i don't listen to them at all lol

  • me: wow it's late and I'm super sleepy
  • ADHD:
  • me:
  • ADHD:
  • me: no? nothing? alright well I'll just
  • ADHD: you need to write a whole book right now
  • me:
  • ADHD: also see if that store has cool sweaters
  • me: listen
  • ADHD: also you need to reread harry potter immediately all of them
  • me:
  • ADHD: and do your eyebrows also maybe masturbate ? except you have a headache
  • me:
  • ADHD: let's talk about aliens tho
  • me:
  • ADHD: also you need to reconsider your entire future and everything you've had roughly plotted out since you were fourteen
  • me: simultaneously?
  • ADHD: well you'll forget all this within the next ten minutes so
  • me:
  • ADHD:
  • me:
  • ADHD: so yeah
  • me:
  • ADHD: chop chop motherfucker
Music tag list

Tagged by @kkbluebyrd

Rules: put your itunes/mp3/spotify on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people

1. The Cruxshadows  -Love&Hatred(Alice2) 

2. Project Pitchfork -Temptation (Hurricane Festival Recording)

3. 28 Weeks Later Soundtrack - 28 Theme

4. The Cruxshadows - Monster

5. Kamelot - Until Kingdom Come

6. Blutengel - Engelsblut

7. Audiomachine - Illuminati

8. Frozen Soundtrack - Only an Act of True Love

9. Nightwish - End of All Hope

10. Vocaloid - ZIGG-ZAGG (by Miku)

Two of these things are not like the others lol. I don’t feel comfortable tagging individuals but if anyone wants to feel free to use my invitation. Thank you for tagging me!


another vestige of a lamentable home recording past: when carter dumped me and i was so morose i made all his old sweet voicemails into loop music tapes (and wrapped them in postcards apparently.) a deeply embarrassing and horrible listening experience. the disintegration of my broken heart loops, lol


Yeaaahaaa! Finished them! Moon, Sun and Star Seer cowls. Lol I definitely got better as I went along, listen, never underestimate sheer fabric….

I didn’t get distracted by the WoW Pre-patch, nooo, not at all *looks away whistling innocently*