i don't really like amanda

Imagine a Stranger Things AU

Todd Brotzman, music nerd who cries a lot. Bullied at school, doesn’t have a lot of friends. He does have a select few, though. Primarily, his sister, Amanda, fellow nerd who may be going down the punk route, farah black, the appointed practical one, slight nervous tendencies, and ken, technology nerd, drags his friends into the av club. All 12 or 13-ish.

But one day, in their little Midwest town, 1983, an event occurs. Amanda Brotzman doesn’t make it home. She was just biking back, a bit after dark, she’s done it a thousand times, right? Down through the woods, stay on the road. Check and check.

But no. She has disappeared. Missing. Bike found abandoned, things are looking bleak. So of course, Todd, farah and ken lead an expedition into the woods to find her. Todd wants his sister back. Farah and ken want their best friend back, especially Farah. But instead of finding Amanda, they stumble across a boy their age, strangely silent to start with, and even stranger, a number tattooed on his wrist. 11. Quiet at first, it turns out once he warms up to you he just won’t shut up. Todd likes him though. Not like that. Absolutely not like that. No. The fact that he’s smart and interesting and pretty and apparently can move things with his fucking mind doesn’t have anything to do with it. He tells them that he’s known as eleven, but had adopted the name dirk, and likes it much better. Ken is amazed. Farah is suspicious. Todd thinks dirk can help. He’s obviously connected.

But then, as Todd is hiding dirk from his mother in the basement, the weird boy with superpowers points to a picture of Amanda. Who’s that? He asks. Todd tells him that’s his sister. Dirk looks worried. Does he know where she is? With his superpowers? Dirk goes silent.

“Your sister is in a lot of danger, Todd.”