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I Can Decide For Myself

I’m not an anti-feminist because a few sandy cunts are pro-censorship and so psycho I’m pretty sure they would stab a man’s dick if he looked at them wrong.

I’m anti-feminist because I see it as sexist and as useless to the world, especially a first world country, as Kanye West. I’m an anti-feminist because here in the US women are not oppressed. We are not victims. We are not under the thumb of rape culture. We most certainly do not have less rights than men.

Then again, this is where feminism will be brought up for third world countries. I used to see value in that, and then I realized that’s also not justified. Are men still unequal there? Is the trans and gay community also unequal? Then they don’t need feminism. They need humanism. Egalitarianism.

If there is even one person of the opposite sex or gender being mistreated for who they are, there is no room for a belief that’s primary focus is one or the other.

-Que feminist comments in 3.. 2..-