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ok finn and rey have a lot of Iconic scenes but, imo, the most iconic is the scene at maz’s castle bc like…..my guy finn absolutely 100% did not have to tell rey the truth about who he was but he did anyway?? furthermore, he really didn’t have to ask her to run away with him either, like he literally just met her but he was totally down to head off and start a life with her. im not crying, you are.

(and as a little sidenote, when kylo kidnapped rey - bc yes, children, that was a kidnapping - did finn have to go try to get her back? did he have to literally walk right back into the place he’s spent the entire movie up until this point running away from? HELL NO. but he did anyway bc #love)

AND EVEN FURTHERMORE when he stormed away from the table, did rey have to follow him? NOPE. sis could’ve just been like “ok that guy isn’t down with the cause no sweat off my back” but she did bc it was important that finn was a part of finishing what they started (together, might i add). and fURTHER, FURTHERMORE - in what is perhaps the Greatest thing rey could have ever done for finn in that moment - when finn does tell her about his stormtrooper past, sHE DOESN’T EVEN FREAK OUT ABOUT IT????? like there’s no overdramatic reaction about him lying to her or about who he really is was. like there’s just this look of…..understanding (is that a good word to use here?? idk) and i, for one, think that is Beautiful

point is, this is nonsense but finn and rey are very much in love and tfa is full of factual evidence to support that thank u.

Shit Said in the Dorks Of The Courtroom Discord Channel
  • "Thrusting in justice is a thrusting that is justified."
  • "I can show you how to make a good sandwich."
  • "I accidentally wrote nut instead of but..."
  • "You're a chicken wing coated in nasty ass sauce."
  • "I'm a lawyer but I can't lawyer."
  • "You can lawyer, but you can't lawyer as well as me."
  • "I would sell my soul and body for interaction."
  • "I'm trying so hard but I'm suffering."
  • "Why are so many young people so cool?"
  • "Who the fuck pissed in your cereal this morning?"
  • "Okay, I'll keep your weirdass sandwich recipe in mind."
  • "The first thing I'll tell them is that your diet consists of ketchup only once a month."
  • "Your mind has been tainted by monkey spanking and sausage fests."
  • "You didn't even run that far, how are you out of breath?"
  • "I don't remember if you were here for [Name]'s little horny fest earlier."
  • "I found some old-ish sour worm candies in my drawer and now my jaw hurts."
  • "Boobs are weapons of terror."
  • "Well, thank you, I'll keep it as a meme."
  • "Is he eating actual lizards?"
  • "He looks like he's got really bad constipation."
  • "[Name] needs big fingers for the amount of pussy she explores."
  • "I'll come over there and smash your glasses!"

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I've changed my mind. I don't want to see you tonight. I'm going to dinner with another man. Someone who actually respects me. How do you feel about that, Rick?

You stood, arms at your sides, looking up at him with an expectant sneer. His smile only aggravated you further.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Rick chuckled. He walked over to the nearby cabinet, pouring himself a drink. He was slow, and thoughtful, and walked over to the window, taking a long sip.

He cleared his throat. “It’s a good thing the police here are so easy to bribe, because I think they’re going to come into quite a bit of money soon.”

You swallowed. “What the fuck do you mean?”

Rick shook his head, a dark smile crossing his lips.

“Enjoy yourself, s-sweetheart.” The pet name was acid that he spat through his teeth. “Just know you’ll be planning his funeral tomorrow.”

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"Bartz, I know this sounds funny coming from someone like me, but how are you able to pull off wearing that dress that well? Seriously, I'd actually ask you to dance, right here and now, if not for those heels." Faris asks him. She KNOWS how hard it is to walk in them, having been forced into wearing similar footwear as "Princess Sarisa". (hope you don't mind me getting in on this)

“Y-You really think I look good in a dress, Faris? I was using the dress as a disguise so enemies wouldn’t ambush me..never knew I could get away with it to be honest. If I were to take off the heels, you would dance with me?”

“If Lenna and Krile were to see me like this, would they laugh?”

