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Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut
Word Count: 1,270

The game was over. The audience had already left and the stadium was empty and felt rather eerie. You weren’t the only girlfriend waiting but the rest had opted for going to the parking lot. You, however, felt uneasy about the game and couldn’t sit idly by the car.

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  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm not fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> I just finished rereading the secret endings and I'm really not fine, I honestly can't stop fucking crying and everything makes me feel so angry, why, why WHY do none of them know the truth yet? Some people still don't know the full story about Mint Eye and V and I hate it and I hate life and I just want the secrets to fucking stop holy fucking hell the relationship V and Rika had is so toxic and harmful and now V is dead and I don't know how the fuck this entire V route thing is going to work out but I hope we get it pretty damn soon, I'm so fucking salty. He deserves better than this, he deserves better than to have his death covered up as suicide, he deserves better than to have all of this fucking bullshit I'm so angry I can't breathe someone help.<p/></p>

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do you think he'll be mad if I do everything you said? I know he likes & wants me but i'm 17 so I don't want him to think of me as a child he has to teach everything to. i don't think people like that,right? he has a good idea that i'm innocent & sheltered but i'm scared he will be turned off if I tell him i've never had sex. Especially since he never mentioned starting off slow... Is it really that important that I tell him? I wish I was good at everything from the start :( it makes me feel bad

Honestly, this ask makes me so fucking angry. Why the fuck do you think I took the time to type all of that shit out for you. To waste my time? Also, in my experience you’re seventeen and he’s seventeen years older than you, he’s way too old for you. The only thing he wants from you is your innocence. He’s not interested in having anything with you, he just wants to fuck you because you’re seventeen.

  • me: can I not eat at the table it freaks me out
  • parents: no you have to have dinner with the family!
  • me: *panics at the table, gets really angry, starts crying*
  • parents: you make life so hard for us. We are just trying to do whats best for you because we love you.
  • me: (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
Random thought...

Not that I really want them to fight again, (yeah I kinda do so they can make up all sweet and stuff,) but anyway..

I kind of want to see a scene where Alec gets angry at Magnus for a change, switch that dynamic up a bit. Alec so far is generally always “in the wrong”… they have both been wrong in some ways but the show has never really played up the angry Alec dynamic yet….other than the yin fen fight but that was a fleeting moment.

I want there to be some balance there like, Alec is all “Magnus, I love you but I kind of don’t really like you right now….” you know a bit like the “what do you want from me?”
“At the moment, nothing” exchange, but the other way around.

I think it comes from my fic writing, I tend to gravitate to Alec as the “softer” one, always apologising and being mopey when I do the angst but really he has some pretty great snark hidden underneath and I want to see that come back again.

Anyway…. that’s just what I was musing about today….

