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Important question! Who gives the best cuddles out of all the skeles? And what's the order from best to. Worst at cuddles? It's for... science.

*This was a tough one!  I rearranged this list a few times, but here’s my completely unbiased take.  


Stretch:  His cuddles are comfortable because his hoodie feels so nice, and he’s content to just let you rest on his chest with his arms around you.  He makes you feel safe, even if he does smell of sweets and smoke.  It’s a surprisingly good combination.  He doesn’t move much in his sleep, either.

Red: His hoodie is super comfy, though he doesn’t wear it to bed much.  Still, he’ll hold you all night, although his hold will be much more possessive and protective than Stretch’s, with his body wrapped around yours.  He also doesn’t move much when he sleeps, and he’s a very light sleeper.  

Mutt/Rus: As a combination of the above two, he sleeps with his jacket on, so it’s incredibly soft and comfortable.  His hold is possessive and tight, and he likes to spoon, with his body wrapped around yours and your legs tangled together.  He smells like spice and smoke, and if you happen to twist around to wind your arms around him, he’ll wrap you up in his jacket.

Papyrus: His cuddles are secure and warm, and his hands don’t wander.  He’ll let you sleep on his chest, he’ll spoon you–really anything you’d like to feel safe and loved.  He’s a heavy sleeper, so if you move around, it won’t phase him.

Edge:  He’s a closet cuddler that enjoys feeling your skin. He likes to spoon, so he can have you securely in his arms, with your legs trapped between his.  His hold is both protective and possessive; he won’t let anyone come between the two of you in your slumber.  
Unless.. ya’know, he’s kicking you out of bed because his brother walked in during a tender moment.  Ugh.  

Blueberry: He’s a ball of energy, and he’s so excited to be cuddling you that he doesn’t go to sleep right away.  He likes to talk, and just as you’re drifting to sleep, he’ll wake you back up with a random thought.  He uses your chest or stomach as his personal pillow, and clings to you the entire night.  He may be a heavy sleeper, but he’s an early-riser, so you’ll likely be greeted by a staring, grinning skeleton in the morning. 

Axe:  He doesn’t really care one way or another about cuddling, but he’s content to sleep on top of you–or if he’s having a possessive moment, he’ll spoon.  Just don’t stick your fingers in the crack on top of his head.  He’s a little unhinged at times, so if he’s having a Bad Day, expect him to hold onto you tighter and probably not let you out of the bed.  He may even gnaw on your neck a bit.  He doesn’t move much when he sleeps, but he’s a super light sleeper, so chances are that he spends most of the night watching you sleep and trying not to think.  

Sans: He sleeps like a rock, and he’s likely going to end up with his head pillowed on your stomach/chest or sprawled across you.  If you end up sleeping on him, his arms will probably be out by his sides; he takes up most of the bed and moves around a ton in his sleep.  He also hogs all the blankets.  You’re liable to wake up cold while he’s in a blanket burrito, but hey–it’s Sans, so it’s worth it.  

Blackberry: He feels that you should be honored that he deemed you worthy of lying in the same bed as him, and he’s pretty tsundere when it comes to actually wanting to cuddle you.  He also prefers you to sleep on his chest, with one of his arms wound around your shoulders, keeping you close to his side.  It takes him a while to fall asleep, but when he finally does, he doesn’t move around much.  However, if you happen to stir and touch his spine of something in your sleep, he’s instantly going to be awake.  And he’s also liable to watch you sleep, in the rare moments when his brash facade can drop and he can just… think you look so lovely and peaceful.   

Crooks: Papyrus is a heavy sleeper with a crushing grip.  He’s so tall that he can bend over your body and engulf you, but he also makes it difficult to breathe because he keeps gripping you tighter in his slumber.  He also happens to think that you smell nice…. really nice.  He’s liable to gnaw on you a little in his sleep, and you may have to whack him in his face to wake him up.  

