i don't need feminism

  • Woman: I was raped.
  • Tumblr: Oh you poor helpless victim! It's obvious that everyone has to believe you even if there's evidence to the contrary or else they're a rape apologist!
  • Man: I was raped.
  • Tumblr: Lol, yeah right. Stop making stuff up to get attention! Everyone knows men can't be raped!
  • Woman: I'm insecure about my body.
  • Tumblr: Oh you poor helpless victim! This is all because the evil men have set up unrealistic beauty standards!
  • Man: I feel insecure about my body.
  • Tumblr: LMAO I would too if I looked like you with your tubby mayo ass! Stfu and get out of our safe spaces! Women have it way worse.
  • Women: I was abused by my partner.
  • Tumblr: Oh you poor innocent victim! Curse the male power structure that allows men to get away with abusing women. Don't even worry about proving it! Your word is more than enough to arrest the scumbag!
  • Man: I was abused by my partner.
  • Tumblr: Oh shut up and stop whining. You're a man and everyone knows that men always have the power so they are impossible to abuse. I hope someone cuts off your dick for being such an attention whore!

I don’t need feminism, but women in the middle east do.

Women in the west complain about men spreading their legs to protect their testicles. 

Women in the middle east aren’t allowed to complain about having their genitals mutilated, being whipped and even stoned to death and just being though of as property in general.

Hey to all those people telling people “ it’s not so bad, just power through the cramps” when they're on their period because it’s not an excuse to miss school/work etc.!

I had bad cramps today, but I tried to “power through it” and went to class anyways, even though my grandmother had to drive me because I couldn’t walk to the bus.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to feel like I was going to throw up in the middle of my lecture, leaving to take a walk outside in the cold to try and clear my head, even though walking made my right side feel as though it was being ripped in two.

I tried to “power through it” when I started getting cold sweat all over my body, taking off my sweater and then putting it back on two seconds later because my body couldn’t decide if it was hot or cold.

 I tried to “power through it” when spots started to appear in my vision, and just kept walking towards the exit.

I tried to “power through it” when I started to dry heave, and started walking faster.

I tried to “power through it” when my ears started ringing and the spots took over my vision and I was so so hot but shivering and my side felt on fire and twisted into knots and stabbed all at once.

I tried to power through it to the point where I collapsed in the middle of my college hallway. A stranger brought me to Outreach Services, where I lay on the floor, vomiting, for an hour until somebody could pick me up and take me home.

The school paramedics told me that I had passed out because I put too much stress on my already taxed body. My body was taxed because of hormonal fluctuations and blood loss aka my period.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. In the past when I’ve had cramps like this, I’ve stayed in bed and eaten strawberries and watched MASH all day.

So don’t you DARE tell me that you should “power through the cramps and do it anyways”. Powering through made me pass out. Powering through made me have to be wheeled out of the school in a wheelchair because I couldn’t keep my balance to walk. Powering through made my grandmother with osteoporosis and a tendency to panic have to come pick me up from school and help me up the stairs and almost break her hip when I started to collapse backwards on the front steps. Powering through made my 13 year old brother have to supervise me while I took a bath because I was afraid I would pass out and drown (he was super sweet about it actually; we closed the curtain and he read me Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Powering through made my mother who works to support our family pretty much on her own have to take time off work to come home and make sure I was okay.

In conclusion; If someone feels crappy because of their period cramps, leave them alone. Don’t make them do things anyways, because you might make it worse. And definitely don’t make them feel bad for not wanting to do things because of cramps; that’s the reason I even got out of bed this morning. Be nice to people on their period. Possibly buy them chocolate or painkillers. Nut don’t make them do things when they have cramps, and definitely don’t tell them “it’s nothing, power through” because cramps? Cramps can be one of the worst things you could possibly imagine.

Seriously. Fuck you all.


My friend (marked in blue) posted her frustrations with being  called “girl” despite  being almost 30 years old, and how you wouldn’t call a man “boy”.
She expressed her anger towards being infantized…(which is so NOT a contoversial thing to say…It should literally go without saying WHY it’s not cool to talk to an adult like they are a child)….

….and two male family members just HAD to pounce in to mock her ….

One (marked in black)  being outright asshole-ish, the other (marked in red) kinda…goaded it on, like whooooaaaah LOL gonna make her so mad, LOLOL

I am just…so fucking tired of this…

So tired…

And my female friend just lost a father like 3 weeks ago, still mourning…and these male family members (who know she is mourning) treat her like shit…What the fuck? Can’t sexism and patriarchal bullshit EVER just take a break?

I am so tired of it….

But even after all this, showing this example of blatant sexism….I STILL have to reassure men that I don’t hate all of them…

So tired….

I really want to talk about the conclusion of the Lost Children arc, and Jill’s importance as a character.

