i don't really like it like this

I just really want them to be happy. 


Getting your skills as Widowmaker complimented for once instead of being accused of aimbotting

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i have a unique slime ranching problem that isn't really a problem in that i have unlimited food. i don't know what to do with it all. i've built many silos. they're all full. the auto feeders in all my corrals are full. you can't see the floors in any of the corrals, they're all 100% food. i could feed all the wild slimes in the game for months, i have so much food. infinite food. help me.

I know a guy who can help you with that *calls in dumptruck of 400 pink slimes*


ayyee made an oc for rick and morty woo!

yeah its kind of bad I know but its a work in progress

so backstory time so this is Laya she’s an alien her home planet is planet C-ss5

she’s over 1,000 years old

so here’s what happened so rick and morty were looking for a rare gem to power one of ricks inventions and that gem was located on Laya’s planet one catch the gem on her neck is her soul so if you took it away or broke it she will die

anyway rick tries to take the gem but ends up getting caught and was sent to a trial on the planet to seal his fate, during this time Laya had fallen for rick and saw pity on Rick and let him go but she wanted to tag along see what he was going to use the gem for as well as see some other dimensions and have great adventures along the way

she sis a sweet girl who has a bubbly personality is curious about everything she also wants to help on adventures and help rick quit drinking she loves video games violent ones and spicy foods she doesn’t drink but she does smoke

I hope you don’t get too mad at me for this oc I’m just having fun with this one

also first time drawling rick woooo!!!


New dice new dice new dice

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so one amethyst and 500 peridots. how many lapis?

How many Lapis I am friends with?

Shit like… 2? 3 maybe?

Idk Lapis in general seem to not like me or don’t start conversations with me or something like that?

UPDATE: shit no forget it the answer is easy I always get shy around Lapis and make a fool of myself how could I delete that crucial part

the dash: *fandom drama i completely missed and have zero context for*

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"why me" for a daniel x reader? unless you don't write for daniel, then i'm okay with it being a older max x reader.

Hey, so, um. I’ve not written for Daniel at all. His character makes me generally uncomfortable. However, after reading this, I was struck by a pretty intense idea. I do warn you, this isn’t romantic. In the slightest, so turn away now if that’s what you wanted. It’s way darker than I think I’ve ever written anything before.

Triggers: Cursing, cult themes, violence, suggested murder

Y/N had felt off about Daniel the moment David had introduced him to them. His large smile, which at first felt comfortingly like David’s, just seemed a bit more forced with a bit of time.

It was as if he was gritting his teeth instead of smiling, teeth like barbed wire to the keep the people he trapped inside.

Y/N had never tried to stereotype people before though, so they ignored the shiver that went down their spine as they shook his hand, smiling right back and even offering to help him unpack.


Y/N frowned as Max very aggressively tried to get them to speak some sense into David.

“Y/N, please, I’ve literally never asked you for fucking anything. We’ve got a good thing going, but you’ve got to see just as much as I that Daniel is not normal! He’s a cult leader! Just look at the other kids!”

Y/N was… But they all seemed perfectly fine. Better than fine, actually. Y/N had never seemed to recall a time that they had worked together so well. They were setting up for some type of little event. They all seemed to follow Daniel and do whatever he wanted.

If David wasn’t concerned, why should they be?

“Max, I have to agree with David here, I think you just need to give Daniel a chance. You can’t just accuse him of being a cult leader because you don’t like him. That’s-”

“A very close-minded way of thinking, Maxie!”

Y/N jumped about a foot in the air, their heart pounding in shock. They hadn’t even heard Daniel approach, let alone realize that he was close enough to be listening to their conversation with the kids.

“You know, it’s really is rude to talk about people behind their back, you could hurt someone’s feelings!” With that, he leaned down a bit, his neck cracking to the side as he spoke down to the child. “You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Max threw up his hands in exasperation, “I don’t care if I hurt your feelings, asshole!” With that, he turned to Y/N. “It’s obvious you’re no help to me! Don’t come crying to me when you’re murdered!”

Y/N frowned, reaching for the boy, but he quickly rushed past. Their outstretched hand quickly snatched by Daniel, who gave them a freakish grin.

Y/N felt sickened for more reason than one, but they couldn’t place why their stomach churned. Maybe it was the smell of bleach coming from his super starched clothing, the scent mixing dangerously with something sickeningly sweet that they couldn’t quite place.

“You know… Y/N,” Daniel spoke softly, the other feeling cold sweat break out on the back of their neck as he said their name. “I really appreciate you sticking up for me like that. It’s sweet. These kids… They don’t even realize the hard work that goes into running a camp… That Max is so ungrateful, everyone else is so happy. Don’t you think?”

