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Racism isn’t always hating a Black character and misogyny isn’t always hating a female character, sometimes racism & misogyny are arguing against the narrative that those characters are evil and villainous in order to prop up and excuse the behavior of the white male villain.

Gavin first meets Michael as he’s being thrown out of a bar after being caught pick-pocketing. Gavin made the rather stupid mistake of trying to take the wallet of a guy three times his size, with no backup, no weapon on him, and only his drunken impulses to guide his actions. The huge guy felt his sloppy hands, grabbed Gavin’s wrist, and threatened to beat him to death. Gavin would insist later that he was already making a plan to get out of it, already spinning the starts of lies in his head, the start of a flashy smile. But if he’s being honest he was scared. He was young, he’s been in this trash of a city for all of three months, and he has no way out of this.

“Hey!” A voice calls besides Gavin and he looks to find a short curly-haired man who couldn’t be much older than himself, freckles spattering his scowl. “The dude is like eighty pounds, leave him alone.”

The man gripping Gavin’s wrist turns to the other, his snarl getting deeper. “Fuck off, this is between me and the twink.”

The strange savior insists again he find someone his own size to pick on. The giant again tells him to fuck off. At some point a punch is thrown, the police are called, and Gavin and the stranger get shoved out the back entrance being told to never come back.

“Thanks for that,” Gavin chirps to the stranger, holding out his hand to shake. “I would’ve been ok, but thanks for the help anyway. The smegpot looked outright mean.”

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The thing is, Robert and Aaron were never a fairytale romance. They weren’t at the start, or at the middle, and god knows they won’t be a fairytale when they reach their inevitable end.

It’s not always an easy thing to accept, that a couple you love, that has been made amazing and incredible and, well, fairytale-esque is something that is spoiled, or that can be spoiled.

Neither Robert nor Aaron are heroes in their fairytales. They’ve both messed up in some way at some time or another, and they will again. They will hurt each other and themselves and their families. They are not heroes of a fairytale.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t still be heroes. For me, heroes aren’t people who do no wrong, but people who overcome obstacles. Not all of you will agree with me, and that’s fine. I don’t expect you to. My own personal viewpoint is that Aaron and Robert’s relationship is real. They haven’t been living in a bubble this whole time, blind to the world and all of its hardships. They’ve suffered along the way, they’ve hurt each other along the way. And yet they still manage to come through. They still manage to overcome the obstacles, even though they’re sometimes up against unbelievable odds.

If you don’t have darkness, you can’t see the light. That is a cliche and one that doesn’t always ring true. But I hope in this case, for Robert and Aaron, it does. They were never a fairytale. They never purported to be. What they are, are two men trying to fumble and trip their way through the darkness, and help each other out of the other side, into the light.


Alternate season finale/bad ending AU where Charon wins, the Feds and News lose, and Locus and Felix catch a ride off-planet on the Staff of Charon while watching Chorus burn in the distance.

I hope Zarc and Ray’s closure is something along the lines of Ray/Yuzu/whoever is in the fucking pod showing up and asking Yuya to take her hand.

Her bracelets start to glow and you see each Yuu boy holding the hand of their respective bracelet girl and we finally get a decent Pedatorshipping moment.Then they finally turn into Zarc and Ray.

Zarc looks confused and/or mad.

Ray stares for a moment until she smiles at Zarc and squeezes his hand.

Zarc is surprised for a moment and then he smiles just like Yuya and the fandom breaks down and cries.

The bracelets glow so bright that nothing can be seen and then the four bracelets break.

When the lights finally dims eight kids stand where the two were.

Isak and Even hair drabble | what even is this tho?

I miss Isak, I miss Even…I wonder what they are doing right now…

I imagine that they are being goofy as always, showing their affection by arguing about something silly like 

OMG like Isak deciding that he wants to get a flipping haircut! And Even is just like NO !!!!! FUCKING !!! WAY !!!! BOI. He is literally so offended and I mean this actually turns super serious. Isak kinda just said it one day like “Ugh my hair is getting so long, and it’s so curly and so annoying and I just want to chop it all off” and Even’s all like “lol don’t do that baby, you would not pull of bald. You’d look like a cute baby egg” and then he just kisses his golden curls and Isak playfully slaps him away while grinning “Shut up! I would not, I’d look like a fucking king” 

Even just laughs and is like “sure baby” 

but then of course eventually it gets serious??? like Isak brings it up again one day, like Even mentions a film he wants to go see and Isak is like “Oh let me know the time it’s on because I was thinking of getting my hair cut on Sunday” and Even just like freezes and is all “EXCUSE ME? wot da fuq” and Isak looks up at him and is like “yeah i mean i’m just gonna get it cut a little shorter so it’s not as curly and annoying.” Even’s hand (which was stroking all of Isak’s ‘annoying’ curls) has just stopped in his hair and he is just Not. Chill. At. All. he looks at Isak with his mouth all open and pouty “You are not cutting your hair.” he declares meeting Isaks eyes. 

