i don't need this shit tbh

Here’s a sad little cinnamon roll. I love every single character in the game, but I think he has to be my favorite. He didn’t deserve anything that happened to him and he deserves everything he wants because he precious cutie. But yeah, here 

some dragon age fans: “omG playing as a human is soooo boring!!!! The people who play as them are boring to and have no creativity and they probably only play as humans so they can have privileged PCs”

the same fans: *has the flattest and most boring OCs I ever personally laid eyes on. Most of the meta their OCs are centered around is already established lore, their LIs, and/or tiny details that could hardly be considered relevant or even interesting. They also play as default Hawke, choosing all purple dialog, because making their boring default Hawke funny and sarcastic is the only way they can make Hawke interesting*

me: lmao okay

i went to the store and spent nearly $200 on a blender which is too much for a god damn blender tbh but it works really well and green smoothies are pretty much the only way i get vegetables inside of me. i didn’t even need to add sugar to it (which i’m not supposed to do anyway because it is killing me, lol)

work is Weird bc on the one hand i don’t dislike my job like it’s not rlly hard physically or anything although sometimes it’s v stressful and hectic and my boss is nice but like on the other hand i always feel v Not Good while i’m there and after leaving bc like…i feel like i’m deceiving ppl?? which is probs dumb i mean?? i don’t know but it’s just like sometimes i have this irrational urge to scream at the top of my lungs and just be like do u kno who ur trusting to watch children?!!? do u know my concept of normal and how Fucked Up and off the mark that is??? and then like it’s no damn wonder i’m so hesitant to step in and like take charge of things bc i literally….cannot comprehend where the line is like??? i need a written rulebook or something what is normal when should u intervene do ppl actually just know this stuff instinctively bc i seem to be the only one who’s constantly confused as hell and the only conclusion i can come to is it’s bc i have like no experience being around kids in a healthy environment and at least 5 times a shift i think about going up to my boss and just being like ok look i’m a shitty person who’s only experience with children has been in households where DCS eventually got involved like u should fire me rn u should do it why am i working here??? i shouldn’t be around ppls kids tbh idk

tldr: i like my job but also lowkey want my boss to fire me bc misplaced Guilt

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to those last 2 anons, you need to chill

bro idrc if anything I find it funny tbh
I always say it but not a single one of these anons would say that shit to my face so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(thank u btw ily lots hope you’re good 💕)

The reason I have almost no patience for fuck ups in relationships is because I’ve dealt with way too many inconsiderate idiot piece of shit clueless fuckboys to even be able to forgive much anymore…sounds harsh but I just can’t deals with little boy shit.
Where do all these women my age find men who are also our age who want to settle down and not fuck around and play games and pull stupid stunts? You know, adults?

My friends probably care more about my wellbeing than I do tbh xD
(disclaimer: personal shit idk kinda darky depressish, tbh you don’t have to feel like u need to cheer me up I just kinda need a place to vent? and store my thoughts in tho I won’t stop you from messaging me about this obviously)

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so I just updated my page of stuff i tag, so basically all the things that need tagged from my nets and stuff and there are now 73 items on the list. that’s a lot. so please forgive me if I forget to tag some of it, i am shit at remembering anything so i’m probably not going to remember all 73. but if you see me reblogging something and it’s super important that I tag it, please just send me an ask that way that particular thing will stand out in my mind as needing to be tagged extra specially. (I mean, i’d love to be able to tag everyone’s things but let’s be real, I don’t have the memory capacity for that)