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hi can u go into detail abt why u think jensen flirting w/ a fan is icky? like is it just the fact that hes married or is there more. obv i know actually making out with a fan or w/e would be taking advantage but i never saw anything wrong w/ flirting w/ an overage fan, esp since i once had an encounter w/ a member of the cast that a few bystanders told me seemed like flirting. idk just wanted opinions

on the one hand, if jensen ackles flirted with me i would absolutely brag about it for the rest of my life.

on the other hand, there’s a power dynamic to consider when you’re famous and you’re dealing with people who you have to assume are obsessed with you. flirting with someone who’s obsessed with you will probably make them hopeful that there’s something more to be gained, and you run the risk of having a fan stalk you bc they think you want to have sex with them. someone like jensen ackles knows he’s gorgeous and probably knows that a lot of fans would love to have sex with him. feeding that fire doesn’t really accomplish much good, in my opinion. 

but, like, just to be clear again: i would absolutely 100 percent die if jensen ackles flirted with me. so i’m a huge hypocrite. 

(oh and for people reading this ask with no context, this is about jensen flirting with a fan IN A FICTIONAL FANFIC THAT I AM WRITING. i’m not talking about jensen (or anyone in the cast) flirting with a fan for real.) 

  • *fan asks about bellamy and clarke maybe getting together*
  • bob: well I don't really see their relationship in that way, but-
  • jason: well, you never know!
  • bob: *laughs* oh, we're playing that game now, jason?
  • bob: *mocks him* oh, you never know!
  • jason: i mean i have literally NEVER shut that question down, EVER
  • bob: *looks straight into the camera like he's on an episode the office*

so, i went to see les mis on sep. 3 and i got a recording of the show with the above cast, that i want to share. Below are the links to audio files

Part 1 09.03.15 les mis

Part 2 09.03.15 les mis

Part 1 is from the beginning to One Day More. Part 2 is from At the Barricade (Upon These Stones) to the end. You should have the option of listening to it using drive, or downloading them, but let me know if there’s a problem.

I have no program to take out the clapping and the extra noises, so all of that is in the files. There was a bit of coughing in the first part. But I listened to both files and they sound pretty good, better than I imagined. Also if anyone wants to edit the files, feel free, just like, send me a link so i can listen to it etc etc.

Warning: In part 1, when Alfie Boe/Jean Valjean is singing about the Bishop being kind and giving him food, he sings very quietly and at the end just burst out into a really loud “flight,” so just in case you have your volume high, watch your ears.

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curious, who did you fancast for the entire batfam?

Ooo! So I actually have this all ready because I’m in the middle of doing a Batfam graphic thingy. Also, these are kind of more face-casts than fan casts since, well, one is a singer not an actor, and some I haven’t seen in shows/movies yet. 

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne (because he’s just.. my Batman, ya know?)

Amadeus Lungberg as Dick Grayson (because he’s actually Romani!)

Ian Somerhalder as Jason Todd

Celina Jade as Cassandra Cain

Caity Lotz as Stephanie Brown

David Henrie as Tim Drake

Arsalan Ghasemi as Damian Wayne

I haven’t really decided on a Barbara Gordon fan/facecast yet but I do like Deborah Ann Woll

And of course, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth

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Hi! :D So, I don't mean to bother you, but since you're a huge Chris Evans fan, I was wondering if you could suggest any of his other movies, besides Avengers and Captain America? Just if you want, that'd be perfection! :D


Snowpiercer - Post apocalypse, set on a train that never stops, and Chris Evans plays the leader of a rebellion trying to make it to the front of the train. The cast is great, the plot is miles better than I’m describing, and I really think it’s one that you have to watch. 

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World - Chris really only has an extended cameo in this one, but the movie is great as a whole anyway. Quirky and fun, made all the better for Chris being in it. 

Push - Set in a world where some people have mutant-like powers. Chris Evans teams up with Dakota Fanning to take down an organisation trying to make soldiers out of the gifted people. The perfect sick-day movie tbh. 