One thing I see a lot of Berserk fans wish for is that the series could go back to the darker tones of arcs like Lost Children, the latter half of the Golden Age, and of course, the Black Swordsman arc. But the lighter mood is something that’s actually been developing since the manga’s beginning - it’s been gradual but it’s been consistent, and all the different characters Guts has encountered on his travels have been meeting better and kinder fates. Colette died horribly and had her corpse desecrated, then Vargas died cleanly and with hope of being avenged, then Theresia survived and carried physical and psychological scars as the price…and now Jill lives too; not undamaged, but she makes it out clean and strong and hopeful. And even though the Lost Children arc contains piles of dead children and shows Guts at one of his lowest points morally, this is the moment where the light breaks through at last.

And Jill is the character who brings this light into the story, and an incredible amount of hope too.

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“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.

Why I don’t need feminism

Remember: This is PERSONAL. Please don’t feel as though you have to message me telling me why I DO need feminism. Also, I am not claiming to be ‘Anti-Feminist’ because people are obviously allowed to have feminist beliefs and I cannot take that away from them.

1 - I do not find the concept of free bleeding empowering whatsoever. For me, feminine hygiene products are not oppressive - to think that they are seems ridiculous. Believe it or not, not everybody wants to ruin their underwear by bleeding into it. I have no need to go against using products that are really useful to me for the sake of ‘empowerment’.

2 - I do not appreciate having women I don’t know claiming that myself, and every other woman, is automatically a victim of the ‘patriarchy’. You do not know the inside goings-on of every female’s life. I am not a victim. I had a wonderful upbringing, and so do you honestly think I’m about to single out every petty instance where male children may have said or done something that YOU may deem ‘oppressive’? Of course not!

3 - Everything within this new era of feminism, if you will call it that, is built on the idea that everything is FACT. Men are raised to be domineering - FACT. Females are raised to behave to the convenience of their oppressor - FACT. It reminds me of the false stats they use in TV advertising and it doesn’t look good.

4 - Men KNOW not to rape. They KNOW it’s wrong. ‘Teaching men not to rape’ is the same as ‘Teaching men not to murder’ (I know women are capable of murder too!) . The bad ones are still gonna do it no matter how loud you shout during a protest. It isn’t because they’re men - it’s because they’re douchebags.

5 - I do not live in a country that advocates the abuse of women BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN. If you are going to talk about how ‘unless your feminist views include women of colour and Muslim women you are no feminist’, be proactive and try to help them. Places where misogyny literally kills women need feminism. I do not.

6 - If there is something I cannot do, it is not because I am a female. It’s because I am me. Nobody has ever discouraged me. Blaming my failures and my lack of confidence on the ‘patriarchy’ would be lazy and self-piteous. I am not hopeless. I am not a victim. I am responsible and can be held accountable for everything I do and feel.

To summarise: I, personally, do not need feminism because I am not automatically a charity case because I am female. The men in my life do not make me feel inferior. I like to make myself look nice for myself AND for my boyfriend. I am strong and I matter - and I don’t need feminism to tell me that.

Why I'm not a feminist anymore

As you’re all probably unaware, in my younger and stupider years I considered myself a feminist. This is because in school I learnt that feminism was created to give women equal rights, which is what it originally was, and so as a women I believed that everyone should be a feminist because everyone should have equal rights. Then I remember annotating Emma Watson’s feminist speech in my English class and thinking it was all fair enough. I even remember some SJW lady coming into my school to do a presentation on political correctness and in her speech I remember her saying that 1 in 4 women will be sexually abused and that women get paid less than men. Because I didn’t know any better, and I didn’t think someone that the school had brought in would lie, I believed it all and was disgusted that in 2013 this stuff was still happening (this was in 2013)
I remember debating with a boy in my class about how the wage gap is sexist and looking back on it, his arguments were on point, after a while I couldn’t really come up with anymore arguments. This was the first step of me leaving feminism.
Next, I remember reading an article in English about a guy who thinks women can be just as, and even more sexist than men (we had to read this article and compare it to the Emma Watson speech) because my English class was all-girls, most people thought that the guy in the article was being a dick. However I understood things from his point of view. Instead of following a crowd, I looked at both sides of the argument and came to my own conclusion that modern day feminism is awful. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in SOME things, like how colours shouldn’t be gendered and how neutral toys like dinosaurs and animals shouldn’t be put in the boy-toy aisle. But I also think that although both men and women have different problems they have to face, they both still have problems and feminism is just making women seem like idiots and they give females everywhere a bad name.

I think people should stop believing everything they see and not pick one side based off one argument. People should come to their own conclusions after considering things from both points of view

Being an Anti-Feminist does not mean I hate feminists. It does not mean I am against equal rights. Being Anti-Feminist means I am against the monstrosity of the modern day feminist movement. I would never want to associate myself with the movement itself, but if someone else chooses to identify as a feminist, and they are a good person with logical thoughts and want to fight real issues, I have nothing against them.


clarke is in love with bellamy and bellamy is in love with clarke. 

the end.