Just as he finished speaking, the children stopped working, their eyes turning to the pair and smiles on their faces. “Don’t you?”

Y/N felt their blood run cold, tugging their arm away from the man and giving a nervous chuckle as they turned and took off in the direction of the counselor cabin. Max was right, this guy couldn’t be trusted.


They burst through the door, gasping for air as David rose from his desk, concern on his face.

“Y/N! What’s wrong?!” They made their way over to him and shook their head frantically.

“David, please. It’s Daniel, he can’t be trusted with the kids! We have to-”

“Now, Y/N!” David started firmly, “I expected better from you! Have you been speaking to Max? Daniel is a great counselor, he’s taken to the kids very well!”

Y/N let out a distraught sound, tears pooling in their eyes, cutting David off as he quickly tried to comfort them as he realized just how terrified they were.

“No, no, David! It’s not right! I can’t explain it, but he can’t be trusted, we have to go right now! Before any of the kids gets hurt!”

David nodded numbly, never having seen Y/N freak out so much. “Yeah, yeah. Okay.”

He started leading them to the door, “We can talk to him right now, okay? It’ll be okay, we jus-”

As he opened the door, he was caught by a branch to the face, Y/N falling back with a loud cry of shock as David slumped to the floor. Max standing in the doorway, pupils blown wide and a chilling smile on his lips.

“Max… Max, why did you-”

“Because, I told him too of course,” Daniel said, smiling as he came into the picture. Max turning to him.

“I love you, Daniel.”

Y/N felt tears of panic and regret well in their eyes. They should have listened, they should have believed Max the moment he told them something was wrong. It was all their fault, it was all their fault, and now Max was messed up, David was knocked out, and all the other kids were at the mercy of this Camp Creep.

“Of course you do, Maxwell. Now, can you run along and help the others finish setting up the party? You’ll all reach ascension soon… Looks like David will be joining you soon.”

As he spoke, he stepped over David, nodding down towards him, Nurf quickly moving in and heaving up the man, intent fully on bringing him to the sauna for some much-needed cleansing.

Daniel’s movements didn’t stop there, him continuing to approach Y/N who quickly began scrambling backward at his calm movements.

“No, don’t! Stay back!” They managed to get to their feet, a moment too late as Daniel quickly had a hand around one of their arms, tossing them right back to the floor.

“Oh, come now, Y/N! Don’t you wanna reach ascension? I’m just trying to help you!”

Y/N peered up at him, tears streaming down their face as the chokes down a sob. “Why me?

Daniel smirked down at them, pulling out his knife and twirling it in his hands. “It’s all in a day’s work. You just couldn’t be trusted… Besides, things are much more fun this way.”

With that last word, he was upon them in a flash, his knife catching a glint of light in the moment before he plunged it downwards.

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Oku reacting to his s/o, who is a very sweet and harmless person, straight up decking someone in the face for harassing them?

I hope these are okay!

  • Okuyasu’s never seen his s/o hit someone; hell, he can’t even remember the last time his s/o was actually mad at anyone, they’re just super sweet and kind. If either of them was going to be getting into a fight, it was almost definitely going to be him- he was already pretty confrontational, but he knows that people might try to walk all over his s/o because they’re so quiet, so his aggressiveness doubled.
  • Admittedly, he’s kind of hot-tempered and doesn’t think things through, but he’s been trying to tone it down when he’s around his s/o- but even someone as dense as him is well aware of what’s going on when he returns to the park bench his s/o’d been sitting on and there’s some other guy in his seat. He’s leaning all over Okuyasu’s s/o, chattering on about one thing or another and clearly making them uncomfortable. If this ice cream wasn’t his s/o’s absolute favorite flavor, he’d drop it and start a fight right here-
  • He was on the verge of just handing the ice cream to a stranger, but before he could find anyone, his s/o stands up quickly, bringing the heel of their hand straight into this other guy’s jaw and sending his head snapping backwards. The man’s quick to scramble out of his seat at that, rubbing his jaw and trying to apologize and back away, but Okuyasu’s s/o won’t have it- they’re quick to follow, stomping after the guy hard enough to scare him, but just slow enough that he can actually get away. In the end, they don’t really want a fight, they just want to be left alone.
  • Okuyasu’s tempted to chase the man, but at this point he’s already down the street, and his s/o’s noticed their boyfriend and come over to take their ice cream before it melts. He’s astonished that they can just stroll over so casually. “Babe, since when can you hit like that? Any harder’n he woulda lost some teeth-“ His s/o just laughs a bit and changes the subject. From then on, Okuyasu’s a lot less tense about leaving their side, because he knows they can take care of themselves, even if they don’t look like it.