Sunshine - A team of people have to deliver a payload into the sun to stop global warming from destroying the Earth. Things… go horribly wrong, basically. Directed by Danny Boyle (which should be enough to get you watching in itself tbh), and with one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. It’s a real cult classic. 

What’s Your Number? - I generally don’t like romantic comedies, so I expected not to like this, but it’s actually turned out to be one of my fave films tbh. Chris plays the romantic lead to Anna Farris (Chris Pratt’s wife, incidentally), and it’s just such a cute movie omg. Anna basically goes hunting for old boyfriends because she doesn’t want to go over a certain number of sexual partners. Great cast, too - Chris Pratt, Anthony Mackie, Martin Freeman; pretty much everyone’s in it. 

London - This one tends to split peoples’ opinions. I, personally, really like this movie. It’s a character study (meaning not a whole lot happens), but Chris’ performance is absolutely incredible. It’s one that I highly suggest you watch at least once. 

The Iceman - You need to watch this one for Chris Evans’ hair and dancing alone. 

Puncture - Chris plays a lawyer who spends his spare time taking drugs and doing hookers. It’s not a particularly happy movie, but, again, I’d watch it for Chris’ performance alone. 

The Losers - An elite team gets blamed for a terrorist attack and have to go undercover to clear their names. Chris is hilarious in it, and the cast is fantastic. 

Before We Go -  Chris directed this one, too. It’s the perfect meet-cute movie. Set over one night, two strangers meet and have an extended moment. Again, it’s a character study, so not a whole lot happens, but it’s great. 

The Perfect Score - Foetus Chris. 

There are a few more, but I think this should be enough for now. I’d check out the links I’ve posted - they lead to the wikipedia pages for each movie - just because some of the movies have trigger warnings and i’d hate for any of you to get halfway though one and get a nasty surprise :)

Katharine McPhee comments on Walter and Paige’s growing relationship

Watch!: Would you rather see Walter and Paige get hot and heavy, or take it easy?
McPhee: Whenever I watch TV shows and am invested in certain characters and certain relationships, I’ve always preferred the drawn-out thing. The anticipation. I think there are so many possibilities for them. They could certainly meet other people and create quite an interesting dynamic between the two of them. I don’t think their feelings for each other are really going to go away. So I’m more in favor of a slow burn.
Watch!: Have you seen the Walter/Paige fan sites?
McPhee: No, are there are a lot of them? Oh, my God.

  • me, in my corner, minding my own business: really glad the dceu is taking off :)
  • inevitably someone: it's going to suck :) i hope it flops :) the casting is horrendous :) real fans don't watch this crap :) you're the disgrace of the comics community if you support this :) having fun is bad and you should feel bad :)
  • tattoo artist a bit later: we still a go for having your knuckles inked with "NOBODY👏 ASKED👏 YOU👏" or

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Lo and behold! Marvel have apparently cast a white actor for Iron Fist. I am not surprised to be very honest. This is Marvel we are talking about. They will never ever racebent a titular character. That's blasphemy for them. The news is a rumor, but I don't think that changes anything. Tsk tsk tsk.....

WHY WAS I EVEN HOPEFUL???!! Why did I actually believe it could happen, that we’d get a Danny Rand of Asian decent? Like I really allowed myself to believe it was possible. I’m so stupid. Because now I’m disappointed af and I should have stopped giving them the benefit of the doubt after Doctor Strange and the Ancient One were cast.

They could fix the racist backstory in other ways, it’s just frustrating that they’d rather change the character’s history to fix these things (if they even bother) than just cast an Asian lead. And purest fans will defend that, in all their hypocrisy. And in a cinematic universe that treats Asians like crap most of the time, most especially the Defenders Netflix series so far. Fuck this.

- mod g

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I'm debating whether or not to keep watching RWBY because of this queerbaiting bullshit, but I really don't know. I think some of the fans do better work than the people running things.

