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Your recent reblog made me realise how mistreated artists are. I've seen many people simply reposting arts and not complying with the wishes of the artist. Far too many people just find a pretty picture on the Internet and either illegally use it or claim as their own. As an artist myself, I know how much effort goes into each piece. Especially digital art because I've seen many people saying that it's not real art. Far too many people don't care and they won't stop reposting no matter what.

Hi Nonny!

Firstly, I want to thank you for messaging me because I actually feel really strongly about this topic and I have a lot to say about it so. 

I’m going to sound old and crotchety when I say this (and I’m 28, which I know for a fact IS old and crotchety to some of ya’ll), but when I read about how badly the internet has damaged the music industry, the anime industry, the publishing industry or the movie industry, it always makes me think about fandom. Internet and social media have done us dirty too in a lot of ways.

The same exact arguments for why the movie, anime and other industries are struggling so much at present can be made for fandom creators. Too many advances and changes in too short a period of time. The fandom landscape changed so much in so few years that we are still dealing with the fallout. 

Fanzines, as just ONE example, date back to the 30s, but they are something of a rarity now in their original form and one big reason for that is the internet’s impact on the availability of content. The internet has encouraged the consumer culture we’ve developed, where it’s easy to right click and save a picture and save a fic as a pdf to your kindle without ever acknowledging the creators.

I’ve been lurking around internet forums since 2004/2005, though I first got involved properly in fandom in 2007 and I want to make it very clear that reposting and the general mistreatment of content creators is not new. When I first skirted on the edges of the Naruto fandom, reposts of fanart to catchy tunes on YT was a very big part of the fandom community in ways the Vine repost culture kind of is now. 

And obviously in retrospect, I personally didn’t know a thing about reposting at the time. I wasn’t the one uploading them, so I don’t even know if the artists gave permission (though…I doubt it). 

But reposters often claim one of three of the above as a reason that they should not be judged for their actions when the reality is that they didn’t know and should learn better.

The judgement for reposting doesn’t come from a place of being angry at ignorance. It’s from the unwillingness to learn. From deliberation and the actions of individuals refusing to not only read disclaimers but to ask questions of those who would be only too happy to answer their questions.

And I’ll be honest, it’s CRUCIAL that fandoms (not only Mysme) learn better.

It’s crucial that we as a generation move on from this.

I’ve been on tumblr specifically since 2011 and I’ve watched so many fandoms come and go. A significant weight for a fandom’s lifespan rests on the shoulders of content creators and when those same content creators are disrespected in a multitude of different ways, exactly why should we (I am including myself, by the way, as a writer) stick around?

If the fanbase reposts art often enough without credits, questions commission prices all while begging for free art etc etc, doesn’t it make sense to leave?

This is a problem that goes beyond Mysme Fandom. It stretches as far as Pixiv, where Japanese speaking artists place English disclaimers for Western fans asking that they do not steal, having had their galleries picked clean.

I’m not going into the BS writers face because that’s a whole other topic tbh

Content creators work for free and are usually not professionals. All they ask is respect. It is an enormous disrespect to take something of theirs and claim it as your own. Reposters lose the right to victimhood when they are inherently in the wrong. A lot of times I see people confronting reposters and it makes me uncomfortable, since the reposter flips the blame on the artist so quickly that it verges on gaslighting, which is-by the way- an abuse tactic.

Time for a game of reposter bingo:

“It’s online, it’s your fault!”

“I just wanted to have fun!”

“I just wanted to give X artist exposure!”

I think every fandom forgets that its content creators are fans too. They create from a place of love, but they share because they want their work to be seen and they are not in the least bit obligated to do so.

Sourcing that art properly is an obligation though and it is not difficult. 

I will also argue that it is our obligation to educate reposting etiquette in the same manner that we do tag etiquette. There is something very wrong with the shape of a fandom where every artist I know has had their work stolen at least once and has to literally beg and plead in the face of people who -by and large- ignore them. I want to say that it should go unsaid that stealing art is wrong and people should not NEED to be taught otherwise, but it is becoming so ingrained in fandom dna that at this point it feels I’m being condescending by saying otherwise.

Here are some sourcing tools:

Google Reverse Image Search



These do not count as sources:




Here is a tool to disable right click

It’s important that we move past this and get our collective shit together, because this is not only a fandom exclusive problem, but it is for damn sure one that arrived with social media and it’s impacted everyone in a lot of unforeseen, harmful ways. 

If we fandom bloggers don’t protect one another and learn from our mistakes, then who is to stop the bigger corporations from taking advantage of us.

Elly out

Look at the warping sparkles while King Regis is still alive in Kingsglaive. It is very bright, multi colored and almost like cut glass. It even ‘smokes’ the user after they land, like the poor Glaive that was seen throwing up early in the movie.

Where as after King Regis dies and Nyx is anointed with the power of the Lucii, his warp sparkles are a softer, more diffused looking blue. It looks very different. You might interpret that as another kind of warping because it originates directly from a purer more original form of Lucii magic.

It’s interesting to note that while Noctis’s warping in the FFXV game is the Lucii softer blue, in the above Omen it is clearly the original multi colored shards that Nyx had. Seeing as to how the passionate people who worked on Kingsglaive also made the trailer, surely it has to mean something?  I might be completely wrong but it sure is fun to speculate!

