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Madara’s Insanity and the Curse of Hatred

Note- Ok, so Madara is my favourite character. No, I don’t think he is an angel or an innocent cinnamon role. I like him because he is an entertaining character. That doesn’t mean I support his actions. This rant explains why he went insane (yes, I do believe he went insane) and how Tobirama and Hashirama share the blame.

You may not like this if you’re a huge Tobirama fan. Sorry :/.

It all starts with the dream Madara and Hashirama had… to build a village where shinobi could live in peace (relative peace, at least) and where they could protect the ones they love. From the scene on the cliffs, I think it’s pretty clear that Izuna meant more to Madara than an average brotherly bond. This was confirmed later when Hashirama compared their bond to Itachi and Sasuke’s which we know is anything but ordinary. While Hashirama’s dream was to create a village where children would not have to die in battle, Madara’s dream was to create a village where he could protect Izuna. Notice that protecting Izuna was quite important, maybe even half in weight.

So obviously when Izuna died, Madara’s dream could never truly come true. After this Madara was never really ‘whole’. I’d like to draw your attention to the scene where Hashirama almost stabs himself. Just before this Madara used his Susanoo (from the looks of it, for the first time in battle), tried to avenge Izuna’s death and failed. Defeated and broken, he asks Hashirama to kill him.

Now that just won’t work because it was Hashirama’s dream to establish a village with Madara and Madara kinda has to be alive for that. So they form an alliance and later Konoha. Next scene- on the cliffs again (wow, those cliffs are important). It’s kinda weird how Hashirama has to inform Madara about the Sarutobis and Shimuras. I mean, Madara is sort of the know-it-all guy who likes to stay on top of things. Especially if it concerns Konoha, his dream village. Well, simple explanation, it wasn’t his dream village. Yes, he wanted a village where shinobi could find some peace. However he also wanted a village to shelter Izuna… Izuna was dead and Madara’s dream was also -more or less- dead.

To me it looks like he was out of phase, just letting Hashirama drag him around like a rag doll. The Shimura and Sarutobi are joining? Oh, ok. Name the village? Oh, ok. Be Hokage? Oh I’m-not-really-ready-for-that, but ok. I guess Hashirama realised that his friend was kinda lost so he gave him some hope by suggesting that he could protect the people of Konoha as he would have protected Izuna. That would give him some purpose again. Maybe Madara could realise his dream too?

Enter Tobirama. For some reason I cannot comprehend, Tobirama thought Madara shouldn’t be trusted. (Probably he was scared that Madara would strangle him in his sleep?) Madara’s own clan didn’t trust (Edit: support) him, he wasn’t stronger than Hashirama and please note- at this point in time, Madara had NOT done anything a normal clan leader wouldn’t do. No Infinite Tsukuyomi, no Ten Tails, no World Domination. He just was an average little clan leader who was in fact a liiiittle vulnerable. Madara was pretty much like Hashirama. Except of course, Tobirama wasn’t his brother. Therefore Madara shouldn’t be trusted and had to be eliminated.

Then Tobirama proceeded to concoct this ridiculous theory called ‘Curse of Hatred’ and fed it to his brother with some half-baked sciencey explanation. Note how Hashirama usually surrenders arguments to his younger brother, especially when there’s an intellectual element. Maybe it’s because he’s been conditioned to believe that he is intellectually inferior. This time is no different; Tobirama brought up his theory, Hashirama tried some lacklustre debate and conceded.

He doubted his childhood friend, the man who put his trust in him and gave him power over his clan. Madara overheard this, and it really REALLY must have hurt him. The guy lost his whole family, his clan didn’t trust (Edit: support) him (the clan aforementioned family sacrificed their lives for) and now his only friend in the whole world thinks he is a ticking time bomb. Nice.

Oh, and just to rub it in, let’s have an election! An election where the Uchiha might have voted for Hashirama too. Sorry to reiterate but ‘the Uchiha’, a.k.a the clan Madara fought for, the clan Izuna died for, the clan all his brothers died for and the clan he sacrificed his friendship with Hashirama for. The Uchiha voted for Hashirama, the leader of the clan that killed their friends and family. Wait a sec, doesn’t that go against the principles of the Curse of Hatred?

