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But i cant belive he is silent about this on his sm?!i mean if you go to these kind of festivals as a regular person you tweet about it because its something exciting not to mention if you are performing there!this doesnt make any sense

when has anything about that hot mess of a “team” ever made sense

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Okay wait, so despite everything's that's going on and what they're doing, Lance and Keith still have genuine romantic feelings for each other and care about one another a lot, right? From what I can gather, they both really like each other as MORE then friends, but they're ignoring and pushing those feelings away for various reasons, and especially after their whole "agreement". Is that right? Is that what's going on?

Yes, you’re on point with all of it. Another way of saying it is that they both start mutually pining for each other. After they come to that agreement, they start doubting their feelings and despite they know it’s wrong, they keep up with this agreement bc it’s convenient in a way.


Can you guess why I started screaming and fangirling hard when I read all the news about the new anime Shoukoku no Altair (out on July)??? [x, x, x]

I have 4 words for you: Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no (4)

Do the math yourself XD


It gives me Arslan vibes… which means I’m going to like this anime (I already like the CAST!)

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please bring back the winters!!!!! please please please!!!!!!! your new story isnt as fun :(

okay listen i’m gonna address this one because this is probably the 10th message i’ve gotten about this since i put them on hiatus, and deleting them isn’t doing anyone any good. 

i can see that you guys all really love the winters and the triplets and i know you guys don’t like gee as much, i’m not dumb. it’s obvious to me. i love the winters, too. they were my first original babies that i started this blog with and the first sims that i got suuuuper attached to!!!!! but the way that i was editing their story took a lot of time and patience and it took a toll on my game on top of the save being a complete broken mess, and it was all just a lot of stress. i’m not ditching the winters!! i’m just taking a break while i figure out how i’m going to fix their save and continue with them. please understand that i’m literally working a full time job while trying to keep my mental health under control and find time to spend with my girlfriend and take care of my sick mom :( i don’t want to disappoint anyone by taking the admittedly easier route by starting a more casual save with shitty screenies and shitty captions, but it was either that or nothing. and i don’t want to post nothing, because i love talking to u guys and i love being on this blog and i love playing sims :( i just had to find a way to balance everything out. when i started the winters i was working part-time and i had a lot more time to play and edit and post and i could fit in like, 10 posts a day and have a queue for a week in advance. i thought i could take on being able to make cooler edits and go more in depth with the game, but clearly i couldn’t manage it because i was lucky if i posted 2 days out of the week :( 

i’m really sorry, i don’t want to be posting something no one enjoys. i don’t want you guys to dislike gee, they’re a rad sim and i have a ton of fun playing with them. but please don’t ask me to go back to the winters right now. i’m not giving up on them, i’ll go back when i have the time, energy, and patience to sit down and organize everything and figure out how to make it all work :( in the meantime, if you don’t like the way i’m posting gee, please feel free to make suggestions on how i could improve their save. because i am gonna stick with this save, but i get 100x the enjoyment pleasing ppl and posting things u guys like than i do just playing and posting whatever i want, so. let me know, okay???? i’ll be infinitely less anxious on here if you guys just tell me that i’m doing a bad job and how i could make it better than i am just sitting around feeling like none of u like what i’m doing. i live off of constructive criticism and if no one gives me any i’m a billion times more inclined to believe that ur all just lying and don’t want to hurt my feelings. idk. its just the silly way my brain works. so please let me know how u want me to change it, i will be more than happy to. and please keep and open mind about gee :/ i’ll do everything i can to make u like them!!!!!! anyways sorry for this super long rant friends i just need to stand my ground on this one for my own sake, i hope u don’t hate me too much :(

I’m sorry but can people just… stop making posts about how stimboards are bad because “the Neurotypicals have taken stimming and made it a Trendy Aesthetic! they all just like slime and paint and don’t care about people who REALLY stim!” I just saw another one of these and I’m so annoyed over it.

To be clear, I’m not talking about posts where people say things like “Allistics/NTs people who enjoy stimboards should be aware that autistic people are often made fun of for their body stims and that glitter and paint isn’t all stimming is!” Those are good and fine. I’m talking about the posts I’ve seen where people…. somehow don’t seem to realize that the majority of stim blogs are run by autistic people, people with ADHD, people with severe anxiety… you know, the exact kinds of people who need to stim. (And yes there are NT people who make stimming into an aesthetic, I’m not denying that, it’s just that they’re the minority in terms of people who run stim blogs.)

If you don’t wanna take me at face value on that previous statement, I just went through all of the stim blogs I’m following and here are some numbers–
Blogs run by at least one autistic person: 35
Blogs run at least one allistic but otherwise neurodivergent person (and no autistic people): 29
Blogs run completely by neurotypical people: 2
Blogs that didn’t seem to specify: 14
Let me reiterate: I went through eighty (80) different stim blogs and the amount of those with at least one autistic or otherwise ND mod was sixty-four (64). The amount of those with only NT mods was two (2) and the amount that could go either way was fourteen (14). I think it’s safe to say that tumblr’s visual stim community is largely made by and for neurodivergent people who are genuinely helped by stimming.

