i don't need to type anything in this post

It’s so sad… Even though I can post whatever I want, I still feel a need to fence myself in, in a way that I don’t necessarily have to draw what you guys want, but just never draw what you don’t want to see.

I am always fuckin screaming at how much Tarantino looooooves the word “nigger” to the point where he will write it specifically into the parts he played like. Reservoir Dogs? If you want us to know a character is racist, you can have them say “blacks.” It’s never anything but derogatory as a term. He didn’t have to go there. He didn’t need the word in any of his movies except maaaaaaaaaybe Django and to some extent Hateful Eight and even then. Not really omg. I like a lot of his movies but he definitely deserves a bat to the face. Not to kill him, just to shake his smug nose up a little. Rough him up some.