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Make Happy Starter Pack
  • Mix of comedy, deep stuff, out of context stuff, and potentially NSFW-ish sentences.
  • "Ladies if you feel me, say hell yeah!"
  • "Fellas if you feel me, say hell yeah!"
  • "Virgins, if you haven't felt a person, say hell yeah!"
  • "If you like drinking booze, let me hear you say hell yeah!"
  • "If you like smoking weed, let me hear you say hell yeah!"
  • "I can't wrap my mind around exactly why I'm here."
  • "I know you paid money."
  • "I should be funny."
  • "Look at the world. I don't know why I'm here."
  • "I would love to tell you that everything is fine."
  • "You wanna be happy... Well, get in line!"
  • "It gets old after a few minutes."
  • "Let's get this show started."
  • "I already fucked it up."
  • "Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love."
  • "You have to reject both sides of the spectrum to leave a healthy middle."
  • "Stop participating."
  • "Not a participatory thing going on up here."
  • "Did you not think I was gonna use this, idiot(s)?"
  • "It's not a prop."
  • "I've got a lot of problems in my life."
  • "I got no one to talk to."
  • "There's everyone and then there is just me."
  • "If I could change, don't you think that I'd do it?"
  • "God only knows, why he cursed me to be ________/(a straight white man)"
  • "I state my problems, other people roll their eyes."
  • "Three trips to the mall, zero _______ in my size."
  • "I've never been the victim of a random search for drugs."
  • "You can't say my life is easy."
  • "I know the road looks though ahead."
  • "Can't you just leave us alone?"
  • "Also, 'no' to the things you asked for."
  • "They are being greedy and they know it."
  • "Everyone thinks that I got it easy."
  • "Just because it's true, doesn't mean that it's right."
  • "So pull up a chair and put down your pitchforks."
  • "We still do, but it's not as fun now."
  • "If you were offended by that, it was ironic."
  • "Isn't that fun?"
  • "I meant the whole opposite of it."
  • "White guys... it's easy to be a white guy."
  • "We deserve a cheer once in a while."
  • "We invented a lot of stuff."
  • "Everything but peanut butter."
  • "Your grandkids are going to see this."
  • "Put the lights down."
  • "Their faces creep me out."
  • "I'm not perfect, ok?"
  • "Twice in a week? What is this?"
  • "Do you want to sing a song with me?"
  • "Hey, _____, guess what?"
  • "You're a (insert insult here)."
  • "So I was interrupted the other day-"
  • "Can you turn the lights off at least?"
  • "Why was it on a record player?"
  • "It's gonna outlive me."
  • "Do not give those dumb fucks any credit."
  • "It's all me baby, all me."
  • "How dare you make that joke so late!"
  • "I like poetry."
  • "Do not veer credit to people outside this building!"
  • "Two examples is enough."
  • "I'm right in the sweet spot."
  • "I could give that money to a homless person. But I don't do that very often."
  • "Tomorrow is a relative term. We're not getting there."
  • "You don't know where I'm going, so don't act like it."
  • "You're not ahead of me."
  • "I will retain the element of surprise."
  • "I'm trying to break out of that."
  • "This might not work."
  • "________, I heard you had sex with an older woman last night?"
  • "How does he do it?"
  • "I'm not honest for a second up here."
  • "I think country music gets a bad rep."
  • "A dirt road, a cold beer, blue jeans, a red pick-up."
  • "No shoes, no shirt."
  • "Sort of a mental typo."
  • "I could sing in mandarin."
  • "I own a private ranch that I rarely use. I don't like dirt."
  • "Now it's time to talk to the ladies."
  • "Good girl in a straw head."
  • "Thought it was a human woman."
  • "That is a scarecrow."
  • "I'm wanting you. I hope you're feeling me."
  • "You don't know what land you're in...?"
  • "They are lying to you, that's all."
  • "You deserve better."
  • "I'm not saying I'm it, but I'm the person that says you deserve better."
  • "It's the end of culture."
  • "We lost."
  • "How is this entertainment?"
