i don't listen to them at all lol

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listen all i want in life is a part where some asshat is about to kill keith and then suddenly BOOM lance just fuckin snipes them from like the top of a cliff or some shit and keith just looks up at him like :oo blease i’d sell my goddam soul 

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Confession time! I use to be something of an ace skeptic. Not that I didn't think ace people existed, just that I didn't think they face oppression or marginalization. But instead of running my ignorant mouth, I shut up and listen and I learned so much. So to anyone that feels the need to spew their opinion on things they've never experienced, just don't. Anyways, happy pride to all my ace/aro lovelies! 💞

omg ily tysm and happy pride month to you too!!!!!! 

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your analysis of jimin's playilist is great but tbh i think maybe he didn't think that much about the lyrics when he made that playlist. i mean he doesn't understand a lot of english (i don't get a lot of kpop lyrics but still listen to them) so maybe he just likes the sound? there are songs whose lyrics are all about "ramen" and i dont think about it all day, but i still love them and make playlists about them lol cause when i'm singing them i don't pay that much of attention to the lyrics tbh

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Actually I thought of that possibility too. We listen sometime to songs just for the beat or the singer’s voice or simply because It is addicting. BUT if you are a kpop superstar sharing your playlist with millions of fans; I doubt you wouldn’t check the lyrics (Add to that you are Park Jimin: a dead hard perfectionist). Some of the songs are just mainstream music, so maybe for these he just likes the sound. Some are by artists that other members admire (Like Kehlani and JB). Some others are good to dance to. However some of these songs are neither of the above. I name “Eels - I need some sleep” that was featured in Shrek  or “Frank ocean - Lost”… 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Also the first thing we do after liking a song in a language we don’t master, is look for the lyrics. Now why so much Ramen? Two theories “upgrading Jimin’s image to a more mature one” (In 48 h after the release of the playlist pple started describing Jimin differently. So that’s a win for BigHIt). Theory 2: Jimin is telling us, he is growing up and just because he is busy, it does in no way stop him from having ramen. But he also tells us he suffered (a) breakup(s) maybe, he fell in love and he even lost his way a bit because of fame. In the latest interview with buzzfeed, Jimin’s fav song was “road”. Jimin sang in it “Would I have changed? If I had chosen a different path, if I had stopped and looked back”. This is a korean song so why road? he said “because It’s the best”  while smiling. 

And the way everyone uses “ramen” now, is hilarious. I love it lol.
Thanks for the ask ^^

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'#also I'm all for amputating Cassians wings soz #if it means I can draw him without them' I'm wheezing with laughter at these tags. While the rest of the fandom prays for Cassian you just: 'aye Sarah lop off his wings so i don't have to fucking draw them anymore' SHEER SAVAGERY.

Lauren listen, I just want them gone! Notice how I have never once drawn Rhys with wings unless it’s a specific scene in the book where it says he got his wings out. I actually hate drawing them pls amputate Cassian, for my own selfish sake. Also whenever I draw the lads with their wings all the thirsties come out like “lol his wingspan is too small 😜💕💧😋” like geesh it’s only a drawing my dudes

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There's almost 1billion views on Zayn's vevo channel everyone should go and watch some of his videos

Hi!! I went to take a look on YouTube and anon, YOU ARE RIGHT!!!  

I only counted* his official music videos (which is why I blocked out the Like I Would audio), and the tally* comes to 938,391,459. *clenches fists* That’s so close! (Even Pillowtalk alone is nearing 1 billion views! ALONE.) (Alone!)

SO LET’S DO THIS, ANON. Everyone can go to his YouTube or Vevo channels and listen to/watch the videos of their choice (i.e. all of them). And we can give Zayn another billion number milestone!!!! 

Thanks so much for the info, anon! xxx 

*Let the record show the only man I’d do math for is Zayn Malik.

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you must be so tired of these questions but I NEED to know so I have to ask, from one willabeth lover to another, are Will and Elizabeth together at the end of the movie? are they a couple at the end of it all? I'm too anxious to listen to the youtube video lol and I don't want to spoil the whole plot for myself you know but I have got to know where they stand at the end, even if it means knowing one of them is dead or whatever. Thank you and sorry to bother ya <3

Not a problem! I totally get what you mean because there were a couple of things I wish I hadn’t heard in the video, lol.

I’ll try and summarize everything I remember him saying about Will/Elizabeth/Henry because it all links together and I’m a very detailed, thorough person. I’ll bold their names though so you can skip through it if you want since this is probably gonna mention some other plot points. Under the cut, so it isn’t spoiled for anyone and everyone :)

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I'm a bad queer, i don't listen Halsey much, still trying to find that song that'll made me listen to her. What song were you listen to today?

Lol, not a bad queer for that. I’m hesitant to post songs from Badlands and Room 93 because as concept albums you really have to listen to them entirely and in order BUT these are my favorite song from each album:

“Is There Somewhere” - Room 93 (2014) [This is one of my favorite songs. Ever. Of all time. It’s the #2 most played song on my iTunes out of 18,096 songs I have on there.]

“Roman Holiday” - Badlands (2015)

“Now Or Never” - hopeless fountain kingdom (2017) [First single from the new album]

“Eyes Closed” - hopeless fountain kingdom (2017) [New song that was released today.]

