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a blessed fancam.


Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?


yuzuru hanyu in the kiss and cry | yuzuru and 2017 worlds gif collection (1/?)

Re-post of my Trans Fox! :D I did some edits to his face to make him less scary looking. :)

I hope you all still like him. :3

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Roman Reigns literally doesn’t care about anything or anyone anymore, and it’s so… refreshing.

Like… it’s such a subtle shift in his character, such a miniscule edit to what makes Roman Reigns THE Roman Reigns; but I feel like it adds SO much to his overall presence.

There’s something…. dangerous about him now. Something unpredictable. Like, yeah, he’s still not an outright heel. But even by tweener face standards, there’s an underlying chaos in the empty way he looks at his opponents, like a dragon itching to set everything on fire, that’s so…. unsettling.

It’s the same stoic aloofness of Shield-era Roman Reigns. It’s the same quiet thunderstorm rumbling underneath skin and bones - that always made me look at him in the Shield, and envision him as a Storm God come to life.

Damn. I fucking love it.

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Hello!! How do you think Hyungwon, Shownu, Kihyun and Changkyun will react (long reaction if possible^^) if their crush back hugged them and kiss them on the cheek before running away? I don't know if it makes a lot of sense sorry ^-^;;; Thank so much!! And congratulation for your 100 followers you deserve it!💕 Bye😊❤

Thank you so much! It made sense, don’t worry, and you’re welcome ^^

Edit: I’m so sorry! I reread your message and realized I wrote this as if you were his s/o! But if you were their crush, the “I love you” wouldn’t be there and they would be 10x more shy and less kisses! So sorry!

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Shownu - You saw him standing with the other members from far away. You had come by the company building to drop off some lunch you had bought from a near by bubble tea shop and a few pastries from their favorite bakery. Smiling to yourself, you held the bags in each hand, careful not to spill everything. As you crept closer, you had to pause to make sure he wouldn’t hear you. They were at the end of the hall, looking at their exhibition they held some time ago. You felt your heart beating faster and before you knew it, you were standing right behind him. Somehow, no one heard you set down the bags despite being (somewhat) silent. Quickly, you hugged his waist and almost missed his cheek since he was so tall. “I love you!” You quickly said before he could turn around and see you running away. “Y-Yah!” Shownu held his hand out but his foot hit the bags, looking down to see your treats. “Thank you!” He called out as the other members noticed and surrounded the bags. “You’re welcome!” You yelled down the hall, arms flailing until you left the building. He, like everyone, would be really surprised and wouldn’t say anything until he could process it. In the end, he’d be smiling at your silly action and return the favor when you least expect it. Instead, he’d pick you up and kiss you until you told him to stop. That would be… never?

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Kihyun - You had gotten home from work, and honestly, just glad that you came home. You noticed Kihyun was in the shower, so you decided to surprise him for the time being. Putting your things away, you heard the door make a ‘click’ and the hot air being released into the hallway. You were hiding behind the couch, and in front was a hallway a bit to the right where Kihyun was. He had a towel around his neck and his phone in hand. You peeked your head from the couch and watched him go into the kitchen, muttering, “I wonder if they want seafood tonight… No, they can’t eat salmon, I forgot…” You found this cute as he remembered but nonetheless, you carried out your plan. He took off his towel to dry his hair a bit more before folding and setting it on a nearby table. You tiptoed your way to the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his waist. “What the–?” You kissed his cheek and chuckled before running away to use the shower. “I love you too!” He said as he noticed something. “You didn’t grab a change of clothes!” “Damn it!” You walked out of the shower in shame. Kihyun would find it adorable to surprise him. He’d laugh and find a fault in every plan you decide to do this. After all, he’s perceptive and will tease you about it later. When he does it to you, he wouldn’t actually run away and just keep hugging you like a little koala.

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Hyungwon - “Do you want to meet up at the playground? We’re about to have our photo shoot there. The theme is youth.” “Sure! I’ll be there soon.” You hung up the phone with Hyungwon and grabbed your keys and left the house. Hyungwon often called you to visit him and the other members. However, you didn’t have much time to visit them since you had to leave for work shortly after. Arriving at the playground, you saw Jooheon and Minhyuk playing with one of the staff’s little son and you looked around for Hyungwon. He had just finished his portion of the photos with I.M and Shownu, so he checked his phone and looked around like you did. Shownu smiled at you and pointed to where he was and left the scene. You thanked him (mentally) before running over and hugging his waist. His body tightened and he looked back and smiled when you kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you came!” Hyungwon chirped. “Sorry, but I have to leave for work! I’ll come by again if you’re not…” He couldn’t hear the last part as you were sprinting away from the set, almost tripping over a few toys here and there, and Hyungwon was laughing at your silliness. “Seriously, how did I let this angel come before me?” “I wonder that too.” I.M passed by him, but didn’t go without a punch to the arm. Shocked to see you but never angry because it’s you! He probably wouldn’t do anything but feel his cheeks getting hotter. If he could, he would probably just rest his chin on your head and hug you even tighter.