Garrett and Marian Banters - Mark of the Assassin
  • Fenris: Manservant...
  • Isabela: Aw, Fenris got his feelings hurt
  • Tallis: It's just a cover
  • Fenris: I'd like to cover him with six feet
  • Marian: Seems a bit excessive. Where are you planning on getting all these extra feet? I'm not donating mine to the cause. Or are you hiding more on you, aside from the two attached to your legs?
  • Fenris: It seems that the last six years have not dulled your absurdity, Marian
  • ---
  • Marian: Remind me why we're /looking/ for the big scaly things that can kill us?
  • Garrett: You wanted to impress a cute elf
  • Tallis: You think I'm cute?
  • Fenris: *smugly* Unless you have suddenly taken to referring to yourself as 'he' and 'him', then I am afraid you are out of luck on that front
  • Garrett: They were /her/ words, not mine
  • Marian: What, she /is/ cute!
  • ---
  • Tallis: I told her not to touch it! What part of that didn't she understand?!
  • Garrett: You clearly don't know my sister. With her 'don't touch anything' means 'touch everything'
  • Tallis: But that makes no sense!
  • Garrett: You didn't grow up with her
  • ---
  • Tallis: So are you married?
  • Marian: Are you talking to me? Really?
  • Tallis: Well, it's just- You're the Champion of Kirkwall, or one of them anyway. Big. Important. I don't know... just wondering if there was a wife behind the throne?
  • Marian: *laughs uncontrollably* As if I'd be able to stand through the ceremony long enough!
  • Tallis: So the stories are true
  • Marian: Come on, I thought everyone and their grandma knew I have the attention span of a nug!
  • Tallis: I meant that you snort when you giggle
  • Isabela: Ooh, you got caught out Birdie!
  • Marian: Blast, my darkest secret revealed!
  • Garrett: That's nothing. When we were children, she used to- Hmph!
  • Marian: And that's enough out of you, little brother
  • ---
  • Tallis: So... you and Marian are together?
  • Isabela: Yep
  • Tallis: But you have no interest in marrying her?
  • Isabela: Why would I? I don't need a piece of paper to prove anything, and I hate being tied down
  • Tallis: And her flirting with me doesn't bother you? At all?
  • Isabela: So long as you ask nicely and promise not to steal her away, I'll share. There's a lot of Birdie to go around
  • Marian: Love ya Queenie
  • Isabela: *laughs* I love you too Birdie
  • ---
  • Marian and Garrett: What?
  • Tallis: You really are twins, aren't you?
  • Garrett: Is that why you were staring?
  • Marian: But we're identical in every way!
  • Isabela: Might want to look down Birdie, I think you've lost your beard
  • Marian: Blast, not again
  • Garrett: You can borrow mine if you like
  • Marian: What, and get Fenris cooties all over my face? No thanks
  • ---
  • Isabela: I heard something interesting the other night. About Castillion
  • Marian: You have pretty eyes
  • Isabela: Don't even try that on me Birdie. What did you and Fenris do?
  • Fenris: We did nothing. It was a complete accident
  • Marian: He ran into my knife
  • Isabela: Birdie, you didn't!
  • Fenris: *smugly* He ran into her knife ten times
  • ---
  • Marian: You've done something with your hair. It looks... different
  • Isabela: What? My hair always looks like this
  • Marian: No, it's usually sleeker... Straighter... Is that how it naturally looks?
  • Isabela: Ugh, Andraste's granny pants...
  • Marian: It looks gorgeous. You should leave it like that more often
  • Isabela: ...You think so?
  • Marian: Absolutely Queenie. I mean it
  • Isabela: Oh stop you, before I feel grateful enough to drag you into the bushes for some private time
  • ---
  • Tallis: So are /you/ married?
  • Garrett: Are you trying to see if I snort when I laugh too?
  • Tallis: *laughs* Damn he saw right through me. But... in all seriousness you /are/ one of the most important people in Kirkwall. Just curious
  • Garrett: Well, I'm not. Though I might have someone in mind
  • Tallis: So why are you not-?
  • Garrett: The situation in Kirkwall is precarious. There'll be time enough for that later, just... not now
  • ---
  • Tallis: So, you and Garrett?
  • Fenris: Must you poke your nose where it does not belong?
  • Tallis: I'm just curious
  • Fenris: Take your curiosity elsewhere. Our affairs are not yours
  • ---
  • Garrett: How do you stand it?
  • Marian: By putting it on its legs
  • Garrett: *groans* Not the table, I meant these parties. I just- ugh, how could you possibly enjoy it?
  • Marian: How could I enjoy fine clothes, free food and all the gossip in Thedas? How could you not?
  • Garrett: The free food is nice, I suppose
  • ---
  • Marian: Don't turn around
  • Garrett: Fifi De Launcet?
  • Marian: Dulci actually. She looks like she's itching to come here and complain about something. Maybe because you didn't shave?
  • Garrett: Ugh
  • ---
  • Marian: Ah wine, excellent. I need to be even more plastered than I thought before this is over