So if this Curse of Hatred thingy was real, the Uchiha wouldn’t have allied with the Senju in the first place, they would have agreed with Madara and left when he told them that Hashirama couldn’t be trusted, forget voting for him as Hokage! All along, the Uchiha did what was rational, suppressing their hatred.

Madara, though, had enough. He was done with the village, with his clan and with Hashirama. He would realise his dream no matter what. Even if meant it was all an illusion. Yup, he went crazy and Tobirama used his insanity as proof by example for his theory. A theory which he would pass down to his students and they would pass it down to their students and so on. Along with the Will of Fire, of course…

Years later, when Danzo and Hiruzen were handling the Uchiha coup issue, their sensei’s teaching would be somewhere at the back of their minds. It is NOT ok to kill children. It is NOT ok to kill innocent civilians. It is NOT ok to kill people YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR AND SUPPOSED TO PROTECT. Yes, Hiruzen and the council were responsible for the safety of the entire Konoha and the Uchiha clan was a part of Konoha. They killed their own people.

In the filler episodes (I don’t know if you watch them) it’s shown how Minato circumvented the whole Massacre by a simple settlement. Fugaku wasn’t a rabid dog, but a sensible man (bad father, not relevant) who was open to negotiation but at the same time wanted some freedom and power (not total control over Konoha and human sacrifices). It wasn’t just Danzo that was at fault but Hiruzen too. Clearly he didn’t do his best at settling with the Uchiha, he probably didn’t even offer them the smallest bit of authority. Why? Because a certain someone put certain ideas in his head that petrified him the moment ‘Uchihas in power’ came up.

Yes, it all boils down to Tobirama. Tobirama had some baseless fear of the Uchiha (Kagami doesn’t count, he was probably brainwashed for all we know), especially Madara. The ‘Curse of Hatred’ wasn’t some genetic mutation that cause Uchihas to go mad. There was just one case of an Uchiha going mad because he was driven up the wall (guess who was partially responsible for that?) and this was extrapolated and used to blacklist the whole clan as ‘tainted’. So now, whenever the Uchiha did something remotely bold (such as asking for their rights, government representation, equality, etc.) it could be labelled at insanity.

TL;DR version- The ‘Curse of Hatred’ is bullshit and didn’t cause Madara’s insanity.

Ok, that was a long rant… Thoughts? :D I love nice debates. I am sorry if my grammar is bad, I try.

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How did you go about making the stick pin if you don't mind me asking?

Sorry for the delay in answering this! I’ve been really busy with work and finishing up the cosplay, and then of course Sun/Moon happened…

Warning: image-heavy messy tutorial ahead. Sorry mobile users.

The final pin looks like this:

You can also see it fairly well in this picture (not edited at all - it really is that shiny and colorful in the right light!):

For some more pictures of the cosplay, see this post.

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It’s 11 pm on a Sunday night. Perfect time to do unprecedented appreciation art! Right?
For the record; all of my style copies here just. Cannot do the actual blogs justice. Also, this post is LONG. I’m on mobile so I can’t add a readmore at the moment, so if you don’t give a shit, just scroll really fast or press j if you’re on a computer.
Ok, on with actual appreciation! (In order of Following List appearance)
@ask-drunk-chara is a semi-tragic-semi-comediac blog about, you guessed it, a Drunk Chara. All things considered it’s actually pretty innocent and cute, aside from the flashbacks and evil anons trying to rip my children to pieces (I will lITERALLY FIGHT YOU). Tl;dr: amazing blog run by an amazing mun, and Bottles needs like 10x more positivity and love than the askers give them.
@askcharafrisk FLOOFY. CHARISK. This blog is like 98% innocence and adorable kids being adorable with some violence and friskiness (dont) in-between. The mun’s take on Chara and Frisk is completely precious, and I just wanna pet and cuddle Asie!
@askcharisk This blog goes as follows; cute moments, angst, shenanigans, followed by a small bit of angst and more cute moments. Also run by another amazing mun, this blog depicts Frisk as an innocent cinnamon roll that’s too pure for this world and Chara as a somewhat innocent sinnamon roll trying to preserve the innocence Frisk still has. Both are absolutely adorable together, though, as always. Cuddles are nice, right?
@askmercyseries This blog is positively showered by positivity from everyone and I am very guilty as charged when I say I love it. The art is AMAZING, the character portrayal is FANTASTIC, and the mun is positively STUPENDOUS. I’m normally not a fan of seeing Frisk & Chara portrayed as a specific gender, but AMS has to be my #1 exception. The mun does a great job of giving the characters and followers happy hope before ripping it away to replace with soul-crushing events (literally!!) and I love it. Just go a lil easier on the mun, for the amount of content they put out at once it’s actually really impressive!
And finally, do you crave the sinniest Charisk sin there ever was? Well @mamademun is for you! Demum runs her blog on a schedule, but I definitely recommend sticking around for the whole thing; not only is her art amazing and Charisk spot-on, she has smashing OCs and a freaking fantabulous art style that I am extremely envious of. She needs to be showered with love and positivity for all this amazement!!
There are still other blogs that I wanna give appreciation to but copying styles is hard on my hand and it’s bedtime anyway so this is it for round one!
edit; I just noticed I complimented demums art style twice. Whoops???

