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I've got another ask for you! (Tell me if I'm annoying, k?) So, for US/SF!Bros. I saw a lot of stuff about a S/O encountering an abusing ex and then the skelli comes over and makes the ex leave and makes sure S/O is fine and bla-bla-bla... but what about the contrary? What if the skele-babe was the one with the abusing ex and the new S/O's making sure they're ok? (Unless you're uncomfortable with doing this kind of asks, it's fine if you don't want to.)

HO BOY, you’re not bothering me at all! This was really interesting to think about and soooo fun to write. All of the below is assuming the S/O stepped in and got the ex to back off. 

TW for abuse/abuse mention.

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Okay so I've been meaning to ask you a request for so long but I was too shy, and you don't have to answer it if you don't wanna. BUt, how would he boys react if MC died during childbirth??????????? And how would their relationship be toward their kid as single parents????????

I’m already sad so get ready for this to be just as sad, if not more. I didn’t do Jaehee’s because truthfully I haven’t actually done her route, I’ve just read it and I don’t know if I could make a good feel for her on something so heavy.


  • He would be so cold towards his child (I wrote a mini series on his son here) and it would be heartbreaking to watch. The house would be dead quiet even if both of them were home.
  • The coldness wasn’t intentional but he couldn’t stand looking at MC’s features ingrained with his own in a person, and he’d even kind of try to avoid it if he could, although that’s not realistically possible.
  • The interactions with his son would be so curt and to the point, Jumin would only make eye contact if it was about something important.
  • In matters of as a toddler and baby, Jumin of course would do what he’d have to and there wouldn’t be a single complaint from him. He’d probably feel disconnected from his own son.
  • Jumin is pretty rational, and he wouldn’t blame his son for killing MC at all, but it would just be difficult. Somewhat synonymous to lunch with his father, uncomfortable but necessary.
  • As Jumin had some time though I think MC would really start to resonate with him once the hurt begins to subside, Jumin would probably open up to his son during a visit to MC’s grave or even spontaneously. 
  • He would be reminded that MC would want him to try and open up and he would try, for his son. The reason he’d been so avoidant of his own son would be because he can’t quite place how he feels about it all besides a strong and vague hurting, and that results in him not knowing how to treat his own son. He’d be really scared of confronting his feelings alone.


  • Zen is really good at putting up a strong front. He’s resilient and that’s shown even when Jaehee notes Zen had changed the least after Rika’s death… and with MC, he tries to carry on the same way too.
  • He’d be such a supportive dad like u don’t even k n o w, his parents were never there for him so he knows he can’t make the same mistakes as his parents.
  • Always encourages his kid to try new things and avoids talking about MC like the plague; the child shouldn’t have to suffer through it more by talking about it.
  • Zen is a really good actor so he’s amazing at putting up fronts in front of his kid, but when he’s alone he’s pretty sad… and he’s definitely not the same as before. He suppresses all of his feelings and throws it into his acting for roles.
  • Everyone calls him brave for barely even changing after MC’s death, to the public eye you couldn’t tell the difference
  • There would be so much effort to try and compensate for the lack of a mother their child would have, he’d be pretty hover-y in regards to parenting and always wants to make sure his kid is always safe
  • Reallly jealous of his friends that are married with kids. Deep down in a selfish way he does miss mc a lot and seeing any mom or wife always gives him a bit of jealousy and sadness.


  • Oh god he would break. He could hardly handle Rika’s death, how could he handle MC’s?
  • A part of him would say he has to stay strong for their child, but he can’t just shut his feelings off and ignore it.
  • MC’s death would consume Yoosung whole. There is no question about it; they’re everywhere he goes and they haunt him it’s a before and after of this person that is supposed to be here and isn’t
  • He’d be agonized by so much pain asking so many questions he’ll never get the answer to and he can’t stop thinking about it, there’s so much pain for him and it changes him so drastically that there isn’t anything quite the same.
  • I don’t think he’d be too active in his child’s life, I think he’d do what was necessary but he’d lose a lot of his passion, especially in his work as a vet. MC was the reason he graduated the fastest and at the top of his class, he needs people he loves to motivate him to be at his best… and we all know what he looks like when he’s lost the person he loves.
  • The RFA would definitely have to step in to help out somehow, there’d definitely be an intervention for Yoosung considering that I doubt he’d be doing anywhere near okay even years after MC’s death.
  • With that being said, his relationship with his kid would be so distant it’s as if they were just living together. Yoosung would be too consumed in whatever vice that takes him first to really try and have a relationship with his child, he can barely look them in the eye half the time.
  • Especially when they have the eyes of their mother.


