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shaun & neil + the trauma ward

Shiro as a power bottom. Just. Take a moment to think about those powerful thighs straddling his partner, that firm ass squeezing around their cock (or strap on, HECK, no discrimination) as he bounces back and forth. His beautifully built torso is shinning with sweat, the effort hardens his muscles and makes them that much more defined. Mouth slack from pleasure, head tilted back, a steady stream of choked moans and small huffs coming out of his mouth. He’s absolutely breathtaking.

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this is legitimally one of the gayest scenes that I ever had to witness in my entire life. like I’m not even joking. you have to make some intense leaps of logic to find a hetero way to read this scene. how was this aired in 60’s television. i’m amazed


OR - S3 E5

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Do you ship Jon/Dany or Jon/Sansa or not one of them?

I ship Jon/Sansa, but I’m aware that Jon/Dany is probably where the story’s going, and I’m okay with it. If that makes sense?

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What are your thoughts on Saiouma as a ship? I don't particularly like it because Ouma has to suffer with an unrequited love for a detective who doesn't come around to his way of thinking before he d i e s and also thought of him as a villain goddamn it saihara

Haha, I’m actually a pretty avid saiouma shipper—it’s my favorite ship of any DR game, really. It’s one of those things where I can understand why it didn’t work out because of the problems that arise in canon, but I can’t help being particularly invested in all the potential it could have had under different circumstances.

Saihara’s lack of understanding can be frustrating, certainly, but it’s also something that’s necessary from a plot perspective. Kodaka so obviously wanted to craft Ouma into a “catbox” character, someone whose intentions and motivations were kept secret to the end, in order to give players a reason to go back and replay the game and try to pick up hints they might not have noticed before.

Ouma himself wanted to remain an enigma to the very end. It’s not entirely Saihara’s fault that he couldn’t crack the “mystey” that Ouma was, when Ouma himself was making it so intentionally difficult for him.

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Hmm, parallels between Cherik and Codywan, you say? Would you be wiling to go into that? I ship both pairs as well, and now I'm curious. (Same nonnie from before, btw- don't have my own tumblr or I'd log in).

Lmao when your tipsy ass writes a check that your sober ass can’t cash. I guess what I really meant to say is that I realized that my modern AU Codywan was taking a lot of cues from my fav tropes specific to a particular Cherik fluff corner of 2011 X-Men: First Class fandom. Like I said you have to squint, and it’s mostly just surface-level aesthetics. But here’s some Charles and Obi-Wan stuff off the top of my head:

  • Posh British accent
  • Short (The way I draw them anyway)
  • Layered clothing, lots of sweaters
  • Swings between acting like an excitable undergrad, a peevish professor, and a long-suffering old man
  • Incurable flirty streak
  • Can hold his liquor (usually)
  • The hair swish & flop
  • Looks perpetually 25 until he’s like 60 and then BAM he’s a distinguished Shakespearean actor
  • Related: Probably gets carded into his 30s, especially when clean shaven
  • On the more canon side, they both have supernatural mental abilities
  • Makes a great damsel but could also obliterate an army with minimal exertion
  • Keeps taking in strays, especially children

Meanwhile Erik and Cody are just like:

  • Taller (Depending on your source, but I always make it so)
  • Buffer bodytype
  • Gr8 cheekbones
  • Black turtleneck
  • Also maybe something about the use of guns and brute force tactics, idk. Fighting style can be showy but is less “civilized” than their counterparts’? Debatable point. 

But personality-dynamic wise the two couples are extremely different imo, particularly because Cody very open about his admiration/adoration of Obi-Wan and kind of a chill guy in general, whereas Erik seems irritated that he can’t manage to completely hate Charles and is so fucking Extra that Vader would be jealous.

I do maintain that both couples use chess as a form of foreplay though ;)


Kraang queen April doodles from today. Thanks for distracting me from all the art I actually intended to get done this weekend, your alien majesty.

Those head quill things are adorable though. Nobody can convince me otherwise.

