i don't really like to stand out in a crowd

Dean fucking hates the dentist. He knows it’s a cliché and (as his brother just loves to point out) he might not need to go as often if he didn’t eat quite so much pie but man, the whole place just gives him the creeps. So he’s really not in the mood, sitting in the dentist waiting room one sunny Thursday, to also have to deal with the most ridiculously hot guy he’s ever seen.

No seriously, think Dr Sexy but with a better face and better hair and better basically everything. He’s not even wearing cowboy boots and he still makes Dr Sexy look like some kind of amateur. Shit, now Dean’s thinking about Hot Guy in cowboy boots. Really not what he needs right now.

Dean coughs and shifts as subtly as he can in his seat. He closes his eyes briefly and takes a breath. When he finally looks up again, for a split second he thinks he sees a pair of bright blue eyes looking back at him. But then he blinks, and they’re gone. Dean might have even believed he’d imagined it, despite being pretty sure he doesn’t have the imagination for that colour blue, if it weren’t for the sudden dusting of pink along the man’s cheeks.

He’s doing a crossword, or at least that’s what Dean assumes he’s doing. He’s staring intently at the paper in his hands, an adorable little frown between his eyebrows and Dean’s trying really hard not to look but he’s pretty sure he keeps seeing flashes of blue in his periphery.

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The Signs Doing Karaoke
  • Aries: Sings at the top of their lungs; substitutes words when they don't know the lyrics
  • Taurus: Gets really nervous and self-conscious; ends up throwing up on the karaoke machine and ending karaoke night for everyone
  • Gemini: Starts spitting bars out of nowhere, trying to promo their rapping skills
  • Cancer: Mouths the words because they're really nervous
  • Leo: Singing like a superstar; comments afterward that "I should really be famous. I'd make a good celebrity."
  • Virgo: Forced to clean up Taurus's mess out of guilt and disgust
  • Libra: Decides that it's not fair to the rest of the crowd that karaoke night ended in disaster, so they entertain people by improvising and doing stand-up comedy
  • Scorpio: In the background, mumbling a bunch of curse words that are not in the song
  • Sagittarius: Signs everyone but themselves up to do karaoke together; sits back and laughs the entire time
  • Capricorn: Does background dancing and thinks of ways to kill Sagittarius for embarrassing them
  • Aquarius: Singing about unicorns and butterflies, when the song is about a breakup
  • Pisces: Holds Cancer's hand and tries to get them to loosen up while they sing angelically
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10354) People say I'm being pessimistic when I say I don't wanna transition if I wouldn't pass.

But really, I feel it’d do more harm than good. I’m not a person who likes standing out in crowds, nor am I good at dealing with it when people make jabs at me. If I stay in the middle area where I’m half male half female looking, that’s what will happen, and I don’t think I can emotionally handle that. I want to transition more than life itself but I’m not sure if I have it in me.

Important Lessons I've Learned from Signs in my Life
  • Aries: Sometimes your rage and emotions boil violently for a reason. Vent, find help, go to someone who will listen. It's your life- keep it happy and healthy!
  • Taurus: Get things done that you never knew you could. Everyone has a chance to blossom! Get what needs to be done first, and you'll soon find yourself having time for everything else~
  • Gemini: Cruelty sometimes takes walks with Justice. They often separate, and mostly that's good. But sometimes, people see the Cruelty's ghost, and will avoid justice. Learn to balance. Learn to speak.
  • Cancer: What you give to people is theirs to treasure, so keep a guest book. Remember those who have been important to you. Let them be involved, and never let go of them. Treasure them, spoil them, and give them your all. Not everyone is a boomerang, hold on tight to what you have when you have it.
  • Leo: Present to the world your best. Lying is not living, and if you give all you've got, you can be trustworthy and loyal.
  • Virgo: Perfection isn't possible, but you can damn well try. Make the absolute best of what you have, and absorb the honest you- the best you.
  • Libra: Presentation is important, as is status. Be sure to make the world see the you that you want the world to see. Confidence is your best accessory yet~
  • Scorpio: Sometimes "I love you" isn't always presented the way most would expect. Don't let people touch your soft spots, but ease them into comfort zone. You'd be surprised how much someone actually cares.
  • Sagittarius: Freedom is important, but so are jokes. Be who you are, not how you're stenciled. But be sure to laugh at yourself! Be the Laughing Cow- "Have you laughed today?"
  • Capricorn: Even simpletons can be emperors. Pillow forts can be skyscrapers. Continue on a smooth path, and never loose sight of your desired path, you'll end up somewhere great doing what you love.
  • Aquarius: Winds change- don't be startled. Change isn't always bad, even if it may seem like that at first. Go with the flow, but stand out from the crowd.
  • Pisces: Reality can be really tough- but that doesn't mean you have to be. Be kind and sweet, but guarded and planted.