years ago I was dealing with a bout of depression. It was not unusual, I’ve had depression and anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. But this bout followed my thirtieth birthday. I was not upset about turning thirty. I did not think my life was over or that my youth was behind me. Rather, I was in the middle of an amazing year full of the freedom that came with stepping away from religious oppression, finding my own faith and defining what that meant to me, and coming off of a year of painful fertility drugs and the decision not to continue treatment. I’d honestly never felt better.

And yet … depression.

I got that apathetic kind of depression where nothing seems fun or exciting or even remotely attention grabbing enough to pull me out of bed. I was just … stuck. I was missing something. 

As I do when I’m in a depression, I binged watched things. On a random Saturday, I stumbled upon Deathly Hallows Part One playing on ABC Family, likely during one of their marathons. 

“God I forgot how much I fucking love these movies.”

I’d seen almost every one in theatre. He-Man had read the books religiously (and even worked at a book store during the release of the first few). I knew the general plot because he is utterly incapable of NOT sharing things with me when he’s reading. So when the movies came out, of course we went. He fumed and fumed in his seat over missing characters and twisted plotlines, and I laughed and laughed until some random kid behind me loudly whispered to his friend “That’s the one that dies at the end” when Cedric Diggory first appeared on screen. (Seriously. WTF, you little brat?)

Rather than read the books, I’d spent time playing on Pottermore and the wiki pages learning ingredients to potions and the etymology behind the spells. I loved the world that JKR created, but I suck when it comes to reading fiction. My attention span (especially in my twenties) was garbage. 

So in the last week of June 2014, I borrowed my mother-in-law’s DVDs of the movies and binged them all. I laughed, I cried, I FELT something for the first time in weeks. Emotions. Feeling. Life. Magic. 

“I want to read the books now. I need to read the books.”

So I read them. I read several chapters every night out loud while my husband played video games. I laughed when he cried. He laughed when I cried. I did voices, and we argued over exactly how pompous Lockhart should sound. I gasped during parts that were not in the movies. “Why is Molly being such a bitch to Sirius?” “Wait, who are all these other elves?” “Dumbledore’s a shit. I’m glad he’s dead!” “OMG Tonks. OMG Fred. OMG Remus. OMG I hate this so much.”

And I loved it.

I loved it so much. 

I felt like an addict waiting for my husband to get home each night so I could keep reading. I begged him, “Just two more chapters. I’m almost done with this book!” even as I LITERALLY lost my voice in the middle of Deathly Hallows. 

Then, like magic, I remembered that the story didn’t have to end. I’d been RPing written stories with friends for two decades, and I’d stumbled into fanfiction from time to time. So I knew what sites to go to.

I read epilogue continuations first. I wanted to know what happened after. Then I thought, “I wonder what if …?” And I fell head first into the deep end of Dramione, Marauders, and a crap ton of Marriage Law and Time-Turner fics.

“I have an idea. I want to be apart of this. I think I have a story in me.”

And three years later, I have a life. A hobby. A PASSION. I’ve made amazing friends, rebuilt a really fucked up self esteem and sense of pride, learned a lot about grammar and story structure, and helped to add building blocks to a fandom that saved me. 

I can’t believe it’s been three years.

Thank you all, for some of the best three years of my life.

♥♥♥ Shaya ♥♥♥

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Idea: Altean! Prince Lance with his sister Allura. Lance wakes up feeling terrible and Luke's everywhere, and his Galra bodyguard/boyfriend Keith is like ???? But they have a visitor coming so Lance has to get up while he's getting ready he likes and faints and hits his head? And Keith finds him and is like o shit. Sorry if I don't make sense I'm high off paracetamol lmao

oh my gosh, I freaking love this so much. I would LOVE to see it as a fic. 