  • Garrett: Is there a reason you're taking /my/ wine glass?
  • Marian: Mine had an unfortunate encounter with Lady Thrennhold's dress. Took a mind of its own when she implied that someone needed to fix your 'unkempt appearance'
  • Garrett: What's unkempt about it?
  • Marian: Your hair mostly. Particularly the hair on your face
  • Garrett: We can't all compete with Duke Prosper over who has the most impressive facial hair
  • ---
  • Garrett: Avoid that Comte if you can; the old one sitting on that bench over there. He was saying some... rather unpleasant things earlier
  • Marian: Like what?
  • Garrett: Nothing too awful, but...
  • Marian: Gary...
  • Garrett: He was complaining about your... sense of humour
  • Marian: What's wrong with it?
  • Garrett: You really need to ask? Don't worry. I took care of it
  • Marian: What did you-?
  • Garrett: You'll see when he tries standing up
  • ---
  • Marian: I can't believe you
  • Garrett: Hm?
  • Marian: All these years, and I thought you had no sense of humour
  • Garrett: Ah, the Comte is having a little trouble with his breeches is he?
  • Marian: *laughs* The guards had to hold candles under the bench for a good ten minutes until the ice thawed. And the whole time he complained about the state of his privates. Seriously Gary, that was downright diabolical
  • Garrett: Anything for my big sister
  • ---
  • Marian: *sniggers* Knickers
  • Garrett: Making friends?
  • Marian: I already know most of the people here, but I only just wormed the knickers story out of Fifi de Launcet. Meanwhile, you seem to be acquainting yourself with the buffet
  • Garrett: It's one of the most interesting guests here that doesn't question our choices in lovers. But I did see someone interesting. Do you remember Sister Leliana?
  • Marian: From the Lothering Chantry, the one Carver fancied? Why are you...? /No/
  • Garrett: Just over there, in the pink dress. I almost didn't recognise her, but I'm sure it's the same Leliana
  • Marian: I didn't realise Chantry sisters attended high society parties
  • Garrett: What's more is that Tallis seemed to know her
  • Marian: I get the feeling that this is something we should keep our noses out of for once
  • Garrett: Agreed
  • ---
  • Marian: Leopold is going to be a wyvern with a very unhappy tummy
  • Garrett: Once you're done messing with the wyvern's lunch, can we move on before the cook realises you lied to her?
  • ---
  • Tallis: You know what you're doing. Who trained you?
  • Marian: My mother, believe it or not. Apparently you learn a few things about stealth when you sneak out to meet your apostate lover on a regular basis
  • Garrett: Wait, /mother/ taught you how to do this? Since when?
  • Marian: You had your training, I had mine
  • ---
  • Marian: *sigh* Why is it always the cute ones?
  • Isabela: Didn't you know? It's in the job description for being the backstabbing rogue
  • Marian: Well that explains a few things
  • ---
  • Garrett: More of these things?
  • Marian: You be careful brother dearest, else I'll think you're missing the Orlesians
  • Garrett: I think I'll take the nasty little gremlins thanks
  • Fenris: Is there a difference?
  • Isabela: *giggles* Ghast-hole
  • ---
  • Garrett: I get the feeling you wanting to help Tallis has less to do with protecting innocents and more to do with getting in her pants
  • Marian: *indignant gasp* How could you say such a thing? Do you really think I would be so selfish as to-?
  • Garrett: Yes
  • Isabela: Yes
  • Fenris: Yes
  • Marian: ...well okay maybe a little
  • Garrett: And you're okay with this Isabela?
  • Isabela: What? It's not like she didn't ask me first. Birdie might be a horny little shit, but she always makes sure I'm okay with it before she goes chasing after anyone
  • Marian: We do this thing called 'communicating.' You know, the thing you and Fenris recently learned how to do
  • Isabela: Only took you three years of blue balls to manage it
  • Garrett: Bela!
  • ---
  • Fenris: When you were speaking with Tallis about marriage... You said you had someone in mind
  • Garrett: I did
  • Fenris: And might I ask...?
  • Garrett: *sigh* Of course I meant you Fenris, why would I ever even entertain the idea of anyone else?
  • Fenris: ...Do you mean that? You would wish for us to marry?
  • Garrett: Yes, but only if that's what you want
  • Fenris: I ah... I merely thought that-
  • Garrett: Fenris, if I wasn't completely serious about us, about being with you, do you think I would have waited for three years?
  • Fenris: You make an excellent point. Perhaps we shall discuss it further later... Away from present company
  • Marian: Oh please don't stop on our account
  • Isabela: Keep going, I need to write this down. Varric will be green with envy that he missed /this/
  • Tallis: As romantic as this is, and as nice as the warm fuzzy feelings are, we do have to stop Salit. Like, right now

