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incorrect borgia quotes
  • lucrezia: i killed juan.
  • cesare:
  • lucrezia:
  • cesare: i have never loved you more than i do right now, at this very moment, on this day of the year of our lord, 1497,

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relationship headcanons for bruce and diana tho. i know you have some

ship head canons || always accepting 

  1. Diana is a plus at getting Bruce to remember to eat meals because she so frequently takes them with him. She’s a good distraction for him. Oddly enough a goddess reminds him to be human. 
  2. Her whole life story is told to him in bed. That voice over you hear in WW that’s Diana talking to Bruce in bed. 
  3. She’s introduced him to her FAVORITE megalodon that guards Themyscria. Bruce opted out of petting it despite Diana’s assurances that “Swiftmaw Prince of Devourers” would know Bruce is a friend and wouldn’t eat him. 
  4. Lots of pressure from Hippolyta to make her a grandma. 
  5. Diana has looked into giving up her divinity and immortality. She hasn’t found a way yet, but she doesn’t want to live through another lover’s death 
  6. Wedding on Themyscria. Clark, Alfred and Lois are the only ones who get to attend and Diana had to fight for like 3 days to get that. 
  7. Any babies they have are all girls. 
  8. They aren’t really a gift giving couple. Like they just don’t do it.  On Holidays they just donate to charities in each other’s name. 
  9. Diana talks to the bats in Bruce’s cave all the time. 
  10. Bruce always holds Diana when she cries during movies. ( The two movies that always make her cry are Homeward Bound and The Color of Paradise. Oh she cries like a baby during those two. )
  11. They’ve invented a series of hand signals to communicate privately on dates. 
  12. It gets used during league meetings too. 
  13. Has Bruce ever cracked a joke about needing to get to worship as code for needing to leave so he can go down on his goddess gf? yes - yes he has.  
  14. Bruce is forced to research mythology outside of Athenian sources bc “the Athenians were a patriarchal society and largely misogynistic and …” and his gf is so smart and he knows she’s right so he just fucking does the research. 
  15. Bruce loves learning from her too though ??? like he loves it. he loves that she’s so smart. 
  16. Bruce will have her act as translator at Wayne Enterprises meetings even if he knows the language himself just so he can have her around. 
  17. Bruce has donated A LOT of money to the Gotham Metropolitan Museum of art where she works once she moves to Gotham and then he gets all his private donor tours with his girlfriend. 
  18. when she  moves from paris the pair spend a lot of time pretending like she’s going to get her own place in gotham. and she never does. she just moves in with him. but they spend a few months pretending like she’s looking for a place before bruce officially asks her to move in. 
  19. Diana is big spoon - especially when Bruce is having nightmares. 
  20. On days when Diana seems sad Bruce takes her to the beach to cheer her up. 

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so... I’ve turned off anon

Within the span of an hour I received 12 (TWELVE!) anons about the preview. All expressing some sort of concern about Olicity reuniting in this season. Disregarding anything I’ve posted about it previously. I answered this question. Repeatedly. 

I don’t know what else you guys need me to do. 

I’ve said this so many times I feel like a broken record, but here goes. One more time for the books. The show doesn’t concern me. The narrative paints a clear picture. The interviews don’t worry me. They’re constructed to make us doubt and wonder (and they do a good job with some of you). Getting piled with twelve anons in an hour all asking the same question (more or less), however, makes me wonder what I’m even doing here. 

No one listens to what I say. They want me to answer their specific question, even if I’ve answered so many others that are worded rather similarly. My previous ”yes, I believe they reunite in s5″ response is constantly called into question.

“What about now?”

“Do you still think this?”

“How about now?”

Yes, I still do. No amount of anons in my inbox is going to make me think otherwise. However, the constant barrage does steal what enjoyment I’m getting out of this. I can’t sit and go “yes, it’s all finally happening” without someone in my ear “do you still think they reunite??”

I understand some of you need more reassurance. Believe me, I got the memo. And I don’t want to belittle that need. I understand why people are worried. What I do not understand is why no one takes me at my word. Why I am continually asked this same question over and over and over and over? Can’t you read my blog, look at my previous responses and say, “okay, I guess she still believes”? 

I’m gonna guess the answer is no so I’m turning off anon. I just want to enjoy these last two eps. I’ve been patient and waited a long time for them. 

Time = ________

Building everything takes time
Unlike this short cryptical rhyme,
It was snappy.

I’d like to have much more time
Without having to say so in rhyme,
To be sappy.

Does your watch have the time
To tell my heart’s rhyme?
I’d be happy.

Where goes all this time
To change my actions and rhyme,
Dear chappy?

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I feel like I am losing my faith. I don't have the need to pray and I don't feel bad when I sin. What could (or should) I do about it?

Always remember that sin may feel good and enjoyable and those feelings are natural but that they are temporary solutions to your human needs, caused by your mortal body. The Will of God is, on the other side, eternal and even better than the best feeling sins could provide to you…
There will be times when praying is hard, when sin is more satisfying, when God seems nonexistent… But remember that you are, by God’s plan, made for greater things!


