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“I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”

Having a sibling is super weird because you’re constantly torn between “wow I can’t believe this is real oh man you’re a great sibling I really love and appreciate you” and “oh my fucking god I’m going to throw an axe at your face and commit homicide real soon if you don’t stop being so annoying I swear to god”

The Persona 5 cast is like, ridiculously well-written. Like, this is the most human that a Persona cast has ever felt.
I love that Ann knows about and is confident in her beauty, that Ryuji is motivated by frustration and anger but is nonetheless very supportive, that Yusuke has deep-set conflicting feelings about his abuse, etc.
And I love, love, love how they’re all close friends. It’s really good.

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Fia: I simply cannot understand, if you have survived church abuse, why do you still follow the religion that allowed that church to thive? How can you read a book that describes an egotistical, misogynistic, xenophobic god and not throw up? How can you still refer to and praise your abuser? Paty PS. I'm not hiding on the Internet- it's just that I don't have a tumblr account.

Okay wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this.

I’ve spent all day feeling by turns queasy and infuriated about this. I don’t really feel up to giving a long theological answer, tbh, but more importantly I’m not obligated to do so.

Pro tip: no one owes you an explanation for their identity. I do not have to justify any part of my identity to you, a stranger on the internet. I do not have to explain any part of my abuse to you. I certainly don’t have to relive it just because you have questions.

And you don’t get to tell anyone else what their religion means. I don’t know if you’re also a survivor of religious abuse, or if you’re speaking from outside that experience, but either way, you do not have the right to tell a survivor how they should deal with their experience. And you do not get to demand that a survivor justify their coping methods to you.

My sister and I both escaped an abusive religion. I did so by finding hope and healing in a religious life that prioritizes justice. My sister did so by rejecting religion and finding hope and healing in a humanist belief in the ability of people to work together for justice.

Both of those decisions are perfectly valid. There are countless other paths to recovery that would also be valid. Every person responds to abuse in their own way, and recovers in their own way. You don’t get to decide what that way should be. And you don’t get to demand that survivors justify themselves to you.

God is not and never was my abuser. People were my abusers. People who told me that I was worthless, inherently sinful, and meant only to obey. People who demanded that I justify my every thought and every action to them, and that I fit within their rigid standards at all times.

If your response to an abuse survivor is to demand they justify themselves and their abuse and fit within a rigid image of what a survivor should be and how they should behave…perhaps you ought to think about that.

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Tbh I still love Sherlock. It's still the most important thing in my life. It's still the show that saved me when I didn't know how to cope. It helped me to understand my own sexuality and I can't really see myself letting it go.I'm still part of the TJLC fandom and I can think about season 4 and laugh about it. But I'm bitter. I feel like a fool, I don't understand why things are like this. Why is the writing so embarassing?They owe us some explanation but we'll never get it. I'll keep believin

Hi Nonny!

*HUGS* To be honest, Sherlock and its fandom saved me as well, and I love it to pieces. As I’ve stated before, like you it’s helped me discover myself, and I just will forever love this show because of it. And there are some aspects of S4 that I think are phenomenal, so it’s not a complete embarrassment. 

But the writing, what the hell happened? This show, in past seasons, was a critical darling in the media; they loved it, but even they are aware of the flaws of S4 and they only pay attention on the surface level of the story, so that says a lot about the fuckery of it. It’s okay to feel bitter about it, I can understand completely. Sadly I don’t think we will ever get an explanation for what we received, but that seems to be the norm for us as of late (that or bullshit excuses). But as I’ve said numerous times, Mofftiss can’t take the fandom from any of us; it’s still a wonderful place of amazing people who continue to make this show the story it should have been. I too will keep believing; for me that entails that one day the true story WILL be told about John and Sherlock, and someone will finally be the first to do it. I am sad that this series wasn’t that show, but I think it will happen in our lifetime.


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As a humble mercy main I don't always need to be thanked but its the best feeling ever tbh. I finally found a six man team for comp and they really know how to keep my mood up! They call me a pro-healer, thank me for every rez good or not, contribute every win to me and talk about how they could never have don't it without me. Unless someone is super great they always upvote me, they're great at protecting me, apologizing if I do die. Other teams should take notes on supporting the support!

