i don't really know what this is but

  • Ravenclaw: *sitting and listening to the rain* I like the rain, it's peaceful.
  • Slytherin: It'll help clean up a murder.
  • Ravenclaw: You wouldn't need the rain to clean up after you if you used an icicle as the murder weapon.
  • Hufflepuff: What is wrong with the both of you?

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Can u please draw my Lavender Quartz gemsona. She has her gem on her eyeball, she has a big hair bun, and she's buff like a quartz. U can play around with the rest of her design. Please and thank u.

Now that’s an aesthetic girl is I ever saw one.


There isn’t much more to life than the choices you make.

Even in the moments you can’t influence, it’s what you do with them, how you react, that shapes who you are.

It’s whether you let your impulses tie you down, or whether you stand above them.

It’s control.

“That’s stupid,” Hajime says. Tooru frowns.

“I never said it wasn’t stupid, Iwa-chan. Life is like that.”

“No,” Hajime says, putting down his pen. “I mean, your conclusion is stupid.”


Now it’s Hajime’s turn to frown. “Well,” he says, folding his arms on the tabletop, “because you’re assuming that control is the most important thing.”

Tooru raises his eyebrows. “If we didn’t control our nature, there’d be no way for society to work. There’d be no public decency, no proper communication-”

“Not what I meant. Obviously some form of control is necessary. But what about instinct? What about trusting your senses instead of trying to beat them out with logic?”

He takes one look at Tooru’s disgruntled expression before sighing. “Take volleyball, for example.”

“Yeah? That just proves my point. Unless you have talent” - he spits out the word like it’s hurting his tongue - “you need control. You need precision and dedication.”

Hajime shakes his head. “No one’s born with absolute knowledge. Instinct is something you polish. Talent is something you… make bloom, if you will. Some people just learn faster than others.”

Tooru pushes his lip forward in a pout. “How unnecessarily poetic, Iwa-chan.”

“You asked me for help, Shittykawa. Take it or leave it.”

“I’m not gonna rewrite the whole thing! Besides, what you said isn’t all that different from my original thought - you’re just using different words!”

Hajime shrugs. “Whatever you say. Just telling you my opinion, here.”

“Maybe you’re right about volleyball,” Tooru grumbles (loss still prominent in his mind, but accompanied by a drive to improve that’s stronger than anything, a restless determination that’s making him itch to have a ball between his fingers again). “But… that’s not true everywhere.”

Hajime ponders for a moment, leaning back in his chair.

“I think it is,” he says eventually. “You can’t just… stomp out your emotions completely.”

Tooru shakes his head. “I’m choosing to be with you. For example.”

Hajime snorts. “Very romantic. Making it sound like a chore.”

“Not what I meant!”


They lapse into silence for a couple seconds, with Tooru looking over at Hajime defiantly.

Loving him is a choice. Staying with him is, too.

“Still,” Hajime says finally, and as if he’d read Tooru’s mind, “you wouldn’t have considered being with me if you didn’t have feelings first. Also-”

He leans across the table and presses a kiss to Tooru’s lips, brief but firm, before he pulls back and settles into his seat again.

“…I do hope you’re not just kissing back because you’re choosing to, but because you want to.”

“I’m choosing to because I want to!” Tooru says indignantly.

A grin slides across Hajime’s face. “So are you above your impulses then? Because it sounds to me like you’re indulging them.”

“Oh my god, Iwa-chan. Shut up.”

“I love you, too. And I know you’re gonna rewrite this because you’re a goddamn perfectionist.”

“I said shut up.”

(But he is.)

(He does.)

(Hajime watches and laughs.)

(Tooru lets himself kiss him, anyway.)


WELP he finally found them, and just in time for @ichosim‘s birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TAURUS BB I LOVE U MORE THAN SANTIRAT MISSED HIS SPEEDOS. i hope you know i’ve literally been planning to do this ever since i found out ur birthday and now it’s time. *pretends like i didn’t spend literally all morning making this abomination of a gif* 

but really you are such an amazing, talented, sweet person and i can’t believe you ever even noticed me on here lolwut i admired you for ages and now i’m making you a gif of santi’s butt in a cheetah print speedo what is my life. ok.




So Hamilton has peed on his currently two favorite wood chews (a “popsicle” and blue egg plant) and now he needs new favorites. He has some apple wood sticks and an apple shaped chew but he’s disinterested in both—and since his other two favorite wood chews broke he hasn’t bothered with them.

Anyways, I need to go and buy some new toys for him. What’s your small animal’s favorite chew toy? Give me suggestions! He liked the knot knibbler and wooden bridge from petco, but we’d like to try some new ones. :)

Psst guess what today is o.o

It my birthday!! I’m gonna be asleep when this posts cause I’m scheduling it to post at exactly 12:01am, but I want to tell you all that I am so happy :)
When I finally got out of school, I didn’t really have any friends or anyone to turn to if I was feeling sad or alone or happy or excited. And now- now I have friends. I have people I love with all my heart. And I don’t think I’ve ever really felt love like this before? Not that much anyways. But right now my heart is full of warmth and affection and I love you all so so much. 
Thank you. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for making this year of my life filled with so many smiles and so much laughter and so much happiness.