But some people don’t seem to be aware of this and they make posts that say things like we shouldn’t be referring to videos & gifs that we literally use to help us audio & visual stim as “stimmy”? That we should just call stimboards “gif moodboards” instead? And that we think stimming is a Trendy Aesthetic when really we’re literally using these things to stim? And then act as if none of us know what it feels like to be made fun of for our body stims? And generally just act like we’re all neurotypical people?

Personally I unlearned so many of my stimming behaviors as a kid, including rocking, flapping, and hair twirling, because I kept getting picked on at school for doing them. Every time I go out I’m afraid I’ll accidentally start doing a “weird” stim in public and embarrass myself. Tons of people who run stim blogs also have body stims; we do know what it feels like be stigmatized for them.

Look, I just… I understand if stimboards don’t do anything for you personally. I understand if you’re bothered that neurotypical people enjoy and share them. I get that. And, like I said, I understand that there are neurotypical people who treat stimboards like they’re just a cool new aesthetic–it’s okay to complain about that. But they’re the ones who should be blamed for it, not us. People getting mad about the concept of stimboards existing without realizing that the majority of those who make them are the kinds of people who actually need them is what bothers me.

Sorry for ranting so much, I didn’t expect this post to end up this long… I guess basically what I’m saying is that we should continue making posts explaining that things like flapping and chewing are also stims and making fun of people for them is wrong, because those are genuinely helpful. But we should stop making posts acting like all stimboards are made by Neurotypicals who want to Steal Stimming, because that’s literally not true and makes me feel bad as an autistic person who runs a stim blog.

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Hey! Really enjoying your takes on ace discourse! I'm just realizing I literally don't have to use the SAM after using it for years (calling myself ace and aro spec) and not feeling great about it recently. My question is tho: is assuming sexual and romantic attraction are the same if you only use one label also a part of SAM? Because I'd feel comfy just calling myself asexual but don't want anyone to assume I also identify as aro or assume I do experience defined romantic attraction.

Very good question and thanks so much for the support, I appreciate and need it lol. This ace discourse crap is painful and draining but I keep getting caught up in it, mostly for myself and for my followers. I want more education for and of aspecs and it wouldn’t hurt if people started being a little nicer to us lol. 

In regards to you Q: I’m not sure how exactly to answer the first part, as I actually think that the SAM is more like an “afterthought” or “addition” to the “normal” attraction model that combines all forms of attraction to varying degrees. The SAM, to me, appears to be where you turn when that standard stuff doesn’t work for you.

To me, this means that if you technically ID as “aroace” but don’t feel comfy or right using the SAM, then your default should be asexual. I don’t think that doing so particularly erases aros either because it’s the same when talking about any other sexuality when NOT using the SAM. You technically drop the romantic orientation because it gets subsumed within the “sexual” orientation. That said, I’m not actually saying this process doesn’t erase romantic orientations from the discussion bc it does (which may be damaging to the aro community, I don’t know?), but the romantic orientation is still there, as it’s assumed within the sexual orientation since that’s the “norm”. 

Still, I’m not aroace (i’m panromantic demisexual) and there may be aspecs to this that I’m missing. Would any of my aroace followers/mutuals care to weigh in here? We’d love your input <3 

After saying all that, I realized you said you don’t want ppl to assume you ID as aro if you choose to ID simply as asexual. I’m not sure what to tell you about that tbh… I suspect ppl WILL fill in that “blank” for you and it’s not fair. 

So I’m turning this to my followers as well: 

Is it possible to get around the SAM if you want to ID simply as asexual w/o ppl assuming you’re also aro?

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If the issue regarding up10tion is true and that they were mocking mina, gosh it was really mean and insensitive of them I mean we all know how hard she cried and how disappointed she was and it still hurts me till this day ;-; she worked so hard and had so many bruises on her legs >< im so mad if they were really mocking her jfc and honestly how kind of guys are they for mocking a girl wtf the total opposite of a gentleman I feel so utterly embarrassed for them

You should’ve seen the way Once defended our girl though, oh my lord, funny thing is I haven’t heard anything about up10tion since so not to say we drove them into the ground or anything but, basically get rekt. Seriously though, Mina was visibly upset after her performance, there’s no way they saw the mistake and then didn’t see how visibly upset she was afterwards. Their behaviour was rude and unprofessional, and the fact that up10motion keeps getting involved in scandals and then not apologising for their actions is really shady. 

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams


  • Me: one more chapter and then I am going to bed
  • Chapter: *ends in a cliffhanger*
  • Me:
  • Me: gotta finish the whole thing now

when ppl ask why do you have three rings on ur ring finger and you’re like “I have three husbands, duh!”