i don't mean the whole fam

Ashi: *spends like at least 18 years being trained as a living weapon, totally in sync with her identically-brainwashed sisters, being physically and emotionally tortured for years and forced to believe fully in her mother’s lies about Aku, her only purpose: to kill the samurai*

Jack: *kills all of her sisters*

Jack: hey don’t be mean to me, I’m actually the good guy, your life is a lie

Ashi: *sees some nature*

Ashi: shit fam, u right and I am GOOD and REFORMED now.

The Fandom: *still somehow expected her arc/their relationship to not be handled terribly*

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Ey I get you on the shit bout racists thinkin slang is bullshit but where I live we don't say slap what that mean fam?

Slap is not like a regional thing like I live in Washington, I’ve heard it everywhere

you know when you hear a car playin music and the whole street is rattling? that shit is slappin man, like the bass slaps

or a song can be a slapper you know, it comes from like hip hop slang but i apply it to any kinda music that I enjoy