i don't look 18

yooo! Sorry it’s been awhile, I got kind of busy with other things. But I am back now *gently tosses confetti* and you’ve probably heard the news that the official club leader designs have been released! *Throws confetti* While that is cool, it does also mean some stuff for this blog! Luckily, I planned for this moment.

As I have tried to make as clear as possible (not sure how well I did with that unfortunately), this blog takes place in an AU. I did this early on specifically so I could keep going with it even after the official designs were released. So let me give you the basic rundown on THINGS THAT WILL BE HAPPENING AROUND HERE:

 - The designs for characters on this blog will NOT be changed to fit their canon designs unless I see fit to do so. This is because doing so would completely undermine the reason I made this an au in the first place.

 - The story will most likely differ from the final game. This is for a few reasons. Reasons which are long and probably not worth elaborating upon here. I’m not very good at making concise explanations for things. That last sentence didn’t help. The most major differences will be keeping the character designs, stories, and relationships i’ve already set up here. I may also change a few other details (I’d like to make Muja and Mida not rivals. I’d also like to revamp Mida’s personality a bit. At least so that she doesn’t prey on high school boys. That’s not a good.) 

 - Aka does not make midori clones in this au. If he did, they would be robots. Robodoris do not exist. I’ll leave the midori clones to canon.

I hope I was clear enough in explaining things! I’m going to try to be more active on here! *lobs confetti at innocent bystanders* I actually received a really cool ask recently, though I think I’ll be breaking the response up into parts. If you have any questions or concerns, either for me or for the blog, or you just want to say “Hello!” and strike up a friendly conversation about raccoon bees or other conversational topics, please send me an ask! *starts shooting cannonballs of confetti into nearby clouds and buildings* Either way, thank you for reading this *invokes the confetti gods* and I hope you’re having a great day! *the reconfetting is upon us. Soon the armaconfettin will take place. It will be the confetti war to end all wars.*

Joining, wearing my blue lucky flannel shut in support of Mark and the cyndago guys! I hope you are all having good days and if you’re not then I encourage you to talk to us, we’re always here and want to do our very best to help you in times of need, I know it’s quite needed as of recent. We love and care about you, every last one one of you 💜