I have faith, because he meant for me to come here to find what I’d lost, to find you.

Imagine Steve walking in the apartment to find Bucky laying on the kitchen floor clutching an empty box of cereal to his chest and Steve panics because he thinks something is seriously wrong and he rushes to his side and asks him what’s wrong and if he needs a doctor or Natasha to hit him in the head again or what and Bucky just grabs him by the shirt, pulls him down to his level, looks him dead in the eye and says “end of the line Rogers, I know you were the one who finished off the fruit-loops.”
Steve doesn’t realize until it’s too late that it was a trap and Bucky is rolling him onto his back and smacking him everywhere he can reach with the empty box

say what you want about ship wars, otps, and who’s going to survive or not but the hospital now houses two women who are canonically known to be inclined to blow shit up and to set shit on fire

So since it’s Sarita day…can we talk about her for a minute? And the way Telltale has handled her from day one, and why it bothers me immensely?

A lot of people (me included) have been making anxious noises, particularly after EP3, about Sarita potentially getting thrown in the fridge to fuel Kenny’s angst. Because I think we can all agree that that’s a terrible idea and bad writing that does a massive disservice to her character. And fuck me but I’m pretty sure Telltale’s going to do it anyway.

Here’s the thing though, the thing that hit me out of the blue at 6AM for some ungodly reason: it’s worse than that.

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I'm having a lot of problems with my faith. I believe in the Gods, there is no doubt about that but I feel so alone in it. All around me I see Christians, Jews, Muslims that have communities, people they can talk to, and above all: love. I don't know if I am loved by my Gods I don't know if I love my Gods. I feel as though it is all worship and though they watch over me, it feels like all business. I feel so lost in my faith and don't know what to do. I just need advice

<Your Mod takes off formal “Your-Mod” hat.>

This is difficult.  It’s extra-difficult because I’VE BEEN THERE.  I’ve been where you are.  Poetically, it’s called a “fallow time,” and everyone of every faith experiences it—that feeling of going through the motions without any real sense of connection.  It’s one of the reasons I waffled between Hellenic Polytheism and Christianity for about a decade.

It can feel like the Theoi are there, but distant; the relationship between Them and their devotees can be very different than that between the Abrahamic God and His.  When you’re at that stage, you know you love the Theoi, and you know that They’re present—that They exist—but you just don’t feel that connection.  Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever feel it again without leaving the Theoi you love.  Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever be happy with any religious path.

The only thing I can tell you is: hold on.  Keep pushing through.  The Theoi like testing devotees to see if they’ll be able to handle this path.  Sometimes, one Theos will bring you into the Hellenic Polytheism fold, only to seemingly abandon you, leaving you feeling alone.  That’s what happened with me and Hermes.  (For the record—just because you FEEL alone doesn’t mean you are.  I know that doesn’t help you now, but the Theoi are always there—like I said, it can be a test.)

But there’s a story about one young lady who felt abandoned by the person she felt she could trust the most—abandoned, without any chance of going back to the life she once had OR of going on with the life she’d chosen for herself.  Her name was Ariadne, and she was rescued by another Theos, one whom She did not expect.  That was Dionysos.

Not only did Dionysos rescue Her, she became His bride—and eventually, a Theos in Her own right.

Sometimes we need to experience the pain of being lost before we can truly know the joy of being found.  It sounds hokey, and doubly so since it’s a running theme of other faiths like Christianity, but you’re NOT the only one who has ever felt that way.

Keep praying.  Keep honoring the Theoi, if They are the gods you’ve decided to follow.  Keep reading and researching.  You will find one of Them.  Or maybe one of Them will find you.  I’m reminded of lyrics to one of my favorite songs, “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”:

Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight

Gotta kick at the darkness ‘til it bleeds daylight

And if you ever need or want someone to talk to, you have us HPs on tumblr, and elsewhere.  Ping me if you wanna chat, here or on my personal Hellenic polytheism blog.

I had an idea. Since whedon ruined avengers 1&2 by making it the Tony show, what if the Russos had a plan? They’re the main cap directors so they’re obviously invested in his character and story the most. And it didn’t seem that way in civil war which threw off all the fans, but what if that was intentional? Cap 3 was the avengers remake. They fixed each character, created a storyline for the avengers that actually mattered (aliens and Ultron can only give so much to work with) and now they’re gonna be creating Avengers 3 part 1 & 2. What if Steve and Bucky are central to that storyline? Which is why we hardly got too much of them from cap 3? Cuz A3 parts 1&2 would be centered on them. ESP cuz Seb’s contract is so long, buckycap is bound to happen, and you can’t kill Steve without giving Bucky and him emotional moments (more than just a shoulder pat, flashbacks a HUG and several crying moments thanks). (Just saying, Steve won’t be dead-dead, they’ll keep a loophole for Chris Evans to come back becuz he’s integral to the mcu). So as long as rdj doesn’t rain on everyone’s parade, the Russos long term plan of changing the avengers to become cap family central might work.