Grocery Shopping with B.A.P
  • Yongguk: He's a simple man. He's not too picky so all he'll really do is observe your product selection and give a nod of approval. He might even sneak in a pack of ramen...or maybe a whole box...or two.
  • Himchan: He knows what he likes! He has a complex flavor palette so he might take a bit more charge when shopping, but he is definitely an adventurous eater! He's not afraid to try new things!
  • Daehyun: He over compensates. "You think we need this sauce? I mean we don't need it now, but I know it tastes good and what if we need it for a dinner party? It's on sale right now!"
  • Youngjae: He's a bit more health conscious than the rest so he has an elaborate list of things. He'll pull it out, as well as a pen to neatly check everything off once it's in the cart.
  • Jongup: He's not a picky eater so he doesn't really care what you do or don't pick. But he'll definitely follow you around and help carry all the heavy stuff!
  • Zelo: You have to constantly decline his bags and boxes of junk food. "What about this? No? What about this one. This ones the best! It's my favorite" and he'll groan when you decline...he'll still put it in the cart tho...

cute flustered nerds

Bubblegum will never not be annoyed that Zigzag is so much taller than her lmao

I’VE WANTED TO DRAW THESE TWO TOGETHER FOR…. A LONG WHILE NOW. I mean, I’ve done it before, but now that they’ve actually interacted I have a BETTER GRIP ON IT I THINK. They’re just…. They’re cute ok…..

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!!]

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I don't mean this negatively at all, I genuinely wondering. Please don't be offended or sad, but do you ever draw anything in another style. I've only seen stuff on you me blog that fits into the same style, just wondering if you ever do something else. If you ever draw people or choose a more realistic art style? Love your work😘

thank you. <3 i mean, generally artists just have a style they stick to? i’m also very picky with aesthetics, so i prefer my art blog be cohesive in style. i actually do paint and draw a lot of semi-realism but it never seems to get any attention on tumblr so i never bother posting it. 

i actually prefer semi-realism and it comes to me more naturally, but my cartoony style is in higher demand, so i don’t get to draw like this very often.

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do you have any good blogs to rec that don't ship o/t/a/y/u/r/i or any other ship like it i feel like i unfollowed everyone T-T

hooo boy, anon… i feel you… i mean, i still don’t feel like i follow enough people but i’m like rlly picky about who i follow tbh… but anyway! i hope this helps!

blogs that only post yoi

@victornkforov // @viktyuuris // @katsukys // @viktcrnikiforov // @viktorsyuuris // @katsukiyurj // @miilababecheva // @victuriwins // @victuurii // @viktyuri 

blogs that post yoi mixed with other things

@nikiforova // @katsukisnikiforov // @katsuklyuuri // @lesbianmila // @kxousei // @nikforovs // @jinlian // @yuurier

my personal faves

@soulffles // @viktornikiforov-official // @mvpyurio // @stopshippingyuriowithadults 

….. i ended up unfollowing a lot of people i hadn’t realized shipped o///tayuri so like… if you want to add on, feel free! 

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I'm a hostess and the restaurant I work at our customers that come in are mainly old. So that being said I h8 my job most days because I get yelled at by the guests that come in because they ALL want window seats, won't sit in the middle dining room, won't sit in a table for 2 when they only have 2 people or even 1, get mad if there's kids in the same dining room, don't like to sit next to the "hoodlums" (Mexican/African Americans) and it's so frustrating and they are just so mean and picky.

Why do these types of old people group together? If anything they’re the hoodlums. Old age needs to hurry the fuck up already with thinning that herd. -Abby


i’m still worried that the (first? i don’t think they’re doing the whole trilogy in one) Chaos Walking film isn’t going to live up to the book because it’s hella complicated and nuanced and? how are they going to fit it all in and HOW’S THE NOISE GONNA WORK agh

i mean i’ve been looking into it more ‘cause like, filming is starting this summer apparently and Ness is writing the screenplay thank goodness. i trust he can keep it faithful to his own books because the adaptation of A Monster Calls is fantastic. STILL i’m a lil salty that the actors’re gonna be too old ahahaha. i mean, i like who they’ve picked for Todd and Viola but? they’re not 14-year-olds by a long way.