  • "I saw a gorgeous dick. I was in a public restroom."
  • "You're not picturing this."
  • "I need to earn it."
  • "You need to earn it."
  • "There's more where that came from."
  • "Ladies, I know where that came from."
  • "You want a guy that's sweet."
  • "This ugy only exists in your mind."
  • "Guess what? You're right."
  • "If you want love, lower your expectations a few."
  • "Prince Charming would never settle for you."
  • "Just pick a guy and love him."
  • "Just pick a girl and love him."
  • "You wan't a girl that is noce, a girl that is not."
  • "A real girl, a hot girl, a really hot girl!"
  • "She's real, but last week she died."
  • "You might think you dick is a gift, I promise it's not."
  • "I won't settle for less than perfect."
  • "Deep down we know we don't deserve it."
  • "We all deserve love."
  • "We all suck, but love can make us suck less."
  • "It's the very best part of being alive."
  • "Original does not mean good."
  • "Anyone can do anything."
  • "What is it good for?"
  • "I don't want to get political..."
  • "They just liked the lights, I didn't even need to do jokes."
  • "Yeah, you like that?"
  • "Honey are you ok?"
  • "Are you drunk?"
  • "What's behind your back?"
  • "It's a jar of peanut butter. Alright? Sue me."
  • "Why are you holding a jar of mayonnaise."
  • "I'll clean it up."
  • "You'll make it worse if you try it."
  • "Who are you talking to?"
  • "You just gestured to the sink."
  • "I bought something."
  • "Sit in silence."
  • "Nothing tastes better than not getting sued."
  • "You don't want that desperate sort of cloying thing."
  • "I'm just overpaid, ok?"
  • "I sound mean and rude."
  • "Let a professional hear it."
  • "Stick your tongue in a plug."
  • "Hold your breath until it's gone."
  • "Take your pants off!"
  • "You think it's ok because I'm a dude?"
  • "You think it's ok because he is a dude?"
  • "It's over."
  • "We shouldn't fight to stay together just to fight again."
  • "We need to take a break from us to make it right again."
  • "Honestly are you fucking five?"
  • "I've got my father's temper. I'm emotionally inarticulate."
  • "I'm hurting inside, I'm trying to hide it."
  • "I thought you were lashing out in anger."
  • "I deserve better than you."
  • "Sorry, you're not what I need."
  • "What am I talking about, you know?"
  • "It's about... but for real, what is it about?"
  • "No one gives a shit about what we think!"
  • "The arrogant is taught."
  • "It's prison. It's horrific"
  • "I know very little about anything."
  • "He talked about his problems."
  • "I thought... maybe I could do this."
  • "Can I say my shit, _______?"
  • "I got lots of shit to say."
  • "I can't fit my hand insdie a pringle can."
  • "It's way too small."
  • "You think you can. I know you can't"
  • "Just... make them wider?"
  • "I wanna have a daughter."
  • "But that is priority numero uno."
  • "I don't go to the gym 'cause I'm self concious about my body."
  • "I'm self concious about my body because I don't go to the gym."
  • "Irony can be so painful."
  • "Dude, you should have warned me."
  • "No one wants to have a messx burrito."
  • "I wouldn't have gotten the _______ if I knew it wouldn't fit."
  • "I wouldn't have got half of it."
  • "I'm ok with small mistakes."
  • "I don't think that I can handle this right now."
  • "I can sit here an pretend that my biggest problems are pringle cans and burritos."
  • "The truth is my biggest problem is you."
  • "I want to please you but stay true to myself."
  • "Part of me loves you, part of me hates you, part of you needs you, part of me fears you."
  • "I should probably just shut up."
  • "You can tell them anything."
  • ""I hope you're happy."
  • "Oh, good, it's just us."
  • "If you hated it, it's fair."
  • "On a scale of one to zero, ________?"
  • "Are you happy?"
  • "But what the fuck kind of question is 'are you happy'?"
  • "Oh god, my dad was right."
  • "You're everything you hated. Are you happy?"
  • "Hey, look, Mom, I made it! Are you happy?"
Why I hate Rose Tyler

