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Hi ! Love your blog! I have a question... in your opinion, if a foreigner (me) were in Japan / Kyoto, and went into a fancy shop such as Kintakedo wanting to buy a nice hairpin, and wear it, would that be okay? Would it be seen as cultural appropriation in a bad way? Or like an intruding tourist? Same with Obi or Yukata, to wear casually/ incorrectly in their home country. Would it seem rude? I'm wondering because I don't want to seem rude and like I'm just looking for souvenirs... thanks

Of course that’s okay! The issue of “cultural appropriation” is something that is very American-centric and tries to blanket any use of culture by someone else as “appropriation”. If you think you’re “appropriating” then ask yourself this: Am I doing this respectfully or am I just picking and choosing what I want without a care to how something should really function? Kanzashi isn’t just limited to Japan and, since they’re hair ornaments, wearing one in your hair is the appropriate way to wear it. The same is with kimono; if you learn how to wear it properly and with respect for the makers of the piece and traditions on how to wear it then you’re not appropriating. The kanzashi makers like those at Kintakedo see tourists all the time and are very happy when their craft can be appreciated by people around the world. For kimono and obi a yukata is very informal and it’s not a big issue to make mistakes. Since most Japanese people don’t even know how to wear a kimono properly they are very surprised (in a good way) when someone who is not Japanese can put one on by themselves. Most Japanese people will actually help you if you don’t know how to wear kimono and are very open to teaching anyone how to wear one properly, mostly because “cultural appropriation” doesn’t exist outside of America and they enjoy it when people can appreciate their traditions and customs.

For some excellent videos from a Japanese perspective on wearing kimono I recommend the following:

Can Foreigners Wear Kimono? (Japanese Opinion Interview)

Can Foreigners wear Kimono? ボストン美術館・着物イベントに批判で中止?

(Also, Googling “Can foreigners wear kimono?” will give you the exact same results as those videos)

What would be considered “appropriation” is sticking chopsticks in your hair, slathering on some white make-up, and calling yourself a geisha. First of all, chopsticks are for eating and do not belong in your hair (that’s just gross and unsanitary). Secondly, the white make-up only becomes an issue when you don’t know how or why it’s worn (which most people don’t). Thirdly, it takes years of training to be able to call yourself a geisha, so having some ignorant idiot call themselves one, either at a Halloween party or something, is incredibly disrespectful to the hard work and dedication that it takes to truly become a geisha. It would be the equivalent of putting a stethoscope around my neck and calling myself a doctor.  

tl;dr: Cultural appropriation is an American word that most people don’t understand because they’ve never bothered to open up a dictionary. If you do something with respect then you are not “appropriating”. Most Japanese people are very happy when foreigners show an interest in kimono and other traditional aspects of culture and are more than happy to help you out if you want to learn more.

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Could you do which holidays the style five boys favor and how they celebrate? I love your blog! It's super great, I hope you don't get too overwhelmed though.

(oh, thank you! to be honest it does get a little bit overwhelming sometimes, but i’ll make it through!)

Makoto: He actually really enjoys the local festivals (matsuri) that usually take place in the summer. He can wear a yukata, scoop for goldfish, buy his favorite snacks, and most importantly, go with his friends. He finds that every time he goes he makes more memories to look back on, and he cherishes them greatly by making it a point to go every year.

Haruka: Haru might seem like he wouldn’t like the Christmas season because the town is so bright, busy, and bustling, but it’s actually his favorite. He doesn’t like getting cold, but the snow is beautiful and he’d “celebrate” by making tiny little snowmen in his backyard and exchanging gifts with his friends. Plus it gives him an excuse to take more hot baths than usual and drink hot chocolate.

Nagisa: Not so surprisingly, Halloween is his favorite of all. The town fades to oranges and yellows, people dress up, and obviously, candy. Tons and tons of candy. He goes all out every year, dressing up, buying candy, and carving scary pumpkins to leave all over town to get everyone else in the mood too. He starts scolding anyone who doesn’t even do as much as dress up and eats tons of pumpkin pie.

Rei: Rei likes New Year’s the best. He finds it really refreshing to look back on his year and check things off his mental checklist for things he’s done and accomplished to get a sense of pride. He does nothing but look forward to what the new year will bring to him. He doesn’t exactly do too much to celebrate since he doesn’t drink or go to a lot of parties, but he’ll definitely go out with his friends to watch the fireworks with the brightest smile.

Rin: He isn’t too fond of fall, but he has to begrudgingly admit that Thanksgiving is a really important time to him. Because he lives in a dorm he spends a lot of time away from his family, so he always makes sure to go home for Thanksgiving to eat and talk the night away with his mother and sister. He feels closer with every visit and wouldn’t miss it for the world; he wants his family to know how much he cares and that’s how he shows it.

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Hi, I hate to bother you, but is there anyway you could explain Shiroba's outfit? I'd like to cosplay him, but he wears so many layers and there's so little official art of him, I don't know where to start.^^;;

SORRY FOR THIS MEGA LATE REPLY… I made a long detailed reply like a week and a half ago but my laptop shut off and I lost it all and got really mad but now I have my new laptop so yes now I can answer //sobs

hokay… So I had a lot of trouble figuring out Shiroba’s stupid outfit but the simplest way to explain it is that it’s a short yukata/robe under a cape that ties in the front and then has that poncho type thing over it.

Here’s a drawing my friend Ria did to help explain (the poncho thing goes over the cape but isn’t drawn here):

you can see the front where the cape ties in the official art which took me a while to understand because it looks like a part of the under yukata but nope haha:

and how I made it (ignore the messy room haha):

I know it’s kind of confusing but it makes sense once you draw it out and test it c:
Not sure if you need help with the arm/leg warmers and stuff but those have a lot of art in the game and tons of fanart that actually is pretty accurate (but if you need help on those let me know haha)

good luck!!