i don't need to be cured

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again

Remus Lupin & Sirius Black, Gryffindor common room, 1977


In the end, PJ did end up dragging the goop away from the previous area so

Surprisingly, they come to a mutual agreement later on if only to spare PJ from the discomfort that is FORCED HAPPINESS that poisons whomever this unlucky girl touches. Will they find the cure? Will there be another battle? Will @7goodangel and I EVER have another drawpile chance as RIPE as this one?

Hell if I know.

The thrilling conclusion and more! Stay tuned! Same bat time, Same bat channel!

Kin Ishi

Hey folks! Just wanna tell y'all not to make fun of people for what you perceive as laziness! Maybe ur friend stays in bed for most of the day because of their chronic pain! Maybe that stranger is eating junk food because they aren’t able to stand for the length of time needed to cook! Someone around you might not have showered in a few days, but I guarantee you they know and they don’t want to hear you talk about it!! So shut up!

  • Parents: We're not homophobic or transphobic because we're not afraid of them.
  • Me: That's not what homophobia or transphobia is.
  • Parents: Homosexuality is a disorder that needs to be cured.
  • Me: No, it's not. It's existed forever and is seen in many species. it's not disordered.
  • Parents: Nobody who is gay or trans is happy and they brought it on themselves.
  • Me: Those people who are unhappy are unhappy because they're treated like filth and are told that they're disordered and wrong. There are many others who live happy lives whether or not you want to accept that. And how does being honest about who they are equate to asking for unhappiness???
  • Parents: Gay relationships are only about sex.
  • Me: No. They're just like any normal relationship.
  • Parents: But people in same-sex marriages can't have biological children so that's proof that it's wrong! Children growing up in a family like that will never be happy!
  • Me: There are many happy same-sex couples with happy children whether they're adopted or were from a surrogate mother. Also studies show that children are just as happy being raised by a same-sec couple as they are if raised by a heterosexual couple.
  • Parents: Transgender and transsexual people are mistaken. There's no way for biological sex and a persons conceived gender to be different from each other. That's just wrong. They're really the gender they were born as.
  • Me: Psychology says that biological sex, sexuality, and gender are all separate things and can differ from each other. Also what about intersex people?
  • Parents: Ireland legalized gay marriage. This is a tragedy for all humanity.
  • Me: No. *walks away*
  • Parents: Why are you walking away? Why can't you respect our point of view? Why can't you see that you're wrong? Give us a reason to believe your perspective because you're not giving us a reason! We're not homophobic!
Boredom Breeds Stupid Ideas.

Perci: Hey. Niko.

Niko: What?

Perci: Say something in Italian.

Niko: ….Why?

Perci: I’m bored, I have no asks to answer, we’re just sitting here watching Talking Kitty videos and Italian is cool.

Niko: Talking Kitty was your idea. And how is me saying something in Italian going to cure your boredom?

Perci: It’s not really, but we haven’t updated the blog in forever and I got nothing else.

Niko: You are a well of brilliant ideas.

Perci: Come on. Seduce the followers with your romance language.

Niko: ….Okay, you just made it weird. 

Perci: Just one sentence.

Niko: ……..Il mio cuore è nelle tue mani.

Perci: Awesome. ……….That wasn’t an insult, was it?

Niko: Oh my gods. Why would you ask me to do this if you thought I was going to insult you?

Perci: Because I am a well of brilliant ideas.

Baby, I was born this way!

Autism is a genetic trait like having blue eyes. To “cure” autism would be to kill all people with autism and all genetic carriers of autism.

You can help people with autism be at their best through different forms of therapy (like occupational/speech therapy and counseling), encouraging social interaction and by being as understanding and tolerant  as possible of people who were born with higher I.Q.’s ;)

I would not want a world without autistic people in it but I do want a world that is better for autistic people. because when autistic people win we all win. Autistic or not.


You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.

I really need a gif of various scientists sassily shouting “You’re Welcome!” so I can add it to every “it’s a miracle” post I see on facebook.
It’s not a fricking miracle.
It’s scientific progress.


Snowing Appreciation Week
Day 03 >> The argument about David being poisoned and the price of his cure.

"You didn’t believe. You needed to believe in us.” -Mary Margaret
Stages of Shipping Rickyk
  • Stage one: This Daryl Dixon is pretty damn hot.
  • Stage two: This Rick Grimes (now that he's out of his hospital gown and has some sexy stubble) is pretty damn hot.
  • Stage Three: my favorite scenes are ones with Rick and Daryl because they are my favorite characters.
  • Stage Four: Did you see the way they look at each other?
  • Stage Five: Did you see the way they can read each other?
  • Stage Six: Did you see the way Rick said "I need you"?
  • Stage Seven: Looking on Pinterest for pics of Rick and Daryl together. Hmmm...this pic has the word Rickyl in it. What's a Rickyl? This seems important. I better google it.
  • Stage Eight: Holy Jesus! Daryl just offered his life up to save Rick!!!
  • Stage Nine: Fan fiction? Wait- there's a place I can read stories about what I think is REALLY going on between these two? I'm in!
  • Stage Ten: Wait- there's a place I can actually WRITE stories about what I think is going on between these two? I'm in.
  • Stage Eleven: Hours spent staring at Rickyl fan art and Rickyl YouTube medleys.
  • Stage Twelve: Watching a new episode and forgetting that they aren't actually doing it in canon.