I don’t like Rose because she’s selfish, unlikable, self-centered, entirely codependent on The Doctor, many of her actions is like that of a sociopath and she never develops as a character at all and really if there is one person in all of Doctor Who who does not have a life outside The Doctor it’s Rose. She was likable with Nine(despite that she treated Mickey like shit) but annoyingly obsessive with Ten. She may be a good companion for Nine and Ten but she treats people like playthings then tosses them away like they’re nothing to her unless it suits bringing her closer to her precious Doctor. Because of Rose leaving the fans wouldn’t give Martha(who is an awesomely underrated companion) a chance and treat her like an abomination. She pretty much turned Ten from a ancient alien who travels the universe for fun into a love sick human with emotions and the forced unbearable romance between her and Ten which then resulted in fans going “OMG Rose is the only one true love for The Doctor” I’m sick of it, I’m sick of the fans and I’m sick of Rose Tyler.

Maybe I should explain. At first I liked her in the beginning, she was a good companion to Nine in series 1 but after a while she just seems so bad as a companion. There are sometimes where I like her like from stopping The Doctor from killing the last Dalek something he might regret(well not really since The Fifth Doctor regretted not killing The Daleks when he had the chance and The Seventh Doctor manipulated Davros into blowing up Skaro and talked a Dalek into killing itself), she saved The Doctor from The Daleks, she saved Jack and that allowed him to change Torchwood in The Doctor’s name and for the better, she saved Donna in Turn Left and brought Donna back to The Doctor to warn him, she stopped “The Beast(refuse to call this Satan because there would at least be interesting dialogue between The Doctor and Satan), and she did make him better(not really since The Doctor is and has always been a mysterious mad alien anti-hero who travels the universe for fun) in a way. But let’s get to why I don’t like her. Okay at first she seems perfectly normal. She has a good job, a mother and boyfriend who loves her but one fateful day when The Autons appear she meets The Doctor. The problem? She may love The Doctor but she treats people like playthings and tosses them aside when she’s done with them. How she treats Mickey. For series 1 she has this stupid boy on her string and he is so hopeless that he doesn’t know or has any choice or say in the matter. While he was her boyfriend she ran off with a stranger she just met, left him alone without so much as a goodbye and he was to blamed for her year of absence, everyone including Jackie thought he killed her (‘cause really, it’s a bloody MIRACLE that Mickey’s still alive after that long given how Britain can be in situations like that, especially when it’s a black man accused of killing a white woman). and when she see’s him all she says is “I was gonna call you and I’m sorry” at that moment it made me impossible to like her. and she gets all whiny when he says he moved on because she expects him to wait for her like a loyal lapdog wow just wow. Jackie her mother. She leaves her without so much as a goodbye, lets her worry for a year,  she can’t trust Jackie enough to just tell her where she’s been. She doesn’t have to tell the police or whoever else, just her mum. And she doesn’t. Nor does she ever thank Mickey for keeping her secret for a whole FREAKING YEAR and ruining his life! That’s some freaking dedication. That guy needs a medal. and finally The Doctor. At times Doctor/companions romance is love/hate for me but the bad thing in Rose’s case is they shove it down our throats. 99% of the time, The Doctor or someone else had to rescue Rose, or if she did the rescuing, she screwed up things worse than before. From a psychological perspective, with The Doctor just returning from the Time War because of this dependency thing. He HAS to rescue her, without killing her. Now Nine and Rose together I liked because Nine and Rose brought out the best in each other where Ten and Rose brought out the worst in each other. But I found this on why I find Ten/ Rose unbearable “I think That Rose took the war-torn, conscienceless Ninth Doctor and helped him realize his human side. Then the human-like Tenth Doctor and Rose became arrogant and started to think of themselves as gods. That is why The Tenth Doctor is unbearable to me. You know, surprisingly enough, I was just thinking about this a while back and I realised what was bothering me about Ten and Rose’s relationship; and why the majority of us can see it was so toxic for both of them. Not only was Rose attempting to treat Ten like a human, Ten was attempting to treat Rose like a Time Lady. Think about it for a moment. Anyone who’s watched Classic Who as well as New Who will get what I mean immediately. Ten treats Rose exactly like he treated Romana. Which he should never have done. Sometimes he puts Rose in situations requiring abilities and intelligence far beyond human capabilities. And Rose tries, because, like a lot of The Doctor’s companions, she wants to impress him and make him proud. But Rose can’t do the majority of these things, and it’s not fair of The Doctor to have made her attempt them. It allowed Rose to put unrealistic expectations upon herself And over time, you see The Doctor realizes this. But he can’t bring himself to stop until it’s too late and Rose refuses to leave him for her own safety. This is the fault of Ten. He’s become too human-like and thinks Rose is now his equal, like Romana was to him previously. But The Doctor is not human and Rose is not Time Lord. They are not equals. This is even more saddening when you bring the time-locking of Gallifrey into it. The Doctor is desperate for someone to be like him, survivors guilt, he doesn’t want to be alone. Rose’s fault is she wanted The Doctor to be human. The Doctor’s fault is he wanted Rose to be a replacement for his lost people, so, with the hive mind of a Time Lord, he adapted to what Rose wanted. And Rose wanted a forever, and that could never be.”  I may ship certain Doctors with certain companions(Three x Jo, Four x Romana, Five x Nyssa, Six x Peri, Eight x Charley, Nine x Rose, Eleven x River and The Doctor x TARDIS) but I just prefer to the idea of the original director during the First Doctor’s era that The Doctor should be and should remain asexual and it just feels wrong and out of character that The Doctor falls in love with his companions, to me it should just be best friends traveling time and space in The TARDIS like Sarah Jane Smith, Ace,  and Donna Noble.

Now let’s talk about the things she does episode wise that isn’t the way she treats Mickey, Jackie and The Doctor.  Father’s Day. I hate this episode because I hate her. So Rose saves her dad, something that the Doctor told her she couldn’t ever do. And yeah, if my dad died and I had a chance to save him, I would want to as well. She isn’t evil or bad for wanting to save him, she’s just stupid for actually doing it. When the Doctor tells her he’s going to leave, she says, “You don’t scare me! You’ll come back!” like she’s so fucking entitled that he’s beholden to her. And when she finally realizes what she’s done, she gives him a half-assed apology because she knows that’s all she has to give him.

Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. She’s not too bad in this, except for raping the TARDIS and all. She does genuinely want to help the Doctor and Jack save the people on Satellite 5 and she does listen to what the Doctor tells her to do, except for the whole stay home part. And now, I”m going to give her a little leeway right here. Because if I was in that situation, I’d try whatever I could to save the Doctor too. That makes sense. But the poor TARDIS is like “Um, sweetie, no.” and Rose doesn’t listen. And no, I’m not going to blame her for the Doctor regenerating because she wouldn’t have known that was going to happen. That isn’t her fault. She was trying to help.

But when the Doctor DOES regenerate, she refuses to accept it. And yeah, I admit that it would be weird and probably scary if you didn’t know it was coming. And not to mention confusing. But she spends the whole Christmas episode whining to her mom about how he left her. He explained this to you, he’s the same person. AND HELLO, HE DID IT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, YOU UNGRATEFUL TWAT.