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Don't find this rude or anything, but why is Laf/Peggy a ship? I just don't understand where it came from. I don't particularly care whether or not people ship it; I'm just curious where it came from.

I’m *big shrug emoji* I’m so new to this Fandom and know exactly .0005 things about it. I think they look really cute together and idk laf is very center of attention and Peggy is more of a sidelined character so that difference is probably why. Also ppl usually meme the hell out of both those characters so they’re kinda the meme dream team ship

And don’t worry that’s not rude

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I'm a csa survivor, and as that I will say I care infinitely more about irl rapists than I do some ship i don't particularly like. Yeah, if you ship a twelve year old with a nineteen year old I'll raise an eyebrow, but in the end I care about actual children being abused.

Real pedophilia is far more important than fictional ships etc and people who think otherwise or that they’re or in any way equal need to reevaluate their morals

Max is one of the best female character leads I ever fucking saw. She is so fucking adorable and a character you can identify with. She is a shy geek with normal teenager problems and I JUST WANT TO HUG THE SHIT OUT OF THIS ADORABLE LITTLE FREAK!
And Chloe…oh Chloe…I have a big crush on this hot punk ass! She is so freaking cool and awesome and Oh my god, please, let me kiss you! But I feel so sorry for her! This poor little baby…
And now Warren. My second crush in this game. He is like a fluffy marshmallow, kawaii piece of shit. And he is so fucking brave and I almost cried when Max didn’t hugged him. This sad puppy face he made for just a second… My precious little child, please, let me hug you baby.
So, what can I say? I don’t know. This Game is awesome and the characters are just perfect and I already have two babys I just want to kiss. I want to see more! MORE! More of this cute gayness of Chloe and Max, more of this dorky warren… Oh please, give it to me!

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Hey so I known you don't particularly ship bellarke, but what do you think of the bellarke/kabby parallels? I'm only asking because I'm curious to see what the other side of the fandom thinks?

I actually do ship Bellarke!  Kabby is my #1 but I’ve always been invested in Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship.  I have very strong opinions about Kabby/Bellarke parallels and have talked about this at LENGTH on Meta Station, where @reblogginhood, my co-host and best friend, is a ride-or-die Bellarke shipper, so most of the time I feel like I have dual citizenship through Erin (and vice versa, since the Kabby fandom loves her too).  We both love both those ships, and we both love all four of those characters, just in rearranged order, and we like to yell about this a LOT.

I’ve meta’d on this before a number of different times, but I’m too lazy to go back and dig up old posts, so here goes.

First of all, if you are a Bellarke shipper (are you a Bellarke shipper? Am I reading this ask correctly?  HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIIDE), the most important thing I want to say in aid of positive fandom-to-fandom relations is that the phrase “Kabby/Bellarke parallels” has begun to elicit a knee-jerk primal scream reaction among Kabby shippers over the past few months, since we regularly find the Kabby tag full of posts that either describe Kabby as the “old” version of Bellarke, or that it only exists to pave the way for Bellarke, or that the parallels that exist (and they do exist, and we’ll get to that in a second) essentially make Kane and Abby metaphors instead of people who only exist in the narrative to shed light on Bellarke instead of being their own characters with value and storylines of their own.  Articles or blog posts highlighting the things that make Kabby special to Kabby shippers will get reblogged with someone saying “if you change the names, it’s about Bellarke!” or with lengthy meta about how Bellarke had that thing first or that the Kabby version of some particular moment or symbol or metaphor or visual cue or phrase only exists because it will become MORE important later, when it’s attached to Bellarke. 

So I’m frustrated because I love this ask, I love getting this question, I love talking about the relationship among these four characters, but also it’s hard - as you can imagine - to feel like we’re told over and over again that the things we feel make our ship, and these two characters, really special to us, don’t really matter on their own merits.  

