i don't need to explain this gifset

destinysmartie  asked:

When Bonnie and Damon explain why they don't have any hope I see it as Stefan is trying to rekindle a Bamon marriage, look back at their explanation and think of it as if Stefan's trying to fix a Bamon divorce.Can you see it ?

Hahaha, this is the gifset you mean, I think:

And I can totally see that, that’s hilarious. Stefan the Bamon fanboy, at it again. 

tbh the whole episode would be more tolerable if we imagined his desperation to get Damon back (and needing Bonnie to stick with him to give him “a reason to keep holding on”) is due to a deep-seated desire to reunite his OTP. 

Would also explain why after he staked Damon he was like, “OK LETS GO” and Bonnie was like “Wait, but Enz-”and he was all, “nOPE NOPE NOPE TOO DANGEROUS GOTTA GO RN” lol