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feeling blue so I drew something opposite of that feeling 

/ / Newt Scamander / /

/ / Background / Lockscreen / /

Anonymous asked:  Can you make a aesthetic background for newt from fantastic beasts and where to find them? Could you put the name Arden in the middle of it?


Hello, my name is Amber and I need your help. This year hasn’t been the best for my mother and I and we’re struggling to pay our bills and afford groceries. We’ve had to replace our air conditioner, our car battery, a flat tire and medicine for both my mother and my sick dog. Our house payment is currently behind and if we don’t pay it within the next month or so, we could lose the house and we’ll have nowhere to go after that.

I’m in tears, shaking and sick to my stomach as I write this, but I don’t know where else to turn. My paypal is ambersou@yahoo.com if anyone can donate a couple of dollars, I would greatly appreciate it.

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You know I’m not really a fan of Russia. I don’t wanna live here, I don’t wanna be here, I’ve never really liked the fact that i was born here.
But there is one thing. One russian thing that changes everything. And this thing is poetry. Russian poetry. I adore it. I can sell my soul in the name of poetry if needed. Especially if we are talking about russian poetry . Yesenin, Asadov, Brodsky, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Blok, Yevtushenko and a lot more + our present-day poets. One of the best things that has ever happened to me. And I am as grateful as I could be to be born russian. To be born with an ability to understand everything these great people wrote. To feel it and to appreciate it. Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Why is the promo team so bad at their job?? They are DRAGGING out this damn love triangle. I like clace and want it to be back, but could they promote the actual story line with valentine and downworlders revolting. I want 2b to get here asap so these god awful promos stop.

Honestly, Anon, I have NO idea what is going on with Freeform’s promo team. I just…. I don’t understand. 

As you pointed out, they are pushing this damn love triangle, and especially the damn C/limon part of it, to an absolute maximum. And I am just sitting here, wondering, do they even know their key audience? 99,9% of the fandom doesn’t want romanic!C/limon. People have complained about this and how much they doesn’t like this ship since the end of 2a already. And yet, Freeform continues with it. I mean… isn’t there one genius in the pr team who is like… “Okay, we clearly can’t change the scripts. But maybe we should promote something other than throwing C/limon over and over into the faces of the Shadowhunters fans? Otherwise they might lose interest at one point?”

(Seriously, I am actually asking these questions myself ngl.)

Besides, even if you ignore this particular love triangle: Does the promo team really think that people will tune in to watch another stupid and ugly and annoying love triangle? Because clearly… never done before on tv. 

I don’t know about you, Anon, but I watch a show (or start to watch it) because the overall plot sounds interesting/promising. Yes, I, myself, need something to ship, too, but mostly the plot needs to be good otherwise I lose interest and won’t watch it anymore (yes, The Flash, I am looking at you f.e.). It’s that simple. So instead of promoting this amazing and so so promising looking story in 2b, they decide to push the fucking love triangle. Why oh why….

*Mr. World whistling Tech Boy in*
*Tech Boy doesn’t come in*
*whistles again*
“is he still sulking?”
*Media sighs*
*Mr. World whistles once again*

I mean… the thought of them being his parents makes me so nauseous considering how abusive they are towards him, both of them knock him around a lot (and no matter who the kid is, all powerful technology god and shithead or not, I really hate abusive parents) but oh my fucking god their interactions in this episode are so very much “two parents frustrated with their bratty son” and “son is embarrassed and confused by his overbearing parents’ because-I-said-so logic”

I’m so torn on whether I like the theory or not just because I deeply, deeply hate dynamics where the older, parental figures physically and or verbally abuse the younger kid figure no matter how much the little shit does need a slap

side note: I like the little references to the book with Technical Boy questioning Mr. World’s logic, he did that in the book too and did not end well for him and considering what we’re told about how Tech Boy’s brain works it makes sense for him to call out all this random illogical stuff when Media doesn’t

m0nsee  asked:

Yo, don't you guys think it will be hurtful for Touka to get those chickens knifu claws inside her ? he probably did but with his tongue

ASDAHKSJASDJ I THOUGHT THE SAME 😂 i’m glad his dick&mouth are fine bc otherwise it looks painful, but his hand doesn’t look as bad as before, maybe Touka wants to try?? and Kaneki is like omfg no toukachan! and touka is like come ooooooon bitch 😏 u don’t have to be so gentle.. I was thinking that he should use a condom in one of his fingers? but then i’m like wtf, it’s a bit late to think about condoms now, if he didn’t use one on his dick why would he ever use one on his finger?? 

what am i even talking about.. *hides*

I know my original content has been… less lately, since acowar. Even just before it came out, I was pretty burnt out on it all. So I just wanted to say sorry if any of you have noticed a change; I know I’m reblogging a lot more than I was before because I don’t have the energy/motivation to do my own things, and a lot of it is non-sjm stuff. And I think a lot of my stuff was driven by asks immediately after acowar, anyway, not necessarily things I wanted to post.

A lot of this has to do with acowar itself, and a lot of it has to do with the fandom. It’s just not as welcoming of a place as it was before. People feel like they can’t enjoy the book, they feel like they can’t criticize the book, and so what does that leave us with? Pretty much nothing to discuss. A bunch of posts based on gifs that get really old scrolling through. It’s a bit frustrating. Not to mention the negativity towards one another. It makes it difficult to get excited about coming up with new ideas and posts and such.

So anyway, I’m probably going to keep that trend up, tbh, of doing more reblogging and less original stuff, and more general book stuff for a while, rather than just acotar/tog. I do have a bunch of fics/prompts I’m working on, so I’ll still post those, slowly but surely. I’ll still post stuff if it comes to me, it just might be a lot less for a while.