One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 

I Never Grew Out of My Emo Phase & Now Metal is Just My Favorite Genre of Music: A Playlist

Hi, all! As promised, I have complied a list of my most tried and true rock/metal/screamo/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-them songs.This list is not all encompassing of the bands/songs I’m into, but I believe it’s a good beginner’s mix if any of you are wanting to dip your toes into the genre. The playlist is as follows:

  1. Immaculate Misconception- Motionless In White
  2. Crucify Me- Bring Me The Horizon
  3. Southern Constellations/The Boy Who Could Fly- Pierce The Veil
  4. Come and Get It- I Prevail
  5. Let Live- Of Mice & Men
  6. Dear Insanity- Asking Alexandria
  7. Soft- Motionless In White
  8. Bulls in the Bronx- Pierce The Veil
  9. The Downfall of Us All- A Day To Remember
  10. Killing in the Name- Rage Against The Machine
  11. Necessary Evil (feat. Jonathan Davis of KORN)- Motionless In White
  12. To The Stage- Asking Alexandria
  13. It Never Ends- Bring Me The Horizon
  14. Westbound & Down- Of Mice & Men
  15. Dead & Buried- A Day To Remember
  16. Born to Lead- Falling In Reverse
  17. F**k- Bring Me The Horizon

I took extra time crafting this playlist, so I highly recommend that it be listened in the exact order for its full effect. If you like it, please share with your followers. Lots of love and happy listening!

(Log into Spotify and listen to the playlist here.)

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silver linings of being unemployed useless trash: i don’t have to listen to straight men talk!! the way straight guys talk when they think it’s only other straight guys in the room = the actual worst thing i’ve ever heard

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I know there are more interesting plots, but echo is a woman and bellamy is a man that's all what writers need. The problem is that if they keep draging the romance out they will reach a point where the audience will lose interest.

If you say so, lol (honestly I won’t write another essay about the fact that we know nothing of s5 and that basically tons of shit probably happened in space for them to NOT go down after 5 years, and that BE has literally NO romantic background, and that Clarke held on to a radio-silence for SIX YEARS trying to reach Bellamy just to talk, I’m-)

honestly i should’ve known i could develop a serious crush the moment he listened to sleater-kinney and mitski with me and told me that he hates john lennon…
i want to go back to when we met and he was my wingman when i met a beautiful girl and i wrote in my journal about what a good Platonic Friend he is, that was easier

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Hiii! I hope I'm not bothering with this question, but I'd like to know how you use all of your notebooks and journals. :O) I have many but don't know what to use them for, so I hoped you could help me. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Hi! Don’t worry you’re not bothering me at all hehe i love getting messages :’)

And same tbh. I hoard so many notebooks and journals and sketchbooks that i’ve had the same problem w/ what to use them for lol but here’s what I do:

  • Bible study - I’m a Christian so yes a lot of my notebooks are used to take notes when I’m reading the bible or listening to sermons, etc
  • Rants - I have an entire journal dedicated to only ranting. Rant about anything from school to work to people to the government to ..whatever i feel at the moment
  • Life events / achievements / happy memories - Positive things for me to look back and feel nostalgic about
  • Movie reviews! - I like going to the movies a lot and actually have a mason jar full of movie tickets. I don’t have a journal but it’d be cool to have one just to write reviews for movies i’ve watched :) and to keep a checklist of movies to watch and have watched as well! (This can also be applied to books or mangas or whatever)
  • Travel - Love going to new places? Record your memories into a journal as well as keeping photographs. Traveling doesn’t even have to be going to another country or anywhere far, visiting a local museum or any cool place works too. Just somewhere that you’ve never been to before :) 
  • Gratitude - It’d be cool to keep a notebook that is only for gratitude. Whenever you feel thankful about something, write it down. This can be a full on essay about what you’re thankful for or just simply a few words. Idk. Something to remind yourself that life is good haha
  • Things I Learned - humans consistently learn throughout life so why not write down at least 1 thing that i’ve learned today, right?
  • Important info - your passwords, your social security number, your credit card info, your most important phone numbers, etc. This is better to be pocket-sized and easy to hide. Only use it in case of emergency. 
  • Ideas/ Brainstorms/ Plans for upcoming projects - omg it’s just so important PLUS hella cool to have your creative process recorded
  • Music - i’d very much like to have a small notebook with entries dedicated to songs/genres/artists that I listen to. How do I feel about this song? What do I like about this song? Why do I listen to it? Who does it remind me of? Who was the person that showed me this song and how does that person affect my listening experience with it? etc. 
  • Gossip - ok so… i have a lot of friends who tell me their secrets and of course since they are secrets, i can’t tell anyone. But that doesn’t stop me from spilling them all over a journal, right? I love knowing who has a crush on who or who hates who LOL omg. 
  • Personality assessments - if you’re lowkey a narcissist who loves to check up on your zodiac and your Hogwarts house and whether you’re an INFP or whatnot, or if you’re chaotic neutral or what your birthstone is, etc. OMG. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. LOVE YOURSELF. Analyze your own personality. Take them tests and learn about who you are. And when you’re done w/ yourself. Write about other people.

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I saw your post about being proud of all the girls who don't allow older men to talk to them, and like that's totally fine. But what about the age-appropriate teenage girls (16-18+ year olds) who actually like older men and when older men speak to them? Do you respect those girls?

Lol what.

Listen hon, I respect all women, but coming from experience when I dated a 30 year old man at 18 (and a close friend who dated a 55 year old at 18) no man that age has good intentions if he’s “interested” in dating someone that young. And if you’re younger than 18, that’s even scarier. This is a grown man who could choose to date people around his own age but instead is choosing to court a child and you need to run for the hills.

It’s not a matter of respect - it’s safety. If you’re 16-18 you probably don’t get it if you felt the need to ask me whether or not I respect girls when the girls aren’t the issue - its the men. I didn’t get it either. And I suffered extreme personal damage at the hands of a predator who only wanted to use me for my innocence.

Leaked scene from the next X-Men film
  • Charles: CEREBRO CEREBRO on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
  • Charles: lol look it's me
  • Peter: I don't think so
  • Charles: Peter, listen to your father
  • Peter:
  • Erik: it's true he is the fairest
  • Charles:
  • Peter:
  • Erik: and sexiest