i don't like youu

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I wanna draw like you but I don't know where to start!?

aaa thank youu! ;_; drawing like someone is quite difficult imo, but youll eventually find your own style ˊ^ˊ 

some stuff i do in regards to drawing tho:

  1. draw everyday!! it doesnt matter if theyre trad or digital, rough or clean c: (the doodles ive been posting lately are 30~60min doodles)

  2. look for references if you dont know how to draw a particular thing! additional note: imo its ok to copy/trace for learning purposes but please dont upload them or tell ppl that its 100% your drawing ;;
    if you want to draw like your favourite artist, you can observe how they draw by breaking the drawing down to simple shapes! 

  3. i tend to get inspiration from taking pictures when i go out so yea!!! head out more see the world take lots of photos ^q^ real life photos are good photo studies too!

and finally…

if you’re ever sad just imagine tos and aos kirks getting drunk and singing karaoke together