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Man, I hope Victor having two fulltime jobs (skating and coaching) while making a comback at age 28 won't negatively affect his and Yuuri's relationship. Likewise, Yuuri will probably have to face a lot of his competitions without Victor and he will only have half a coach. I feel like this could be a source of major drama and I'd fucking hate that. I want them to be happy and I don't really understand why Victor wants to make a comeback tbh while staying as Yuuri's coach.

it’s definitely going to be hard. sayo and kubo know it’s going to be hard, victor knows it’s going to be hard, and yuuri probably knows too. i wouldn’t be surprised if it causes tension (i’m going to be That Person but i wrote a fic about this not too far back about how i’d like it to go, without brushing over the difficult aspects of it). but i don’t think it has to be anything really harmful, you know?

we know that victor decided to come back after he saw yuuri land the quad flip and wants to compete against yuuri and i think it’s very much about yuuri over anything else. he wants to be yuuri’s coach. he wants to raise yuuri up, continue seeing him succeed, spend every possible moment that he can with him. yuuri also wants victor back on the ice (bc yuuri believes that’s where victor wants to be – another topic of conversation) and i think victor would do that for yuuri whether he would have gone back on his own or not. but here’s the thing: victor’s human and is allowed to do things for himself, too.

i don’t think victor has ever had a real competitor or someone who inspired him and drove him, pushed him to be his very best other than himself. no wonder he had burnout. that’s not sustainable in sports. you can love what you do, you can be good at it, but if there’s no goal or no drive any more, what’s the point? victor wants to compete against yuuri because yuuri is fucking good. yuuri inspires him, yuuri gives him hope, yuuri gives him purpose, and victor’s allowed to want a season where he has that.

i think it would have felt more narratively satisfying if victor had retired for good and just stayed on to coach yuuri full time, but i also think that it’s not disastrous. victor can be tired and he can be stressed but he can also be happy. he can have one last season in figure skating where he’s having fun, with the love of his life, and he’s doing it for himself. he can end it on his own terms, proud to win silver next to the gold medalist he loves.

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Hello blen~ Any sweet commanders hc's on your mind? I'm dying to know what you think of katakuri and smoothie in particular. romantic, modern, gen, whatever really. Sky's your limit. Also may I say that I deeply respect you for being true to yourself and not writing anything you don't feel like at the moment? That's awesome dude! ❤

AHHHh I am soooo in the mood for Katakuri tbh (and I’m always in the mood for Smoothie lmao) Also thank you! This is really sweet of you, I mean sure I’m being honest when I’m supposed to be ;DDD

  • OK so how bout some general hcs for the sweet commanders?
  • I think Smoothie and Katakuri bicker about who has the higher alcohol tolerance (it’s Smoothie) Cracker is always excluded from this conversations, he’s a light weight
  • Canon may say otherwise but I hc that they all really do care about each other, I mean the sibs
  • Cracker looks up to Katakuri, I’m sure, he’s the strong awesome big bro
  • Katakuri is pretty protective of his younger sisters in particular, except Smoothie and Compote since he knows both are biests
  • He also favors his sisters over his brothers and he’s at times blatantly obvious about that
  • All three, Smoothie, Katakuri and Cracker often let the younger sibs sit on their laps during parties
  • LOL imagine these huge mofos with little kids on their laps it’s pretty adorable
  • Smoothie is the youngest commander but sure acts like she was older than Cracker ahahah
Why Hated Signs Need Love
  • Gemini: They are super smart and they are one of the only signs to be so chill when they get hate. They aren't whiny and they are super chill and super fun to hang out with. I feel like Gemini's are one of the toughest signs, if my sun sign got this much hate I would be super emo, but they take it and shake it off.
  • Leo: They are actually really insecure and wayyyy more sensitive than even Pisces so of course they are going to take offense easily. They just want to be adored and cuddled
  • Virgo: My babies!!!! I love you guys so much, don't ever let someone get you down because I know how self critical you are, just remember everyone if a Virgo is giving you tips it's not to be rude it's because they care and want you at their best. Tbh their inner critical dialog is worse than anything they say about other people
  • Scorpio: You guys have such intense feelings and thoughts that some people just cannot handle it. However the reason these folks have such a bad sting when slighted is because putting trust in someone else is very hard for them. They trust so very few and put so much effort into the people they love that it feels like they are being stabbed when the people they put so much faith in hurt them.

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Which sounds cooler; being famous and falling in love with a fan, or being a fan falling in love with some one famous? Both seem really fun to me, but I don't know which way to go. Which would you prefer to read about?

