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I guess I should make an announcement? I’ve seriously debated deleting my account, but have instead decided to just take a break from it. Anyway you might not see me around much or as often as you used to. I’ve been trying to not spend as much time on social media. I just feel like I’ve spent too much time on it in the past 4 years. I’m also trying to be more productive and get stuff done instead of mindlessly scrolling for hours on end. Currently i’m taking drafting classes and a lot of my time is spent drawing. I’ve become better at it, but I’m still not too sure if I’ll stick with it indefinitely. That’s another thing I have to sort out. I’m very thankful for the friends I’ve made over the years. I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy this platform as much as I did. My friends are definitely what have made it enjoyable. But now I feel like I have to take a step back and evaluate my life. I’m 23 years old and don’t have a clue where my life is headed, but it’s about time I found out. Much love to you guys! I’ll see you around!

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A couple of months ago I was gonna go to Pride in June for when America legalized gay marriage but some things didn't work out with my ride and such since I was going in secret. Anyways I have a chance to try and go next year but even if I can go I don't feel like I'm welcome at pride. All I've seen is stuff about being gay but nothing about my sexuality or being transgender and it makes me sad :(

It is so frustrating how prides oh so often only focus on cis gay and lesbian people. I hate it.

But please know that they are not the only people welcome at pride. Pride does not belong only to them.

Anyone who is queer - anyone who doesn’t fit neatly into the pericisheteronormative boxes that society has built - belongs there. And frankly many Straight people go to pride events too, as a way to show support as allies.

You belong at pride just as much as anyone else. And if you can show off some pride for your transness or your sexuality, that would be so cool and would add some much needed diversity - and it may even give some other people who are in a similar situation as you the bravery to go to prides in the future.

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you can help avoid that by checking your food before you leave an establishment to make sure they didn't heck up your order. sucks that they hecked up your food though, you don't deserve dairy pain :(

I honestly… dont eat out very often…… and am such an anxious weenie that even if ppl got my stuff wrong I would be too much of a shy baby to ask for a correction asdgjkdldn

my list of “foods that make me insta-sick if I eat them now” is long. meat. diary. eggs. stuff that has too much oil. most restaurant food because of said oil problem. my stomach just sucks at being a stomach, and has been for the last like. 5 yrs or so. stomach trouble is like a weekly occurrence in this house :’))))

a kiss on the battlements

Hey all, sorry I haven’t posted much lately.

I don’t draw Cass very often, which is a shame, cuz she’s awesome! Hope you enjoy it!

Different Ways to Say “I Love You”

So this is kinda a mix of this one prompt from I think it was @writing-prompt-s where you had to start and end a story with the same sentence said in two different ways or something. Ye…. 

So I chose to combine this one Snowbaz fanfiction I started with that prompt with the @carryon-countdown Day 5: Eighth Year Spells. The spells is sadly not a HUGE part in the story, but their is a new spell in there (sorry it rlly stupid). Anyways, I hope you enjoy!!!!


“I love you.“ The first time it came out of his mouth, it was coated in a bitter hatred. It left a taste that should’ve been like warm cookies feeling burnt. Like milk gone sour. It was spat out of his mouth, dripping like venomous poison over his fangs so much like the ones of a snake.

The bronze haired boy stood over him, his sword in his hand. Baz’s eyes where slits and wolf like teeth popped out from in between his lips. Blood dropped from them onto the dusty grey surface of the catacombs, and Baz was on top of him.

Simon held the sword up, blocking Baz’s path. There was the hungry look in his eye of a ravenous wolf about to dig into it’s prey. It’s been three weeks since Baz last fed, and it finally started to tear him apart. He lost all sense of himself as he edged closer and closer to the golden boy’s light, eyeing the vein on his throat. Simon should’ve never followed. He should’ve never stayed.

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