Isak laughs “what??” he shouts amused and surprised at the passion inside his boys voice over his damn hair. Even just tilts his face down and gives Isak his “I am not kidding babe your not going there, fight me boo” look. 

and Isak just laughs before shouting “oh my gosh your being ridiculous! It’s just hair It doesn’t even matter EVEEEEEN!” 

so then Even just thinks oh you want to fucking start this before smiling and nodding. Isak nods with pride thinking he’s won this fight befooooore Even says 

“You know what? You’re right, summer is coming up and it just gets so hot, I think i’ll go and get my hair cut with you.” 



Isak looks back up at him in horror “NEI!” he practically screams before he could rethink it. 

Even’s eyebrows shoot up smugly “what? no? But baby it’s just hair right?” 

Isak rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in defeat “Fine…fine no fucking hair cut. I hate you.” 

Even rolls over and pulls grumpy Isak closer to him, holding him against his chest. “You love me…” He runs his hand through Isak’s prince hair and kisses it before whispering in his ear “and I love your hair.” 

Isak smiles to himself and blushes. He would never tell Even but after hearing those words from the man of his life, Isak has never looked after his precious curls more.  

So there’s a post going around that’s gaining a lot of attention and notes, which equates the Doug flag (also sometimes known as the Cascadia flag) with neo nazis and white supremacy. In particular, it connects the Doug flag with the flag used by Northwest Front (NWF), primarily because the two look similar in design.

This scares me for a few reasons, but here’s the big one. While the original post claims to be spreading this information for the benefit of minorities who may be targeted by neo nazis, the Doug flag is often used by minorities and our allies at events such as protests and parades, to indicate our pride in the region in which we live, and the liberal values we hold. Spreading the misinformation that the Doug flag represents the exact opposite of the core values of the majority of those who carry it has the very real possibility of putting minorities’ lives in danger, should someone incorrectly recognize them as a neo nazi and decide to lash out.

So PLEASE, remember the difference between these two:

This is the Doug flag- it is the symbol of the region of Cascadia, and the vast majority of people who use this flag are NOT neo nazis. The flag since its creation in the early 90’s has always been a “symbol for the natural beauty and inspiration that the Pacific Northwest provides” and more broadly as a symbol for the liberal mindset of the PNW. While the original post said this “used to stand” for PNW pride and has been co-opted, this is incorrect.

THIS is the NWF flag, which is meant to represent the disgustingly racist rhyme, “The sky is blue, and the land is green. The white is for the people, in between.”  Even from their website, it’s made clear they do not equate the Doug flag with their own: “We deliberately do not include any seals in the plain white field, nothing that would be sectarian or cause controversy or dissension.” It’s possible that some neo nazis may don the Doug flag in an attempt to be “sneaky” or to co-opt a symbol that is not theirs, but that should not be one’s first assumption.

However, in the high strung atmosphere that is a protest, most people aren’t going to stop in the heat of the moment to ask someone they perceive as a threat, “are you a neo nazi?” before engaging with them to defend themselves. This kind of misinformation at best alienates people, and at worst gets people legitimately hurt or even killed. And this isn’t even a Confederate Flag type situation, where the racist implications are inseparably linked to its history- the comparisons between the NWF flag and the Doug flag have really only been covered within the past year and a half, whereas the Doug flag goes back more than 20 years. Rather, because two flags look similar, and because one may have been created in part to co-opt the other, we now have a rapidly growing post indicating that people who don a symbol of regional pride are by default, neo nazis.

Not good.


I couldn’t get past 2 minutes holy shit, this is actually hell

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Hahahha can you imagine. She transforms next to Minako for the first time (after Minako has loosened up to be Minako more than Venus). Rei’s just doing her thing, transforming, welcoming the fire as she always does. Singing her little transformation tune to herself as she always does. Rei write it herself, of course, and it’s huge and booming and impressive in her head, even if all she can ever hum is the main melody with a couple of little drumbeats inbetween sometimes.

Then she hears it.

The low moaning.

She sings to herself more quietly. She’s still singing though, of course, the crescendo is coming and by god that’s always Rei’s favourite part, she gets shivers every time, right through her whole body, right to– Is the moaning getting louder?

The moaning is DEFINITELY getting louder.

Rei makes a twirl in her henshin and tries to look around. Minako’s head is thrown back, and Rei barely has time to register why when Minako’s eyes snap open and lock on. The fire is mounting and the moment is approaching and Rei wants to look away, look anywhere else, but she’s been snared in Minako’s chain. The flames will consume them both, and the hungry glint in Minako’s eye says she would gasp her thanks.

An explosion of energy, and they’ve been reborn as Senshi. Mars is furious (Mars is always furious), and the words – an accusation, a condemnation, a plea, she doesn’t even know – boils within her. Her lips part in a snarl, but before the words can come, Venus has already answered them all.

“Oh yes.”

A wink, then, and Venus leaps into the night, to win her next battle.

Mars watches after her for a moment. This is far from settled, she knows that much.

Rei follows.

I would advise you not to ask me about CPD at the moment unless you want a brutal honest opinion, and I promise it will be brutal. However feel free to go tell the writers what DUMBASS STUPID writers they employ and how they need NEW ones ASAP. No seriously do it. Maybe then they’ll realize they’re tanking their own show and ruining characters they’ve (barely) developed for 4 seasons, all for the sake of saying they created relationship drama to keep it interesting. (Yes I have a million eye rolls for that one)