i don't mind that ship actually



As Penguin dreams about Jim Gordon, Nygma overhears his sleep-talk and thinks that he values Jimbo moreso than himself. Ed’s jealousy soon turns to relief when he hears that Penguin is actually dreaming about killing the Detective in cold blood. He grins and lets his feathered friend carry on with his murder fantasy.


30 Days of The Gotham Rogues Challenge!
Day 15: Favorite Gotham Non-Canon Pairing

“Every minute he’s on the streets… every criminal act Two-Face commits… it’s driving Harvey deeper and deeper into his own mind. I have to save him, Alfred. He’s my friend.

“If you only knew the battles I’ve fought in my head to keep you alive these last few years.”


Ok so I know everyone seems to hate the new sherlock episode but actually I really liked it????? Obviously I respect ya’ll’s opinion on it. But. It was actually one of the most interesting episodes. I thought Eurus was a super interesting character to explore. And all the rooms they went to and stuff were really exciting and cool. But maybe it’s just because I’m really into psychology and this was a really cool episode with all the mind stuff, like seeing Eurus as a kid and sherlock’s whole memory thing. I thought it was very put together and thought out.

Do we actually have to explain why some people don’t like shipping Briala with the woman who arranged her parents deaths, lied about it, let her kill someone else for it, and decided to burn down an elven settlement because of a play after she told Briala she would help the elves? Like, do we need to have this conversation at all? Who doesn’t get that this is an extremely problematic ship with an awful power dynamic?

i can explain I swear aka Genoary Day 10 [Ship]

Okay so I actually drew this weeks ago, on a whim, because I realized I’ve probably never drawn 2 characters within 6 inches of each other. I’m talking like, not even a hi-five.

And I’m like HEY- why should only Geno get to suffer?? Let’s give him an ooc BUDDY! And in walks glitchy-soul-malfunction-.exe Erroro.

In my eternal debate of whether or not to post this I had to pick a prompt to fit it under, because I didn’t draw it with one in mind.

And by luck, I learned that AfterError is indeed a thing. So uh, close enough. Don’t expect much ship art in the future but…I guess we all have to experiment every once and a while? Even if that wasn’t my original intention.

[Geno and Error by @loverofpiggies]

[Genoary Prompt list here]

Someone in an article: Aphra stabbed Sana in the back over a former flame (could it be Han?)

Me: nope sorry Aphra and Sana Starros are actually each others’ former flames neither of them dated Han Solo tbh.


Cheering up Sans

This makes no sense at all because it just randomly came up my mind at night

And then I spent way too much time with shading and lights..oh well

Hello, I’d like the TWICE ship thingy too if You wouldn’t mind!:) I’m about a 5”3 (idk this kind of height thing, but I'm160cm) aquarius girl. I might seem really shy at first, but I do become really affectionate with people I am comfortable with. Absolutely love the nature, I dream of becoming a paleontologist, but my passion is also studying music and drawing, actually, learning new things in a whole. Just think that the world itself is so amazing, and love deep conversations. I do enjoy dancing, but I am a socially awkward person and only jam to songs I like in private, doesn’t matter if it’s classical music or kpop:) I do make friends easily tho, just the fact that I’m shy and I never really aproach people myself, but anyways, that’s why people think that I’m really cudly. CLUMSY IS MY MIDDLE NAME, God, I drop everything all the time and stumble over (or not over, just stumble) things that aren’t even there (gravity must hate me huh) ;-;. I’d like someone to aproach me first, but not be too clingy (at first I mean). I do enjoy some privacy:) If I’d become their girlfriend, we’d be a cudly/crazy couple, but also the deep and just quiet at some times (not in an awkward way tho) Thank you!!

*I’m 70% water and 200% sarcasm, a snake (*cough* sana) and really evil. Sadistic to be precise*

I ship you with


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Nayeon is really energetic in social situations and wouldn’t hesitate to approach you first and she’s gonna respect your boundaries until you actually reach the point in your relationship when Nayeon realises that you’re comfortable and she just tosses those boundaries out the window. She’s a person who tends to focus on herself and the world directly around her, which isn’t a bad thing it just means she’s ambitious and wants to focus on her future, but your viewpoint that encompasses the entire world would be a good perspective shift for Nayeon. She’d come to really love your deep conversations with one another and maybe become a little more reflective

If Merlin is paired with someone who isn’t Arthur: Okay I kinda ship it. Sure. It works.
If Arthur is paired with someone who isn’t Merlin: Hold-HOLD THE PHONE. NOPE. CALL THE AUTHORITIES. THEY BETTER BREAK UP RIGHT AWAY.


“But that’s what leaders did, Leo thought. Empathy. Perhaps it wasn’t studied at the kind of schools Jed and Josh had gone to, but empathy was as great a part of leadership as ambition and integrity. Watching Jed talk to Josh, it struck Leo that here, in miniature, was why Jed Bartlet was going to be a great president.”

-Direction Home by dafna

Jed and Leo in “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen pt. 2″ (The West Wing S2E2)

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(Hope you don't mind me doing this) "Whoever you are, get off my ship!" Roared the starfleet captain as the security team also rushed into the captains office.. where there was now a blue box.

No sooner had the TARDIS’s door opened, XI regarded the captain with a haughty stare.

“Now, now, is that any way to adhere to the Prime Directive? I thought you lot were supposed to be friendly. Put down your weapons and replicate me a bourbon, there’s a good little crew.”

I often feel like my ships don’t have canon basis bc they’re mostly rarepairs and most people in the fandoms don’t like them but you know what ? It’s not true. Actually I think that all my ships have overall some great canon material tbh. And even if they didn’t, then what ? It doesn’t dismiss them to me, so why would I care ? 

Honestly I’m so done with everything, especially all the drama there is here on Tumblr. I’m just so delighted I found ships I like, with good, interesting dynamics and sometimes canon basis, sometimes not so much. This website is so obnoxious that I often forget that shipping should just be a fun thing, and that’s sad really. But I feel like I’m getting over this, so this is great. 

So yeah I love all my ships very much I’m gonna have fun shipping them  ✨  ✨

person 1: I ship this boyxboy pairing because their relationship is so adorable. I love how close they are and honestly I want them to be happy and I believe that’s with each other.

person 2: omfg get your mind out of the gutter yaoi-fag.

me: ??????????

Ok i’ve heard some people call Reylo shippers racist because apparently we would “rather ship the lead white girl and the white villain, rather than the perfectly nice black guy who actually respects and cares for her”

 Like i’m sorry but reylo’s dynamic… It’s very interesting. I love how taken aback Kylo is, meeting an amateur who is his match in combat and in mind ;the bridal carrying ;“i can teach you”; THAT FUCKING SEXUAL TENSION IN THE INTERROGATION ROOM ..that doesn’t mean that Finrey doesn’t have it’s moments, (i do ship it a too?) . Ya’ll don’t have to pull that bullshit outta your ass and say reylo shippers are racist, because most of us don’t take race into account, consider the fact that you might be?

Can we all just play nice or does everything have to be turned into a bitch fest?