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I had a need to draw Okami Hanzo and wanted to use my decorative tape ♥

i think the reason for dany’s “blank” reaction to viserion dying was because she never really thought any harm would come to them. like why would she? she’s seen drogon get hurt like twice already and he is fine. she had no reason to believe the white walkers had anything to harm her dragons. her looking there “emotionless” is just her being in shock that one of her “invincible” dragons died. it’s a huge shock for her, of course she froze up.

Crying “Fan Service”

If you didn’t catch the reference, it’s a nod towards the story “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

A lot of people call fan service whenever there is a female with a voluptuous body. She got big boobs? Fan service. She got dat ass? Fan service. She has a defined waist? Fan service. But honestly, that may not be why the character has that body. It could have nothing to do with the fans and have everything to do with plot development or story development.

So! We shall look to “GANGSTA.” for our reference. Because honestly, there is a lot of bodily exposure to cover.

Here we have Alex Benedetto:

First thing people notice about her is her boobs and short skirt. Now, how many people are screaming fan service right now? Probably a lot. Well, here’s the thing, Alex was introduced to the show AS A PROSTITUTE. She dressed for her work, so no shit it’s revealing. And body? It helps with work. But she’s not a prostitute by the end of the FIRST EPISODE or the FIRST CHAPTER. After that, she’s a secretary handling phones. But she has the clothes that she has and the body that she does and why waste money buying new stuff if what she has is fine, right?

Now, let’s look at Worick Arcangelo!

Pretty face, nice arms, but not really fan service, right? Well, guess what? HE’S A GIGOLO! Yup, male prostitute. Okay, he only does it on the weekends, but we see his body a LOT MORE than we see Alex’s. Like, there is a scene were we see him in nothing but his boxer-briefs. Exposing his body is part of his personality, it’s part of his job, but there isn’t much other reason for that besides fan service.

With Alex, let’s be real. Even if she wore turtle necks and long sleeve everything and long pants, her body shape is still going to show through. And people will call fan service on it all the way to Kingdom-come and back whether she’s covered up or not. But it’s not like she’s blatantly flashing people or flaunting what she’s got. Worick on the other hand knows he’s got a hot bod and isn’t afraid to show it off, and sometimes he does. His actions and behavior is an example of fan service.

I can hear everyone stating that Alex’s existence and design is basically fan service. But for real, it’d be a sausage party without Alex. Two main male characters? Unless we throw a girl in there, everyone is going to assume they’re gay (not that people don’t ship Worick and Nic even with Alex there, but that’s besides the point), and if it was only one male and one female, then everyone will assume it’s a romance. And if it’s two girls and one guy? Harem manga.

So why wasn’t Alex made flat as a board? Honestly, I don’t have all the answers. Kohske made decisions about the character designs and they didn’t give much explanation about those decisions, if any. But it could just be “I like how it looks.” It could have nothing to do with the fans. If you look at Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, there is SO MUCH STUFF that could be considered fan service, but Toboso has said that is just for her own amusement. So, yeah, there is a chance Kohske made Alex curvy for themselves.

So, quit being the fan that cries “fan service” every there is a well-endowed woman. It’s annoying.

Lord of the Flies reboot is being made…

but instead of a group of boys…they’re remaking it with a group of girls…

what idiot came up with this idea?? this change in premise literally erases the point of the book


I couldn’t get past 2 minutes holy shit, this is actually hell

wizardesslover  asked:

Lords Reactions when MC ask-What’s the funniest thing that happened in your childhood?

I tried but… OK HONESTLY MOST OF THE LORDS HAVE TERRIBLE CHILDHOODS IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I think Nobunaga by far had the happiest childhood. Yukimura did okay too, I guess, considering he blames himself for his mother’s death. Wow.

Lords reacting to being asked about something funny that happened during childhood

Nobunaga: …nothing. NOTHING FUNNY EVER HAPPENED. Don’t you dare ask anyone else.
Mitsuhide: A cat once snuck into my bed while I was asleep. It sat on my face.
Saizo: wouldn’t you like to know :)
Masamune: …………Shigezane wet the bed until he was 8.
Kojuro: A cat once chased me up a tree. I thought I was safe, but then I remembered. Cats climb trees.
Inuchiyo: You. You happened.

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I hope Zarc and Ray’s closure is something along the lines of Ray/Yuzu/whoever is in the fucking pod showing up and asking Yuya to take her hand.

Her bracelets start to glow and you see each Yuu boy holding the hand of their respective bracelet girl and we finally get a decent Pedatorshipping moment.Then they finally turn into Zarc and Ray.

Zarc looks confused and/or mad.

Ray stares for a moment until she smiles at Zarc and squeezes his hand.

Zarc is surprised for a moment and then he smiles just like Yuya and the fandom breaks down and cries.

The bracelets glow so bright that nothing can be seen and then the four bracelets break.

When the lights finally dims eight kids stand where the two were.

Molly Weasley

My freckles get more intense in the summer.

((OOC: In my mind, Molly has always been freckled as heck. Arthur likes to connect-the-dots with his fingers, which always makes Molly blush.

I was super duper inspired by @asktheboywholived, @sirussly, and @ohtheclevernessofme1972, who are all beautiful and amazing.

Also I spent a real long time editing together a gif, which then didn’t work, because I am technologically inept. But I tried! ))