i don't really know what to think about this storyline

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Adam has already cheated on vic with Vanessa, that's what makes a difference here. I 100% bet my money on Robert never cheating again. (Some probs think I'm a Luney tune). But the guilt he has feels about it is too much, I don't think him doing it again will be a problem. He revelled in the betrayal to Chrissie during the affair, but this time he got NO bliss from it whatsoever. It would be futile for him to put himself if that position again so I don't think he will

hi! i already know this is going to be really long so i’m sorry in advance.

it’s clear that ed are looking for us to make connections between robert and adam with these storylines, so i do wonder what all the reactions will be once everything is revealed. this is the second time adam has cheated, and in my eyes, both times he was acting like a child. the first time because vic told him she wasn’t ready for marriage, and the second because he’s going through shit and doesn’t want to deal with it. i personally believe that at the time the cheating happened, robert was in a far worse state mentality and physically than adam. adam has people there to talk to and vent at, robert didn’t.

his reaction to the reveal is something i’ve always found interesting. robert loved chrissie, theres no two ways about it, but it wasn’t enough. i think once he realised everything he felt for aaron was genuine, everything he felt for chrissie slowly just melted away, he loved the life, and what she was offering, but she was never going to be enough for him. 

it didn’t take robert long to pull himself together once everyone knew, and then he began demanding the money he wanted instead of fighting for chrissie (remember that brilliant scene at the scrapyard, god i fucking love angry robert), it wasn’t the fact he lost chrissie that crushed him, but the fact his deepest insecurity was out and the life he thought he wanted was gone. 

once everything is revealed now, robert is going to be devastated. there isn’t a part of robert that doesn’t love aaron, and the life he has with him. he is finally comfortable and happy with him and liv, and that’s all about to be pulled away from under him. aaron has every right to kick him to the curb, but the thought alone that he lost aaron was terrifying for robert, i can’t imagine how he’ll feel if it actually happens. 

he didn’t cheat because he was bored and just ‘felt like it’, he didn’t cheat because something he wanted isn’t going to be easy and he just wants to throw a tantrum. he thought he’d lost everything. because to him, aaron is everything. he reverted back to the man he used to be, because if aaron doesn’t love him anymore, what’s the point in trying to be the good guy? he hates himself for it, he’s broken and lost, and i think it’s only going to get worse for him.

this is why i feel very little sympathy for adam. what he’s going through is horrible, i know it is. but he’s refusing to deal with his problems, he’s not talking to his wife, and when he is he’s frankly being a dick. vic is there for him, moira, aaron, he has so many people he could turn to, but instead he goes to vanessa, because he wants to. robert had no one, he couldn’t turn to aaron as he wasn’t home, and in roberts mind they were finished. he turned to the person he thought was only a friend, and it escalated due to how drunk he was, and if she was a friend she would have stopped him, instead she revelled in it. and from the sounds of the spoilers, even if vanessa does stop him, adam is sober enough to intentionally try to sleep with vanessa when vic is just down the road, and this is all for a second time. which i personally think is far worse than what robert did.

i genuinely believe aaron and robert are endgame. and once all this is blown over and they begin to move on, they won’t have anymore ‘cheating storylines’ at least not anytime in the future. aaron is everything to robert and visa versa. they adore each other, and robert is going to fight for everything they have, even if it kills him.

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I'm conflicted about the part in the preview where Singer (twice!) admitted that they didn't really know where the story was going, once with what to do with demon Dean, and then with the second half of the season. If there is some big narrative plan, how can that make sense? I don't know why Singer would lie about something like that, so I don't think it's that.

Well mostly because demon!Dean wasn’t necessary for the narrative to progress, it’s not something essential to the structure of the show, it just happens to be the road they decided to take after Robbie introduced the MoC storyline. I think Carver has always had a rough idea of where he wants to take these characters and where he wants them to end up, but the road getting there has always been up in the air. 

He’s definitely not lying, I’m sure they did have a hard time deciding how to make the man who has always been the moral compass and main protagonist of the show the big bad, even if only part of the first half of the season. This doesn’t mean they don’t have some idea where they’re taking the show or the characters, it just means this particular storyline was something they’ve never tackled before, and figuring out how to do that right was likely a challenge.

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Alycia Debnam-Carey can say so much with her facial expressions. I don't even think that she spoke that much when we saw her yet we could mostly guess what she was feeling and thinking. We need more Commander Lexa in season 3 because the storyline possibilities are endless with they way the writers ended her arc in season 2. So angsty yet so brilliant.

FINALLY, an ask that gives me room to gush about this woman’s acting! 

She said in an interview that you know she didn’t want Lexa to be a robot. So she’s trying to show some vulnerability. I’d say she succeeded. What I really love is that most of the moments in which Lexa slips and cracks in the mask can be seen are between Lexa and the audience. Alycia playing that, communicating those tiny moments directly to the viewers -that’s so important. I know it’s in the script but she pulls it off in such a delicate subtle way. Not many actresses could have played this part. That power Lexa has, Alycia plays that very quietly. I love that. She could bring hell down on any clan or village or the sky people at any time but she just is so composed. She’s so comfortable in this position. Alycia’s just done some wonderful things with this character. Lexa isn’t just one thing. She’s many. She’s three dimensional. She’s her own contradiction. She’s her own enemy. And Alycia is just showing the fuck off portraying all of that. If you’ve successfully made an audience emotionally connected to a character that shows very little emotion, you’ve done great work. If you’ve managed to make that character sympathetic in the face of them doing terrible(justifiable) things, you’ve done some great work. With a character like this I imagine only about 80% of what you need from them to come across screen is in the script, the rest is up to their delivery. Alycia hit this one out of the park.