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I.M - He was listening to music at the practice room as the group was taking a short, ten minute break from practicing. You decided to video call him for the time being and his face brightened when he saw you smiling. “Where are you going?” He asked. You held up your phone to your face and tilted it every once and a while when you weren’t looking. You tried your best not to make it seem like you were coming to visit him at the practice room at Loen, so you kept your phone close to you. “Uh, I’m just walking around, nothing major.” You responded. You told him that you had entered a mall where you were going to buy him a gift for when he gets home. On the other side, he was sitting on the floor of the dance room, Kihyun sitting beside him and looking at his phone screen every other minute. “Hold on, I’m going to go get a drink from the vending machine. I.M got up and headed over, not thinking about you being right behind him. You smiled and nodded, quickly approaching him and before he could see you on his screen, you hugged him and kissed his cheek, reflecting on both of your phones. “Hey…! You’re sneaky!” Changkyun turned around and ruffled your hair before you ran away and looked down at your phone to see him smiling and holding his cheek. If he could, he would run after you and spin you around in his arms. He’d kiss you and tell you that you really surprised him this time. If anything, he’d scare you first and have you clutch your heart before he comes and hug you.

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Okay but I love the idea of like, PTA Sans getting to know Frisk’s friends of the parents that just get on his non-existent nerves and learn that it’s not that Linda or Helen are bad parents, it’s just that they believe their crappy behavior is what’s best for their children, when in all reality, they just want what makes their selfish needs happy so just imagine THIS

-Sans helping kids with depression who don’t want to tell their own parents, fearing they won’t understand and Sans’s ability just sniffs them out with their moderate LV levels towards themselves (I headcanon his judgement isn’t just for seeing the real monsters people can be) and Sans volunteering as a school counselor just cause he knows how much holding that in can damage you, especially to someone so young.  

-Sans making sure the school board starts using more pronouns than just he/she if their parents won’t, just to make Frisk’s friends feel welcomed by their peers if they can’t feel it at home (plus he just REALLY loves seeing the parents scream internally about about it) 

-Sans starts trying to controlling what he says in front of Linda when her kids are around.  

-Helping out any kids in wheel chairs go up the stairs by just floating them up the staircase so they aren’t late to class before Sans goes to his counseling office.  

-Sans splitting up a fight if Frisk has bullying problems.  Mainly, he just annoys them with bad jokes until they call him a insult they heard their parents use towards monsters.  But if anyone actually hurts Frisk in a fight when they refused?  Helen is STILL trying to wash out the ketchup stains from that trap whoopee cushion in that kid’s desk.  

-Sans being the science class skeleton for a day to help Mr. Robert teach 4th graders about the human body.  He just keeps making body part jokes whenever Roberts goes into gross details.  Stuff like ‘Intestinal track?  Sorry Doc, I don’t got the GUTS for that’ all the kids bust up laughing.  Mr. Roberts just wishes Sans could hold still as he points out his features without snickering from how much touching his rib cage tickles!  


Sketchdump of my angst over9000 Galra! Keith AU mixed with blinded Lance AU. I’m in love of adorable interpretations of Galra Keith, however when life gives you boys to make hideous creatures of…yep.

They had pretty rough encounter with Galra soldiers, resulting in Lance getting serious eye slash-wounds. Thankfully, he stays pretty damn upbeat, having the strongest bound with his Lion allows him to continue piloting. 

 Few days later the whole Galra mutation starts to kick in and Keith is so damn terrified of himself becoming not only the enemy, but also a grim reminder of pain and loss to Lance. He’s afraid of hurting him so much, he tries to avoid the contact at any cost. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of love, right?

EDIT: There’s a comic I’m currently making for this AU. Rejoice and cry. 


Hot damn, Chris… I always knew you were supposed to be pretty much a clone of your mum, but never did I think you’d make such a gorgeous girl o___O so prettyyyy! ;____; 

“Christophine Willa”, tho XD

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I don't know if anyone has asked this before but what's your favorite creepypasta ?

probably BEN because he’s well designed as a characrer and his story is neat. and he’s the easiest to empathize with. and he’s basically sentient code, which technically makes him numbers and i really like numbers.

i think he’s probably even the most powerful of the bunch. since information is power and he’s pretty much personified wikipedia. all the knowledge of humanity at the tip of your fingers. i’m getting megalomania just from thinking about it

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Hi! I love your simblr! Your family and pictures are so cute :) I was wondering if you have any advice on making your simblr successful? xo

hi, thank you very much!! 

  • this might be disappointing but you really need to be enjoying your game and what you share on here, otherwise tumblr and ts4 are going to start getting boring
  • what is also important i think is the editing of your screenshots. that’s what i focus on when following a new simblr. 
  • be nice!! comment on posts, like them, send cute asks, make friends! this community is very welcoming and you will get to know amazing people

but pretty pls don’t do things bc you want more likes, reblogs, followers!!! getting noticed can take time, it took me about 3 months. :-)


Make me choose: Lelouch or Twelve

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1N2D : a.k.a. that show where the PD is obsessed with making his cast dance (preferably half-naked)

At least somebody is enjoying it pwahahahaha

Edit : I just noticed I made a spelling mistake on Joonyoung’s second gif… been using my native language a lot more than usual this month so this was bound to happen … too lazy to change it though, sorry~ ^_^

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Hi! I just saw your recent edit for BTS festa and it's amazing! Do you mind telling me which editing app you used? And how you made the background? Thanks and have a good day❤️

anonie said: Hi~ firstly I LOVE YOUR EDITS SO MUCH THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL AND ARTISTIC AND AESTHETIC IM- THANK YOU FOR THISSSS I was wondering if you could give me the name of the app or programme that you use to make these edits! I’m a beginner, and I would love to learn to make edits as nice as yours! Thank you in advance and I hope you have a good day❤️❤️