And season 2 is when she starts getting really bad. I can deal with her in season 1, but I can’t even watch season 2 because of her. In Tooth ANd Claw she makes a bet with Ten that she can make the Queen say "I am not amused” yeah this would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that there was an assassination plot AND A FUCKING WEREWOLF THAT WAS FUCKING KILLING PEOPLE! She’s mildly annoying up until School Reunion, when we see the brilliant Sarah Jane Smith return. Rose gets stupidly defensive for no reason, like she should be the only one who’s ever traveled with the Doctor. She knows how old he is, it’s not ridiculous that he’d be friends with other people. Get over it. She treats Sarah Jane terribly because of this. To her credit, they’re friends at the end, but that doesn’t discount the way that Rose acted.

And then we have The Girl In The Fireplace. Rose gets pissy because the Doctor finds himself friends with Madame de Pompadour. Rose obviously feels threatened by her, because she treats her like crap too. And now Mickey is with the group, though Rose is basically still ignoring him. (The Doctor does feel some attraction to her, but Madame de Pompadour is freaking brilliant.) And she doesn’t treat Rose the way that Rose treats her.

And in the two Cybermen episodes, she gets clingy over her dad (who isn’t her dad) who she thinks is also beholden to her in someway. He isn’t her real dad, but she acts like he should adopt her or something. She assumes he’s going to automatically accept her, and when he doesn’t, she gets all hurt like it’s his fault. And then, she suddenly gets upset when Mickey leaves, like she actually cared whether he was there or not.

Fast forward to The Impossible Planet, where the Doctor is faced with the most horrifying thing imaginable: living a normal life. Rose automatically decides they’re going to be living together, something that The Doctor doesn’t say anything about. The idea of being forced into one place and time is something he hates, but she’s happy to back him into a corner as long as she gets her fairytale.

And oh god, Love and Monsters. Rose gets mad at Alton for upsetting her mum. UM, WHO HAS BEEN THE ONE UPSETTING HER MUM FOR THE LAST TWO SEASONS? AND TREATING HER LIKE SHIT? Oh yeah, Rose has.

And Doomsday. She was trying to help the Doctor save the world and got trapped in the parallel universe. Okay. She gets credit. Credit where credit is due. EXCEPT HOLY GOD, THE BEACH SCENE. “I can’t come to the beach and see you, if I do it will blow a hole in spacetime and both universes will collapse.”

And what’s her answer? “So?”

SO?!?!?!? FUCKING ‘SO’? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? “I don’t care about killing my family and trillions and trillions of people, destroying all the planets everywhere and taking away all the days that never came, I just want to hug you.”

REALLY? Okay, I get that you’re sad. I’d be sad too. But I wouldn’t jeopardize the future of my family and two universes for fucking sentiment. And, FYI, she’d be killing the Doctor too. He kind of lives in one of those universes.

AND REALLY Rose was prepared to leave her mother, father and Mickey in a parallel universe. She was willing to throw away her family, friends and old life just to be with her precious Doctor. Hell Rose would sacrifice everyone, anything and everything in the universe to be with her precious Doctor and you know it’s fucking true.

So, fast forward to the end of season 4. She is responsible for Donna’s death in Turn Left. She whines and complains that Martha is there with the other companions and she isn’t but that’s not what gets me about Rose in series 4.  She builds a fucking dimension cannon to do EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD HER NOT TO. I am 100% convinced that if Davros & The Daleks weren’t involved with series 4, then it would be Rose’s fault that the universes are collapsing and the stars are going out because Rose couldn’t stay put, she couldn’t be content and so codependent and so sociopathic that she’d be willing to sacrifice trillions and billions of lives just so she could be with her precious Doctor. But anyway, she builds the cannon and jumps back to her original universe. She puts trillions of people in danger, AGAIN, because she can’t live without her man. And then she gets a stupidly undeserved happy ending.

People often complain that Moffat’s companions have no life outside The Doctor, but really? They do. ALL the New Who companions have lives outside The Doctor except for Rose. If there is anyone in all of New Who who does not have a life outside The Doctor, it’s Rose Tyler. That’s right the very first companion of New Who and the one that most of you love and the one I absolutely despise has no life outside The Doctor. Now why do I think this? Now before The Doctor she DID have a life outside The Doctor but her job at the shop ended when the Autons attacked. But ever since The Doctor? Nothing she has had no life outside The Doctor. Oh sure she may go visit Jackie from time to time but other than that? She has nothing. She is clingy and obsessive over The Doctor. In Doomsday she was practically insulting herself, putting down her old life and acted like she didn’t matter till she met The Doctor(and people call Moffat sexist) and she practically told Jackie that the 19 years of life she gave her didn’t matter and all she needed was The Doctor, all she needed was a man! She has no character arc, she has no development, she does not care for ANYONE except The Doctor, she treats everyone who is not The Doctor like puppets on a string as a means to an end to help her get to The Doctor and tosses people like old used toys when she’s done with them, she acts like her old life, Jackie and Mickey do not matter, and she was willing to destroy billions and trillions of lives just so she could be with The Doctor

 I’m sorry if I offended any fans of Rose but I really don’t like Rose, I liked her when she was traveling with Nine but that’s it. I liked Billie Piper as The Moment’s Conscience and the sassy personality it had(and wish Rose was more like it) I like Billie as an actress and a singer. Again I’m sorry if this offends her fans but I just don’t like Rose.

missmoony07  asked:

Hi! glad you're back! I don't know if this has been done before but an idea have been rounding my head: About how Astrid got her fur hoodie, I have a headcanon about it, that Astrid and Hiccup went together shopping into trader Johann ship, while Hiccup was doing his shopping Astrid was looking the furs, but didn't buy anything, of course Hiccup saw and while she wasn't looking, bought the fur and made the hoodie as a surprise gift. Hope this helps with your inspiration ^_^ bye!