AND THEN there’s the reception of it. it’s going to be hell. Chaos Walking is the very definition of grey morality, that’s the entire point, and The Tumblr is going to be awful about it probably because everyone (EVERYONE) is Problematic™. no black and white good and evil nonsense here.

i honestly have -56478457867369384 optimism for how well people are actually going to interpret the characters too. i can’t wait to start holding myself back from arguments. -.-

Gonna leave with one of my favourite quotes from the series:

“It’s always darkest before the dawn, Todd.”

I look at him, baffled. “No, it ain’t! What kinda stupid saying is that? It’s always lightest before the dawn!”

i know this really shouldn’t be surprising to me, but finding a job and finding a decent apartment is a lot fucking harder than it should be and i want my anxiety to chill please you’re not being helpful in the least

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"I'm paying for it so I'm gonna make sure I get what I want." Ok cool so that means you are in your right to make the employees' lives harder with your particular requests and pickiness "because you're paying for it". Well guess what, WE don't get paid enough to deal with your bullshit, but no it's fine. Continue on being so self-centered bc nothing and no one else matters as long as you get everything your way. It's cool.

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I don't mean this to be rude, but like, you're not very picky about who you fuck are you? I'm just asking from seeing you say that basically anyone in your area can get fucked by you if they want lol

1) slut shaming detected 2) you don’t know anything about me and whether or not if I am fucking these anon people ((((on the internet)))) that ask me and if indeed I am? again……that’s COMPLETELY my prerogative 

class dismissed

I’ve seen a lot of excitement and expectations in Maia becoming a S3 regular. I love Maia and while I’m also ecstatic that she’s going to be a series regular I think some people are setting their expectations too high in regards to her becoming a series regular.

Being a series regular means you’ll be in all (or almost all) episodes in a season. It means the actor playing the character will be given a pay raise. It is a definite promotion for Alisha and it does mean we’ll be getting more screen time with Maia. It also means Maia will finally have a storyline outside of interacting with the other series regulars. Before Maia has almost always had a scene with either Simon, Luke or Jace. With Jordan coming in in S3 she’ll have her storyline with him and other separate storylines that may not connect or involve the other series regulars.

However (you can correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I understand it) being a series regular doesn’t mean Maia will be a main character. In other shows I’ve seen in the past there seems to be a difference between being a main character and a series regular. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts of people excited to see Maia in the intro, having Maia in season 3 photos with the rest of the cast and season 3 photos of her by herself. And while it’s possible this could all happen I also see there being a chance that this won’t happen. Actually most likely the intro will remain the same as the S2 intro.

I just want people’s expectations to not be set so high so they’re disappointed come Season 3 promotional footage being released. It’s just best to manage your expectations so you’re not disappointed.

Yes, Maia will be in every (or almost every) episode. Yes, she will have storylines of her own with those outside the main cast. But I think it should be worthy of note that they said she’s going to be a series regular and not specifically saying she would be a member of the main cast. Maybe I’ll be completely wrong, and I honestly hope I am, and Maia is featured as of equal importance with the main seven (though Clary, Jace and Simon definitely are most heavily featured out of the main seven), but again I’m just saying this so people are not upset if when Season 3 comes along Alisha is not featured in main cast interviews, in the intro, or promotional cast photos. And I don’t want people expecting her to be getting the same amount of screentime as Clary, Jace or Simon.

Tldr; While Maia will be a series regular in S3 it’s best to manage expectations of how much she is featured in promotional material and how much additional screentime she’ll receive on the show to avoid future disappointment. I may be wrong and she’ll be just as strongly featured as the main cast, but it’s best not to set expectations too high.

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Hey, I don't mean to be picky because I love what you're doing, but would it be too much trouble to ask you to tag comic pages with something, or have some page where they're all collected, so I can go through just the comic when I want to? I often miss posts and it would be an easy way to double-check that I'm up to date on the story progress. If for whatever reason you can't manage it, no worries, please keep up the excellent work!

