i don't really like my friends


I had three seasons of BBC Sherlock on my laptop since friend told me it’s cool and really worth checking out. Now, after I think 2 years I finally watched it and omg she was right xD


VeggieBants TM. He loves the kid really…  (probably…?)

Goten is always there though? This is even funnier when you remember Mount Paozu and Capsule Corp are on opposite sides of the planet. The kid has transcended his circadian rhythm. He’s gonna be a beast come finals week in college. There’ll be legends echoing through the ages of the all-nighter kid who didn’t need caffeine and could sleep on command like a study god

friend: *sends link to something related to 1D*
me: *opens link*
me internally: i hope you don’t think you’re doing me some kind of justice sending me this link - like it’s cute of you to think i’m unaware but what i’m reading i knew about days ago and it’s 100% fabricated and i’d explain why you shouldn’t read into this at all but i just cannot be bothered cause it’s literally 4 years of nonsense that’ll make me sound crazy and too emotional and you are certainly not ready for that so i’m gonna just
me: *replies* lol i know right?

People be like:



And I be over here like….

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i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open

I’m crying, Pharah moved her spray around like 6 times so that it was perfectly positioned on Mercy’s face

I did a self-indulgent charm print with a bunch of people a while ago of Klaus and Raeger from Story of Seasons since they were my two fav bachelors there, but I ended up having a few leftover so

I’m hoping to sell the leftovers off here! Since it was a self-indulgent print there won’t be anymore printed once I’ve sold them off, and I don’t have many haha. I only have 5 of each right now!

These are 2 inch double sided acrylic charms, and I’m selling them for $8 USD + shipping on my sister’s etsy store!

Here are the store links in case you are interested:

Klaus: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/489914696/story-of-seasonsharvest-moon-klaus

Raeger: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/503406629/story-of-seasonsharvest-moon-raeger

Thanks everyone!


Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc | 05/?? Random Gifs.

I had a few years of experience in roleplaying forums, but when my friends invited me to play Pathfinder, it was my first time with a tabletop. I didn’t really know what to expect so between the things I brought was a drawing of my sorcerer character.

GM: Okay, you’re all in a pub and [Sorcerer] walks in and approaches you.

Me: They look like travelers so I ask about their journey.

E: I roll perception.

GM: Perception doesn’t check intentions.

E: *Rolls anyway*

GM: *Holds up the drawing* You see this.


So now that I’m sitting on a train on my way back to school, no longer wearing gloves and able to type I’d like to share about my highlight of the day which involved a 15-ish (probably) year old boy running up to me as I sat down on the stairs near the food court lean down and yell “D.VA ID LIKE YOU TO TAKE THIS OFFERING”, throw a bag of Doritos in my lap and then run off before I could say anything back

A close runner up involved a man handing out flyers for a sbarro yell “D.VA MY WIFE WOULD YOU LIKE 10% OFF YOUR PIZZA”


Finally managed to work past my art block (kinda)!

Jedi! Shmi is dedicated to the magnificent @mirandatam. I hope this helps out with your writer’s block, friendo. (I also hope this shade of green is okay. If not, lemme know and I’ll alter it a bit <3)

(And pssst, other peeps. Mira has a Jedi Shmi AU that is pretty damn popular. Take a looksie. I definitely gotta read it myself soon!)

Imagine your OTP were best friends before they started dating, and still are. One day someone asks Person A who their best friend is and they add “You can’t say Person B” and Person A is stuck for an answer because Person B really is still their best friend.

  • someone: are you excited for this night out??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for college??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for anything??
  • me: more nervous than exci

In my opinion, Spring Day is to show fans how much Bangtan really does love each other. While it looks like the members are alone in one shot, they really aren’t because the other boys come into frame. It looks like the boys are just reminiscing about the past and can’t wait to see each other again so they can have more fun together. “You know it all, you’re my best friend, the morning will come again.” 

The message is sort of like, whenever you feel alone, remember that you never are. Your friends, family, Bangtan will always be there waiting for you. You never walk alone.