A/N: Okay. Okay, I just really, really, really really really loved this prompt.

Like, seriously, I had so much fun writing it. Thank you so, so much for sending it in- I hope you enjoy reading it! <3 

As I wrote this, towards the end, I ended up thinking about this fabulous comic drawn by the talented @kadeart! I believe in giving credit to where credit is due, so just as this lovely headcanon was from @missmoony07, the  final scene of the fic was inspired by kadeart’s comic! Many thanks to you both!

Just Fur You (HAH. IT’S A PUN.)

Hiccup knew how to pay attention to detail, but when it came to Astrid, he really knew how to pay attention to detail.

He noticed the way her eyes shone when she was amused, and the way she’d scrunch up her nose just the tiniest bit when she was thinking. He noticed the way she’d push some of her hair out of her face when she was marginally flustered; the way she’d roll her eyes, but still smile, whenever he pitched an idea…

At this moment, though, Hiccup noticed the way that she carefully drew her fingers over a pale fur pelt on Johann’s ship, and raked her eyes over it in a contemplative manner.

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titleknown  asked:

Speaking on the issue of creativity vs corporate, what do you think of the idea of Open Source Characters like Jenny Everywhere, IE characters who're essentially created as public domain from day one, tho sometimes requiring creator credit? Personally, I like the aspect of sharing them with other artists, and you don't have to worry about them being taken away from you by corporate slavelords b/c how can you take what belongs to everyone? I have some I can show ya if you want.

I guess I kind of don’t get it.

If you’re excited about writing, you’re either excited about your own characters or excited about someone else’s. And whichever of those you start with, the characters will be yours by the time you’re done telling their stories. That’s all any of us are capable of.

50 Shades of Grey was Twilight fan fiction. DC’s Rip Hunter was clearly influenced by Dr. Who. Chief Wiggum started out as an Edward G Robinson impression. The people who created those characters were inspired by something, and then made it their own. To me, those original characters and the characters they spawned are more powerful and interesting than something created specifically to be public domain.

If you’re going to get passionate about a character, that character needs to want something. Rather passionately. They can’t just be a collection of generic positive descriptors. You could argue that, in this case, it’s up to the individual author to give Jenny a personality and opinions. But that’s always the burden of the author. In that case, give her a cleft lip, a vendetta against cat poachers, call her Carla, and make her your own thing. It writes itself.

Taylor Swift: Officially evil enough to date Loki, or are you a sexist?

The Calvin Harris Twitter rant about Taylor Swift trying to “bury” and “tear down” her ex-boyfriend has brought out the haters en masse, even getting the tag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trending as the Internet gleefully piled on. Everyone is very pleased that Calvin “exposed” Taylor for the manipulative, bitchy, evil snake that she is (insert multiple snake emojis here because that’s how all the cool haters roll). They don’t seem to realize or care that they are being sexist jerks.

“What? This isn’t about a man getting angry because a woman took credit for her own work! Why do you always play the sexist card? Taylor’s a disrespectful, fake Nazi Barbie trying to steal credit.”

No, sorry. You’re still a sexist jerk—and it very much is about a woman getting slammed for taking credit for her own work. Let me explain: Taylor didn’t “secretly” write (aka ghostwrite) the lyrics and melody of “This Is What You Came for.” Before her publicist acknowledged that she was the author, a person other than Calvin Harris already had that songwriting credit.

The world knew that Calvin didn’t craft every word and note of this song on his own—but no one cared until Taylor Swift was involved and they could help Calvin run with the narrative of the poor, wronged ex-boyfriend and the evil, bitchy ex-girlfriend. Calvin’s writer is suddenly his very recent, famous ex and somehow then—and only then—is it a problem for Calvin or anyone else that another person wrote the lyrics and melody. Let me repeat: It was never just his song. Another person had a listed writing credit and publishing rights the entire time.

Funny, Calvin never alerted the world that Nils Sjoberg might be trying to tear him down by writing a hit song with him. In fact, did he ever talk about Nils Sjoberg at all?

Maybe Calvin’s telling the truth and Taylor originally wanted the pseudonym. Maybe he’s not. Either way, I can understand why he didn’t tell interviewers “Guess what? Taylor is Nils. Let’s talk about her for 2.5 hours instead of my album that I worked very hard on.” But don’t most artists occasionally at least mention that they had a co-writer, perhaps even that they enjoyed working with them? Instead, Calvin erased Nils Sjoberg from the media picture, taking full credit for “his” biggest hit in recent memory.

Why was it OK for Nils Sjoberg to write the song? It’s simple: Nils Sjoberg was easily disposed of, but Taylor Swift is not. That a woman has enough artistry and enough power to control her own narrative and decide to take rightful credit for her work infuriates a lot of folks, including apparently Calvin Harris.

