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ok, but since i started following the skam soundtrack on spotify, i’ve always said that all i ever wanted was to go to a party where they played those songs… what i’m saying is:

nrk, you could have sent me an invite to yesterday’s party.

there are new boys that occupy my mind now. i let them slip their hands on my leg and kiss my neck too. and when they try to hold my attention and give me what you couldn’t, I spit it fiercely back at them. how could they invite themselves in and make themselves at home in a heart that wasn’t taking any guest. what you did was make me realize that I am more than that, I am more than them. my heart is a home and maybe someone will be lucky enough to get their own set of keys. but for right now it’s just a soft song of solitude and there is no sadness in this house, it is full of confidence and pride and no one can utterly destroy my home again.

softbrobarnes  asked:

I was also gonna ask The 1975, but I forgot to. If there's any other bands you wanna do this with, please do, I'm curious to know what your fave songs are :)

Thank you for continuing to indulge me you are literally my favorite person right now! 

The 1975: This was really hard but I’m gonna go with If I Believe You. It really captures my own feelings and troubles with religion and spirituality and feeling lost and I’ve cried listening to it more times than I can count. And the saxophone solo in it is A M A Z I N G

Whats you favorite The 1975 song btw? I feel like no person has the same favorite which is a sign of a great band I think! 

Khuzdul Lullaby
poplitealqueen and goldberry-in-the-rushes
Khuzdul Lullaby


Gilim gilim jalaiglim. 

Thatûr ag zanelekha. 

Zelefsu Khajmîthuh

Zelefsu Kurdeluh  

Nurtul jalaneta.

English Translation

Glint glint gleam.

The stars shall soon shine.

Sleep my little gift

Sleep my heart of all hearts 

Your long day is ended.

I’m loathe to add any commentary (which is surprisingly reserved for me) to this haunting, beautiful rendition, because holy frijoles! Goldberrry, you have once again blown me away with your mad skills. *cries softly, hugs you, covers your shoulder in snot and tears*  You. Are. Stupendous. You bring my wriggling mass of rhymes to life, and this lullaby wouldn’t hurt my heart so much if it weren’t for you. I don’t know whether to thank you or kiss you, you ahh YOU.

And since this will be squeezed into The Seventh and Last, and because she is just a fantastic human being to know, I gotta thank Miss Dets as well. Just… ALL HER EMOTIONALLY STIRRING DWARVISH SONGS.The Iron Hills for me, the Iron Hills for me, theironhillsformeforme I may be a queen, but she’s QUEEN OF THOSE FEELS!

(It kinda devolves into a bona fide headcanon after this. Totally unapologetic).

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blackhinata  asked:

so you don't think ANY of Lana's songs may have a negative influence on young girls? honestly?

you will think I’m a bitch if i answer this honestly lol

but honestly….

yeah, she may have. any artist or person with a high following has influence over people, and i do think lana does romanticize and glamorize certain things that not everyone may agree is appropriate. however, lana isn’t anyones mother, its not lana’s responsibility or concern on how her fans interpret her music and what they do with it. idk, people have their own minds and should think for themselves and know whats “right” from “wrong”

idk if that made sense but…. thats how i feel.