Dance with Devils episode 5

(As always, this is so SPOILER FULL you’d kill me. So read at your own risk)

(Also Mage alert. I like Mage. If there’s no Rem, I’m pretty fine with seeing Mage all the time. But there’s also Rem today, so this episode is going to be awesome! as always) Edit: I’ve made some censorship lmao, too many bad words ^^

This time this post is going to be a huge mess of screenshot and livestream reactions I had watching the episode. (And when I say HUGE I mean it)
Be ready for the struggle ahah

So, they decided to give us a cute af Lindo right at the start

*Meow!* (slow down reject, I can’t giggle like this already. It’s not even three minutes!)

And when things seemed going well…


…Things got better.


THE FREACKIN’ WINDOW!!!” Stop Mage, I already love you too much! OTL

Well, the spell didn’t work on Azuna. I knew she was special (maybe related to the excorcists like Lindo, dunno, speculations about her are still vague)

Also, she just said “Lindo…” no honorifics damnrightyass relationship!! <3

ShikixRoen OTP plz. Lolled at Shiki brushing a screaming in pain Roen ahah I think Rem told him to do it lmao (’cause of last time)

Rem tho, if you won’t have the grimoire and vampires take your throne, I sincerely advice you to reconsider your fortune-teller career with your chessboard lolol

*Now here it comes the random blabbing along with feels, screens and caps lock. as usual.*

I just LOVE how realistic Ritsuka’s behaviour is! (Admirable, script writers <3)


MODEST!MAGE I like. what’s there to dislike about him??

*Mage ost came in*

*Ritsuka screaming*
*Ritsuka screaming*  
#I kill myself with these lame jokes ah ah

Seriously, Subaru Kimura fit this character soooo well I can’t say anymore if I love him or love Mage more OTL

proposing like this SEEMS LEGIT TO ME.

(I took too many screenshots during this part lol)


I’m starting to like Ritsuka and Mage interactions; they would look good as an old married couple… if Ritsu-chan wouldn’t always try to defend Rem’s reputation awww <3 <3 <3 (But I’m very openminded to a OT3)

Definitely there’s something going on with Ritsuka’s flagrance I won’t say “flavour” lol

Yeah, right, but daaaaamn Ritsuka!! What a “lucky girl” you are, my poor little baby >.< (From bad to worse, she also had to meet the drug dealers? I feel you Ritz <3)

I’ll confess I wasn’t 100% sure Rem was the real one when he showed up. You know, since last episode I’m on tentherhooks ^^

(A plane to go home??? Where in the world has Mage taken her?)

And their conversation was like:

Ri: “How did u know I was here, mate? Bro, I probably know u’re a demon ya know?”

Re: “Blah blah can’t hear you blah blah *insert kind words* blah blah *try confess to her randomly* blah blah”


Daaaaamn my feeeeelsss

Rem, just stop to be so tsundere and be honest with your feelings already!

C’mon dude.

I trust you. You can.