  • Of course good things would never stay with him. Why did he ever think they could?
  • While raising the little one Saeyoung would resent them in a way, mostly because he was angry at himself for thinking anything good could ever come and stay with him. He was stupid to believe he could ever afford to be happy, and even though the death was out of his hands, he still feels guilty for it. If he hadn’t let them in and hadn’t stopped pushing them away this could have never happened; they could have been a living mother and wife to someone else better for them.
  • For the first few years Saeyoung wouldn’t be very good at taking care of a baby, but he’d constantly check on them and try to do what was needed. He hardly would sleep at all for the first few years, and probably has nearly passed out a couple of times.
  • This doesn’t take away from his fathering capabilities, after his grief he would cling to the little family he had of Saeran and his child. He’d be very good at joking around and being an entertaining figure for his own kid, but he’d get very cold very quickly at the mention of MC
  • Saeyoung would be so fucking good at putting up a mask for his kid, as far as their kid is concerned he’s the coolest and funniest dad ever but when it came to anybody else he would just sulk, he’s so good it rivals Zen
  • He’d act like everything was okay in the group chats and the RFA wouldn’t have a clue, but he’d never show up for meetings and nobody has probably seen him in months besides his own kid
  • He would never ever trust anyone again or try to let anyone in, he feels awful about how he stupidly believed he could have a normal life like everyone else and now his child no longer has a mom and he no longer has a wife.

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nonbinary neil prompt

this + chelsey’s ask alright…,,, kind of a continuation from this post i wrote with fox about genderfluid neil because a lot of the ideas are the same (i.e., in how i feel neil would explore gender, obviously genderfluid and non-binary are different)

and disclaimer.. i am cisgender so all i know about non-binary or genderfluid people is second hand knowledge, please please please tell me if i’ve gotten anything wrong or i’m being offensive i really don’t mean to be and i debated about not even answering this but… yeah anyway. under the cut

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Habits - Requested (Michael)

This was requested by Anon (Can i have a mikey one?? Based off the song habits (stay high) by tove lo??? Plz i love your account btww) okay s i have never heard this song before, i had a little and its not too bad haha, anayways ENJOY!!!!

Your head is banging, you groan feeling the warm glare of the sun on your face and fours yourself to open your eyes, when you do you squint from the light coming through the window. You let out a tired groan as you rub your face into the pillow, your body stretching to wake itself up. You push yourself up and shuffle into your bum, sanding and looking around the room for your clothes. Getting dressed you take the time to look at the guy lying naked in the bed, his blonde shabby hair messed, his lips slightly parted and his stubble covering what you imagine an amazing jaw line. Over all he is one of the best looking guys you have found yourself with this week, you’d stay, if you could remember his name. So you leave checking your keys and phone are still in your bag and slipping out of the door.

As you walk down the street there is a couple, laughing, their hands locked walking on the other side; you remember the picture Calum took of you and Michael walking down the street. You need to see it, so you pull out your phone and scroll through your pictures but your eyes fix on one with you pulling a strange face while Michael’s tongue is pressed against your cheek. You can feel it, everything, you can feel as your coming down and you know you need more.

‘Hey Slim I need more’ your voice is groggy from the long night and lack of sleep.

'No worries darlin, same place?’

'I’ll be ten minutes’ with that you hang up and quicken your pace.


You slide into the bath, once your body is enveloped in the warm water and fluffy bubbles you reach out for your pot noodle. Dinner in the bathtub this is your life now. You don’t take long to dry off and throw on some clothes, adding some mascara and eye liner and heading back out. You can spend a night in this empty house.

'This is weird, you’ve been really off lately’ you friend shouts over the blaring music as you watch two women pull at each other’s cloyed as their mouths move on each other. 'Can we get out of here, I don’t like it’ she tries again. 'You can’t keep doing this shit because Michael left’ hearing his name is like a knife through the heart.

