i don't normally do this but what the hey


  • Ethan: *implies something sexual*
  • Simon: hey what the fUCK do you think you're doing talking to me like that emoN ISN'T REAL
  • JJ: *goes all out with innuendos, blatantly states that he will fuck him*
  • Simon: haHahAHAhAhahAhahAHa lol you're so funny JJ omg stop lmao

@trueaxpha + meme

The phone distracted Stiles from his ever-growing pile of homework. It was easy work but he still didn’t want to do it. So any phone call was a call from heaven. Scott. The name made a natural smile grow on his face as he flicked to answer. “Hey, man. What’s trying to kill us? Or is this a everything’s normal call?”

anonymous asked:

Hey Penny I'm writing a novel and I was wondering: as an avid reader is there anything you don't like that you find authors doing a lot?

no one ever talks about a vampire having a normal job, like a waiter or a mechanic or like a… sexy zoologist. they’re always elegant pale rich dudes who magically have a billion ancient magic vampire dollars and a fancy castle and they’re always dressed in sexy balck coats or whatever. what about a vampire who’s also a lumberjack. what about a secret agent who’s also a vampire. what about a hot vampire dad.

what about all these untold everyday vampire heroes!! who will tell their story!!!!!

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  • Fanfic authors who probably sold their souls to the devil: Hey, sorry guys, but life is crazy hectic right now what with two jobs, three kids, and exams coming up for the university studies I'm doing on the side. So if the next 10,000 word chapter of my fanfic takes a whole week to write instead of my normal five days, that's why.
  • Me: Sorry I disappeared for seven months. I was busy procrastinating two things in school. So here you have 3000 words ... also, I didn't have the energy to edit. Sorry.