i don't live here tho

preston, when u join the raiders, probably

Gonna try for the dl again. My appointment’s on the 20th. Dear god, I hope this time does it. If I could get the license, I would not be nearly as worried about trying to find a second job, because I’d know I’d be able to drive myself around looking for one. First step to independence, and all that. I’d be responsible for my own gas, etc. 

Just… its wonderful. Really it is. 

Soon as I get it, maybe when I have a couple days off I’ll go visit my aunt down in Coalinga. It’s a 4 hour drive, but it would be worth it if I could see her and just… get everything off my chest. Talk to someone that feels like dad, just in female form. Someone with sensibility. 

Maybe then I’d be able to find myself again.