I’m giving it til the end of S2 to cast any real judgements because we are only on the third episode.

Until then, I just find it really depressing and hurtful to hear from the fandom and the creators that we have to “earn” and “Wait” for “the right time” and “proof” of a queer character

Meanwhile Neptune has probably 5 minutes total of screen time and has winked at a girl no problem but that’s okay because straight’s normal mi rite. No need to joke about it or make subtext.

So like!!! that’s literally all I’m asking for?

Literally something as small as that.

I’m not asking for everyone to be gay. I’m not even asking for Weiss to be gay. I just want some acknowledgement that queerness exists and it’s not reviled and it’s just a facet of a character’s personality.

I just want it to be treated the same.

I really don’t think that’s too much to ask for?

My fandom fun be like
  • Fan: MMB has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen!
  • Homegirl75: The entire cast has beautiful blue eyes! Not just one. You're just a closeted Caryler. Your fave is going to die anyway, IMO.
  • Fan: I really enjoy the bond Daryl and Beth have even though I don't think it's romantic.
  • Homegirl75: The AMC bios have confirmed that it's romantic. Carol is going to die. Yeah, you're just a closeted Caryler.
  • Fan: I ship Daryl and Carol so hard and I just want them to be happy.
  • Homegirl75: Really? The happiest Daryl has ever been is with Beth. There's nothing romantic between them and CAROL IS GOING TO DIE.
  • Fan: Maggie and Glenn are so cute. They are my faves!
  • Homegirl75: Glenn, yeah. Maggie not so much. She don't care about her sister. Maybe her and Carol can leave together cause you know, Carol is next to die.
  • Fan: Not a big Beth fan but Emily can sure sing.
  • Homegirl75: Dear Closeted Caryler I bet you aren't a Beth fan. Beth still sings and Daryl fell in love with her and your Queen is going to die real soon.
  • Fan: Michonne is a goddess.
  • Homegirl75: But Carol gonna die though.
  • NR's Mom: Carol's cute! Is she single?
  • Homegirl75: LOL. Very cute even though there's nothing between Daryl and Carol and there never will be.
  • Andy Lincoln: I think Carol would make a good leader if Rick kicked it....maybe....
  • Homegirl75: WTF!!!!! No. How can she when the Queen will die. Andy, what are you saying. You're just a closeted Caryler.
  • Fan: Melissa is a really good actress.
  • Homegirl75: CAROL! The entire cast is excellent at acting you sneaky fugly Carol Stan. Besides your fave's day is coming. You'll see.
  • Fan: Noah's a cutie pie.
  • Fan: *reblogs support of Mike Brown*
  • Homegirl75: Carol is still going die and she will die right before you realize that Caryl is fanmade. Oh and #ALLLIVESMATTER
  • Me:
  • Me: *grabs popcorn* This bitch crazy.

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Hullo! Big big big fan of your blog--I recommend it to basically all of my writer friends, which has resulted in one of my friends without a tumblr coming up with a question for you. Two of her characters (in a massive, massive cast) are eunuchs, and we both realized we don't really know how that affects a lot of sexuality stuff. Do castrated men lose all sex drive and/or sexual attraction? We couldn't figure it out, so I was wondering if you have any general info about eunuchs. Thanks!

You know what really makes me think? A few years down the line, the cast of Carmilla are probably all going to be all really successful actors and actresses, and everyone is going to know their names. 

And it’s going to be really weird seeing them at all these events and wining all these awards, and seeing new people just finding Carmilla. And your gonna be sat there, just thinking about how far these people have come, you’re gonna be remembering when they were all these little Canadian actors and actresses. 

And you’re gonna feel like a proud parent, which is gonna be weird, cuz for the most part, their all older than their fans. But you’re still gonna feel like a proud parent, cuz you’ve watched them from the beginning, and yeah it doesn’t make you any more of a fan of them if you started watching them from Carmilla or if you started from a popular show that they were only in for a few episodes but you fell in love with them. 