Spiderman 3 (2007 Movie): Sentence Starters
  • "Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice."
  • "It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right."
  • "You gonna kill me like you killed my father?"
  • "No. He despised you. You were an embarrassment to him."
  • "You took him from me. He loved me."
  • "I'm done trying to convince you."
  • "You came."
  • "We'll get you through this."
  • "I never should have hurt you... said those things."
  • "You're my friend."
  • "A couple of minutes ago wouldn't have been so bad either."
  • "Oh, my. What happened?"
  • "Looks like just in the nick of time."
  • "I don't think it's for us to say whether a person deserves to live or die."
  • "Before you know it, turn us into something ugly."
  • "Did you ever propose?"
  • "You said a husband's gotta put his wife before himself."
  • "I'm not ready."
  • "I hurt her."
  • "Well, you start by doing the hardest thing: You forgive yourself."
  • "I know what it feels like. It feels good. The power. Everything. But you'll lose yourself. It'll destroy you. Let it go."
  • "I like being bad. It makes me happy."
  • "If you know what I'm talking about!"
  • "Back then, nothing seemed to go right for me."
  • "People really like me."
  • "Stings doesn't it?"
  • "I protected you in high school. Now I'm gonna kick your little ass."
  • "You're trash."
  • "Your picture's a fake."
  • "You want forgiveness? Get religion."
  • "You are such a boy scout."
  • "We're just horsing around."
  • "I'm begging you. If you do this, I will lose everything. There's not a paper in town that will hire me."
  • "Show this to your editor."
  • "I want him dead too."
  • "Look, I want to kill the spider, you wanna kill the spider. Together, he doesn't stand a chance. Interested?"
  • "End of the line."
  • "Your wife told me to tell you to watch the anger."
  • "Time to take your pill."
  • "Hey. I'm the new guy."
  • "Um, yeah, look, just between you and me, guys kind of an amateur."
  • "From now on, I am gonna be taking shots of you for the Bugle."
  • "But you don't have to worry about that, buddy."
  • "You want a staff job, and you want a staff job, anybody care about what I want?"
  • "Shut up. Get out."
  • "Listen to me! I didn't kill your father!"
  • "You knew this was coming!"
  • "He was trying to kill me! He killed himself!"
  • "I didn't want this. But I had no choice."
  • "We always have a choice."
  • "I needed money."
  • "Why don't you just put down the gun and go home?"
  • "I realize now he was just trying to help me."
  • "I did a terrible thing to you."
  • "I spent a lot of nights wishing I could take it back."
  • "I didn't choose to be this."
  • "I'm not asking you to forgive me. I just want you to understand."
  • "How's the pie?"
  • "I'm just here to talk to you, beautiful!"
  • "Just a little something called 'Nice And Easy', what's on you?"
  • "I need a photographer."
  • "A hundred bucks?"
  • "Film's extra."
  • "Shazam!"
  • "That was OUR kiss!"
  • "It's a funny feeling, not knowing who you are."
  • "Never wound what you can't kill."
  • "Its a free country. Not a rent-free country."
  • "You will get your rent when you fix this DAM DOOR!"
  • "We can find a way to settle this."
  • "You're so right. I'm thinking... humiliation. Kind of like how you humiliated me. Do you remember? Do you remember what you did to me? You made me lose my girl. Now I'm gonna make you lose yours."
  • "How's that sound, tiger?"
  • "An orange?"
  • "I'm really sorry for what happened earlier. I shouldn't have yelled about that door. It was nothing to be angry about."
  • "This is none of your business."
  • "Do you want to push me away?"
  • "Push you away? Why would I want to push you away... I love you!"
  • "They're gonna kill us both."
  • "Your shots are so good."
  • "You don't deserve my help."
  • "Do I have any girlfriends?"
  • "This thing got any more?"
  • "She doesn't know what you are."
  • "Tell me you love me?"
  • "I know you're trying to defend your fathers' honor, but there is no question that he died by his own hand."
  • "What does it matter to you, anyway?"
  • "Hate those things!"
  • "Take your hands off me."
  • "I live in the presence of great truth."
  • "I promise I'll make you healthy again. Whatever it takes, I'll get the money."
  • "I'm not a bad person. Just had bad luck."
  • "They're my best friends... I'd give my life for them."
  • "Was I really good? I was so nervous. My knees were shaking."
  • "It's all about diffusion."
  • "The applause wasn't very loud."
  • "You are such a nerd."
  • "Where do these guys COME from?"
  • "You've taken your eye off the ball."
  • "You know, I guess one person really can make a difference."
  • "It has the characteristics of a symbiote, which needs to bond to a host in order to survive. And once it binds... it can be hard to UNbind."
  • "I love romance. I am French."
  • "You fired him."
  • "I could use some help over here!"
  • "I guess you haven't heard. I'm the sheriff around these parts!"
  • "This could be a tragic day for the people of New York."
  • "It's hard to believe what's happening. The brutality of it. I - I don't know how he can take anymore."
  • "Everybody needs help sometimes."
  • "He's a good boy. He must be in some kind of trouble."
  • "What about that amazing... amazing night that we had?"
  • "We had a coffee."
  • "Make him suffer, make him wish he were dead. First, we attack his heart!"
  • "There seems to be some kind of activity in the web."

Are there any AUs where Maddie got hit with the ectoblast during Masters of All Time? Because I feel like that could quickly snowball into something horrifyingly terrible. Maddie as angry as normal-Vlad at Jack for ruining her life and blameing him obsessively, while the other two are either depressed with what happened and trying to forget it ever happened or trying to help her if they know something’s wrong with her. 

Someone pls tell me this is a thing. I might have to make it a thing if its not.

anonymous asked:

Could you explain why "hearing impaired" is offensive or why you don't like it. Sorry if me asking makes you angry, I just wanna know why so I can change any problems in my thinking. Could you also, if you it's okay, explain what's not offensive and okay. Thanks

This is actually a great question. Sometimes people don’t like to ask me things, because they think I’ll freak out (I have a shitty-questions-shitty-answers policy that’s mostly similar to talk shit get hit), but this is a genuine ‘please inform me so I can be educated’ question, and I actually really like getting questions like these uwu

Anyways, so the term Hearing Impaired was accepted for a long time as genuinely okay, but nowadays most of the Deaf community doesn’t like it. It mostly has to do with the word ‘Impaired’ implying that not being able to hear makes us broken/damaged. It’s just not a nice feeling to hear a phrase and know that the person who’s using it thinks that what defines you as a person is your inability to do something that they can do. 

