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bananastagramtumblrcom/post/163867836225/so-ive-been-doubting-being-a-larrie-the-last-few This is where Larries are really going to start to fall apart. The BL's have themselves created this fandom that is VERY performative and does rely on Louis' thanks and there being a prize at the end. So now not only is Louis dismissing them but more Larries are starting to say maybe there is no end date and I don't think that's going to sit well with the fandom at large who have been waiting for SOMETHING

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So I’ve been doubting being a larrie the last few days. I know when I started (early 2015) its bc things seemed to be moving somewhere/suggesting something could happen. Nothing ever did. Now it’s like “What are we waiting for exactly?”. They’re solo now so there’s no “Showing support at concerts so mgmt can see we will still accept a boy band if some are gay” anymore. H & L still dont act like normal buddies in public, so what’s the point? What are we aiming for? Aside from general fandom ofc.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization? at it’s very core it’s just a group of people who believe that louis and harry are in a long term committed relationship. there are no goals there. like…..it’s just a belief. you don’t have to work toward anything because we aren’t the ones that are in a relationship and i’m not totally sure where that idea came from. like it’s always just been about believing louis and harry are in love, there’s nothing to prove or to do except just? support them? and i don’t even mean verbally or on your blog like…just… in general. there’s no goal because it’s not our lives, it’s theirs. like you’re basically telling me that you’re doubting being a larrie because there’s nothing to do???? you support louis and harry in whatever capacity you feel comfortable that isn’t invasive to their actual lives and the people that they know. like….are you doubting louis and harry are in a relationship??? this ask confuses me tbh because like you’re basically saying “i don’t think i’m a larrie because i don’t see a point because i don’t believe there’s a tangible goal” which….there never has been tbh.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization?

Oh, did somebody tell Amy, bc she has all those shirts for you to buy…..  🤔

“It’s not a cult!” - said by everyone who’s ever been in a cult, ever.


mommysaver1971 said: Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence & form their OWN opinion. If someone doesn’t believe that is fine but just don’t come in our lane and bash us. Absolutely perfect response by bananstagram👏👏👏👏
mommysaver1971 said: &once again the misconception that Larries goal is 4 them 2come out. &once again u have completely twisted it saying that’s what we want. Cause no! If they come out one day great! If not that is their personal choice. Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy& support their careers.& perfect response to this anon.No one has 2believe in Larry & unlike the shit being spread that we are a cult or organization its not true.

directionereg said: @ydaegu if coming out is smt they want , we ll support them..If not , we ll still supporting them..No larrie ll get any benefit from Larry if they come out!!! we ll only be happy"4 their happiness" cuz we love them !! Its not a goal !!..we have a goal to make them on the top in their career field “music” in this case we ll get benefits cuz as fans our faves ll be the best in “music”,we ll hear their lovely songs,enjoy their interviews & concerts!As any other fan’s goal

So then why are so many of your fellow larries NOT watching any of the interviews, or going AWOL during promo for their mental health, or becoming very suddenly busy with real life and work?

If you can admit that supporting Larry is “in your heart” then what are you blogging about Freddie calling Brett dada for? What does that have to do with Larry? Why are you mocking Eleanor being present? If Larry can be supported off tumblr then what are you all doing on tumblr? Because it doesn’t look like you’re having FUN.

Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence

You just finished agreeing with the OP that there wasn’t a goal! LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy

Except that you’ve decided they aren’t happy because they aren’t performing their lives the way you wanted them to! You can’t accept they’re happy NOW, because you believe they can’t be free. If they were, then why are you complaining about ANY aspect of their promo or the things they’re saying at all? LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Anon asks a very good question. I wonder if they will find the answer satisfying.

Life With(out) You

Happy birthday (and happy new year in a couple of hours) to the only actual fairy I know @the-reason-to-sail-home. I have written you a fic, Tessa. Surprise! I told you it was sad that I was too busy to write something and I was really sad about it, so sad that I decided to ignore my business and wrote a fic for my #1 fan. Here’s a hurriedly written, fragmentary, probably crappy and unrealistic, way too long, one shot, inspired by the AU lyrics I wrote and you’re somehow turning into an actual song

Summary: He was Killian Jones. He was a rockstar. He was a dashing rapscallion. But after aggravating journalist Emma Swan, he was in trouble too. Now he needed to prevent her career threatening exposé about him from being printed. As he attempted to convince her, suddenly something changed. He became himself again.