But down the line, in a few years or so, when your watching them on big talk shows and in shows on popular tv networks, and just remembering where they started off. I dunno, I already feel like a proud parent of them all, but it’s just… 

I’ve never watched someone get to where they are now. I’ve never seen someone in one of the first thing’s they’ve been in and watched them progress to where so many people all over the world know their names. I’ve never watched someone like I’m watching the cast of Carmilla now. 

I already feel like a proud parent of all of them, and I know that each and every one of them are going to go on to bigger and better things, and I’m going to support them the whole way. I’m going to watch them gain more and more fans, I’m going to watch as their film/tv repertoire grows and grows. 

I don’t really know the reason for this post, it just kinda hit me tonight that I get to see them all grow as actors and actresses and as people. I guess I just want to say that I’m going to support everyone from this amazing cast in any and all things they have coming their way. 

@natvanlis @kbearluna @thedesmondfactor 

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I'm nervous about the idea of a live action movie for ML. I'm willing to give it a try but I'm afraid that they might white-wash the cast, or that fans would complain that the actors don't look "hot enough" or that the effects look too cheesy.

Don’t worry, friend, we should trust Thomas~ I’m sure he’ll write an amazing script, pick out the best possible actors, will make sure the spirit of Ladybug isn’t lost, and I assure you he won’t allow Marinette (or any of the characters) to be whitewashed. I’m also sure the fans will understand that real life does have limitations, lol.

The movie may not be as good as the series, obvs, but it may still be really, really good!! Like, I’m 98% sure there will be a kiss somewhere, as well as lots of romantic and adorable moments, and maybe even Marinette wearing all these adorable outfits (like a fashion design student should), like… I’m excited!! 


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Merv's a big guy. Are you sure he wasn't just standing in front of all the ladies? I don't really see why Meryl would require his special protection/attention?

When the cast walked into the room, Maks led Meryl by the hand and Merv was right behind Meryl. The girls lined up:
Jenna. Peta. Meryl. Sharna


Merv stood there. ^^^^

He stayed there the entire time the girl were at the front. Meryl might require more protection because of the crazy people writing hateful things on SM. Also, we have no idea what kind of “fan mail” they might be getting. You can ask ANYBODY who was at the meet and greet since you obviously don’t believe me.

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What can be written to support the casting of Boyega as Stormtrooper in Episode 7? I'm hearing a lot about some hateful/racist comments in regards to the first image in the teaser. If believe Boyega himself commented on this issue in a professional manner. Regardless, I am still frustrated to hear that people don't like having a black man as a lead in a beloved franchise. I know racism runs deep in the world, but I thought Stat Wars fans would be more open minded. What can a blogger do?

I know how you feel.  I can be really disheartening to see some of the hatred out there.  I think the best thing we can do is be really vocal in our support of John.  It’s great that Star Wars has a diverse cast and the more fans talk about that, the most we’ll drown out the crazies who don’t think a black man should be the lead.  Tweet about it, post about it, and just in general talk about it.  

And it’s important to keep the crazies in context.  They are a tiny (but loud) minority.  The majority of people who I’ve talked to are thrilled about John.  Don’t give the trolls attention, don’t respond to them and just pretend they don’t exist.  Half the time, I’m sure they’re just saying extreme things like that to get a reaction and get attention.  Don’t give it to them.  Engaging them will only egg them on.  

So just in case there was any doubt, I am ecstatic about John Boyega.  It’s high-time a huge franchise like Star Wars had a black man as the male lead.  But beyond the diversity element of it, John is a great actor.  I watched Attack the Block after his casting was announced and by the end, I was so excited about him.  He has a great presence and the way he quietly assumed the mantle of leadership made me think, “He’d be a perfect Jedi.”

And based on his Twitter and Instagram, he’s just a really sweet guy who is genuinely very thankful for this experience and is loving every second of his time in Star Wars.  