Anyway, I’m saying that both A) so the Kabby fandom, where we are perpetually having this conversation, knows MOM’S ON IT, and B) so that you as a Bellarke shipper who seems delightful and asked a great question has some context for why sometimes other asks or posts about this - which aren’t phrased as nicely as yours was - receive a negative response or make Kabby shippers upset.  I think the context is important here, because this has been a BIG thing in our world of late and we’re all a little thin-skinned about it right now.


oh wait I found another post where I already did this STILL GONNA YELL ABOUT IT THOUGH, MY HOUSE MY RULES

Okay so FIRST OF ALL let me just real quick BLOW YOUR MIND with my Kabby/Bellarke parallels theory, which is that the REAL parallel is Abby/Bellamy vs. Clarke/Kane and everyone else has it backwards. 

I think the easy, default place most people go to when we talk about this is to contrast Kane and Bellamy - the self-doubting, tortured, wannabe martyrs who carry the weight of every sin on their shoulders well past the point of reason - with Abby and Clarke - the resourceful mother and daughter who never give up and will drag all of humanity kicking and screaming to their salvation if it’s the LAST THING THEY FUCKING DO.  And I think there’s a lot of interesting character stuff to be mined there, for sure; I think Kane and Bellamy’s parallel redemption arcs are some of the best stuff they’ve done in the whole series (until 3A Bellamy regressed back to an asshole but let’s skip past that for the moment), illustrating the way that for both of them, the Culling was really a turning point where they realized that they will forever carry the burden of having been complicit in that massive loss of innocent life (Bellamy for throwing away Raven’s radio and Kane for not waiting like Abby asked him to) which could have been prevented if they had listened to the Griffins.  It’s beautifully executed, even in S1 when these two characters have never interacted onscreen, and it ramps up even more in S2 where we see them meet and immediately butt heads with each other before in S3 developing a real partnership.  (Which then got torn to shreds.  I’m still bitter over 3A Kellamy  I’M GONNA NEED A HUG IN S4 JASON DO U HEAR ME) (I mean I need Kane to hug Bellamy, not like I’m requesting a hug from Jason, TO BE CLEAR).  And I think the mother/daughter parallels are drawn beautifully as well, especially in S1 where we see Abby on the Ark and Clarke on the ground filling similar roles and working towards the same goal, barreling through the opposition however they must.

BUT.  If we’re talking about which characters are MOST SIMILAR, then I think you CANNOT get away from the reality that the parallels are actually gender-flipped.

Clarke has a lot of her mom in her, clearly, as well as a lot of her dad.  But she’s not actually the kind of leader her mom is.  She’s the kind of leader Kane is.  Abby and Bellamy are the ones with the crowd charisma and the stubborn recklessness; Clarke and Kane are the cool-headed, deliberate strategic thinkers.  Bellamy and Abby have quick minds and no fear and will do absolutely anything, no matter how insane, to protect the people they love.  You can map, beat-for-beat, so many of the things Bellamy does for Octavia onto the things Abby does for Clarke, and vice versa.  Abby sneaking the kids out the back door with guns in the middle of the night to go find Clarke? Bellamy would do that in a second.  Bellamy sneaking onto the dropship to make sure Octavia doesn’t go to earth unprotected?  ABBY AF.  They both begin the show as people who are fiercely focused on keeping the person they love most safe, and it makes them blind to ancillary consequences.  Bellamy will fight anyone.  Abby will tell any lie.  There is no such thing as too far, when the person you love is at stake.  WE know Abby’s hope that the kids are alive is borne out by fact, but NO ONE ELSE ON THE ARK KNOWS THAT.  From Kane’s point of view, she’s being as unreasonable and reckless as Clarke thinks Bellamy is when she yells at him about the radio.  Or think about Abby sneaking Bellamy and Finn out the back door with guns to go hunt for Clarke, even knowing she would get in trouble for it.  You know who else would do THAT EXACT SAME THING in those circumstances?  BELLAMY BLAKE.  I bet they cooked up that scheme together off-camera.  So what I think is interesting for both of them is how their circle expands over the course of three seasons to change the way they are as leaders, and the ways in which their recklessness is tempered by their leadership partners. 

