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Art Collab of Remus ☆
Lineart by @tasiams
Coloring is mine

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“For so long he had not had a home. For so long he had just been lost, a nomad moving from purpose to purpose. And then she found him and she became it. She became the reason to fight, the reason to return every night, the reason to smile on the worst of days, the reason to become human again. She became his reason. She became his home.
Broken Nails and Vacant Alleys by supersillyanddorky06

aesthetics → yuri on ice characters + quotes

“Don’t stop us now, the moment of truth
We were born to make history
We’ll make it happen, we’ll turn it around
Yes, we were born to make history.”

Tis The Season (of Meddling Siblings)

Title: Tis The Season (of Meddling Siblings)

Note: I hear you I hear you I hear you. *Jingles dem bells* And I am here for you. 

Pairing: Gladion x Reader, or Gladion x Moon if you prefer.

You have no clue how anything ended up this way. You were on your way to Malie Library that day where Professor Oak said he had some urgent business he needed to talk to you about as Champion of the Region. It wasn’t necessarily something that would take a while to talk about but he insisted you meet up with them which ended up with you Skyping each of them right there on the Malie Library Computer.

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Sick Healer AU!

PSA: you can have as many different weird headcanons or theories as you want about lazytown, but that does NOT mean that you should envolve stefan and ask him what he thinks about them. the purpose of talking to stefan isn’t to overwhelm him by asking his opinions on your Super Edgy Lazytown Theory™ , or to continuously mention sportarobbie to him, especially considering that we already know his opinions reguarding sportarobbie and lazytown theories in general. he isn’t obligated to answer all your questions, and you should really only contact him if you’re wishing him well or something along those lines.