i don't look amused

I love it how when I speak in another language people tell me that I “have an accent”
Like, yeah, I have an accent in my first language, why are you surprised by this?


I love weddings, don’t you?

Voltron Week Day 2: Lions/Voltron

I was going to draw the actual Voltron Lions, but drawing lion versions of the paladins seemed much more fun :’D

because the ladies need captain time too

not shown: usopp making better formulas for nail polish so they don’t chip during battle

sanji making snacks that won’t mess up their drying polish

and zoro who is sleeping yet also expecting luffy to jump on him and show off his nails

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I know, right? If anyone ever doubts they were made for each other, they should read Kiri's character page. He was created to bring the class together, and they only really need bringing together because of Bakugou. I.e. Hori created Kiri for Bakugou 😉

This is honestly something I’ll never get tired of talking about, Kirishima was literally made to fit with Bakugou, like, even if Horikoshi hadn’t pretty much said he was put in the class to bridge the gap between Bakugou and the rest of 1A, have you ever seen his beta design?

Like, look at this boy. Look at him, his expression, his pants, and tell me he wasn’t drawn thinking “this guy has to be Bakugou’s friend”, he was so obviously the same type of person Bakugou is 

(bless everything Horikoshi decided to make him Bakugou’s perfect complementary instead, can you imagine what a mess two Bakugou would have been l m a o)

Me: Oh please, Kanan. “Uhh, I had just started learning how to be a Jedi when the world ended, Ahsoka, but I should be there to help or you’ll lose!” SHE’S GOT THIS JARRUS, THANKS. This is like when Ezra thinks OBI-WAN needs him to help him out to defeat Maul. 
Husband: Hey, Obi-Wan had like ten chances to finish off Maul before, you know. Maybe Ezra wasn’t wrong. 
Me: [deeply offended] Obi-Wan was in his Supreme Space God years by then! And he finished Maul off in like 30 seconds, thanks
Husband: [smirking] Suuuure. Maybe in your headcanon.

“Hello Yuuri! Starting today I’m your new prisoner!”

I couldn’t resist drawing @minutia-r‘s proposed Beauty and the Beast AU. At first I was like “no, I don’t know how I’d draw Yuuri as the Beast” and then late last night my brain went “yeah but the Beast would sure look cute with Yuuri’s glasses…” and here we are. 

(Also be sure to check out the ficlets @daysinrussiavictuuri wrote based off of Minutia’s post, they’re great! 1 2)

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23 and 26 for the artst ask meme?

from this artist ask meme!!

26. draw urself! (it doesn’t have to be detailed) 

Behold, the meme, the legend… dhgjshf of course I couldn’t take myself seriously, I was snickering the entire time drawing this!!! Featuring a recent outfit that I really love (you can try to pry long baggy jackets from my cold dead hands)! :>

Thank you for the ask, Marshall!! <3 I’ll answer no. 23 in another post!! 


Peyton: I have one story. Well, Rowan, as I think everyone knows by now, is a complete klutz, right?

  • *4.20am*
  • Molly: *snoring*
  • -phone buzzes-
  • Molly: *jerks awake; gropes for her phone*
  • Your arse bothers me. SH
  • Molly: *confused; typing* It's four in the morning. MHx
  • It still bothers me. SH
  • Molly: *sighs* Why? MHx
  • Because it's cute. SH
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Okay. MHx
  • Want to touch it. SH
  • Molly: *smiles* Where are you? MHx
  • Not sure. It's dark. Someone's cat is here. SH
  • Molly: *groans; gets out of bed, puts on a dressing gown and leaves her bedroom*
  • Sherlock: *lying on her sofa; nodding off with his phone in his hand and Toby in his lap*
  • Molly: *folds her arms* How did you get in?
  • Sherlock: *sits up; grins* Molly! You came.
  • Molly: *giggles* Come on *holds out her hand*
  • Sherlock: *takes her hand; yawns* Are we going to touch each other's butts now?
  • Molly: *shakes her head* The case went well, I see.

through the seasons: maya and lucas (season one)
We just knew it was natural for the characters. If you go back in Season 1, there are certain lines that Lucas says to Maya or Maya says to Lucas and it’s so obvious they have feelings for each other. - Rowan Blanchard