I love each and every one of you. So so much :)

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What if Even wasn't dating Sonja for 4 years? She didn't seem to know Sana at the Kosegruppa pre game. We only ever heard Even say to Isak that he dated Sonja for that long. What if he told Isak this to protect him from what might have actually gone down between him & Mikael? In the same story he told Isak that she had an aluminum leg when he was really trying to tell Isak about himself w/o being direct, so I mean it's possible. She also didn't take the fact that he learned the Quran seriously.

hm i see what you’re sayin, but i dont think so? i mean, we don’t have any reason to believe even was lying about that. and i feel like sonja would’ve said something about it / been a lot less understanding of the situation last season if they hadn’t been together that long.

it’s plausible that even’s friendship with the balloon squad and his relationship with sonja just didn’t overlap that much. some people prefer to keep those things compartmentalized (sana does this a lot). but also, there’s like a 99% chance sonja knows what went down (her comments about even and islam) and was essentially doing the same thing as even and sana, pretending that they didn’t know each other.

it seems in character to me that sonja might have thought it was for the best that even “move on” from what happened and forget the past. maybe she and sana / the balloon squad didn’t get along. idk!

I don’t understand what people see in my art? I really don’t understand? Hearing people saying that they like my art or even say art goals? I don’t understand one bit..all I see in my art is just a lame ass style? Don’t get me wrong I’m trying my best to improve. But I just don’t understand what people see in my art..

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Hello! :) Could you reply with 5 things that make you happy + send this to the last 10 people in your notes (if you want to)? :-)

1.) What I’m happiest about is, after over a month of waiting and tests and biopsies, we finally know more details about mom’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.

She has IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma), the most common type of breast cancer. Surgery is in less than two weeks, normally she’d have to wait months but I’ve been told dad made a scene at the hospital :/ (which caused mom to break into tears) and they scheduled it earlier than normal. “What’s the point of discovering the cancer early if they take ages to get you into surgery?“ dad said.

Since some folks here asked me what type of surgery it’ll be, the doctor said they’ll only remove the tumor and part of the breast tissue surrounding it (the cut goes all the way down to the rib cage), as well as axillary (underarm) lymph nodes if needed, so cancer cells do not spread there where they can travel to the rest of the body.

Thank you again to everyone who’s sent me kind messages about mom! ♥♥♥ Keeping my fingers crossed surgery goes well. We don’t know the particulars about future chemo and radiation therapy yet but at least things are in motion. Thank goodness.

2.) Getting positive asks in my mailbox, they always cheer me up! Sometimes I can’t reply right away due to things happening offline (or if tumblr gives me upload problems and won’t let me put gifs into them, so irritating!) but I do it as soon as I can. Apologies to those who are still waiting!

3.) Movie and tv trailers (both watching and anticipating them), watching live streams of conventions (Star Wars Celebration!), youtube videos of people unpacking and deboxing their con merch and making appreciative noises, con exclusives like special types of figurines or pins or cool t-shirt designs, just seeing people happy over the swag they got. Living vicariously through other fans’ con experiences because I can’t be there myself. :)

4.) This might be a bit silly but those perfume tester strips you get for free with your purchase, I’ve discovered my fave perfume this way - Jungle by KENZO - and have worn it for many years. As a kid I had a little box to store the strips in and liked to fantasize about future me buying all the favourites. :)

5.) This pengweng penguin mom got me recently for my figurine collection, I didn’t have the version with the baby penguin yet, awww:

Thank you, mummy! Penguins remind me of a certain Belgian detective, ya know? ;) I have four penguins so far!

Hey y’all!

I’m sorry, I know I haven’t been on recently. I have a bunch of answered messages that I promise I’ll get to soon! Life has just been really busy recently, and responding to everyone got a bit daunting. 

My beit din’s coming up really soon (two weeks!! omg!!), and I still haven’t entirely decided what I’m gonna do with this blog once I’m a Real Jew ™, but we’ll see. 

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okay you reblogged a post (tbpdfw you’re deathly bored but nothing you try doing to rectify it feels “right") and i just wanted to talk about this with someone who relates but holy fuck nuggets this is something i hate. its always been a constant struggle but lately its just been screaming in my face and i never know what to do to fix it and i just sit there and look at the ceiling or scroll through tumblr witjout actually looking at any posts i just scroll and just its the worst anyway,,

my parents will suggest that i do things that i might enjoy and a part of me is like “hey i like that thing” but the other part of me is like “but will it fix it?” like i don’t know how else to describe it other than “fix” like will it make me permanently not bored?? will it actually help even just right now? i’d rather just do nothing so there’s no possibility of being disappointed