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→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3

  • Riverdale: *literally just started* *hasn't finished its first season yet* *it's still on its fetus stage*

Within the last few sessions, my friends and I had been exploring the capital city chassing down a pair of blood magic twins who screwed us over in a deal we had made with them. After putting a few pieces together that night, we went to sleep only to find that two, including my character, out of the three of us were kidnapped.

When my character woke up he found he was captured by the twins and was going to be used in a sacrifice that would allow the twins to keep control over the town. He ended up losing a leg in the process before his unkidnapped companion stepped in and fought them.

The next day our DM, who is my best friend, texted me.

DM: Sorry bout your leg btw

Me: Pfffffft!!! Eh Zaris will manage. Maybe. He has a broom so he can still move a bit. Unless he needs both legs for it. Then he’s a lil fucked.

DM: TBH, I was actually going to take both of your legs but Cam (our friend) interupted.

Me: Thanks babe. Appriciate it. What is a rouge without his legs?

DM: A bard

Me: Ok rude.

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

i need youngmin and jaehwan and sewoon to debut ok i need it to carry on i need them to debut so i can stay sane i need them to debut so my acne will be cleared and so my crops will grow and so i can live my life without worrying ok listen them debuting is the equivalent of all m y dreams being fulfilled it will be tHAT moment of running through a field of dandelions with my arms wide open and i am smiling and the sun is shining down on me and i didn’t forget to put some spf on and i don’t sneeze because my allergies will be cured too do u understand??? i need youngmin and sewoon and jaehwan (lemme add in jisung and my bby sungwoon too) to debut! pls!

Don’t get too friendly with him though, Rosie. Granddad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pureblood.

The Diaboys and Yui as things my friends an I have said
  • Shu, staring at nothing: I'm always a slut for freckles
  • Reiji: They are sad little sausage waddlers
  • Kanato: *makes unintelligible screeching sound*
  • Ayato: I don't read fanfiction anymore, I've turned into an illiterate ass memer
  • Laito: knee high boots are my KINK
  • Subaru: Satan has taken over the Christian
  • Ruki: Hot piece of sex boat
  • Kou, singing horribly: Mullet Maaaannnn, take me by the hannd!
  • Shin: We're not into butt stuff here
  • Carla: Kill the communists.
  • Yui: I don't need to see, Jesus is my eyes. All I care about is a breathing hole.

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why do you suppose ~cutesy~ communism is so popular on tumblr? these days every time i go to someone's blog i see like 10 pastel aesthetic communist symbols and i just, dont get it

to be completely honest, i don’t know and it bugs me but i think it’s because it exists at the crux of tumblr’s love of simplifiying/radicalising complicated movements and idealising them with communism being, on the surface, an easy idea to romanticise for middle-class teenagers with shitty history education. 

1) Tumblr’s SJ scene is staunchly anti-capitalist - the root of a lot of oppression is based on exploitation and military/prison/media etc industry complexes that upholds the status quo of rich white men in power exploiting the poor and powerless. But simply being anti-capitalist doesn’t really get you anywhere in terms of social change, you can’t just sign a petition and opt out, this is not a system we get to choose, so I guess for people who aren’t familiar with communism’s history, this becomes the Better Option, The Greater Good, the other solution that is anti-thesis to capitalism. and even though it’s failed in every incarnation it’s existed in, there are always people who believe they’ll be smarter and get it right and turn it into a Feminist Utopia (even though in all incarnations of communism, it’s been ruled almost unanimously by powerful men who filled their cabinets and political positions with men). Communism stands for a change in the status quo that they can reasonably hope for - the other option would be a complete overhaul and utter fucking chaos. Which leads to:

2) I’m know I’m really fucking blunt about this, but it doesn’t fit into the mainstream Discourse ™ narrative. The oppression that people faced under communism doesn’t fit into neat privilege/oppression binary dynamics. It was about government oppression, but the governments were equally harsh on everyone in the name of brining about equality, so when people who call out tumblr’s behaviour (usually the kids and grandkids of the generation that did live through a harsh authoritarian rule and still bear the generational trauma of the country) speak about it, it’s easy for the SJ-scene to ignore. 

Honestly, I find the trend pretty fucking disgusting, especially the huge amounts of deliberate ignorance it takes to apologise for government-mandated mass-murders and political purges because of how many people literally refuse to educate themselves. 

communism is anti-capitalist and boasts equality of the classes in its ideology, but we all know that it has an ugly history where literally none of its ideals have been accomplished without massive bloodshed, government oppression and violence. Communism has symbols and a ready-made system to and it’s easy to ignore the genocide that it caused and used to symbolise. 