Calvin made the artful accusation that Taylor tried “to tear your ex bf down for something to do.” Why was her action about him at all? Taylor took credit for her own work. She’s allowed to do that at any time she decides to do so. She’s not trying to tear him down. She’s just not responsible for building him up.

“But no, she’s a serial dater, a slut, a whore, a dick hopper, a fake feminist, airing her dirty laundry in her songs, playing the victim … all those staged photos! She doesn’t deserve credit for anything because she doesn’t act exactly like we think a woman should act!!!!!” (The Internet throws a temper tantrum.)

There are too many accusations against Taylor for me to even begin to defend them point by point, and trying to justify her actions suggests that they need defending from indefensible personal attacks. The sheer volume of hate suggests that she’s now evil and nasty enough to date Loki himself and not just Tom Hiddleston.

However, I will say this: Feminism helps women to craft their own unique stories—not perfect stories, but stories that are just as valuable as the stories of men. Sexism tries to silence women and stop them from having these stories. It belittles women to the point where they only have worth within the context of what stereotypical men (and those strange, self-hating women who believe that men matter more) want and value. In other words, sexism doesn’t like to give women credit.

No one has to like Taylor Swift as a person or a musician. However, there is a vast difference between dislike and hate.

If you are attacking her because you don’t like the way she lives her sexual/romantic life, you are a sexist. Male serial daters are everywhere, yet somehow shaming men for how many women they date or how quickly they move on has never been part of the conversation.

If you are attacking her because you don’t like how she explores her emotional truth as an artist, you are a sexist. Again, male artists repeatedly mine their relationships with loved ones, friends, and foes for artistic fodder, and people celebrate their work.

If you are attacking her because she stopped letting a man control part of her professional story as a songwriter, you are a sexist. Men have been taking credit from women and discrediting those women who dare to assert their authorship—whether the work is a song or a slide set—since the dawn of time.

If you feel the need to take down Taylor Swift for her actions and you’ve never bothered to take down a man for those same actions, YOU ARE A SEXIST.

“It’s Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Instagram/whatever. I have every right to express my own opinion.”

Of course. But online sexism—online hate—has a trickle-down effect, infecting our daily lives and the lives of those around us. Just like you can pay good deeds forward, you can pay bad ones forward too.  And you will remain a sexist.

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Jen can you please explain what's happening with Ed right now. I don't think he owes those people that money, it's his song! Didn't he say he wrote Photograph a long time ago and these peple are just now noticing it?? It doesnt make sense, he shouldn't have to pay!!!! Ed Sheeran is a genius he doesn't need to steal songs from people who are less famous than him. I will never believe he stole it

Hey. First let me just say that for anyone who hasn’t seen the entertainment headlines today, a lawsuit has been filed against Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid regarding the song Photograph. They are being sued for allegedly plagiarizing a song written by songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard in 2009 called Amazing, which was recorded and released by Matt Cardle in 2012. You can listen to Matt singing the song right [here]. More details about the lawsuit can be found in [this Billboard article] or [here in USA Today]. From what I understand, Harrington and Leonard are seeking $20 million plus future royalties from Photograph, as well as statutory damages and part of the profits from the sale of Polar Patrol Music Publishing. 

As far as not believing Ed and Johnny stole the music, I’m right there with you. These guys are totally on the up and up and more than willing to give credit where it’s due. I mean, just check the liner notes for songs like Afire Love and Don’t. All samples have been properly credited. If they’d wanted to use someone else’s music in Photograph, they would definitely have contacted the appropriate people and asked for permission and paid accordingly. I fully, 100% believe there has been no intentional theft here.

That being said… it’s impossible to see inside someone’s brain, you know? You can never be sure what a person may have heard once before and then stored subconsciously. I know Ed and Johnny would never try to pass off someone else’s work as their own, but I can also see how it’s possible that they heard it once, forgot about it, and later worked it out on a guitar or piano and fully believed it was original. So even though I know without a doubt that these guys would never try to cheat someone on purpose, you also can’t prove they’d never heard the other song before, which means you can’t prove it never influenced their writing by accident. 

That’s why so many cases like this feel like bullshit to me. There’s literally no way you can win them. Even if Ed and Johnny really never heard the other song before (and let’s be honest, most people haven’t heard it before) and they just happened to come up with a similar chorus by coincidence - which I believe is totally possible because if something sounds good, it’s going to sound good to lots of people, so there’s no reason to believe only one person could ever come up with it and write it down, on top of which Photograph uses a chord progression that’s actually very common in pop music - there’s still no way to prove they’d never heard the other song and been influenced by it. All they could say is they don’t remember hearing it before. And that kind of argument doesn’t mean a whole lot in copyright suits, even when it’s the truth. 

Ed has said that he wrote Photograph with Johnny while on tour with Snow Patrol between March and May of 2012. Matt Cardle released Amazing in February of 2012. So Photograph was written at least one month after Amazing was being played on radio stations in the UK. It’s still completely possible they never heard it - after all, they were in the US at the time and radio stations here were not playing it, and it didn’t chart very high elsewhere - but unfortunately the argument can’t be made that there’s no way they heard it and were influenced by it. Which sucks.

You can listen to Ed talking about the process for writing Photograph (and the different people who helped with it) in [this video] filmed for VH1 Storytellers.

