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Crying “Fan Service”

If you didn’t catch the reference, it’s a nod towards the story “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

A lot of people call fan service whenever there is a female with a voluptuous body. She got big boobs? Fan service. She got dat ass? Fan service. She has a defined waist? Fan service. But honestly, that may not be why the character has that body. It could have nothing to do with the fans and have everything to do with plot development or story development.

So! We shall look to “GANGSTA.” for our reference. Because honestly, there is a lot of bodily exposure to cover.

Here we have Alex Benedetto:

First thing people notice about her is her boobs and short skirt. Now, how many people are screaming fan service right now? Probably a lot. Well, here’s the thing, Alex was introduced to the show AS A PROSTITUTE. She dressed for her work, so no shit it’s revealing. And body? It helps with work. But she’s not a prostitute by the end of the FIRST EPISODE or the FIRST CHAPTER. After that, she’s a secretary handling phones. But she has the clothes that she has and the body that she does and why waste money buying new stuff if what she has is fine, right?

Now, let’s look at Worick Arcangelo!

Pretty face, nice arms, but not really fan service, right? Well, guess what? HE’S A GIGOLO! Yup, male prostitute. Okay, he only does it on the weekends, but we see his body a LOT MORE than we see Alex’s. Like, there is a scene were we see him in nothing but his boxer-briefs. Exposing his body is part of his personality, it’s part of his job, but there isn’t much other reason for that besides fan service.

With Alex, let’s be real. Even if she wore turtle necks and long sleeve everything and long pants, her body shape is still going to show through. And people will call fan service on it all the way to Kingdom-come and back whether she’s covered up or not. But it’s not like she’s blatantly flashing people or flaunting what she’s got. Worick on the other hand knows he’s got a hot bod and isn’t afraid to show it off, and sometimes he does. His actions and behavior is an example of fan service.

I can hear everyone stating that Alex’s existence and design is basically fan service. But for real, it’d be a sausage party without Alex. Two main male characters? Unless we throw a girl in there, everyone is going to assume they’re gay (not that people don’t ship Worick and Nic even with Alex there, but that’s besides the point), and if it was only one male and one female, then everyone will assume it’s a romance. And if it’s two girls and one guy? Harem manga.

So why wasn’t Alex made flat as a board? Honestly, I don’t have all the answers. Kohske made decisions about the character designs and they didn’t give much explanation about those decisions, if any. But it could just be “I like how it looks.” It could have nothing to do with the fans. If you look at Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, there is SO MUCH STUFF that could be considered fan service, but Toboso has said that is just for her own amusement. So, yeah, there is a chance Kohske made Alex curvy for themselves.

So, quit being the fan that cries “fan service” every there is a well-endowed woman. It’s annoying.


I couldn’t get past 2 minutes holy shit, this is actually hell


Mitch plans a one week trip to Paris.
Scott doesn’t feel like going out of USA.
Mitch goes to Paris.
Scott has a house party and posts a picture with captions in French.
(Let the good times roll)
Mitch goes to Fashion week day in day out. Glamming it up!
Scott attends more parties and has a slutty, I mean, GREAT time.
Mitch explores Paris doing tourist-y things.
Mitch gets a tattoo that says “pain” in French.

And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Molly Weasley

My freckles get more intense in the summer.

((OOC: In my mind, Molly has always been freckled as heck. Arthur likes to connect-the-dots with his fingers, which always makes Molly blush.

I was super duper inspired by @asktheboywholived, @sirussly, and @ohtheclevernessofme1972, who are all beautiful and amazing.

Also I spent a real long time editing together a gif, which then didn’t work, because I am technologically inept. But I tried! ))

I hope Zarc and Ray’s closure is something along the lines of Ray/Yuzu/whoever is in the fucking pod showing up and asking Yuya to take her hand.

Her bracelets start to glow and you see each Yuu boy holding the hand of their respective bracelet girl and we finally get a decent Pedatorshipping moment.Then they finally turn into Zarc and Ray.

Zarc looks confused and/or mad.

Ray stares for a moment until she smiles at Zarc and squeezes his hand.

Zarc is surprised for a moment and then he smiles just like Yuya and the fandom breaks down and cries.

The bracelets glow so bright that nothing can be seen and then the four bracelets break.

When the lights finally dims eight kids stand where the two were.