I’m fascinated by the relationship between Clarke and Kane, and I hope we get more of it in S4.  I heard rumblings that they go together to find Kenza, the Nightblood scout, and I’m hoping we get a lil’ dad/daughter road trip bonding, because I think they have a really strong connection and they share a similar leadership brain.  Where Abby and Bellamy are quick and passionate and make snap decisions, Clarke and Kane are more calculating.  They’re thinking in the big picture and the longer term.  Floating 300 people to save the whole Ark, and irradiating the residents of Mt. Weather to save all the Sky People, are identical decision-making processes; not everyone can live, someone is going to have to die, so how to we map out the most effective path where the fewest of my people die as possible for maximum survival?  Whereas there’s nothing Bellamy wouldn’t burn to the ground to save Octavia.  Leadership isn’t PERSONAL for Clarke and Kane, not right off the bat.  It’s about the numbers.  It’s about as many people as possible surviving.  And so sometimes you have to let the bomb fall on Tondc, because letting those people die is the only way to give your own people the chance to live, even though Abby “there has to be another way” Griffin finds that notion so appalling she can hardly even recognize her daughter in that moment.  But you know who understood it immediately, and didn’t judge her?  Kane.  Kane and Abby’s scene underground in 2x13 is such a beautiful, crucial moment in their relationship, but it’s also the moment the show really begins to lean in on this idea that Kane can see Clarke more clearly than Abby can, because she’s Abby’s baby girl and Abby is still trying to protect her from harm - including from the harm of having to make, and then face the consequences of, terrible decisions.  But Kane is the one who tells Abby not to diminish either Clarke or Lexa’s leadership skills just because they’re young.  Kane is the one who calmly talks Clarke down when they’re trying to figure out who poisoned Lexa’s drink, using the same kind of coolheaded, rational language we can easily imagine Clarke using to one of the delinquents if the shoe was on the other foot.  And so it makes perfect sense that it would be Clarke and Kane who make the strategic decision, together, that Skaikru joining the Grounder Alliance is the smartest long-term tactical decision - a notion we see that Abby and Bellamy don’t like, because they, emotional thinkers that they are, still haven’t forgiven Lexa or decided they can trust her again.

I’m really interested in where the lines end up getting drawn in S4, but it definitely seems to me, from the bits and pieces we’ve seen and heard, that Clarke has some kind of crazy-ass save-the-world plan that other people think is too reckless or too dangerous or will have too high a casualty rate, and that the group sort of divides itself into factions based on who is willing to get on board and who is resisting (or just giving up and waiting to die).  And it does seem, from the trailer, that Kane and Abby are using the same language Clarke is using.  We’ve also heard that Bellamy and Clarke are back as a power duo again, so my guess is he’ll be on the squad too.  So what I’m really excited about, because we’ve never really had this before, is the four of them working together as a co-leadership team.  I want to see Chancellor Kane and Ambassador Clarke negotiating with Roan and Luna.  I want Abby and Bellamy working together in Arkadia to convince their people to go along with Clarke’s plan.  I want Clarke and Abby to talk about Lexa and Jake, about how you go on with a hole in your heart and how to grieve and heal.  I want Kane and Bellamy to talk through all the things that happened in S3, how Bellamy almost got Kane executed because he stopped trusting him, how ALIE made Kane almost murder Bellamy in cold blood, and where they go from here.  I want us to see the parallel relationship dynamics - the big-hearted, loving Griffins who are used to giving and receiving affection reaching out to the isolated protector men who are still getting used to the idea that they have a place they belong and people who care about them. 

TO CONCLUDE: Abby is Bellamy and Clarke is Kane and they’re a big beautiful leadership power squad family and I love them all with my whole heart THANK U AND GOODNIGHT

“i feel like all the freewood we’re getting lately is just fanservice” well if they’re gonna give us fanservice they better bring up the ship name bc i need to hear gavin say “i’ll free your wood” at least once in my life