All of the actual updates are tagged with #moonsetmlp It’s possible I’ve missed some, so if I have, please tell me. But searching that tag should get you where you want to go. You can even add /chrono to the end of the URL to sort chronologically iirc

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sorry, I don't mean be mean to picky eaters or whatever, I'm not asking why I shouldn't be unkind to picky eaters because they are picky eaters, that much is clear, bc it's rude I'm asking why you think the trait of being a picky eater is something that doesn't warrant judgement? sorry :(

because it’s none of your business? because it does not affect you whatsoever? because people have no control over what foods they like and do not like? because it’s elitist as fuck? because whether or not someone likes mayonnaise has no bearing on their value as a person? take ur fucking pick

{{May or may not be debating on if I should make a blog for my snk oc}}

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I work at "Massachusetts donut place" and lemme tell you, FUCK. People get so entitled about their donuts. We work on a three bake system, meaning we make donuts 3x a day, but in the evening hours, we usually don't have much. It's just how it works. I'll have people coming in and it's always the passive aggressive "slim pickings, eh?" line. I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT DONUTS WE HAVE. Maybe if you came in BEFORE 9pm, you could get your fucking Boston Creme or whatever

I think people are picky with food in general. It’s the reason why I will never work with food ever again. It’s the one part of my current job I hate too. People complain so damn much when there is food involved.  I can deal with people bitching about coupons and prices but when they’re yelling at me because there is ketchup on their sandwich when they claim they ordered no ketchup(they didn’t) I have zero patience.  Unfortunately the first two also tend to come with the territory of fast food as well. People are fucking grumpy when they’re hungry. -Abby

So I guess Fox-Mun forgot to mention she’s complete shipping trash. Therefore, this blog is multi-ship.

I don’t tag the ships accordingly, but if anyone requests me to tag them so they do not have to see them, I’ll be sure to tag ‘em all.

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I've been thinking, when did Bea say she was straight?. I mean yes in game she did it with a guy but who said she isn't like Mae and isn't picky and bea just so happens to do it with a guy. So MAEBEA can still be cannon. ( I don't trust the wiki that can be easily edited by a fan )

Well actually Scott confirmed that Bea is canonically straight… I can’t find the post for it, but I dug around just so I can actually find the actual message.

I mean, I am not against anyone who thinks that Mae and Bea should be together (like seriously, I love MaeBea to pieces)-

BUT I am against anyone who bashes other people for shipping them, NOT shipping them, or just tries to force the ship/ship hate onto others… That isn’t cool.

Let’s just have out own little headcanons and be friends and play some Night in the Woods…

Also Gregg Rulz. 

hello peeps. bc my dash has been dead af lately and i’m following like five people, i need more blogs to follow. so if you:

have some sort of a tagging system or just tag your posts

reblog/post a bunch of sh stuff, especially malec, magnus, alec

also reblog/post melissa benoist or kara danvers

do not reblog/post any of the previously mentioned real life relationships: so like girlfriends, boyfriends, ect. i mean it’s not a deal breaker i would just prefer not to bc i don’t have patience or any interest for that (except sarah hyland bc i love her sm)

also reblog/post star wars

tbh basically just be a just fandom blog with a tagging system lmao

so like this post and i’ll check your blog out and maybe follow you and who knows maybe become bffs too (dooo it pls)

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Something I really really love about the acting in Skam is that they're never like ... capital a Acting? I'm used to TV shows and movies (mostly but certainly not only American ones) having these moments where you're like, oh, this person is Acting now, and you can almost imagine the actor thinking "this is the moment where I show off my skills and impress people". And there's just none of that in Skam. Even the dramatic scenes just feel completely natural.

I knowwwwww. You’re right that even though we did see a lot of highly dramatic events (when you stop and consider it) they didn’t feel like they were trying too hard with them. We were so grounded in the characters and what they felt. It’s making it really hard to go back to some other watching because Skam is so natural? Even other shows that I really enjoy, there’s just much more a subconscious feeling that you’re watching A Character Doing A Plot. But in Skam, I can have that fall away and that’s amazing? 

I’m really impressed by how their conversations feel like real conversations: with stumbles and pauses and people just talking shit sometimes. I don’t know if they’re actually improving some of these lines or if they’re just that good at delivering the script in a way that feels natural? But I really miss how unforced the speech feels, switching back to watching other things.