To answer your question about Harrington and Leonard just now noticing the similarities, I’m not sure that’s the case here. The suit was only filed today, but there’s really no telling how long they’ve been working with their lawyer on getting the complaint together. These things can take a very long time to play out. (To use an unrelated example, my brother was arrested a full two years and 3 months before his trial. Slow legal system is slow.) And before filing a public complaint, Harrington and Leonard claim to have attempted to settle privately. It may be that they noticed the song within minutes of its release. Chances are that Ed has known this was coming for a good long while now.

Honestly, I don’t think Ed and Johnny are going to come out of this without having to pay something. God, I hate it for them. I really do believe the similarities in the two songs are a coincidence or at the very least entirely unintentional, and it doesn’t seem fair at all for them to have to pay a couple of strangers for the success they’ve had, when it feels like those strangers had no hand in it. And it absolutely doesn’t seem fair for Harrington and Leonard to be seeking ALL of the song’s profits! Geez, even Ed and Johnny didn’t get all the profits. 

They’re claiming that the chorus of Photograph is 70% plagiarized, and the chorus is what, maybe half the song? That works out to Harrington and Leonard together claiming responsibility for about 35% of the song’s music - and none of the lyrics. So if lyrics and music are worth the same amount (I don’t know if they are or not) then they’ve only contributed 17.5% of the whole song. Record companies are generally obliged to pay songwriters $0.091 for every copy of a song that is sold, which means that at most, Harrington and Leonard together shouldn’t be given more than about $0.016 (or just over one and a half cents) per copy for “writing” that portion of the song. Or if you want to think about it as a percentage of $20 million, their portion of the chorus of the song altogether only made about $7 million, so they shouldn’t get any more than what a composer’s cut of that $7 million would be, and that doesn’t seem like it would amount to very much once you take into account everyone else who would also be getting cuts of it for their individual contributions. 

I don’t know. I don’t know very much at all about how money works within the music industry, but if you look at the whole thing logically, it doesn’t seem like these guys have any right to ask for $20 million. But I guess you have to ask for a lot in order to see how much you can get. :/ I certainly don’t expect them to get that much, though, and I think it will be an utter failure of the legal system if they do. If you remember the lawsuit against Pharrell and Robin Thicke about Blurred lines, Marvin Gaye’s family originally sued them for $25 million and were only awarded $5.3 million, about a fifth of what they asked. If the same thing happens with Photograph, that would work out to Harrington and Leonard getting about $4 million (although that still seems like way too much to me). 

It sucks hardcore for Ed to have to deal with this whole mess, but even though it sounds awful for someone to be accused of plagiarism, I don’t really think this will have a negative effect on his career. Tons of famous musicians have gone through the exact same thing - notably, they’ve all lost or settled and had to pay damages and royalties - and that hasn’t stopped anyone from continuing to be successful if they’re good at what they do, which Ed definitely is. The boy’s in good company! Like, I believe Sam Smith didn’t intentionally plagiarize Tom Petty, but he settled over Stay With Me, and he still seems to be doing pretty well, right? And no one ever says, “I refuse to listen to so-and-so’s music because it sounds too much like this other really good music which I also like.” He won’t be losing fans over this, so I feel like he’s still good to go, and the only place to go is up.

Ed will be fine. (Frustrated I’m sure, but fine nonetheless.) He’s recording new material in Africa right now and that’s so exciting! I think that once the civil suit is over, everyone will be so busy loving his new music that this whole thing will be forgotten soon enough. And hey, maybe the experience will generate another new verse for YNMIDNY. :)

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First of all, you don't know why Gary didn't sign on for Catching Fire. He says it was because there wasn't enough time for him to make it the way he wanted, and even if that's not true that's all we know. Also, the mockingjay pin didn't start out as a symbol of rebellion, it only got that association after the events of the games. I do agree with some of your disdain for G.R. though, but for different reasons.

Fair enough about Gary Ross, but most of Hollywood is politics and money. He is infamous for not directing sequels, and money (or the lack thereof) has played a large part of that in the past. Take of that what you will. 

As for the mockingjay symbol, it did start out as a symbol of rebellion. Had it been introduced in the movie properly, this would have been more clear. First of all, the mockingjay is a creature that was not intended to exist at all. By releasing jabberjays into the wild, the Capitol inadvertently aided in the creation of a new species when they mated with mockingbirds. The mockingjays thrived against the Capitol’s wishes, a rebellion in and of itself.

Second, remember that the pin originally comes from Madge. She says the pin belonged to her late aunt, Maysilee Donner, who died in the second quarter quell. Madge wears the pin at the reaping in remembrance of her aunt- a small rebellion of her own. (Madge is much smarter and more important than much of the fandom gives her credit for). She practically forces the pin on Katniss, insists that she wear it into the area because Madge knows the connotations of the mockingjay. She knows it is a symbol of rebellion, and she knows that Katniss is the right person to become associated with such a symbol.

So it really annoys me that the mj pin is introduced like “Here Prim, take this random pin that I just found and you’ll have good luck!” “Just kidding! But I’ll wear it into the arena anyway!" It’s just another one of the themes that GR did not properly integrate into the series from the start that could have made the movies so much more meaningful.