i don't really like abstract

i’ve lost probably 30 followers cuz of all my CP spams and i’d like to say i’m sorry buuuuut  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i didn’t make it into the film/animation show for this semester, which like I know i shouldn’t care cause i wasn’t gonna go see it anyways, but like… it still really hurts to be told in a way that all my handwork was just average and not good enough…

i mean my school definitely has a bias towards abstract work, especially in animation…. but I dunno…. i really thought I would get in, and I like really need the validation that my work is good… but i guess not…

I can only hope it made it into the animation show thats at the school, because if I have to go work there and my piece isn’t in it I’m gonna be really really upset.

incidentally, I don’t believe in ‘perfect’ fusions. To my understanding, fusions are personifications of relationships and relationships are all wildly varied and unique and they vary from person to person. There’s no one way to have a good or stable relationship so I don’t think there’d be one way that a fusion has to look. The show revolves around a theme of that perfection doesn’t exist and that there’s more than one way to be, so I don’t feel like they’d have such a rigid definitive ‘perfect’ structure for one of the most abstract concepts in the show (fusions)

I do like the theory that different elements of a fusion may be reflective of the differences between the component Gems - separate eyes indicating a difference in perspective, separate arms being a difference in motivation/control. I’m not 100% on it but its an interesting concept and there’s stuff to work with there

But I don’t personally like the idea that the more humanoid a fusion, the more ‘perfect’ it is. I don’t think a fusion with only two arms is inherently better than one with four, nor a fusion with two eyes being better than one with four. While these can be indicative of serious problems in a relationship, sometimes you’re going to have an otherwise stable relationship where you don’t have the same exact perspective or motivations but it works in other ways. I just don’t think the ‘end goal’ of any of the fusions is to look exactly like a human (even Garnet has 3 eyes) but rather to be happy and find the balance between themselves. Because they’re personificiations of something so abstract and unique as the relationship between people, I feel it just cannot boil down to one "correct” relationship model. Or that it shouldn’t

But that’s just my perspective. I’m probably wrong but eh.

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But... You don't like fluff? :o at all? Or just sometimes you don't like it?

Well, I mean, “fluff” is really abstract, so some level or kind of fluff might be okay but others just annoy me. As long as they’re not just cuddling all the time and calling each other “loves” and doing all those cliche things like flowers restaurants and candy, then it should be fine. I just really don’t like that idealized traditional cliche version of romance, it’s just not for me… :) When I’m choosing some fanfiction to read, I’ll most likely go with angst + smut :) I’d say I don’t like domestic fics either, although I did enjoy Drarry Turn by Sara’s Girl SO. MUCH. and it’s sort of simple and domestic I suppose, but it’s kept realistic and not exaggerated so it wasn’t bad at all :)