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Tbh I've never played a far cry game, don't know anything about the series, and previously have had very little interest in ever playing it, and I know the game might not actually "demonize" people as much as some think but tbh seeing nazis shitting their pants over this crying "UNPATRIOTIC!! TREASON!!!" is all I need to make me want to buy this game

please don’t fall or Ubisoft’s spite marketing

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@ the anon who unstanned JK because he likes lower quality brands.....you do realize you may have made some ppl feel like shit because they wear H&M and stuff like that too right? Like I'm sorry we can't afford fucking Chanel and Louis Vuitton! I'm sorry but that came off as really shallow and vain to me. It's okay to like luxury stuff but don't put ppl down for wearing brands YOU don't think are good enough. I hope I made sense that just pissed me off cus ya girl is broke and H&M is lit

that was my initial reaction to that ask too haha i can’t afford expensive “high quality” clothes but tbh you don’t need to spend a lot of $$$ on clothes when you can easily find something that’s comfortable and cute and cheap

hold onto ur hats folks this is gna get personal (but important tbh)

it truly baffles me to my fucking core when people say not to ship characters who are children bc im just? like????? kids get crushes????? brief story time, i knew someone in school, we were friends from reception (4-5 yrs old) to year 12 (16-17) and i was very much in love with him. like, so much so that in the later years of that time it started to Destroy me emotionally. i internally over-romanticised the FUCK out of that relationship for Y E A R S and when we got to an age where i finally gained a tiny tiny bit of self awareness it fucked me up really really bad when i finally realised it wasn’t gonna happen.

so like. don’t even try to tell me kids can’t have crushes, that shipping kid characters is wrong because loving someone as more than friends is inherently adult or sexual, i will laugh in your face.

unless you’re somehow saying i’m wrong about that VERY personal experience, or you’re saying that because the ship is m/m or f/f it’s “too adult”, in which case fuck off a thousand times over, idk what the fuck you think you’re on about tbh

and ok maybe that’s far from the healthiest happiest story but what it proves is that romantic feelings can exist at a young age, without sexuality. and i have enough imagination to realise that that can probably happen and go more positively, too, with different people involved, in a different situation.

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It's cool that you believe in BLM but black people are nothing like the other people you talk about. Don't compare us to trans people for example. Trans people just need some therapy and aren't oppressed like black people are. Same goes for "aces" or whatever you call them. TBH there are only gay, lesbian, bi, and straight people. All this other shit needs to stop. Quit making shit up. You're not pansexual. That's not a thing. You're probably bi.

Wow, where to start.

First off, it makes me really uncomfortable to tell a black person how to feel about being black, and I just want to make it clear that doing so is not my intention.

This kind of stuff makes me really sad, because this is exactly the kind of shit that causes fascists to win. It’s the ultimate divide and conquer strategy. When bigots infect minority groups with prejudice and discrimination, it ensures that those minority groups don’t work together to fight said bigots.

Trump and his cabinet of white supremacists/Nazis/probably KKK members LOVE this stuff. They want minority groups to be against each other. Because if we all came together, we’d drastically outnumber them.

Imagine if all the Black Lives Matter supporters joined together with the LGBTQ+ community (all of it, not just the people you don’t have prejudices against). Then, add all the other racial minorities. Then, add the immigrants (particularly non-white ones). Then, add the disabled people. The working class. The socialists. The communists. The feminists. Do you know how many goddamn people that is?! Millions of people. MILLIONS of people with a common goal – to fight fascism and end inequality. You can’t just fight for the rights of one minority group. You have to fight for all of them in order to succeed.

As for your blatant discrimination against members of the LGBTQ+ community, that’s all bullshit.

Trans people have always existed. Being transgender is nothing new.
Asexual/aromantic people have always existed. Being ace is nothing new.
Pansexual/panromantic people have always existed. Pansexuality is nothing new.

If you jumped into a time machine and went to 100 B.C.E., there would be all of the above existing in that time.

Because of religious extremism, these LGBTQ+ minorities were forced to be silent about who they are. Thus, it wasn’t until the last few centuries that people came up with lots of new terms to describe aspects of themselves. The terms might be new, but the people existing is definitely not. People have become more enlightened, so people are discussing LGBTQ+ issues more often. They’re becoming less oppressed, and now have the freedom to discover these new terms (particularly thanks to the internet). Just because you personally haven’t heard of these terms or met someone who is trans/ace/pansexual doesn’t mean their existence is invalid. People aren’t being special snowflakes, they’re merely figuring out who they are and knowing how to describe themselves.

Oppression isn’t a contest. It doesn’t matter if black people or LGBTQ+ people are more oppressed. It doesn’t matter. All oppression is fucked up and needs to stop.

Black people are being murdered. Guess what, so are trans people. Mindless, hate-driven murders are taking the lives of innocent people, and that’s all that matters. Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter. Both movements should be supported. Everyone needs to show up for everyone else. Hate is hate, no matter who it’s directed at.

I really hope you do some research and enlighten yourself, because minorities hating other minorities is just sad.