Hi friend! Both sound pretty awesome. I feel like a fan would fall in love with an idealized version of a famous person based on what they see on tv and stuff and tbh that kind of sketches me out but could make for some interesting conflict and a “you don’t even know me!” type of fight. 

A famous person falling in love with a fan could also be interesting. How did they notice them? Did they stand out of the crowd? Had they known each other forever and ran into each other again? How well do they really know each other? 

If you’re having trouble picking, write a little of both and go with the one that is more compelling to you. Whichever one you pick, I’m sure you’ll do a great job with it. Happy writing! ~Nicole

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I can't believe people are so childish about this whole thing. Judging everything without even knowing what it's about, hating on his co-stars, drowning the director in stupid questions (his hair?? really??), gosh, I just hope most of them will have moved on from this "fandom" next autumn. I feel so bad for Tarjei tbh, because they are embarrassing him with it. (I just hope the people who work with don't blame him)

Couldn’t agree more. I am torn between being happy that we now know more about his next big project and wishing the Instagram accounts and other facts about the movie had remained unknown. People need to understand that they have no say whatsoever in what Tarjei chooses to do or how they make this movie. And they are not helping him out by harassing his co-workers. Quite the opposite. :-(

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I'm so close to unfollowing you. I bet I'm not the only one either. You barely write anymore besides gif things, trouble made was barely even smutty (you're not very good at smut anyways though). You don't even reblog fics anymore. If you do it's like 90% impala-dreamer (way to be a kiss ass) or that series that has like no notes because it's not good. I read the first 2 parts, it's dumb. All you do is post random shit maybe you should think more about why people come to your page smh.

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Anon, I’m about to rip you a new asshole. In the interest of others who may not want to read this spewing I’m putting this under a cut. Also, it’s gonna be long as fuck.

Let’s break this down. I want to be sure you’re able to keep up.

1. Are you under the impression, I’m about to beg you to stay? I am not. I encourage the unfollowing. I encourage you to unfollow me or anyone who’s content isn’t what you want. It’s your life, your tumbles experience, you should 100% take control of it so it is what you want.

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having trouble approaching people/building personal relationships and being lgbt can be really isolating because it’s one thing to feel disconnected and misunderstood around cis/straight people, and when you know no other lgbt people you might expect to be able to be part of a community when you finally are in a more diverse/accepting environment, but it’s a different thing when you have other lgbt people around you and you want to get to know them and build new friendships/date/etc. but you can’t do it, so you keep feeling alone even if you know you don’t have to be. It can feel like a great personal failure and like something fundamental about you is wrong, and it sucks, but you are not the only one struggling to find community and there are others who understand how you feel and i hope someday we can build these relationships with other people like us

After doing the Larry one, I just couldn’t not do Ziam. So here’s another GoT!1D drawing, featuring Liam Mormont and Zayn Targaryen. I took a LOT of liberties with Zayn’s tattoos, as you can see, because I feel like most of them wouldn’t have made sense in a GoT universe. Based on this.

whenever someone asks me something irl and i don’t immediately have the answer, i reply by softly saying ‘interesting,’ and furrowing my brows, thus tricking the other person into thinking i’m very wise

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help how do you get writer friends that you can talk with about writing and share ideas and stuff with?!? am lost

Hello anon!!

So, I did a bit of a census here - I asked @frenchibi and she said, and I quote, “Just yell. That’s how I make all my friends!”

In all honesty though - I have never met a writer in this fandom who does not welcome asks in their askbox. Throw a message to someone, strike up a conversation on something they’re writing, or something you’re writing - really just yelling about each other’s work is, I think, a good foundation of any writer friendship! (That, and sharing ideas/headcanons. If you’re ever unsure to say, a good start is “So I have this idea I’m thinking about writing…”)

If you want to come off anon, I’d love to chat with you about your stuff! (Apparently I have a very intimidating aura lol) but like I said, all the writers I’ve talked to have been really kind, and have loved striking up friendships!!

Celebration asks (ask me questions/send me anything!)


Honestly I can’t remember the last time a fic drew me in this much, but A Breach of Trust by @phantomrose96 is absolutely incredible so far, the atmosphere built by their writing is incredible, the characterisation is amazing and their style of writing is so good and unique that it grabbed me right from the get go ((their other stuff is really good too and by good i mean amazing and heart destroying))

So here’s a really messy painting inspired by the imagery used in their fic as a thanks for writing such an awesome fic! ^^

here’s the links to the fic if you want to read it: tumblr AO3