i don't make nice things very often so

Alice in Wonderland {Sentence Starters}
  • "I was just wondering if you could help me find my way?"
  • "Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way."
  • "Can you stand on your head?"
  • "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense."
  • "But didn't you just say - I mean - Oh, dear!"
  • "Oh, that's quite all right. One moment please."
  • "Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more."
  • "Oh, you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here."
  • "Well, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs."
  • "You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself."
  • "It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change."
  • "Who's been painting my roses red?"
  • "If I listened earlier, I wouldn't be here."
  • "If I lose my temper, you lose your head! Understand?"
  • "I should've known there'd be a price to pay."
  • "See all the trouble you started?"
  • "I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."
  • "You? Who ARE you?"
  • "Will I ever learn to do the things I should?"
  • "Well, I must say, I've never heard it that way before."
  • "Ah, that's just it. If you don't think, then you shouldn't talk."
  • "Curiosity often leads to trouble."
  • "And uh, just what were you saying, my dear?"
  • "I'm afraid I can't explain myself, because I'm not myself, you know?"
  • "Just half a cup, if you don't mind."
  • "Huh! Seems to me they could learn a few things about manners!"
  • "What do you know about this unfortunate affair?"
  • "Why, she simply said that you're a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant!"
  • "I have an excellent idea, LETS CHANGE THE SUBJECT."

anonymous asked:

hi there! i'm new on making graphics and i love yours a lot! you are very talented, and an inspiration for me! I was wondering what are your fav. resources? :)

hi!! thank you <3

i don’t really look at like resource blogs very often but i have my own resource-ish sideblog @iubital where i rb stuff like psds and mostly inspo! esp color palettes (my resource tag)

i think this tag is helpful since there’s so many things to use!! that blog also has nice tags for lots of resources; i like fonts a lot so i sometimes look at their font tag when i want new ones !

some graphic design sites i look at for inspo: dribbble / creative market (+ some free hq resources every week) / pixeden (i like their vector icons)

cutthroatgraves  asked:

What's wrong with Zen Pencils ? Everyone reblogs posts with their comics and dril tweets and stuff but I don't understand what's with them as group

It’s not problematic so much as it’s formulaic clickbait that takes the words of famous poets and authors and political figures and translates them into literal images. It’s understandable why it’s popular - having easy-to-process visuals helps viewers digest information more easily, and when the information is an inspirational quote it’s very appealing to the mass social media “market”. People feel good when they share nice things, which isn’t a problem. We all like to share things online that make us happy. But what people are sharing for good reasons can often be pandering, exploitative, and more focused on making the viewer feel good and getting clicks than actually doing good

I’d say Zen Pencils falls into that category. Looking at it critically as a piece of art, I’d say it’s just lazy comic-writing for profit, and Gavin Aung Than puts very little thought into the actual work. Like I mentioned, most of his comics are just literal adaptations of the quotes. A lot of people take issues with the messages being spread by some of the comics. This one infamously presents non-creative types as literal robotsThis one is very anti-social media, which is absurd because social media is what pays Gavin’s server bills. This one is obliviously insensitive to the severity of Robin Williams’ depression. This one depicts a man leaving his wife and child to cosplay Ned Stark and presents him as morally just for doing so. This one portrays Banksy as some kind of superhero while somehow managing to be even less subtle than Banksy himself. Zen Pencils as a whole is painfully unaware of how it presents itself, so people naturally like to make fun of it. Parodies like Dril Pencils are jabs at this lack of self-awareness, but it’s also just funny to see Dril’s nonsensical words paired so perfectly with Zen Pencils’ often over-dramatic cartoon-strip-style art

And personally I don’t find Gavin Aung Than’s views to be the main issue - I disagree with a lot of them but he’s not “problematic” in the colloquial sense. And I can understand why an independent comic artist would “sell out” to formulaic clickbait. It’s a living, which is hard for any self-employed artist to make. All the power to him for finding his niche in the vast hellscape that is the web-market!! But it’s hard to take a guy seriously when he responds to the (often petty but mostly valid) criticisms of his work with a four-page piece about Hayao Miyazaki fighting haters with a giant robot (again, subtlety is not Gavin’s strong suit)

Anyway Zen Pencils is about as harmless as the average feel-good, gives-me-hope-for-humanity clickbait. It’s just a trainwreck that just gets more ridiculous as it keeps chugging along