  • Lance is getting ready and Keith is waiting outside his door for him to get dressed so he can accompany him on all the morning errands Lance has to run before the visitors arrive
  • The visitors are really… particular about how they believe royalty should act, and they especially frown upon the Galra. They know that Prince Lance has a Galra bodyguard and have decided that they think it’s okay, but they don’t and can’t know that he’s close with him. 
  • So Keith is waiting and he’s like “Lance did you just go back to sleep??? Get up you lazy ass” and he goes in but Lance isn’t in his bed sleeping
  • Keith looks around and finds Lance in the bathroom, throwing up and looking super weak, sweaty, and pale
  • Keith is like “omg okay I’ll go get Allura and tell her she needs to handle the meeting on her own” but Lance is like “it’s fine, I probably just had too much wine last night when we were celebrating the new peace treaty (which is why the visitors are so important–they’re coming to sign the treaty and if Lance screws it up, then they lose an ally and could even go to war)
  • Keith is like “oh, okay then” because that does make sense–Lance had had a few the night before
  • Keith gets Lance some things for hangover and Lance says it helped even though he still looks queasy and shaky
  • So the time comes for the meeting and Keith is dressing Lance in his super formal robes and notices the fever just pouring off him, and tells him he really needs to skip the meeting, but Lance can’t, because canceling now would be seen as rude and disrespectful and could set the visitors off, so he’s just gonna deal with it
  • So Lance and Allura are going down the stairs to the banquet hall and Keith and the other guards are waiting at the bottom of the stairs and suddenly Lance starts to stumble and finally falls
  • Keith yelps and calls out Lance’s name, running to his side, and the visitors are appalled  by this guard’s lack of using Lance’s first name only, and they pry him away and Lance starts to get really upset because keef no come back
  • Allura smooths everything over with the visitors while the guards take Lance back to his room, but for appearances, they have to send Keith to the dungeons until the prisoners leave and act like he’s being punished
  • Lance hears someone talking about Keith being in the dungeons and he’s like “oh HELL no” and he sneaks out of his room to go break Keith out of jail
  • He’s outside the cell, barely conscious, burning up, v upset that Keith is being punished because of him, and even though Keith is trying to explain that it’s fine, that it’s temporary, that it’s fake–Lance just wants to get him out. But he passes out right at the doors of the cell, keys too far away for Keith to reach and unlock the door to help, so all he can do is reach through and stroke Lance’s hair until help arrives
  • The visitors want to come see the prisoner, and when they and Allura get there, they find Lance collapsed and Keith still petting him, and Keith is like “he’s just really kind and very sick, he’s not in his right mind; he felt bad that I was punished for trying to help but please don’t be mad at him” and the visitors are like “…fine. But to prove that there’s nothing going on between you two, I want Princess Allura to banish the guard” 
  • Allura is like “okay” and she pretends to, but Lance regains a bit of consciousness and starts to fight it, saying he loves him
  • It’s the first time he’s ever said that to Keith and the first time anyone has ever said that to Keith and even though everything is terrible and it’s a horrible time, Keith can’t help but say it back
  • And Allura is like “y’all are killin me” but explains to the visitors that Keith is a v good boy and that he and the Prince are courting, and the visitors are like disgusted but eventually just like “fuck it. We’ll sign the treaty anyway because we don’t want to fight your army and the Galra army.” and the day is saved thanks to Allura and no thanks to the Idiot Boyfriends
  • Keith gets out of prison and nurses Lance back to health

Oh my fucking god sorry this got out of control

the thing about the cw is that jtv and cxg aren’t flukes - the cw very specifically sought to carve out a niche of subversive, innovative, hyper-dynamic, woman-centric programming. crazy ex-girlfriend isn’t a great show that somehow landed in the cw’s lap, it’s a show that likely would’ve never made it on the air without the cw’s choice to pursue this niche (which was fueled in the first place by the critical success of jane the virgin) and crazy ex-girlfriend, the lowest rated show of the season in its first year on air, would have definitely never gotten a second season on any other channel. and i don’t know - i appreciate the boldness that the cw has shown with both of these programs and it’s a huge shame that this level of boldness hasn’t been rewarded with high ratings and even a bigger shame that these shows are being lost in the lurch of the rest of the cw’s programming. 

so like, i don’t know! i have a lot of mixed feelings about the cw as a network since it’s gifted me with my favorite programs. maybe the existence of crazy ex-girlfriend and jane the virgin make the cw’s failures as a channel worse - the cw can pridefully boast about gina rodriguez and jtv’s latina representation while simultaneously okaying supergirl’s choice to cast a white italian actress as a character written to be latina. the cw seems to be all about the appearance of diversity, boasting moderately diverse casts and focusing advertising on wlw content, but it doesn’t seem to care whether or not shows end up actually treating their character of color and lgbt characters with respect - if rachel bloom and aline brosh mckenna want to write a filipino love interest and a bisexual anthem, that’s great! if jason rothenberg wants to continuously brutalize characters of color and kill off the lesbian, well, that’s fine too! the cw seems to know that ~representation~ is important to its viewers but also seems pretty indifferent to the quality of that representation. 

i think the cw very much needs to know that it’s blatant racism and homophobia isn’t okay and isn’t going to fly with viewers, but on the flip side, i DO wish that the things that the cw is doing right (mainly with jtv and cxg) was getting due praise from a larger audience. audiences angry after being wronged by shows like supernatural, supergirl and the 100 treat the cw as a monolith of offensive and irredeemable content and by swearing of the cw as a whole, the good content is swept up in the bad content and treated as the same - i.e. “the cw is racist, so i’m going to refuse to watch any more of its programming, including its show with a latina protagonist,” which…doesn’t really make sense. so that’s my hot take on the cw. some of it is good and some of it is bad. and on top of calling out the bad content, supporting the good content is a good way to guide the cw in the right direction.

my aesthetic:

barba and sonny sitting on a hill, watching the sun set. sonny tucks a wildflower behind barba’s ear. the wind is blowing.

the light grows dim and the stars begin shining weakly. sonny points out constellations to barba, holding his hand, laying in the grass.

everything is quiet, just crickets and sonny’s voice. barba loves listening to him ramble on, and eventually he catches the detective’s gaze. he stops talking for a second and they just listen to the crickets as they watch the last streaks of pink fade from the sky.

sonny’s trying to learn the ukelele because barba is so musical and he plays this lil tune he learned to surprise his boyfriend. he’s kinda nodding his head to the music, immersed in thought and concentration. rafael is sitting right in front of sonny now, watching him play.

he finishes his song and looks up from the ukelele about to ask if he did okay but barba just tackles him back into the grass and kisses him