Generally the terms Deaf (capital D) and Hard of Hearing are acceptable. A lot of people use them interchangeably depending on the situation, but most profoundly or entirely deaf (lowercase, because I’m not talking about being Deaf as an identity) people that I’ve met prefer only to use Deaf and not HoH. For example when I have to explain to teachers that I can’t hear them (I’m on an IEP so they’re supposed to let the teachers know but they never fucking do sorry do I sound a little resentful?) I usually use the term ‘Deaf’, because most people don’t understand that Hard of Hearing can range from ‘sometimes if it’s really crowded I might have trouble hearing your voice specifically’ to ‘lol sucks to be you, I just take my hearing aids out when the firebell rings and I can’t hear it anymore’. Meanwhile if I’m introducing myself to somebody else I know is Deaf I might use the term HoH because I was raised outside of the Deaf community until I was about 12. 


Hearing Impaired = nono

Deaf = ayyyyyyyy (remember to capitalise)

Hard of Hearing = sure go for it unless I say otherwise 

P.S. there’s also the capitalization thing when writing, because there’s a difference between being deaf (not being able to hear) and being Deaf (identifying as part of the Deaf culture and lifestyle), and I think I forgot to mention that for short hand when writing a lot of people use HoH for Hard of Hearing.

P.P.S When talking about the entirety of people that can hear, as in the community of people that aren’t Deaf, we call them Hearing (also capitalized). 

indiscotabel  asked:

Could you please give me advice on how to deal with people saying offensive things? A dear friend of mine likes to make really stupid homophobic and sexist "jokes" and since I identify as a lesbian as well as a female, and he knows, it does hurt me and makes me angry. I do tell him about how this offends me, but he always says something along the lines of "calm down you know I don't mean it, have a sense of humor". It really annoys and hurts me, do you have any advice on how to deal with that?

if someone does something that hurts you, and you explain why, and they hear you say why, and you ask them not to do it, and they continue to do it, knowing it hurts you,

they are not your friend. 

so what you need to do is go to a greasy diner, get some onion rings, real nice, real crunchy onion rings. Get them to go. Get some sauce too. Dipping sauce. Maybe nacho cheese. That’s pretty nice. Possibly salsa. Possibly ranch. Now, I know what you’re saying. You’re saying, Ang, ranch?? Who could possibly like ranch? And listen, I don’t know. Ok??? I don’t know. I don’t know these people. I’ve never seen it. But I’ve heard that some people like that. I’ve heard that. Whispers and rumours. People like all kinds of weird food, ok? So you’ve got the onion rings. And the various sauces, a selection of sauces. So then you take a piece of paper, and copy this note very carefully.

And you place it on the onion rings. And then you give that person this beautiful gift, this treasure. And then you walk away. Cause you’re awesome, and you don’t need to have your dignity and respect or any of that jazz janked with by someone who is a poophead.

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I feel you on the ship front. I don't understand the tagging of hate in ships? Seriously what's the point? but yeah, also this is why I like following you, you like, don't take things personally from the comic if you know what I mean? (also kinda funny but I tend to forget about the homestuck updates until I see you post so thanks for unintentionally reminding me? haha)

people love upsetting others by tagging their negative opinions because it’s fuuun to make other people mad and to create unnecessary drama

it’s like you tag something for the sole purpose of making somebody angry or /attempt/ to make them feel bad for liking said thing, because you know they’re gonna see it, that’s really dumb and I automatically dislike anyone who acts like that

not tagging hate is like one of the basic tumblr “rules” and some people are morons enough to ignore even that

not to mention most of the people who do tag hate like some pretty terrible ships themselves so it’s really not their place to judge lmao

(I’m not sure what you mean by not taking things personally from the comic tho)

Seriously why do I keep seeing so many posts hating on Christians?? Like why???

Okay like I know some people do bad things and claim they’re doing it in the name of Christianity, but I don’t get why Tumblr generalises this to every Christian?

Like, some people do bad things and claim they’re doing it in the name of Islam, but you guys don’t make posts hating on Muslims or making jokes about Muslims because you know that it’s wrong to generalise because the majority are peaceful.

So I really don’t understand why you guys seem to think it’s perfectly okay to hate on Christianity and make it sound like every Christian is a horrible homophobe or whatever. What makes you think that’s okay to generalise us like that?

I’m sick of this tbh. It’s not funny and it needs to stop.