(But I wanted to see a deal between Rem and Mage… u.u”) ((*))

Noooo T__T tears!! My precious Ritsuka-chan having a heartbrake! I can’t bear the pain!  (T A T)

…U Mage, the mood/life saviour!! Please, be embarrassed more in your life xD




((*)) (Oh, nevermind. Here’s my deal LOL)

Really had no words watching the match. (I was speechless, covering my mouth with both hands; it was sooo good I still can’t find words to describe it. They did an awesome job with everything: animations, dubbing, dialogues, backgrounds… *standing ovation!!!*)


RITSUKA WTF R U DOING?!?!?!?? I’ve lost ten years of life, Jezz!!

(And what’s with this episode and the lack of honorifics? Lol I thought it was a special thing just for Azuna and Lindo, but now it seems quite normal!)

CREEPY SHIKI SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME. please, I have only this heart of mine, let me live as long as possible

(Tell me next time is your time, Shiki!)

Ahahah it makes me laugh that no one cares a thing about how Rem treasure the chessboard, stealing peaces from it nonchalantly! x°D

You can say what you want, but this anime is really DEEP. I like it more than any other reverse harem I’ve ever seen! (I humbly admit I’ve seen many)

– END. –

This took me sooo long! Yatta, I did it!  ~(* 0 *)~

If you’ve read all of it, congratulation! You’re as obsessed with dwd as me, I’m glad ;)

Kudos to you all~! (now, time to write the tags *sigh*)

On a Cruise Ship

Imagine you’re a cleaning guy on a cruise ship. It’s your first day at work, an unbelievable experience. You’ve always been so passionate about cleaning. Who would’ve ever thought that you’d one day be working on the biggest, most bad-ass cruise ships in the world when you first picked up that mop to clean up some mess in your school.

‘Clean everything from here, all the way up to the front deck. And don’t forget the pool! That’s your daily routine, all clear?’ Of course everything is clear! Wow! All the way from here to the front deck? Isn’t that the area where all the famous celebrities hang out? Is that Franky at the ice cream bar? I bet I can get ice cream for free every day from now on! Give me my stuff, I’ll start cleaning right away!

Twisting and turning while you clean the ship. What an amazing experience. Week after week you get to say hi to Marylin Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles chilling by the pool. How many people in this world would’ve killed to be THIS close to those people, and I mean, free ice cream everyday! Traveling all over the world with the most famous people by your side and still getting paid big time! Cleaners on cruise ships get paid the most! Isn’t that anyone’s big dream? You will never get tired of this job!

Yet, after 3 months of doing the same routine over and over again, you start to loose the fun you once had in doing your job. After all this time Frank Sinatra turned out to be just a normal human being, Ray Charles doesn’t even look you in the eyes anymore and Marilyn Monroe is a bitch. You’re absolutely done with ice cream, since you’ve tried every combination of every flavour possible. Now that you come to think of it, how’s the family doing? You haven’t spoken to them in months, and you actually start to miss them, which doesn’t really encourage you to do your job. Why do I have to do the same routine over and over again? I mean, I still enjoy cleaning, it’s my biggest passion. There’s just something… Damn, it’s just not really how it used to be.

What am I trying to say with this? I’ll just get straight to it. Everything, as soon as it becomes a routine, loses it’s fun. It’s something that I’ve kinda been dealing with over the past couple weeks. Producing film is the thing I absolutely love to do the most, but sometimes the weekly routine of uploading videos on the same day at the same time causes my fun to fade away. I just feel I’m not enjoying the production process as much as I used to. I feel guilty saying it like this because I know how many people would love to stand in my place, but working on a cruise ship also doesn’t seem so wrong in the first place does it? I just have these exciting things and ideas I would love to create but I just can’t get to it because of, well, the fact I have to edit the next Filmy Friday, fix some left over business or have a meeting.

Now comes the part where I ask you about your opinion. I don’t want to let you down, absolutely not, but just out of curiousity, how much would you bother seeing a slight change in the schedule, or a period of less videos so I can get everything back on track again? Create the stuff I want to create, not losing my passion because of a schedule, time pressure and deadlines.

This might be something I shouldn’t be asking you about, but decide for my own. Yet, please let me know your absolute honest opinion, I would very much appreciate it. 