~9000 words (someone should seriously control me)


He strummed down, the movement and eliciting a growing anticipation among the dark space. The notes quivered through the room and the crowd became silent. Their ears listened to every sound, their eyes followed his every movement. The spot turned brighter and there was a slight yelping as he stepped into the light. The bass surged, the drums joined.

“We love you, Killian!” A woman’s voice yelled.

“And I love you too,” he said as seductively as possible, wrapping his accent over every syllable and causing more shrieking.

Start with a more famous single to hook them, then play some lesser known songs to please the seasoned fans, perform a medley of old material, follow it by a recent song and another one. Talk about the opening act and how great they were even though nobody actually cared. Small break to make them even more desperate for that one song and then surprise everyone by returning.

The sweat trickled down his forehead, he took a sip of water to shower his dry throat before reading the next scheduled song off the setlist and starting a new melody.

He kept the interludes to a minimum, choosing music over talking, but his audience didn’t seem bothered by that. A pause to let them sing the words they clearly knew by heart and then he took over again. One hour and forty minutes flew by, entranced by the music and clapping.

“This has been my favorite concert ever,” his voice spread through the arena as he told the generic lie he used in every venue, every city he performed. Going by the screaming and applause that followed, they bought it yet again. “Hope to see you soon and don’t forget to buy my album ‘Crash’”

It was time for the bang.

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Actual question about being a writer this time. I always appreciate all the great answers I've been given already and learning everyone's different opinions on the matter. I would like yours too. How do I fight self doubt so I don't hate my non-existing mistakes before I even start? What I do when I procrastinate is what I should be doing as a career. I have all this unemployment free time to procrastinate & not write. Still not convinced either direction what writing is to me, chore or choice.

Writing, I’ve found, is something that some people have and some people don’t. There are a certain type of people who can be creative on command. They can channel their whole selves into this endeavor, working long and hard to get themselves to a point of actualization: a finished product.

It comes easy to some people. It comes easy to me, and I thank god every day I do not have all of these pent-up creative energies. That I can expel them onto a page when I need to, that I don’t sit in front a computer and stare at a blank page for hours, unsure of how to start.

Fighting against self-doubt is really hard, I’ll give you that. I’ve found that the best way to do it is to write through it, to read through it. Work on reading books that are long and difficult when you’re having writer’s block. Work on understanding the words you absorb from a page. Work on craft, do short pieces to inspire long ones. Read prompts, listen to podcasts, pay attention to craft. Craft is the most important part of writing, and everyone crafts differently.

Careers are many fold: you can do what I do, and have a full time career at a fortune 500 company and write in your free time/on your breaks/whenever the mood strikes you, or you can try and make writing a career.  Until you know you can do it, I don’t advise doing this. Hell, I don’t even do this myself, though this is the first year where I actually feel as though I’ve earned money while writing. 

You start the same way you end. You think of something resolute.

With a resolution, you can progress past something, or start something new. 

If you’re looking for advice as to how to get into screenwriting, I’d say write yourself some spec episodes (basically fanfic! Only in episode form), get yourself a feature outline or two, sketch out some web series plots.  If you want to write original stuff, why not look at character creation? Roleplay is a great way to get into original creative writing. 

Start writing. Just… start. do 500 words a day. That’s a page in MS Word size 11 font. Do that. Then do two pages. Then three, then four. I think my personal record is about 8000 words, which is about 16 pages.Try and beat me. :)

Procrastination is something I can’t help you with, I do it to. I’ve found that lists really help. If I have a list, I find I like to cross things off of it, which makes me feel accomplished and ready to move on to the next thing.

And, of course, get yourself a best friend to read everything you write while you read everything they write. Mutual exchange is amazing and helps you both grow as writers.