The thing is, Robert and Aaron were never a fairytale romance. They weren’t at the start, or at the middle, and god knows they won’t be a fairytale when they reach their inevitable end.

It’s not always an easy thing to accept, that a couple you love, that has been made amazing and incredible and, well, fairytale-esque is something that is spoiled, or that can be spoiled.

Neither Robert nor Aaron are heroes in their fairytales. They’ve both messed up in some way at some time or another, and they will again. They will hurt each other and themselves and their families. They are not heroes of a fairytale.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t still be heroes. For me, heroes aren’t people who do no wrong, but people who overcome obstacles. Not all of you will agree with me, and that’s fine. I don’t expect you to. My own personal viewpoint is that Aaron and Robert’s relationship is real. They haven’t been living in a bubble this whole time, blind to the world and all of its hardships. They’ve suffered along the way, they’ve hurt each other along the way. And yet they still manage to come through. They still manage to overcome the obstacles, even though they’re sometimes up against unbelievable odds.

If you don’t have darkness, you can’t see the light. That is a cliche and one that doesn’t always ring true. But I hope in this case, for Robert and Aaron, it does. They were never a fairytale. They never purported to be. What they are, are two men trying to fumble and trip their way through the darkness, and help each other out of the other side, into the light.

So this is kind of late, but fuck it

If you need to come up with a new password, or even a bunch of new passwords, for instance because a bug in the internet’s encryption software has left all your social media accounts unsecure for the past two years (lol), there’s an easy way to make great passwords that you’ll always remember.

Start with a favorite quote. A line from a book, a song lyric you love, just something that you know you’ll remember verbatim. For an example, I’ll refer to the work of contemporary prophet Freddie Mercury.

I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?

Now, take the first letter of each word. So: ISALSOAMSSWYDTF

15 characters. Nice. Most passwords on the internet are required to be between 8 and 16 characters long, so pick a phrase with a suitable length.

Now convert it into calculator code. You know: I = 1, S = 5, A = 4, B = 8, T = 7 and so on.

That gives us 154L504M55WYD7F.

Pretty good! But we’re not quite done. There are some characters that repeat, since the quote I picked used multiple As and Ses.

So alternate the repeating characters. The first S becomes a 5, the second S remains an S, the third S becomes a 5, and so on.

The final password is 154LS0AM5SWYD7F. Gibberish to anyone who looks at it, secure from the casual cracker, but all you need to remember is what phrase you used!

Stay safe out there.

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Y’know, there’s a conspiracy theory brewing here. Jeff Goldblum might be related to Harry… Or Harry loved Jurassic Park so much when he was little, he looked at Jeff who seductively walked to a big pile of shit, and thought ‘There. This right here is what I want to become.’

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Hahahha can you imagine. She transforms next to Minako for the first time (after Minako has loosened up to be Minako more than Venus). Rei’s just doing her thing, transforming, welcoming the fire as she always does. Singing her little transformation tune to herself as she always does. Rei write it herself, of course, and it’s huge and booming and impressive in her head, even if all she can ever hum is the main melody with a couple of little drumbeats inbetween sometimes.

Then she hears it.

The low moaning.

She sings to herself more quietly. She’s still singing though, of course, the crescendo is coming and by god that’s always Rei’s favourite part, she gets shivers every time, right through her whole body, right to– Is the moaning getting louder?

The moaning is DEFINITELY getting louder.

Rei makes a twirl in her henshin and tries to look around. Minako’s head is thrown back, and Rei barely has time to register why when Minako’s eyes snap open and lock on. The fire is mounting and the moment is approaching and Rei wants to look away, look anywhere else, but she’s been snared in Minako’s chain. The flames will consume them both, and the hungry glint in Minako’s eye says she would gasp her thanks.

An explosion of energy, and they’ve been reborn as Senshi. Mars is furious (Mars is always furious), and the words – an accusation, a condemnation, a plea, she doesn’t even know – boils within her. Her lips part in a snarl, but before the words can come, Venus has already answered them all.

“Oh yes.”

A wink, then, and Venus leaps into the night, to win her next battle.

Mars watches after her for a moment. This is far from settled, she knows that much.

Rei follows.

If Tony even touches T'challa’s movie, I’ll fight everyone involved in the mcu esp RDJ with my bare hands 💪🏾💪🏾

Which Cromwell are you today?