'Just go home’ you growl at her before walking through the people to the bar, you’re not alone long as a girl slide over from her bar stool. And after a couple of minutes a couple of guys join you, shot after shot, and his lips are in your neck, you can’t go home alone. It’s only in the taxi you notice this guy is easily thirty plus, probably some bodies daddy. His hand is traveling up your thigh and you whisper in his ear 'make this fast and greasy’ you know you’re numb and way too easy.


Not sure what day it is but your craving Twinkies, so you open the bag full you just bought with the last of your money. Pack after pack your starting to feel sick, the bile raising in your throat and you run to the bathroom, throwing yourself over the tub, and it comes, the smile making even yourself crunch your nose, you’re tired and want to sleep so you climb in the tub, sleep wake puck, it goes on for about an hour before you really do fall asleep, right there in your sick.

'Fuck, hey, (Y/N), babe wake up’ his voice, it’s as always, playing with your sleep, pushing into your dreams. How you’d love to see him again. Feel his arms around you like you do now, if only it was real.

'Drink this, (Y/N), fuck what have you done to yourself’ he sounds sad, you worry, he can’t be sad in your dreams too. 'I love you’ he whispers, you feel his breath against your ear, and smile, that’s how it unused to be. If only you could reach out and touch him, get him to hold you.

You push your hands out wishing he was there when you hand hits something, soft, you flatten your hand and stroke a shirt, a shirt, a person, someone is here, but you came home alone tonight, your eyes fly open but before you see them you eyelids drop again.

'That’s it babe, wake up, open your eyes’ no could it really be, was he really here. This time you open them and they stay open. 'Michael’ your voice his baily a whisper your body holding no energy.

'Baby, what have you done, sleep, just sleep, I’ll stay right here’ you don’t need any more encouragement you fall asleep.


Your eyes fly open and you see your in your own bed, alone so no one wanted you last night, you don’t remember much from last night, nothing really but you do vaguely remember dreaming about him. You force yourself out of bed and into your living room, you hear a clatter in the kitchen, your heart beats fast against your chest as you slowly and quietly make your way in.

'Michael’ you’re frozen in your spot and he spins around, a small frown in his face.

'Your awake, I made breakfast, sorry about the mess you know I’m not much of a cook’ he is casual, like nothing has changed.

'Why are you here’ your voice is baily a whisper, so many emotions rushing through you, god you can feel it all again, it’s time you have to numb yourself.

'We need to talk’ his words distract you. As he sits at the table a pile of pancakes in the middle. He takes one and rips a little off popping it into his mouth. You lower yourself into the seat opposite him.

'Gina called me, she said you were bad, I dunno what I was expecting but not this, this isn’t you, you’ve always been so against drugs, not a huge drinker, your different, I don’t know who you are like this’ him words only hurt you but you are blank, you don’t want to speak just listen, listen to his voice, watch his lips, take in his smell not knowing if you will have the chance again.

'I did this, I left you, god I’m such an idiot, I never thought, I dunno, I didn’t really think at all it just happened, at the time everything I told you I meant it but as soon as I was gone I hated myself for leaving you, I’ve thought about you every day, missing you, driving myself crazy looking at our pictures. I love you, god I always will love you, please, please let me help you, get us back to normal’ his words are sincere, his small smile genuine, his eyes locked with yours.

'Michael you didn’t want me before, I’m even more fucked up now’ you sigh, remembering the day he left you. Remembering his words.

'I can’t deal with you, your so closed down all the time, you can’t even tell me you love me half the time, I need more, more emotion, I need to feel needed and you’re not doing it, I can’t love you anymore’

'I was an idiot, I was having a bad day, you are closed up but that’s part of you and all I can ask is that you give me the chance, the time to study you, and one day I will know how you feel without saying a word.’ He explains.

You smile a little before looking down, you can feel the words on the tip if your tongue, 'I love you’ his hand wraps around your, 'I love you too’

From Chelsea

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How do you read so much bad fanfic and not leave a comment? I've seen you leave comments on terrible fanfic and telling them to keep writing. Why would you want to see more of that? Leaving comments like that is the reason we have so much bad fanfic don't you think?

Sigh. Ok. I’ve kinda been avoiding this but after seeing that last confession I just can’t anymore.

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