i don't really like the coloring

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as a graduated graphic designer, can you give us a critique on niall's new logo?

Listen… I love it! It’s timeless like I can see this logo 50 years in the past and 50 years in the future. It’s minimalistic which is always nice and it’s easy to figure out what the letters are. It works with just one color which is KEY to a good logo. You can make this really small and still read it perfectly. Not sure if it was intentional, but the little added “blobs” on the ends kind of look like music notes which is fitting, obviously. The four cuts through the letters and the circle give it something different and not like it’s one element. I can see this logo on his merch and I’d happily buy some without feeling embarrassed to wear it in public.


“I don’t give a damn about your powers.
They’re not what made you an agent.

I did.

i didn’t get much done today bc i’m pretty worn out but this sketch turned out ok. i get fucked up constantly by the idea of jonathan being a good father figure that giorno never had


“Sometimes the world’s greatest miracles happen by accident.”


Thought this bit from ‘The Little Engine That Couldn’t’ was pretty cute. :) 

- Marianne

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

hey so why are sapphires pretty much nobility but rubies are cheap disposable foot soldiers when they’re the Same Damn Stone

It only took a million years (read, almost 2 months) but here is my coloring for @aquafeles Galra!Keith and Altean!Lance in their Fantasy AU! I learned so many things while coloring this… and I’m pretty proud of it. (I know I’m going to look back at this in 4 months and be like “my coloring was trash” but bah) Thank you again aquafeles for letting me color your awesome picture!! 


Well I’ve fallen in love with @lightingupthereef’s design for Zora Link!
(Also I’m sorry I didn’t ask you if I could draw him… I hope it’s okay that I did! :( )

Also lightingupthereef, I love your art!