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how do you come up with your pallets for gravity falls fanart and comics? they all seem to have a toned down sorta blue-ish quality to them (sorry i don't really know how to describe them better than that) and I was wonder about your process behind picking colors?

well usually with anything im drawing i pick the most prominent background color first!! that gives me something to base the rest of the palette around. and keep in mind that colors look different depending on what other colors surround them. and the reason my palettes look “toned-down” is because i use a lot of desaturated colors! here, i whipped up an example

look at these, and then look at the actual colors of each headshot side by side

pretty neat, right? green can look blue, orange can look pink, pink can look peach, etc. i hope this helps!

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“Ehh..just like that? You don’t want to go shopping tagether? Come on..ya need ta help me get some clothes or somethin’ so I blend in better. “ she gave a short pause, as if to get her breath before continuing. “Ppppplleeassee” she pleaded a bit, smiling wide at him and hoping he would give in eventually.

Shopping?” It’s not like he had a lot of free time; this was his time to sleep before his night patrols. “You need to blend in? Just how long do you think you’ll be here?” He wasn’t trying to be rude about it, but she seemed to linger more to staying in the forest. She was rather… different looking than the humans of the town were used to.


It’s really incredible to me that it’s been a whole year already

I still remember the excitement of them announcing their comeback. Freaking out over every teaser and clue. The breathless anticipation as I sat waiting for their showcase livestream to start.

And the absolute joy of seeing them all standing on stage as BAP once again.

I remember it all so vividly that the only way I can really believe that it actually has been a whole year is when I think about just how much they’ve done since then, and am then blown away by the fact that it’s been ONLY a year.

I am so proud of these boys, and of everything that they’ve done, and I am so happy to have all of you wonderful Babyz right here with me!

From 151115, to 161115, and looking forward to many more years to come!

BAP Fighting!

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I seriously don't understand Stalia shippers. I'm a sterek shipper and but look, I wouldn't mind Stydia. I wouldn't literally "cringe" everytime there would be a romantic scene like I do with Stalia. Because Stydia actually fucking make SENSE and I reapeat my OTP is Sterek. I also feel that all of this it's unfair towards Stydia/Sterek fans. WE have been here since the beginning, rooting and hoping and watching, and now we have to see a newbie taking all of this from us? How about no?

Oh my god, thank you! Even Jeff knows nobody want’s to see Stalia because the ratings this season are horrible! And I bet Jeff will use Stydia/Sterek moments to reel some of us back in .. but I know that as long as Stiles and Malia are together, I’m not that interested in the show.