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Hey I'm thinking about writing fanfics in the future but I don't really know where to start and all that do you have any tips for starting out and writing?

Oh god oh god oh god //sweats

This might get kinda long but I’ll try to keep it simple? I tend to get long-winded so I’m sorry if I do ;;

Well, first of all, you need to believe that you’re going to kick ass. I know from experience that if you’re feeling shaky and insecure, your writing’s going to suffer. Your internal editor can be the biggest hindrance imaginable and it sucks. So once you’ve gotten that out of the way, you’re good to go.

Studying the characters you wish to write is important as well. I tend to take my time before writing a character to make sure I have a decent understanding of how they work. It’s important to ask yourself if a character would say what you’re writing outside of your own head, because I, and I’m sure many others, know how painful it is to read something that’s horribly out of character. Nobody enjoys a butchered characterization and although there may be slight deviations from canon (character development, different back-stories, age differences, etc), it’s important to keep the core of the character the same. Extremely so.

As for plot, this probably goes without saying, but try your hardest to be original. This doesn’t mean you need to avoid cliches completely—it merely means you should put your own twist on everything you write. Don’t copy what’s already been done; make something your own. It’s more fun that way.

Now, as for writing tips:

Pick a tense and stick with it. Don’t switch from past (said) to present (says) back-and-forth; it looks tacky and it really, really breaks up the flow. Also, grammar and punctuation are important. I know mine aren’t always perfect but it’s very, very important to try and keep things as textbook as possible (with the exception of artistic license, of course. A well-placed run-on can work wonders). 

For example, a common mistake is to punctuate dialogue with a period. That’s incorrect—dialogue is part of a sentence, not a new one. 

For example: “It was cold outside.” She said. That’s incorrect.

“It was cold outside,” she said. That’s correct. (Also, if the dialogue ends with an exclamation point or a question mark, don’t capitalize the pronoun! Keep it lowercase. It’s the same sentence, not a new one!)

Please don’t refer to a character by the color of their hair or their job (or whatever other identifier you can think of). I, as well as many others, have done this before, and it’s terrible. It looks terrible, it sounds terrible—they have a name for a reason. Use it. Use it a thousand times. Use it until you accidentally type it when you meant to type something else. Just please, please don’t call them by anything but their name unless their name is yet to be known. 

Avoiding passive voice and cluttering up sentences with unnecessary adjectives are things I often struggle with myself. Passive voice (was running) can normally be replaced with active voice (ran) and it gives sentences much, much more impact. It can seem odd at first because many people are used to speaking in passive voice, but trust me: it’s worth it. Your sentences will be much cleaner without passive voice cluttering them up. (I need to edit a lot of old chapters to dispose of this myself //sweats)

The same goes for adjectives. Most people can imagine a wooden box. Feel free to give a brief description, but don’t go into so much detail and get so wordy people drift unless it’s integral for the plot (and even then, exercise caution).

Be wary of comma splices! For example: The girl ran, she was fast. That’s a comma splice. Make sure you either A: add a semicolon (The girl ran; she was fast.), B: add a period (The girl ran. She was fast.) or C: add a conjunction (The girl ran, and she was fast.) A good check for these is to see if both clauses can stand on their own as separate sentences; if so, you need something to connect them, and a comma just won’t do the job. It’s only a pause.  

If there’s a word that can replace two or three words, use it! The less words, the better. I’m not saying your sentences need to be short and bland, but they don’t need to be so long the reader loses track of the point.

Cadence is very important! Robotic sentences with the same structure get tiresome to read and sound stiff. Try to mix it up a bit and create a lovely flow that draws your readers in.

DON’T USE TOO MANY ADVERBS. “Said” is usually plenty! The character’s tone can be inferred by dialogue in most causes, and adverbs really clutter things up. You want clean, pretty sentences! (Using ‘muttered’ and words such as that is fine as well, but said or says should be your go-to!)

I know there are tons of things I’m forgetting AND I’M SO SORRY THIS IS SO LONG, but I really hope I’ve been able to help at least a little;; I…really love writing. //sweats

I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure you’re gonna do an awesome job <3