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Do you think they're gonna go /there/.

Thing is, what with Jensen saying ‘Wow. They went there.’ about the finale and Andrew Dabb saying it’s something that they’ve never done before (and will excite the fans), I don’t see that many options

Because if Andrew is telling the truth then it can’t be a death or a resurrection, the boys have seen plenty of both. And although the common consensus seems to be demon!dean… we have seen that before with Sam. And to some extent with Cas at the end of s6.

So yeah maybe it will be that and Dabb was exaggerating or failing to realise that just because it’s a different character being demonised doesn’t mean it’s a 'whole new situation’. But I’m hoping he actually knew exactly what he was talking about.

Which really leaves very few options for something that has been speculated on (enough to make Jensen surprised they actually followed through), something that will excite fans, something that will surprise people and something completely new. 

So yeah, I don’t want to spread false hope or anything. And maybe I’m just setting myself up for a fall. But if what you were talking about is destiel then tentatively? Yes. I’m pretty damn hopeful.

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The WTNV fandom is so ridiculous sometimes. I can't believe people are already complaining about Earl's voice actor. WTNV creators have not confirmed that Earl is gay. Earl being gay is a head cannon by the fans. People need to calm down and stop getting pissy at the creators for "casting a straight man as a gay man" when we don't know what sexuality Earl is! I love WTNV but sometimes the fandom blows up over nothing.

Seriously it seems they’re running races to see who can get offended the quickest. Nature is amazing.

I bet they’re going to surprise us with the fact that Earl is already married with children or something and people are going to look really stupid.

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Hello I couldn't send you a message so this will have to do. I don't really like SU but I've been loving all the fanart and animations by the fans, how do you come up with your poses and colour schemes if your not sticking to the show's original colours? (As in weird-coloured light sources that cast odd shadows)

Honestly, I am just a video editor, so I know next to nothing about art, sorry haha!!! That question might be better for someone like @jen-iii or @l-a-l-o-u who know what they’re doing!!

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While I don't have any issue with the casting choice, or even the possibility that Hermione had dark skin to begin with, it feels incredibly cheap to me to change her race after the fact. J.K. Rowling has had seven books, dozens of book covers, and a movie series to accurately portray the character. It seems weird to me that she is getting so much praise. Is it "Yay! She went a popular fan portrayal" or do you consider this a revision? I'm just really trying to wrap my head around this.

JK Rowling isn’t “changing” anything. She never specified Hermione’s race to begin with. Which means, in whatever media the characters are represented in, they can be anything, because why not? 

Why does it feel “cheap” to you? Why does this effect your interpretation of the character? She’s still Hermione. Emma Watson: still Hermione. Noma Dumezweni: also Hermione. This isn’t complicated. 

She’s getting praise because it’s refreshing to see an author embrace different interpretations of an important character that clearly means so much to so many people. Especially groups who RARELY get to see themselves represented in mass media and popular fiction. 

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Why do you keep putting yourself in collages with the cast, you are not important to the show or the fans, people don't really care about you they care about the cast, you are a nobody. You have a very bad reputation and from what I've seen some people are not taking part because of your involvement.

As far as I know, the collage says “Our leaders and The 100 cast.” I created this project. If people don’t want to take part because of some invented problem they have with me, well that’s their business. A bit petty given that this is a charity endeavor. A few angry apples does not a bad reputation make and my “importance” to the show or the fans is irrelevant. It’s probably not useful to frame it like my involvement keeps them from being involved anyway because my involvement was creating it and getting everyone else involved. Without me it wouldn’t be here. This is meant to be a project that fosters positivity and change. If people are only here because they care about the cast or only aren’t here because they don’t care about me, well then positivity and doing good things doesn’t sound like what they’re here for anyway. We want to do good things. We want to make positive change. That’s the purpose in this project. Please keep this kind of unproductive negativity out of our inbox.