i don't really know what to think about this storyline

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Alycia Debnam-Carey can say so much with her facial expressions. I don't even think that she spoke that much when we saw her yet we could mostly guess what she was feeling and thinking. We need more Commander Lexa in season 3 because the storyline possibilities are endless with they way the writers ended her arc in season 2. So angsty yet so brilliant.

FINALLY, an ask that gives me room to gush about this woman’s acting! 

She said in an interview that you know she didn’t want Lexa to be a robot. So she’s trying to show some vulnerability. I’d say she succeeded. What I really love is that most of the moments in which Lexa slips and cracks in the mask can be seen are between Lexa and the audience. Alycia playing that, communicating those tiny moments directly to the viewers -that’s so important. I know it’s in the script but she pulls it off in such a delicate subtle way. Not many actresses could have played this part. That power Lexa has, Alycia plays that very quietly. I love that. She could bring hell down on any clan or village or the sky people at any time but she just is so composed. She’s so comfortable in this position. Alycia’s just done some wonderful things with this character. Lexa isn’t just one thing. She’s many. She’s three dimensional. She’s her own contradiction. She’s her own enemy. And Alycia is just showing the fuck off portraying all of that. If you’ve successfully made an audience emotionally connected to a character that shows very little emotion, you’ve done great work. If you’ve managed to make that character sympathetic in the face of them doing terrible(justifiable) things, you’ve done some great work. With a character like this I imagine only about 80% of what you need from them to come across screen is in the script, the rest is up to their delivery. Alycia hit this one out of the park.