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Is there something you’d like to ask, Mr. Bradford?
Look at you, you’re so gorgeous. Vince was right, I can’t believe I’m actually living with you.
I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I’m about to see you.
You do? Even now we live together? Do you like your new home?
I’m home anywhere, I can fall into you. I just want to feel like this forever.

okay listen

dan’s picture was definitely phil’s homescreen/lockscreen and he said “you look so cute more people deserve to see this”

dan blushes and says “really?”

phil nods and says “i keep enough of you to myself, let them have this.”

and dan smiles as he posts the picture with a smiley emoji caption because he’s not in a self-deprecating mood, he’s the happiest he’s ever been and wants everyone to know that.

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Descendants Main Five + Auradon Students

Carlisle (standing) in the children’s ward of the hospital he worked at in Columbus, OH in 1907.

Four years later he’ll meet a young Esme in a different ward of this hospital.

A month after that he’ll be gone to parts unknown, possibly Chicago. Carlisle packing up and moving a mere month after meeting the woman he’ll one day fall in love with just is a wee bit too coincidental to me. He’d been in Columbus since 1905, so I suppose he could have already been planning the move before meeting her– though if that was the case why doesn’t the Guide just say so? My headcanon is that he was significantly drawn to her and didn’t understand why. It unsettled him enough that he decided to leave town before he ran into her again, whether accidentally or on purpose, because he was self-aware enough to admit he was tempted to manufacture an “accidental” encounter. For him I think the major stumbling blocks were that she was so young and that she had a family– we know he’d been considering making a companion since he’d been unable to find one among other vampires, so I don’t think the fact she was still human would have fazed him, or at least not much. Having said all that, I don’t think he realized what she would one day be to him or I believe he would have stuck around and built a relationship with her. He may be conflicted about being a vampire, but he definitely doesn’t have Edward-level issues with it.

The thing I’m curious about now is exactly when he started thinking he would have to create a companion for himself. Was it after his encounter with Esme or before? Was there a part of him that realized looking among vampires was hopeless because she was what he’d really been looking for all along? Only the rest of his brain didn’t get the memo and so he fled from the weird attraction without realizing exactly what he was doing? Or is it all really just a huge coincidence?

I don’t believe in coincidences that big. I’m really curious to know what you guys think!